tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 24

Fey World Ch. 24


Regret was something one had to voluntarily commit to in their minds, I decided. It wasn't a question of fate, or commands of the Gods that had made me lie, but love for my children. Looking at them I was so filled with love the emotion burned everything else away.

Oh, there was worry. In three weeks time the next full moon would come. Then I would change and run with Shara and her husband. Then Angoralt would become a wolf and join us, and Elfgwyven...I wasn't quite sure just how a master of beasts fit in, and was trying to treat it as just another adventure on a series of the greatest adventures I'd ever known.

"They like you," I said to my brother.

He'd been nervous around the babes, young boys weren't expected to have much to do with small children, but just as the babes had with everyone else they won him over.

My brother had decided to grow his hair long, imitating the Fey, and now it was a shaggy mess of dark curls. Alazar had a firm grip, gurgling and smiling as he tugged.

"It is strange to think in the known world one day I will be a king, as will they." Pietyr's voice was full of wonder.

"Well you and Alazar sooner rather than later. Fey kings do last a bit longer than humans."

"Do they?" He looked up at me. "Anni...they will live so long, but- but- will you?"

My heart winced, for often that had worried me. "I am a wolf now, like Alazar. I don't know. Shara was an old woman, stooped with age, and since being bitten she is younger, her energy that of a child."

"Speaking of me, child?"

We turned as the woman-of-magic-turned-nurse entered, ready to change the babes. She was truly a gift of the gods, without her help I'd have no time for sleep.

"Nap now, child, and you, boy, run and play at being a man. Your sister must rest, the kings return with the vote soon."

Now my nerves jangled. Each king had returned to put forth the vote to their people. In the end the kings had reserved judgment, choosing to put it to the people of Fey whether or not they desire to unite as one. Foolish, I thought, for soon there would be no choice with but one fey prince.

"I doubt I can sleep. My body feels tight and my mind is racing."

"I can give you a potion, it will not hurt the babes when they drink, but it will relax you. You barely slept in the night, rest now. The kings will be back at full dark, or as much full dark as Faerie ever sees."

"All right. Pietyr, go and find Gorginte." Four guards had been left with us, pleasant young men, and Gorginte was a bit of a poet. Pietyr had become addicted to his stories.

I kissed his brow and went to the bathing area to wash my face and hands. When I was done Shara had a cup that appeared to be steaming but was cool to the touch. Inside was a green potion. "What is this?"

"Made of plants and herbs I brought with me. It's often given to new mothers who don't seep. I will look after the babes."

I hugged her and closed the doors. After just two days the house had reshaped itself again, giving the babes their own room connected to mine. The privacy was welcome, for after just a few days rest my passions had returned with a kind of desperation. If the Fey voted against reunification, our days together were numbered.

Oh, I could remain here until the children were weaned, but then...what? And long before then my husbands would have to return. They were required to do so much for their people, this time away had been a gift.

It was on such dark thoughts I closed my eyes as my head hit the cool pillow. My dreams were fevered things. I flew, my husbands with me, and we flew over this world and others. I saw my children grown into fine, strong men, incredibly beautiful and strong, men of honor and patience, good kings. I saw my brother grown into a fine man, the very image of our father as a young king.

The world was strange and different, and I saw the kingdoms merging, changing. I felt a keening sense of loss and the joy of birth, and through it all I floated without a body or flew in my own.

Then I was running on four legs through a forest. I heard the rabbit, hungered for it, and behind me thundered the paws of other wolves. I brayed to the moon and they responded, then a deer stepped into a clearing.

I woke with the fading taste of blood in my mouth, and it was sweet.

"Dreaming beastie dreams?" Angoralt said, his face above mine.

I was wrapped in warmth and snuggled into him more. "What happened?"

"My brother has yet to return. I want to withhold my news until we hear his."

I groaned and turned into him, pulling him down for a kiss. Magic tingled in my mouth, cleansing my breath and I mumbled a thank you as I claimed his lips. It w was sweet, surprisingly sweet, and I began to worry. Angoralt was only ever gentle when sparring my feelings, which could only mean bad news.

I pulled back as my hand danced down his body to find the hard bugle between his thighs. "Sure I cannot convince you?"

He pulled my hand free with a chuckle and kissed the palm. "The babes are hungry. See to them and perhaps I will let you convince me."

