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Fifteen Minutes


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It wasn't the sort of store you expected to see her in. A dank, dusty little country store, miles from anywhere on a gravel road. Dimitri followed behind at a graceful distance as she made her way up the steps to the door. His cock swelled with an instant blood rush, her long, long legs stretching endlessly before him till they met the frayed edges of her short, tight denim pants. Half her perfectly tanned ass cheeks were exposed, their flesh wobbling enticingly before him. A high, thin waist was clearly outlined under her taut, tank top. He knew that she would have small, pert tits too. She was that body type. He wasn't interested in her mousy brown hair. Or her face. In his many years of experience, he knew that girls with the bodies of goddesses always had less than ordinary faces. The view he currently had was the best one.

Dimitri continued to let his eyes stare unabashedly at her backside. He knew that she knew. Girls with bodies like that could smell the testosterone. They knew when they had a victim. They thrived on it. He followed her around the store. His instincts were correct. She paused. He paused. Then, she leaned forward precariously, reaching into the depths of a freezer. He smiled. He could feel her body begging like a bitch on heat. It would take so little, just a quick jerk with his fingers and the worn denim shorts would tear. No visible panty line. She would indeed be naked underneath. The small but soft little ass would be his. Each cheek would be a nice handful as he squeezed and kneaded and pummelled at her ripe flesh.

Dimitri turned his mind to other necessities. He still had to survey more of the damn road that afternoon and he needed cool drinks. He wished he could just stay in the store and survey the current landscape. He collected three bottles of water and proceeded towards the counter. A plump, cheery woman stood behind it. He barely noticed her. Unabashedly leaning over the counter, chatting casually to the plump woman was his perfect ass girl. He contemplated whether or not he could accidentally brush the flesh at the top of one thigh with the back of his hand. The faintest touch. Maybe she wouldn't even notice.

"Okay, I'll watch the shop for fifteen minutes. Give you a break," he heard ass girl say as the woman stepped out from behind the counter and left.

His cock throbbed painfully now. It was one thing to fantasise a little, quite another to be mere inches away from her in an empty store. She had not moved. It was a small risk. He could make an initial move. Gauge her reaction. He felt his hand propel forward, as though out of control and place itself in the middle of her shorts. He squeezed the crack of her butt through the thin material. He held his breath. No protest. Only tiny goose bumps emerging along the crease where the back of her thighs met her ass. A different sort of panic rose in him as he felt her prepare to turn around. That would spoil everything.

"Nooo darlin', don't you move. Let Daddy here do all the work."

She quivered a little but she did not move.

Dimitri moved his body close to her now, pressing against her bent form. He exerted just enough pressure so she would remain in that position. He felt her body become tense with anticipation. He reached his hands into her tank top, slid them along her smooth skin till they rested under her well-formed tits. He felt their underside with his hands, lifting them, squeezing their supple flesh. Her sharp intake of breath as he cupped her rock-hard nipples inspired him to dry hump against her body. His cock strained through his pants as he pumped it against her denim shorts. He twisted her nipples roughly as his desire heightened, aware that her body had tensed and there were tiny mews, half piteous, half pleading, emerging from the object of his lust.

Summoning every ounce of willpower, Dimitri slowed his assault on her body and stepped away a little.

"Daddy won't hurt you baby."

Damn. It had been a long time since he had felt such pure unadulterated lust. He was desperate to take her. He wanted to rip those shorts from her body, slam her face down on the bench and ram his desperate cock right up her begging little slit. Damned if her cunt juices weren't exuding such a heady odour that he had taken almost leave of his senses.

Instead, Dimitri contented himself by running one hand over her ass cheeks while the other caressed her tits, his movements less forceful now. He concentrated on controlling his breathing, feeling her relax a little with his more gentle efforts. His fingers toyed up and down the inside of her thighs, where a trickle of juices had already formed. God she was hot. Dimitri slid one finger inside her shorts towards the centre of her heat. His legs shook as he felt her fleshy, moist hole which contracted slightly at his initial touch. Despite her wetness, he had considerable trouble even sliding his finger up to the first knuckle. This girl was so very, very tight.

"Mmmm, Daddy so wants to open up your snug little cunt."

