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Fey World Ch. 25


Author's note (1/2): This is the final chapter of a long story, one of my personal favorites. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. As always I welcome comments and feedback. There is a second author's note after the story, but if you have not read "Hidden Magic" "A Harem Fantasy" or "Wolf Tales" (all on here) be aware it has spoilers. They won't hurt reading those stories, but you might want to wait to read the stories first.


Immediately Faerie began to change. That night it began; the forest that separated the Unseelie and Seelie began to thin, moving like something loving to the outer edges of Faerie. Seelie and Unseelie began to merge.

The sky that was forever dusk or night in Unseelie, or dawn or day in Seelie merged. After two weeks Faerie had a full day, like the human realm. To our joy more and more Unseelie and Seelie found their Sennchats in the other side.

Three weeks passed and we stayed within that home, now on the line where both sides of Faerie meshed into one again. We spoke of building a new castle, but through it all I cared nothing for bricks and mortar. My deepest wish had come true, every day with my family, every night in the arms of both men I loved. A queen should be above such selfish wants, and I was now equally wolf, human, and fey, but my heart was and always would be human.

I had one last task to complete the day of the full moon before I changed and became the wolf. I brought Pietyr to the temple of the human gods. There was that time in a young man or woman's life when they seemed to change over night, and for my brother it had come. He was almost as tall as me now, still growing, and his shoulders were filling out. Soon he would become a most handsome man, and one day a most honorable king.

With pride I walked him up the stairs into the shining temple, and presented him to our gods. To my shock the great father and great mother knelt to us, even as we knelt to them.

"Child-man, we bid you welcome," the mother said, rising.

The father loomed beside her. "Listen to us well. Our time is at an end. We will live on in other worlds, yielding this one to you. We shall give you a gift, young one, but first you must listen."

Pietyr grabbed my hand and clutched at it, trembling. I squeezed his hand and smiled down at him. Wishing for seats they appeared, and I bade him to sit next to me. The gods, as always, refused to be seated.

The mother spoke, her voice brimming with sad promise and forlorn happiness. "Young king-who-will-be you father will live a long and happy life. He will take for a bride a princess of the east, soon. They shall have but one daughter, and she will be beautiful and pure like your sister. When she grows she will marry your sister's son Alazar."

"You my boy will marry a Fey noble, one you know now. You will marry her when you are of age and it is your son who will marry the daughter princess of the wolves one day. While your father rules it is you who will unite your people with those of the East. It will be long and hard, and some battles must be fought, but with courage and conviction you shall overcome."

My brother made a broken sound, overwhelmed by the prophesy. "Years you'll have, Pietyr. We are all of us royal and our destinies are great. These will take years, and one day at a time is how you must live."

The gods nodded to me. "You, dearest daughter, you will guide those fey who have no sennschats among them selves, guide them to the humans who are theirs."

"But what of her fate!?" My brother nearly yelled.

They looked at him like parents, indulging his need to know, and it was the mother who spoke. "Your sister shall become a god like her husbands. Her sons shall live forever, and not always on this plane. You, my boy, will live a long life, longer than any human, as long as your wife. We shall gift you now."

"But," the father spoke deeply, "You must leave now, today, and carry these facts to your father. He must marry his princess soon. You will return to Fey when it has almost merged with your world fully, and claim your wife when you are of age. Will you do this?"

"I wont be back before?"

"I will come visit you, and will bring her and her parents with."

He turned to me, dark eyes wild. "Her name is Janitat, do not forget!"

"Never," I squeezed his hand and promised, meaning it with all my heart.

"Come, take your gift, boy-who-will-be-a-king," the mother said, and reached out.

I rose with him. "Go on, Pietyr."

On shaky legs he walked to them. His gift was not given as mine was, they hugged him and moved their hands, ageless and ancient over the skin of his face. In the wash behind there was light. He cried out but not in pain, in a kind of joy that spread to my heart, making me smile.

Stepping back he looked at himself and suddenly a mirror appeared. He stared into it. "There is no change."

I laughed and came up behind him, avoiding my own reflection. The change in my eyes always startled me. "It's the gift of long life. You cannot see it, but feel it. Like any gift use it well and never waste it."

"We chose well," the gods spoke together, eyes on me.

