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First Time


(This story is fictional. The characters and their messenger ID's are purely a figment of my imagination.)


My fiancé was out of town. She had gone to Las Vegas for her sister's wedding. Maybe I was feeling a little resentful of having to stay behind due to my work schedule. Maybe. Or maybe that is just an excuse that I tell myself now.

The evening started out tame enough. I had one too many Coronas as I sat in front of my computer screen. Ah, there's a name I have not seen online for awhile.

Justin29437: Hi. I haven't talked to you in ages. How you been?

MrMatt2u: good. And u?

Justin29437: ok. Just bored.

MrMatt2u: u home alone?

Justin29437: yeah

MrMatt2u: Why don't I come over?

Come over? Well, I guess it would be cool to see Matt again. It's been a few years since I had gone to him for massages. Geez, I remember those massages! He sure knew how to use his hands. We had fooled around a little bit. I would be great to hang out with him for awhile. It beats being alone.

Justin29437: ok

MrMatt2u: great. I'll see you in about half an hour.

I left the computer on and checked on the living room. Oh, it looks fine. I might as well help myself to another Corona as I wait. I sat in the chair, fidgeting with the bottle more than drinking from it. What if he wants to mess around again? Should I? Could I? I finished off the Corona with those thoughts echoing in my mind.

Soon enough, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to see Matt. I hadn't seen him in years. He was wearing a shorts and a t-shirt. I couldn't help but glance at his bulge.

"Why didn't you answer the door in your underwear?" he asked.

I laughed his comment off. I helped myself to yet another Corona. He declined my offer for a drink, because he would have to drive home. We sat down in the living room. He had a small gym bag with him. He reached into the bag and pulled out a video.

"Why don't you play this for us?" he asked.

I took the tape and popped it into the VCR. Within seconds, two men were fucking on my television screen. I definitely wasn't expecting that. I wasn't turned off by it, quite the opposite actually. It just took me by surprise.

I sank back into the couch and took it in. I looked over at Matt in the chair. He was stroking himself through his shorts. Before I knew it, I was doing the same.

The video had only played a few minutes when Matt suggested that I get undressed. I didn't even think about it. I just did it. Matt told me to move the coffee table off to the side of the room. While I moved the table, he got undressed as well.

We sat on the floor. He pulled me close to him, facing his nakedness. His washboard abs were the perfect backdrop showcasing his smooth, 8-inch semi-hard cock. I lowered my mouth to his shaft and began sucking him. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. I love that! I licked the head of his cock and traced the rim with my tongue.

I licked his shaft up and down. I sucked down on him, then up, and flicked the head with my tongue. With my right hand, I gently massaged his balls. He groaned. Sucking and flicking my tongue across the head of his cock, I felt my own cock grow immensely hard.

"Lie down on the couch," Matt said as he guided my inebriated body towards the sofa.

"Lie on your stomach. That's right." Matt said as I followed his direction.

Matt reached into his bag and pulled out some lube. "He must have been planning this the whole time," I thought.

Gently, he rubbed my ass, then inserted a slick finger into my virgin hole. It felt a little strange at first. I must have been as relaxed as Coronas can possibly get you. He fingered me for a few minutes. Even though his attention to my ass felt wonderful, I just wasn't feeling it. Then, I had an idea.

"Would you mind if I sucked you on webcam?" I asked.

"I don't know..." Matt said.

"I won't show your face."

"Ok, if my face won't show at all, then it's ok."

We went over to my computer. I positioned the webcam and went to a gay male chat room. I typed in asking if anyone wanted to watch us on cam. Within a couple minutes, fourteen people were waiting to watch us.

I turned the cam on and started giving him head. Giving head turns me on, so I was really getting into it. I was moaning as I sucked on him. Running my tongue along his shaft, then sucking him slow. Speeding things up, I sucked him then hungrily licked his cock's head again. I was enjoying the idea of people watching us. I was getting so turned on by all this.

"Oh, yeah. You're ready," Matt said.

He stopped me and told me to bend over the chair. He put on a condom and used more of the lube. He fingered me again at first. Once he knew how loose and relaxed I was, and how turned on I was, he fucked me good in front of those fourteen strangers. I had never felt anything this intense. As he pushed into me, I stroked my cock. Oh, man! It was amazing! He kept pumping me. I came so hard! I came all over the floor, my leg, and the chair. Just before he came, he pulled out, pulled off the condom, turned me around, and gave me a facial. He knew I loved those from when we used to mess around years ago.

I turned the webcam off. We cleaned up and he left. That was the last time I saw my first gay lover. My fiancé came home the next day. I've kept the memory of that night a secret. It's a separate part of my past, really. It doesn't have anything to do with my love for my wife. I'm glad that I had that experience. I'd be lying if I said that I don't still fondly replay it in my mind.

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