First Fridays - Initiation


He eased it in and out a couple of times to be sure I was fully relaxed, and then slid the other one in with it. He pushed them in and out together, then twisted them and pushed them in and out some more, to stretch me in all directions. When he seemed to feel that he had loosened me enough back there, he withdrew his fingers, and eased me down onto his cock like the others had, but through the back door.

He must have coated the tip of his dick with saliva, or maybe with lube, because it slipped right in. It felt heavenly. He started slow, making sure I could handle it, then increasing the pace, hammering into me as fast and hard as he could, until he came in a frenzy.

I continued around the circle, until near the end of it, my earlier suspicions were confirmed - the owner of the next lap pulled my still-blindfolded face down and forward into an area that Tom may have just finished with. I'm not going to say I've never licked a lady before, but I haven't done many. I must have done OK -- I got her to cum before Brent called time. She didn't just get off, though - I thought she was going to squish my head flat with her thighs.

I moved over toward the next lap, but Brent took my arm and led me back to my chair, saying over his shoulder, "Nice try, she's already done you. You know the rule - no 'seconds' in an initiation!"

As I sat, it seemed from the sounds that Tom was also finished with this "round," so I wondered what was next. Beth had us stand and I heard someone remove our chairs. She said, "You guys have anything special you want to demonstrate?"

Without hesitating, Tom reached out to locate me, leaned over to the side, crossed his arms over themselves (this is kind of hard to explain), reached around my waist and picked me up, twisting me over as he lifted me so that, when he straightened back up, we were tummy to tummy, but I was upside-down. My thighs rested neatly on his shoulders. That placed his re-aroused dick right in my face, and my well-energized pussy right in his -- in other words, a standing 69.

"Look what I found!" he said, as if he was surprised (he says that every time we do this).

We both dived right in, we'd had plenty of foreplay! This is a difficult position, but very rewarding for me, because being upside-down intensifies all the sensations, I guess it has something to do with all the blood rushing to my head. I don't know how Tom keeps from falling over or dropping me when he cums, but he never does.

Even though I'd already cum several times, now that I was back with my guy, the man I go home with, the man I save the last dance for, the man who knows all my secret spots and sensitivities, I could feel a huge orgasm building. Tom did all the special tricks he has that always get me there. He loves it when I do my howling thing while my mouth is full of his cock, he says the extra vibrations always push him over the edge, and this time was no exception.

I love it when we cum together, there's nothing else like it. To me it is the ultimate couple's activity, and I swallowed his gooch straight down. Tom set me back down, and stood behind me with his arms around my waist, and we waited for further instructions.

A man's voice, but not Brent, said, "Attention, everyone. I know this goes against our usual procedure, but several of you have suggested to me that we skip the rest of the regular audition, accept Tom and Laurie into the group, and proceed with our regular evening. We can do so if the vote is unanimous. Anybody object? OK, let's have a silent show of hands - all in favor? Well, Tom and Laurie, we're two votes short of unanimous. But I think we'll be there, if we tell you that the two of you get to vote, too."

I raised my hand, and I assume Tom raised his, because the room was filled with applause. Brent removed my blindfold, and I saw Beth removing Tom's.

As I glanced around the room for the first time, I had to stifle a scream. You know that nightmare - we've all had it - where you're at school or work, and you realize that you forgot to put on any clothes, you're buck naked, and everyone is pointing and gawking at you? Well, momentarily, I found myself in that setting -- I was completely naked, surrounded by people who were fully clothed, and looking at me.

Then I remembered that I had just had every dick in my pussy, or my mouth or my ass, and that several of them had cum in each place. That eased my self-consciousness, and the panic I had felt for a second - all that energy flipped over and took me to a higher level of arousal -- I mean, let's get this party started. Also, as my eyes adapted, it turned out that many of them were not actually fully dressed -- they had not put back on what came off for Tom's and my audition.

I looked around and saw that Beth was right, everyone here was really attractive, a few of them approaching magazine-cover gorgeous. My pussy flooded again as I realized that I had just fucked or sucked all of the men, and a couple of the ladies. I only regretted that by being blindfolded, I didn't know who had done what. I resolved to make up for that and do each of them again, as soon as possible.