The father smiled at me, felt and unseen under his hood. "Our last act on this realm will be to transport you home, young man. And then we shall leave. Are you ready?"

He looked up to me. I squeezed his shoulders and drew him to face me in a tight hug. "I love you, brother. When my sons are able to be away from me for two weeks I shall visit, and bring you future bride. I will come again for our father's wedding. Someday our worlds will rejoin together and we will never be apart. No battle you face will you ever face alone. The Fey and the wolves will be at your back.

"Go now, with honor and love, and soon we shall be together again."

He hugged me again with unshed tears and nodded. The gods waved their hands and he simply disappeared from the temple.

The gods glanced north and then back to me. For all we had been through together, for all the rage I had felt for them, the thought of them leaving gave me great sadness.

"Must you go?"

"Our time has passed. Your time will come. Some day it too will pass, and you shall move on to other lands." The father spoke with sadness belying his words and took one hand, the mother took my other.

"Do not cry for us over much, child. We leave this world in your hands. Shape it while you can and guide it well. One day far in the future when you are a goddess not of body but purely of soul, a great crisis shall come. A young woman much like yourself with hair as flaming as yours will rise. Guide her to the truth."

"Our time is at an end," the father said, glancing once again to the north. "At dusk the two temples of the gods shall merge into one, and you will become the wolf. Join with your husbands and guide your people well. Your words were wise, and the battles to come are yours as well as your brother's."

"Teach your sons well, but above all know this: love is the true path, the cleansing fire that washes away all pain, the foundation upon which all progress is built. We leave you in love, carry that torch."

"Always, and forever," the father added.

They began to fade.

"No!" I cried and reached out, but my hands passed through them.

They faded, and with them the light from the temple until it was dark, only the fading sun lighting the forest. 'No!" I screamed again and fell to my knees sobbing.

Footsteps clamored up the stairs.

"My queen!" Bornagold was there, sword drawn, as was Morraving.

'They're gone!" I cried out as both men looked about, confused.

"My queen, look!" Morraving called.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked at where the captain pointed. To the north suddenly I saw it; the temple of the fey gods. It too had dimmed and standing inside were my husbands.

"Elfgwyven! Angoralt!"

"Get the queen out of the temple1" Angoralt called.

The men grabbed me and we scrambled down just as y husbands did. Watching in amazement we came together to see the temples crash into one another like ships at sea. They did not break or shatter, but somehow became one, growing large. As soon as they merged the sun set and the new temple began to glow.

Clutching now to my husbands' hands I tried to speak but power ripped through me. I fell to the ground and saw four faces above me. I was shaking now, my body felt too many sensations to make any kind of sense.

"It's begun," Elfgwyven said, and I knew he meant my change.

"Go, now!" Angoralt ordered the captains. Their faces disappeared, and my husbands knelt.

"Hold my hand, Hannah, and I will change with you."

"Do as he says, Anni. It will make it easier."

I felt pain now, burning pain, but then grasped Angoralt's thick hand. As soon as I did his coo magic washed over me, calling to the my Fey side, and the pain faded.

Our clothes disappeared and I felt Elfgwyven's hands on my shoulders, aiding and easing things. "Close your eyes and let it come, my sweet."

I did as he said and I felt strange magic in me. Angoralt was changing, and soon his hand became a rough paw, but his magic was all fey. Concentrated as Shara had instructed me, and after an eternity I tried to rise, gasping, but I was now on four legs, not two.

I tried to speak as I fell, but it came out a braying yip.

"Anni, you're beautiful," Elfgwyven reverently said.

I heard a bark and twisted my head to see a large black wolf standing over me. T was Angoralt.

"Go now, and run. You need the hunt, a kill. When you are done, return to me, my sweet."

Angoralt yipped to his brother and nudged me, helping me to rise. I shook and felt my body thickly muscled, covered in fur. Angoralt nipped at my...flank, and then ran. Instinct kicked in and I ran off with him into the woods.

It was magnificent. We ran chased, and sometimes he chased me, other times he ran from me. We tumbled and nipped, played, caught a rabbit and ate it. Sometime in the night we meet up with Shara and her mate and the four of us brought down a stag.

Shara and her mate left us after and Angoralt sniffed overlong at my hind quarters. I turned and nipped, but he dodged and ran away. I chased him and we ran long and hard, skittering to a stop at the temple.

