tagNovels and NovellasFor the Love of Licia Pt. 09

For the Love of Licia Pt. 09


Chapter Thirty-three: "What is happening to me?"

She sat on the park bench, her back to the vast, sunny field where dogs ran, kites flew and a bunch of boys played baseball. There were also families barbequing, lovers kissing and early bikini girls tanning.

Her eyes were on the entrance of the park, where tall trees created a pool of shadows.

Angique just started wondering when the girl would appear, as she and her companion walked into the light. A dash of emotion hit her at the sight of Alicia's vulnerable nakedness and her almost childlike stature beside the brute she was chained to. Just as the girl left the gloomy shadows, a ray reflected from the jewel on her nipple. It sparkled against the dark olive of her skin, turning on and off with the swaying of her tit.

A small group of people seemed to follow her at a respectable distance. Must be their fear of the dog, Angique mused, chuckling. She wondered if any of the people on the field behind her had spotted the girl yet.

Alicia didn't see Angique. She strolled in a very relaxed way down the path, her hand on the dog's shoulders, her bare soles plodding on the pebbled surface. The delicate shape of her feet contrasted sweetly with the huge paws of the hound. Beauty and the beast, Angique thought for the umpteenth time. She hated the cliché, but wasn't able to keep it out of her mind.

When the couple came closer, three men stepped from behind a bush. Angique knew them; as a matter of fact, she'd invited them. They knew what to do -- and what not to do. Two of them were young white men; the third was a black giant. The white guys wore t-shirts, shorts and running shoes; the Negro was dressed in a loose buttoned-up shirt and cream-colored slacks.

The guys stood in the girl's path. By doing so, they kept the woman on the nearby bench out of her view. Angique watched them closing in on Alicia. There was a conversation going on, but the voices were too soft to be understood. Then Angique saw glimpses of naked skin through the gaps between the men's legs. Two bare knees buried themselves in the loose gravel. There was some tugging on the shorts of one of the white guys. A double set of slender fingers crept around his ass cheeks. Angique knew what was going on.

She smiled and rose, walking around the group until she had a clear view of Alicia sucking the knob of the guy's cock. Her right hand jacked the shaft, while her left massaged the black guy's bulge through his slacks. The hound lay beside her, his monstrous head resting on his paws. His eyes moved alertly, though, never missing what happened. So well trained, Angique thought, wondering which of the two she meant.

Alicia now moved her head down on the cock, taking in at least five of the seven thick inches. Her other hand had by now pulled down the zipper of the slacks, reaching in to produce a very black, half erected penis. She closed the O of her thumb and fingers around it, slowly rubbing to clear the shining head from its foreskin. The third guy had by then taken care of himself. He produced by far the fattest and longest cock and started jacking it off. All talk had stopped. The guys closed their eyes and threw back their heads in bliss.

Angique walked closer until she could hear the wet, sucking noises as well as the men's groaning. Brynn looked up as he saw her approaching. She put a finger to her mouth to warn him off. He laid his head back on his paws, but his tail flogged the ground.

A growing murmur made Angique look around to see a dozen or so people watching from a distance. Most of them were clearly embarrassed by what they saw -- or at least acting the part. The police might be here soon, but for now no one was moving -- except for an old man who had taken his pale, limp penis out of his pants to jerk it off frantically. Angique caught his eyes. She smiled, begging him closer with her hand, but he retired into the crowd.

As she turned back she saw Alicia blowing the Negro. Both her hands were busy masturbating the other two. Two big black hands held her head, pushing it deeper down the cock. She started squirming her thighs to find some friction for her aching cunt. She moaned around the cock as a small, sweet climax hit her. At the same moment the cock started to unload its hot burden into her mouth and on her face, triggering another electrical shudder along her spine. The white guy with the average cock came only seconds later, shortly followed by the owner of the huge dick. It shot like a geyser, covering her hair and face with its goo. Alicia once more climaxed with a cry. It caused the sperm to bubble out of her mouth and dribble down her chin. She sank sideways to the ground, still shaking with her spasms.

The dog licked the slimy traces off her skin.

Enough, Angique decided. She stepped forward, thanking the men. Then she threw a blanket over the girl and helped her getting up. The three of them hurried back to the gate and into the waiting car.

It took the park's innocent visitors quite a while to convince each other they truly saw what they had been seeing.


"You were quite amazing, honey," Angique said. The humming limo rocked them gently, like a cradle. Alicia lay on the spacious backseat, her head in Angique's lap. Long, pale fingers ran through her wavy hair. She turned her head and kissed the caressing digits.

"It felt like a dream, Mistress," she whispered. Angique chuckled.

"Or a nightmare, honey?" she asked.

"Oh no!" the girl protested. "It was... magical. I was like being in a bubble, floating. The people didn't bother me, and sweet Brynn made me feel safe. I loved the way they stared at him and me. Oh, Mistress," she then cried out. "It was so wonderful, me being chained to him and all. I felt safe through the whole experience."

Her hand slipped from under the blanket, finding the hound's head. She squealed with delight when he started licking her. Then she brought her wet fingers to her mouth, sucking on them.

"You know," she went on. "There were these two guys who didn't want us to get past them." She giggled at the memory. "Brynn jumped one of them when he tried to grab my tit. I had to pull him back and calm him down. Then I offered the boy my body, but he ran." She sighed with mock disappointment, making Angique smile.

"It seems you enjoyed yourself, honey," she said. "Weren't you at all embarrassed?"

The silence that followed was filled with the low humming of the car and the muffled sounds of the city around them.