"Ugh." I got up and found the babes giggling and playing with the hanging stars Elfgwyven had conjured up, strung on a thin wire fro the ceiling. Shara was in the rocking chair, knitting them blankets.

"Sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you but my dreams...does the potion make you dream odd things?"

Her needles stopped. "It shoudn't let you dream at all."

"Do you dream more as a wolf?"

"I'm what the Angorlandians would call a witch, child. I have always dreamed, no matter what."

"You give answers like a god does."

She smiled at that.

I fed the babes and she offered to change them and stay with them, leaving me free to return to Angoralt. He lay naked on the bed, reclined against the pillows, hands behind his head. He'd pulled his hair loose, knowing how I liked it that way, and every inch of that gloriously strong body was on fine display.

I closed the door and leaned back against it, my body tightening in arousal with ease. "Oh, my."

His grin was wicked and magic took my night gown and left me naked. It was his turn to scan my body, and he began to glow. The compliment made me blush, and I pushed away from the door, forcing myself to walk slowly.

All thoughts of extortion left my mind at the sight of him, and all I wanted was that fierce brand of pleasure that was his. Kneeling, I reached for him, and then I was enveloped.

He pushed me into the mattress and covered me, his hands and lips everywhere. I tried to touch him but he pinned my hands with one of his. His hair curtained his face as his mouth moved down, and he kissed my breasts, avoiding the nipples.

"I will be glad when they're weaned," I murmured.

He chuckled and then two fingers slammed into my wet cunt, making my arch. Her cursed in the tongue of Fey as the pleasure made me whimper. His breath rose hot on my neck now as his hand pumped. Magic from both of my lovers had helped my body to recover and tighten, and now it felt like he stretched me.

Shifting quickly hiss cock replaced his hand and he seared me deep, both hands pressing mine back. I cried out, begging, and he pumped quickly then pulled out. I knew what came next with a dark shiver, and his smile was a feral flash of teeth as he rose off me.

He did something strange and laid down on the bed on his back, head at the headboard. Without a word he positioned me, back to him, and held me aloft. I felt magic at my nether hole and then he was sliding in. We'd only ever assumed this position when Elfgwyven joined us, but we were alone in the room.

He filled me, stretched me wide, the pleasure deep, an intensely dark thing. When he was seated I cried out, anxiously awaiting his hands in the cunt, feathering over the nubbin, aiding in pleasure, but his hands settled to cup my bottom, and he began to move me.

"I know what you want," he said hoarsely, caught in the sensations. "Touch yourself, Hannah."

With shocking ease he moved my body up and down and the feeling was incredible, but not enough. With a whimper I did as commanded, cupping my breasts, thrumming my nipples.

He moved faster, but still slowly, and I let one hand fall to my nest of curls and tease my nubbin myself. I gasped as shocks sailed through me, lighting bolts of white-hot pleasure, and he growled.

Suddenly the door opened and Elfgwyven stepped in, closing it quickly. Like I had he leaned back against it and his eyes met mine.

Blushing furiously I froze, unsure what to do, but still Angoralt moved me and pleasure wracked me.

"Just a moment, brother dear. Hannah? Continue!"

Elfgwyven began to glow beneath his clothes, and folded his arms, eyes locked to mine. He smiled and nodded, and helplessly I began to move my hands again.

Angoralt's grunts of pleasure matched my panting moans, and my arousal was heightened by my other husband's eyes. It was clear his arousal was for the sight of me, and my hands on my body, but this was so wicked and dark. Angoralt had planned for this, and now his body was so tight beneath me, his cock hard as granite inside me.

I felt the peak rush up and I embraced it, throwing my head back as I crested. Beneath me now Angoralt thrust up quickly, and as the waves of pleasure throbbed through my entire being he found his culmination and joined me.

When it passed I opened my eyes and Elfgwyen was naked and glowing, his own cloud of pink hair loose and flowing.

"My turn," he said jovially.

"Angoralt, Elfgwyven, the vote! What happened?" They both chuckled at that as Angoralt withdrew from my body and moved aside.

On the other side Elfgwyven knelt. "Later. I want to see that pleasure on your face, for me. Then we talk."

It was if they handed me off, but couldn't say I minded. Angoralt stood and moved away as his brother took me into his arms and kissed me. Apparently his urgency matched mine because he slid between my legs and entered me smoothly.

