tagIncest/TabooFirst Rites

First Rites


I wasn't sure what to expect as I walked in the door. Although I was 19 years old, I didn't have much experience with women.

My mother's panties were down around her knees and her petite bottom was presented to the world while she pushed her face into the bed. Clearly she'd been disciplined for some wrong doing -- her ass cheeks were red and inflamed and I could hear as she slowly sniffled into the bed.

As I entered the room, my mother whimpered at my footsteps, but didn't once lift her head from the bed to see who was approaching.

"I've been good! I haven't moved."

I could hear the fear in her voice: she thought the approaching footsteps belonged to my father, who I knew was not here at the moment. She nervously wiggled her ass, the tension in her body obvious. I could see her puckered asshole clenching and the pubes surrounding her female lips. Her pussy was red and hungry, glistening with her lubrication. The outer lips were open and the wisps of her pubes were slicked down the sides.

I slipped my finger down between her cheeks until it glided softly through the entrance to her cunt. Once lubricated, I pushed slowly further down until I arrived at her clitoris which I grazed slightly on one side before removing my hand.

Gently I massaged the globes of her ass and then raised my hand and swatted her hard. She let out a short whelp but didn't move, clearly she had been taught never to do so. Again I moved my fingers down through her cunt lips, but this time I inserted them inside her as far as I could. Her cunt muscles were going wild clenching on my fingers and I rotated them into her looking for that elusive spot that would make her lose control. The warmth and wetness was one of the best feelings I can remember. I started to pump back and forth - her sticky fluid coating everything.

Removing my fingers I then kneeled behind her and licked long strokes up her clitoris and pushed my tongue into her cunt. She gasped loudly and started mumbling "no no no" into the bed as she desperately tried to avoid an orgasm. I decided she had had enough and stood, ready to finish things off.

I was erect and ready to fuck her. Removing my pants, I placed my cock against her protruding lips and moved the head around to make my entrance smoother. Then grasping her hips I slowly pushed all of my length inside her in one motion, stopping only as my stomach crushed against her buttocks. I could see her outer lips stretched around the circumference of my cock, rolled back to accommodate me. My cock was in a moist warm heaven. I repeatedly flexed my cock muscles several times so she could feel the movement deep inside her body -- but remained un-moving, buried to the hilt.

I reached forward and slipped my hands along her pregnant torso until I found the swollen breasts trapped underneath. Grasping her tits I stroked and squeezed them until milk started leaking from her nipples onto the bed. As if I were milking her, I squeezed harder so that her milk sprayed all over the bed. I rubbed my thumbs across her nipples and found them rock hard and wet from her own expression.

Her cunt muscles started clenching around my un-moving cock as I continued to explore her body. I moved my right hand down across her pubic region and again grazed her clitoris, this time with more pressure. Using two fingers I started to manipulate and pinch her clit, really putting some pressure on her. Still, my cock remained buried inside her -- unmoving.

The warmth that enveloped me was becoming too much and the feel of her perfect ass was starting to send me over the top. Again I grabbed her hips to pull my already submerged cock as deep inside her as possible: the glands of my cock wedged hard against her cervix.

Finally I relented and allowed my orgasm to explode, my cum forcing itself deep inside her as my balls contracted and unloaded. I could feel her muscles milking me dry, twitching in a frenzy around my ejaculating cock. She remained in position, still refusing to look at who had violated her. As I removed my wet cock from her I stood and pushed on the back of her head -- a silent signal to remain in position. I couldn't see the slight smile on her lips.

I met my father on the way down the stairs. He was pleased my first lesson had gone so well...

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