We were in a large, basement-type room, nicely finished out and evenly lit with soft light. As I had suspected, dozens of the comfy chairs were arranged in a circle, facing inward. The floor was covered in scores of soft pillows in a variety of sizes, as well as plenty of over-sized tissue dispensers -- being covered in various body fluids can get quite sticky and uncomfortable, so I was glad to see that!

The man with the voice that led the election came over to welcome us. It turns out that even though he is young, late 20's I'd guess, he is a Senior Vice President where Beth and I work. Beth told me later he is one of the founders of First Fridays, and this year is the Vice Chairman, which is, appropriately enough, the highest rank in the group.

Beth explained "spin-the-paddle" to me and Tom. "This is actually one of my least-favorite activities, but I still do it. Some of the other members are much more into the pleasure/pain thing than Brent and I are. I have to admit, though, we have incredible sex after.

"Here's how it works. One of the members donated his college fraternity paddle, and it's a diabolical thing, too. It sits on a lazy-susan type device, and spun. The first spin picks the leader, who gets to decide the details of the game - there's a lot of variations, like poker. Sometimes you pick a number, and it varies whether it's better to pick a low one or a high one. Oh, look, we're starting..."

One of the guys had apparently been selected leader while Beth was explaining. He set an infernal looking wooden paddle on a dining room table lazy-susan, and everyone knelt in a circle around it. Tom and I were together, next to Beth and Brent, and it looked like everyone else was paired up with their partners, so around the ring it was pretty much boy / girl / boy / girl. Tom and I were the only ones totally naked, although several of the others were missing their pants, skirts, and undies after their encounter with Tom or me.

"Pick a number between 4 and 16," the leader instructed, and waited a second for everyone to do so. "Now, subtract it from 20. That's your total." Then we went around the circle telling our total, so we couldn't change it in our favor when we found out what it was for. Most people had selected either a high number or a low one, there were very few in the middle. I chose 6, so my total was 14.

When we were done, he continued. "When it's your turn, spin. Whoever the handle points at, if it's the opposite sex, kiss them and remove one article of their clothing. Then, continuing around the circle, it's the next person's turn. If your spin lands on someone who's already naked, then the fun really starts. They bend over in the center of the circle, tell you their total, and you paddle them that many times. Make it good and hard, too - if it's too soft, one of us will call 'foul,' and if the group agrees, then you will get your number of paddles as well.

"If your spin lands on someone of your gender, spin again, and the result is doubled -- whoever it lands on the second time, remove TWO pieces of their clothing or double their total of paddles. If your spin lands on yourself, then double the result applies to you -- you spin again to select the kisser or the spanker, and remove two articles of YOUR clothing or twice your total of paddles."

The rules seemed nicely heterosexual, although I already knew that not all members of the group were exclusively "straight."

"Oh, everybody go ahead and take off your shoes and socks, they don't count, neither does jewelry of any sort, this isn't dorm-room strip poker. Some of you have on more items than others (he glanced at Tom and me), that's part of the game. And, at any time, you can negotiate some other 'activity' for some or all of your paddles.

"I'll begin," he said, and spun. The paddle took an agonizingly long time and landed on a slender blonde. She stood, and he pulled her designer t-shirt over her head, revealing a nice pair of smallish but very perky tits and no bra. He kissed her deeply, using one hand to work over her breasts.

Then he took his place in the circle, and the next person, a very buxom brunette, spun. It landed on a woman first, so she spun again, landing on Brent. She pulled him to his feet, pulled off his Polo shirt, unzipped him and yanked his trousers to the floor, revealing a too-cute little thong made to look like a tuxedo. She kissed him and reached inside the "tux" to fondle the goods.

The next guy spun, landing on his own partner. She stood, and he lifted her little black party dress over her head, under which she was wearing nothing. As he kissed her, he ran his fingers deep into the crack of her naked ass, and then jerked back with a sharp "ow!", as she apparently bit his tongue. He swatted her butt lightly, getting chuckles around the circle.