I was swollen and wet and aching, and cried out hoarsely. Throwing my head back I felt his lips on my throat and I saw Angoralt, dressed now, sitting and watching up us with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Elfgwyven began to move as I clutched his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist. Between our tightly pressed bodies I felt his hand work, pressing where mine had. Smoothly he pumped, curling his body nearly, pressing just where I needed it and soon, too soon I was screaming my release again, clawing at him.

It went on and on and on, and still he moved, pumping slowly. After I felt weak and shivery, and still he moved.

"The vote," I nearly whispered, and he chuckled.

"Elfgwyven, you promised!"

"I'm not done with you, my sweet Anni."

"Need some help?" Angoralt asked. Without waiting for s reply he knelt, pulled my hands from his Seelie brother's shoulders, and pinned them. Laying feathering kisses along the inside he chuckled, and any protest was cut off by Elfgwyven who kissed me deeply.

I pumped against him, urging him. Normally I wanted this to last forever, but I needed to know. Soon the pleasure burned the thought away as he moved faster, sliding against me. For once he was rough, rocking us, moving the bed, and Angoralt as gentle, his lips landing on me as brief and soft as butterfly wings.

The next peak rose again swiftly and I rise with them towards it, mad with the need, and to my blessed relief when I tumbled Elfgwyven came with me. When it was over we collapsed, and as soon as I found my breath I asked again.

They chuckled but Elfgwyven rolled aside. Magic washed over us , cleaning us, and dressing us while my heart pounded. "Tell me!"

Angoralt held my hand as I stood. "The Unseelie have voted yes."

I kissed him and turned to Elfgwyven, who's face would serve and player in a game of cards well. "The Seelie have voted yes."

I whooped for joy and kissed him, dancing away from both men. They watched me with patient indulgence and I threw open the double doors to the nursery.

"One fey, united!" I called out.

Shara smiled at me and looked to my husbands, I swear she rolled her eyes.

I grabbed my sons from her and danced with them giggling and drooling in my arms. "My little princes, your path is set!"

I swear Veles clapped.

"Shara, can you stay with the babes? Angoralt and I need to bring the queen with us on an errand."

"We shan't be long," Angoralt echoed.

They took our boys from me, Angoralt took Veles and Elfgwyven took Alazar.

"It would be my pleasure. Never have I see such well behaved children."

"Where are we going?" I asked them as they laid the babes back inside their crib.

Angoralt smiled at both babes. "If Fey is to change, we need the blessing of our gods. This means all the royals must ask for it."

"Then let's go."


I'd been warned, but nothing prepared me for the magic of becoming Fey. The Fey gods temple was like the human, shining white marble in a clearing in the forest. Inside the circle of light flowers floated to the ground, whole flowers, not just the petals of the human gods.

They'd let me wear my sword, it felt so good to have it on and know I could lift it. The ride over on horseback was feeing my first trip out since the birth. Through it all they'd heaped warnings on me, tales of other humans who had visited the temple and gone mad.

Now I understood. I felt it in me, magic. Before I felt it along my skin, inside me, but always an outside force. Now I was one with it, and I felt all of Fey. The Fey people, the animals, the entire kingdom...I was one with it.

I laughed and swung in a circle, realizing my hair was loose. The color was strange, like living flame and I stopped, holding the ends and staring.


My husbands watched me. "Hannah?"

"Anni?" They asked in turn.

"I'm fine, but it feels so...this is how you feel all the time?"

They nodded.

I could only laugh. "It's amazing, you're amazing!"

"You looked good as a Fey..." Angoralt said, implying a but was about to come.

"But I prefer you as you are."

I wished for a mirror and suddenly it was there in my hands. I was...glowing. I blushed and a rosy light hit the mirror. My eyes danced like a summer sky and my hair seemed to move like flame though it lay still.

"Oh, my."

"You would have made an excellent Fey," a woman's voice said suddenly, more than one voice in chorus, actually.

I jumped and saw standing by us were three women. They were all tall and lovely, but seemed to have the same face at different ages. One was young and slim, one was mature and curvaceous, and the other was old and strong. They were dressed in gowns very much like mine, the colors split down the middle, reflecting the colors of the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

My husbands knelt and I followed suit, lowering my head. Something told me not to curtsy, just a feeling, and they murmured approval and bade me to rise.