He reached for the zipper of her shorts. He slid them to her knees, then fumbled with his own clothing. Finally he stood exposed, his erect piston proudly poised at its target.

Dimitri supported himself with one arm firmly around her waist, the other hand wildly, mercilessly circling her clit. He could sense her mixed reactions. Her incredible desire. Her discomfort from leaning over the counter for so long. He didn't care. He only wanted to feel his cock gripped between those incredible legs. He pulled her body back towards him a little, then, in a single, violent rush he slammed his cock to the hilt. He heard a loud thump as her hips smashed against the side of the counter. He didn't care. He did it again, pulling her body back then pounding his meat home. He was giddy with pleasure as her muscles contracted in response to his ministrations on her clit. Her moans increased in direct proportion to her spasms, his cock squeezed in an unrelenting grip as her body wrenched in orgasm.

An intense burning sensation rose in Dimitri's cock now. He felt pressure in his whole body. In his head. In his balls. In his stomach.

"Wait. Wait."

He finally heard her voice.

"It's the middle of my cycle she was panting. Don't come in me. Don't!" Dimitri was deep inside when the words finally registered. A sense of anger rose in him, a need to hurt her like he had never felt before. He stopped thrusting.

"Well daddy will just have to try another hole now won't he?"

His voice was harsh. Not his own. He was shocked to find his cock pressed against her tiny rim. Startled that he could so cruelly edge his way into her most intimate orifice. Terrified to find that he didn't care.

The girl only whimpered a little. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he felt a sense of admiration for her stoicism, her willingness to suffer humiliation in order to fulfil her basic carnal needs. He inched his way in slowly now, pulling her away from the counter into a more comfortable position.

"I-I've got a name."

He stopped moving. "Well, tell daddy what it is."

"Lisa. It's Lisa."

"Does Lisa give Dimitri permission to go on?"

As if in response Lisa leaned back into him. His cock was half way in now, firmly clinched in her gorgeous ass. He pushed hard, giddy with the sensation of his cock sliding all the way till his balls rested on her cheeks. Against all his instincts, he remained still.

"What does Lisa do when she's not teasing desperate strangers? Look after hubby?"

"I'm a nurse. I'm single."

They moved together now, his cock only sliding back slightly with each thrust. It was all the movement he needed. Her ass felt like a moist clamshell which had snapped permanently closed around his cock. He was sure he would be milked dry forever at any given moment.

Dimitri's mouth searched upwards till it found the nape of her neck. He bit it harshly as his thrusts became more vigorous. She had relaxed, become just complacent enough for him to take control now. He pulled all the way out of her ass before jamming it straight into her again, eliciting a cry of protest and pain. Her hips had almost been displaced from being slammed into the counter with the full force of his weight, he was sure.

"Please, please, it hurts so much!"

Dimitri paused. "Well Daddy has no other choice then!"

Dimitri suddenly pulled his cock from her ass. Reaching across the counter he grabbed a tissue and wiped his now aching member. He pressed her face to the counter with a firm grip on the back of her neck as he once again pushed into her womanhood. He felt his cock slide up towards her ovaries. Lisa begged. Cried for mercy. Dimitri found a strength he never knew he had as Lisa's body beckoned him to service her most primal wants. She was indeed a bitch on heat and he would quench the flames.

Lisa's knuckles were white from gripping the counter now. Her whole body shuddered with a mixture of unwanted ecstasy and the knowledge that she would pay a heavy price for this moment of primitive lust.

"Come in me. Come in me. Just do it!

Then they both felt it. Dimitri withdrew momentarily. Instinctively, he lifted Lisa so she was squatting on the bench, ass high in the air, placing her cunt and precious womb in the most vulnerable position. His body quivered uncontrollably as he felt spurt after spurt of liquid fire shooting through Lisa's body and deep into her womb. He felt her shake with fear as a sixth sense told her what had happened. It seemed he would remain hard forever as his cock stayed deep inside her, preventing the potent juices from escaping.

Eventually, Dimitri removed his cock. He turned Lisa around to face him. She had the most beautiful face. A flushed angel's face.

"Darlin' I'm gonna write down my address. You might wannna find me when that body starts to swell."

He kissed her softly on the lips, strode to the door. Through the window, Lisa watched his truck disappear in a cloud of dust.

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