For her turn she clearly tried to time the spin so the paddle would land on him, and she came amazingly close, but it went a little past and landed on her. She groaned loudly at the irony that in attempting to get him back, she would be the first one to get spanked. And doubles, at that. She spun again, and it landed on a tall, athletic guy.

She dutifully took her place in the center of the circle. He picked up the paddle, she placed her hands below her knees, he rubbed the paddle slowly and lightly on her ass, and said, "What was your number?"

"Sixteen," she sort of squeaked out.

"Double that is 32..." he said.

He pulled the paddle back, and let it fly. It landed with an incredibly loud thwack and another squeak from her.

"Blow you for the rest?" she offered. His response was another thwack, bringing another squeak.

"Ask me again when you have 25 left," he said, followed immediately by another thwack. The next few went by without conversation, and I considered my current situation - already naked, with a count of 14. Not good.

Everyone in the circle was watching the spanking intently, and I began to realize not only how extreme it was going to be get seriously paddled, but with the additional angle of having a rather large audience. I made eye contact briefly with Beth. As if reading my mind, she leaned behind Tom and whispered, "I told you this was intense. Remember, you don't HAVE to play." I looked around the room, though, and saw that everyone was in the circle.

When the current lady's count got down to 25, she repeated, a little more hoarsely than before, "Blow you for the rest?"

He responded, "TRI you for the rest."

"No." Thwack!


As he put the paddle down, I raised my eyebrows at Tom and whispered "try?"

"No idea," he whispered back.

Beth leaned over again, "You'll see - it's short for triangle..."

And a triangle is what they made: the lady lay on her back, and the gent knelt at her feet, parted her knees, plunged himself into her pussy, and began to stroke her deeply. Meanwhile, he gestured to his lady to join them, and she straddled the first woman's face. When the gent and lady number two leaned forward to kiss, both staying attached to lady number one, the three of them did indeed form a triangle.

The lucky guy had four tits at his disposal, and used both hands to explore them all. His partner was the first to cum, moaning loudly and grinding her hips into the face of the lady on the floor. She stood and returned to the circle, leaving the other two to concentrate on each other. He pulled her legs up to his shoulders, and came into her with a flourish, swatting both her cheeks as he disconnected. She sat up, looking a bit dazed, and crawled back to her place in the circle.

The next guy spun, landing on a tall redhead. She was already naked from the waist down. The guy pulled off her top, revealing an elegant sky-blue bra, and kissed her, burying his fingers in her wispy red curlies. She must have enjoyed it, because when he went to end their kiss, she pressed her lips back to his, and pulled his hand back to her muff.

The next lady spun, landing on the lady from the "tri," so she spun again. On her re-spin, she got a muscular guy with a shaved head, who was also naked from the waist down. She pulled off his shirt, leaving him naked. But she had doubles...

After a bit of conferring, it was decided that since one of her doubles was used on his last article of clothing, she would paddle him, the number being his total, not doubled. His total was four - not very many to work with, but she made up for it with enthusiasm -- she really walloped him.

Brent was next. His spin landed on the blonde who had lost her shirt on the first spin of the game. She stood, he hooked his fingers in the elastic of her designer shorts, and slid them slowly to the floor, revealing, again, no underwear - I assume the result of Tom's "Orals." Brent kissed her, and I noticed that a couple of his fingers disappeared into her short curly blonde pussy hair. I glanced at Beth, and she winked back at me.

Then it was Beth's turn. She spun and got the tall athletic guy, who had not put his pants back on after "tri"ing that other woman. She pulled his shirt over his head but not off, leaving him tangled in it. As he wiggled free of his garment, she grabbed a handful of cock and applied her kiss to the top of his rod. Open mouth, lots of tongue, I noticed.

Tom was next. His first spin landed on Brent. He re-spun it extra hard, so it took a long time to settle on a slender, short-haired brunette. She also had on a little black party dress, but indicated that Tom should slip it off her shoulders and pull it down, rather than over her head.

He did the honors, revealing a red satin thong, with a small white star embroidered right over her clit. Since he'd gotten doubles, he got to remove it too, but he stepped back and gestured for her to take it off for him. She pulled it down oh-so slowly, doing a little wiggle as the floss came out of her butt. Tom kissed her deeply, helping himself to handfuls of breasts, butt, and bush. When they broke, she winked at him as she returned to her place in the circle.