I did and my husbands remained kneeling.

"I would look upon your face, child," they said in unison.

Hands reached forward to my chin, raising it, though they were of an eye with me. Behind them three chairs appeared and after looking me over they sat, and I realized there were three different men behind them, each one of an age matching the one before him.

"My consorts. You are very brave child, and have weathered so much."

This was not exactly a compliment and so I merely nodded.

"You are a woman worthy of being our doom."

Without being given leave the kings' heads snapped up and they rose, pressing to my sides. Facing gods with fathomless eternal eyes it did not balk at the protection.

"I am no one's doom!"

"all things must pass," the three said as one. "It is nothing to lament. Our times grows short on this plane, as do your human gods. Soon we must leave and this world will change."

"So you consent to one, united Fey?" Elfgwyven asked, arm around my waist. Angoralt's joined his and I felt their tension.

"Of course, child. We knew this was the path but only your bride could bring about this fate."

"You didn't tell us! Why!?!" Angoralt growled.

"If you had known what awaited you, the path would not have been the same. Do not questions me, I am your god!"

The anger around me was palpable, and I wriggled out from their grasp. "What is to come?"

Six empty black eyes swung to me, and I realized within each orb I could see the sky at night, endless and broad. It was the human sky, not the Fey.

"You are wise beyond your years. This is why you were chosen."


"I chose all sennschats, and in your selection I was most wise. What comes next? We will leave this plane for another as is the way. The world will change to the way we found it on a time before your records record, a time before even the Fey existed. First Faerie will become one, whole, as it was. The human lands will merge into one, and then faerie and human will be one.

"Wizard, wolf, human, and Fey will become one. It will take centuries and you will be the ones to watch over it all, you and your princes. Among the wizards and humans your legend will grow, and one day, when the world is one, you will be the new gods of this planne."

I felt dizzy, I felt I was going to faint and shame myself as a warrior. Woozy, I swayed, and my husbands caught me and steadied me.

"What are you saying?" Angoralt charged.

"Yes! We know we may live to see that time, but Anni..." Elfgwyven's voice broke.

"Bring her to me,' the three said to Angoralt.

Glaring at them he still did as bade, more docile to his gods than I had been to mine. We stepped close and then the youngest reached out. To my shock she kissed me. Felt magic pour into me, magic unlike Faerie, unlike the human gods. It burned, and it was bottomless. As they bade Angoralt moved me down the line and all did the same.

After the third kiss I felt like I was on fire, and Elfgwyven helped Angoralt hold me as I shook and thrashed. I felt as if I swallowed a boiling ocean and it was trying to beak free of my body.

The pain was indescribably, and I tried to call out to the boon of magic that made me Fey in this temple but there was no connection. The heat was sinking into me, into my bones, me teeth, my eyes, into organs I had never felt before. All through it I willed myself not to cry out for my husbands' sake, and after what felt eternity, it passed, leaving me weak and gasping.

"You are human, wolf, and now Fey. You are the first to be all three, and you will lead the way child."

"What did you do to her?" Elfgwyven cried.

"She will have some powers of Fey, and she will live as you do, for as long as you do. When your sons are old enough they will each have their own sennschats. When Veles finds his, send Alazar to his kingdom to rule. Once Alazar has found his and both are wed, the boys must ascend to their thrones. Retire and prepare to become the gods you will be."

My head still swam and the men looked at me as if only the gods' first words mattered. There were shining tears in their eyes. "I love you," I said, but I was still so weak my lips moved and hardly a sound came out.

"Is this what must be?" Angoralt finally asked after a long silence.

"It is what will be. Guide your people now. Queen of Fey, you must prepare the humans. Your brother must carry this message. He will marry a Fey girl and it is his son who will unite the humans. His son will marry Alazar's daughter, your grandchild. All this is quite in the future, for your first task as a god, Queen, will be to give your brother the gift I have given you.

"Together you will all make this world one. I must go now, and conserve my power. As Fey becomes so will I, and my time is waning. Go now, and tomorrow bring the Angorlandian prince to the human gods."

"I am human, world, and Fey?" I asked, my voice stronger now. I tried and found I could stand, though my husbands still aided me.

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