In it Elfgwyven sat shirtless, leaning against a column with one leg dangling down. His pink hair was loose and his blue eyes glittered dangerously. It was a look I had seen on him rarely and made me shiver.

He hopped down as I came abreast of Angoralt's dark wolf.

"My brother has shown you the magic of being a wolf. Now I will show you what it means to be the master of beasts." He raised his hands and magic washed over me.

I felt the change begin but there was no pain. It was like my human self flowed like water over me and soon I stood, naked and human once again. "How?" I asked. Shara and other wolves remained wolves until the moon set and morning broke.

Elfgwyven stalked over to me. "I can command your changes. And his," he chuckled.

At his look Angoralt sat like heeled dog, panting, tongue out, and glaring at his brother.

"You may be the only creature alive with the nature of three, but never forget you are our queen, our wife, our lover." His voice was dark as he cupped my cheek, and then he kissed me.

Magic flared over me and I felt magic hands and mouths on every sensitive part of my body. Shaking I cried out into his mouth and clutched his bare shoulders to steady myself under the assault.

Elfgwyven was hard as a rock under his strange trousers, and ground into me, even as it felt like his mouth had parted my folds and his tongue teased my nubbin with rapid flicking strokes. His real hands cupped my arse and ground me against him even as ghostly hands teased my aching nipples. More mouths teased the folds of my ears, nipped at my neck, licked the backs of my knees. If I didn't clutch him I couldn't stand.

I called forth my own magic to tease him the same but Elfgwyven ripped his mouth from me. "Not tonight, my love, tonight you are mine, you are his, you are ours." Somehow his magic, stronger than mine, stopped me, but continued the sweet torture.

He turned me so I faced Angoralt, still a wolf, still glaring. "He cannot move just yet. Just as your change makes an animal wanting to claimed by your mates, so does his make him a beast. He will watch until he can take it no longer, and then claim you as you need. Until then, you are mine."

I shivered at the words whispered into my ear, and the pleasuring magic held me so close to culmination I shook violently. "Please," I whispered, begging.

He forced me to my knees and I felt his legs bare just seconds before his long cock thrust inside me deeply. I cried out and broke, wailing in orgasm as he thrust with blinding speed. My body wanted this, needed it, this animalistic claiming, but it was not enough. I needed my wolf too, but my body greedily took and begged for more.

As I screamed release Angoralt tipped his head back and gave a howl that raised my hackles. Elfgwyven thrust still, body tight, his heavy sac coiled against his body. The magic mouths and hands began again and I cluthed at the earth, desperate to hold on.

I crested again and he too, thrusting so deep it was near pain, spilling deep inside me. It was so fast that he pulled out of me before I was done. Angoralt growled, and unfroze. He leapt, changing in mid-air, and landed on me a man. He pushed me down into the ground flat and thrust inside me so thickly.

The magic hands teased and the mouths licked faster now, and it was Elfgwyven's magic, still going even as he was knocked away. Angoralt began to thrust immediately and my body screamed for more. This was what I needed most, the feel of him taking me violently, the pleasure unimaginable.

Elfgwyven's hand reached for mine and I squeezed it as we built fast. Angoralt's grunts were bestial, and my breath hitched as he stroked deep and my body was relentlessly pleasured by both. The rise was quick and swift, and when I broke I screamed and Angoralt roared with me.

He collapsed on me, bodes twitching, and soon rolled aside. It was Elfgwyven who turned me to my back and snuggled in on the other side, kissing my temple. Blessedly the magic stopped.

"That was..." I panted out. "Will it always be like that?"

"When we give over to our beasts, yes, my love. I cannot be gentle that first time," Angoralt said and laid a soft kiss on my breast.

I was still sensitive and gasped.

"But now, now we can show you our love, not just our passion." Elfgwyven said, and turned my head for a kiss.

I kissed them both and it was just their hands that stroked me. My need rumbled to life not with the roar of the beast but the simple passion I would away hold for them. Fingers teased and mouths soothed, and they let me stroke them both back to hardness.