Now it was my turn. I spun, and it landed on a very attractive long-haired brunette. Like so many of the ladies, she was naked from the waist down. She had on a sheer, short-sleeved top that depending on the angle, was either an elegant deep maroon, or almost completely transparent. Her tits looked luscious under it, and her nipples were so extended, they looked like they were trying to knife their way through the fabric.

I spun again, and it landed on, ME.

"Now what?" I asked. "I don't remember what the rule was about this."

It turns out, that's because there wasn't one, it had only ever happened a few times, and no one remembered how they handled it before. Some said that a double was a double, and I should just spin again to see who got to wield the paddle; some said that the new double should apply to the previous double, for four times the swats. After some discussion, it was decided that each re-spin would add one to the multiplier, since several doubles in a row would result in such a huge number. So I had triples -- 42 swats!

Instead of spinning again, I went to the center, picked up the paddle, and announced to the group, "I'm doomed. I have a high total, and now I have triples. It doesn't seem fair to let only one of you have that much fun with me, and I don't know anything yet about the process of negotiating 'activities' for paddling. So, I'm going to assume the spanking position here in the center. Each of you, ladies too, come take a turn. You can spank me as many times as you want, and/or, take whatever pleasure you want, in whatever hole you want. Come on, people, 'open skate.' Show me what this group is made of!"

There was a brief commotion as several folks stood to take me up on my offer. I bent over, and shivered in anticipation while I waited. My fun began with a trio of guys taking turns paddling me, while another guy filled my mouth with his dick - all bent over like that, it went in a lot deeper than it does when I'm on my knees. Each of the guys with the paddle would take three or four swats, and pass it to the next.

One of the ladies joined the guys with the paddle. Where the guys had been pretty straightforward, whacking me mostly right in the center of my ass, she was more devious, working it higher, then all the way down to the tops of my thighs. Whoever didn't have the paddle knelt on either side of me, massaging my breasts, tweaking my nipples.

I guess I had derailed the game, because I noticed we were no longer the only cluster of activity. People were falling into groups of two, three, four, and more, putting their naughty bits into all sorts of interesting combinations.

While I was going to town on the guy in my mouth, one of the guys with the paddle mounted me from behind. It took a minute for the three of us to get in sync - we didn't really unify until the two of them held mostly still, and I provided most of the movement, rocking forward and back. As the dick in front of me slid out of my mouth, the dick behind me eased into my pussy -- absolutely heavenly!

Both of the guys were holding onto me to stabilize themselves so they didn't lose their balance and disrupt the rhythm -- the guy in back gripping my hips, the guy in front with two fistfuls of hair from the back of my head. I was building to a huge climax, but I wondered if I could hold this position long enough for that to happen -- I was having to stand on my tippy toes with my knees locked, and my legs were starting to burn quite a bit. The guys must have been feeling the same strain, so we briefly disconnected from each other to reposition ourselves on our knees.

I was all set, on my hands and knees, the guys kneeling at their respective ends, ready to reconnect, when I had a quick inspiration, and turned around to face the other way. I reached behind me and guided the guy who had been in my mouth into my hungry pussy, and, pulling him with me, rocked forward to consume the other guy into my mouth.

I'm not one of those ladies who recoils from the taste of my own juices; truth be known, I rather enjoy it, and now I was getting a mouthful. We resumed our triple rocking motion, and again I could feel that familiar wave building. But apparently the guys had enjoyed the sensation of switching holes, so they pulled out and turned me around again. Again, I got to taste my own honey, and I was really liking this flopping from one end to the other - the saliva on the dick that had just left my mouth gave a divinely smooth feel to its entrance into my slit.

We did that flipping end for end thing a couple more times, then the guys went to pull out to do it again, but I grabbed them to hold them in -- this time I was way too close to cumming to be interrupted. I began rocking harder and faster back and forth, slamming my hips into the thighs behind me, and my face into the buff tummy in front of me. Back and forth, back and forth, just a few more times, and I launched into orbit.

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