I took Elfgwyven into my mouth as Angoralt's covered my aching cunt. He licked swiftly and softly and I shuddered in a long, gentle orgasm. I took his cock into my mouth and felt Elfgwyven even gentler on my nubbin. When another soft culmination claimed me they moved me, and together filled me.

Angoralt lay on the soft grass and I on top of him as he filled my arse with groan. The Elfgwyven smoothly sank into the depths of my cunt and I was full. It was he who moved us, kissing me as he ground against me. Angoralt held me aloft with one hand and the other teased my aching breasts.

It was a slow burn and we moved without speed until we were all gasping for pleasure. When I begged them at last we moved faster, and the pleasure broke upon us all in a soul-quaking explosion of orgasm. It went on and on, my body tightening around their cocks, filled and surrounded blissfully.

After magic cleansed us and we sat on the grass, outside the temple of the gods that was waiting for us. One day we would fill it, but I knew that would be a long-off day.

'I love you both."

'I love you," Angoralt said reverently.

"I love you too," Elfgwyven said, and both kissed me softly.

"My gods left, that was why I cried."

"Oh, Anni, so did ours."

"They are gone. It's up to us now, Hannah. There was news from the ambassador to the wolves that came after you and your brother left."

"Where did he go?"

"Back home with his prophecy, and my father's." I filled them in and saw both men smile. It was strange knowing most of the fate of our children, but comforting too. "Now what news came?"

Elfgwyven waved his hand and a small blanket with food appeared. The deer and rabbit forgotten I was famished and rose from them to discover my favorite treats and fresh cool water. I drank my fill and then selected a piece of chocolate cake, moaning at the sweet taste.

Both men had joined me and suddenly we were all dressed again. "That was me," Angoralt said. "Watching you moan over a sweet treat gives me ideas no conducive to important talk."

I smiled and dipped my finger into the frosting them across his plush lips. "It is just so tasty."

He kissed me and then Elfgwyven leaned down and took a bite from my cake. "Indeed it is." He kissed me then too, and I had to fight a new wave of arousal as my body was near exhaustion.

"The news?" I prodded.

Angoralt chuckled. "The rogues have been rounded up. The wolves are secure, and the marriages between the women of Angorland have been successful. Your friend Thomas has sent an emissary to the east to seek out wives there."

'That's wonderful!"

"It seems the eats is now ruled by sorcerers, and perhaps some of their women will wish to marry men with contained magic."

I nodded to Elfgwyven. "I don't understand that. I quite like your magic."

"But of course." The arrogance in Angoralt's tone was well deserved. He leaned to the basket and pulled out plates, tools, and then a great roast chicken, a bowl of potatoes, another vegetables, and then bread. "Brother, you hose the food well."

"It will give us whatever we want. Well, in food." Elfgwyven kissed my shoulder and reached in, coming back with a flank of steak on a plate and tools.

I shared the chicken and we all split the sides, and ate in long silence. "We should return to the babes soon. With Shara out they will need to feed soon."

Reluctantly we rose and the food and dishes disappeared. Arm in arm in arm we walked together back to our little house, but as we drew near shock rolled over us all.

"Well, I guess that settles where we shall live."

Elfgwyven spoke the truth. Our little house was a grand castle now, larger than theirs. Around it the forest had faded and roads sprung up, and it was lit up.

Inside we found the retainers of both castles now there, Seelie and Unseelie together. I found the babes in the adoring company of several fey women and took them to feed while the men were appraised of all that had happened.

But I knew in my heart. Faerie was one. Soon those woods would be the barrier between the human word and Faerie. Soon one would no longer need magic to cross but a simple horse.

I put the babes to bed and readied myself, awaiting my husbands in our new huge bed. In the late hours they came in joking and tired, and used magic to ready themselves, joining me. It was as I thought, and when they told me the news we kissed, and fell into slumber. At last we had done it. All the secrets, all the discoveries, all the worry...we had united Fey, and soon the world.

None of that mattered, not so long as I had the men I loved at my side.


One year to the day later I stood in yard of the home that had been mine for so many years. The first wedding I had attended here had been that of my mother to my adopted father. The next had been my own to Elfgwyven, and then to Angoralt.

Now I sat in the front row with them, and our precocious children. Fey children grew faster than humans, and at one year they were nearly four feet tall, walking, talking, full of sharp teeth, endless curiosity, and boundless energy.

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