"I guess I was," Alicia then admitted. "At first, when Brynn pulled me from the car and I was standing there on the public sidewalk, feeling the breeze on my naked body -- yes, I felt awfully embarrassed..." Her voice died away, but then she laughed. "But it was so exciting too! I was scared like hell, but it made my pussy flow, dripping juices down my legs. I felt incredibly horny." She rose on her knees, hugging Angique.

"Thank you so much for this awesome afternoon, sweet Mistress. Did you see the huge cock on the white guy? God, I thought I'd never get enough of all three of them. And then, while I already shook with arousal, there was Brynn's tongue... Oh, my God, thank you, sweet woman. This is a day I'll never forget. Never! First, I died of shame and then I went to heaven. Kiss me, please. Please kiss me!"

They kissed. And when they stopped kissing, they kissed again. Wet lips slid around wet lips like mating snails, pink and slippery; tongues rolled together, whipping up a froth of lipstick-tainted saliva. Angique's hands rose to hold Alicia's dark head, pulling her down to her lap. Busy fingers undid the zipper of her leather skirt and soon the girl's magic tongue entered her soaking slit -- releasing a devastating climax.

The car stopped right in front of the Club's main entrance. Angique gently pushed the girl away. Then she closed her skirt, sitting up straight while Arnold the chauffeur came around to open her door. She picked up the chain and refastened it to Alicia's collar. Brynn rose, waiting for the girl to follow him. Alicia wrapped the blanket around her, before rising to her feet, but when she went past Angique to get out, the woman took her cover and pulled it off of her.

"But," Alicia protested. Angique slapped her naked ass cheek.

"No "buts," remember?" she said. "Get out and follow Brynn."

Walking into a seedy bar or walking naked down the streets of an unknown town had been scary, but also exciting. The thrill had overcome her embarrassment mainly because those were anonymous places. None of the people there had known her; she wore a mask of anonymity. Here, though, she was very well known. She had friends here; people she'd meet again. People who knew she was a businesswoman, a respected member of society, a church-going girl (ah, well... not really, but nevertheless...). On and off they might all have seen her naked body -- used it even -- but that was different from walking in totally naked, chained to a dog that lead her. She still had dried sperm stuck to her skin and in her hair, for chrissakes! She might meet Gina and Lee and -- oh God, she'd die, really die!

The chain drew a taut line from her throat to the hound's strong neck. He never stopped on his short walk to the entrance. Alicia tried to pull in the leash, but there was not nearly enough strength in her arms. And then the cruel goddess of fate decided to have a field day. The big door opened and at the top of the steps stood a well-curved BB and her leggy friend with the fiery curls -- the very mothers of gossip. Their eyes went huge; their mouths became perfect O's of shock, soon to be covered by the classic gesture of surprise.

"Is that you, Alicia?" BB asked with her usual sense of superfluity. Then the giant dog shouldered her aside, leading the naked girl past her friends. Alicia's eyes were down. She never acknowledged the women, plodding past them. A crimson blush rose from her tits to the crown of her head. Her hands were around the chain, knuckles white from squeezing. Tears ran down her cheeks -- humiliation never had a more perfect stage.

"Hi, girls," Angique said in a friendly voice. She walked a few feet behind Alicia, swaying on nylon legs in high-heeled ankle boots. A leather vest lay loosely draped over her shoulders. She smiled, eyes hidden by Ray-Ban shades. The fingers of her raised hand did a little dance of casual greeting when she passed the speechless duo.

The cool foyer behind the entrance was mercifully empty. Alicia walked across its marble floor, the soft plodding of her naked feet a counter point to the clicking nails of the dog. She expected the animal to take a route towards the stairs that would bring them safely to Villa's hidden elevator, but Brynn turned right to the entrance of the Salon.

"No, sweetie," she said, once more pulling at the chain. "Not there. Villa is to the left, you know that."

"Follow your Master, honey," Angique said from behind her. "He knows best." Alicia turned around, swallowing the word "but" right in time. The look of puzzlement on her face slowly changed to horror. She crashed to the floor, forcing the dog to a halt.

"I can't go there like this," she said. "You must understand that -- they know me, they are my friends. I'll be the laughing stock. I can't!" Her voice was a sobbing whine.

Angique walked closer, her heels clicking with each step. She passed Alicia and bent over when she reached the dog. She disconnected the chain from his collar, throwing it to the girl. The metal links clattered when they hit the floor.

"It is your decision, honey," she said. "Yours alone. You are free to go. Free to fuck your empty-headed vanilla friends. Free to spend the night with your demons. Free from nagging Mistresses and their dogs. You're free." Then she looked up, seeing the two women at the entrance. BB was talking lively into a cell phone. Angique turned to walk into the Salon proper.

The dog followed her slowly, reluctantly looking back.

Alicia stayed where she was -- her ass kissing the cold stone floor. The chain hung from her hand; she studied the end that had been tied to Brynn's neck. Free, Angique had said, she was free. She let the word roll through her mind, almost tasting it with her tongue. It had only four letters, such a simple word; how could it have so many conflicting meanings? Free -- a word small enough to rattle in the hole that suddenly opened inside her.

She smelled their perfume before their shadows reached her -- BB and Tara, friends from a less complicated past.

"Where have you been, Alicia?" the leggy redhead asked her. "And what on earth have you been doing?" Her voice was thick with the need of sensation. Alicia looked up. The links of the chain slid through her fingers like a rosary.

"Am I a fool, Tara?" she asked. "Please, be honest and tell me -- am I sick?"

Both women crooned reassuring words. Tara folded her endless legs as she sank to her haunches, making her tight skirt ride up her thighs. She embraced Alicia, whispering soothing noises.

"Don't be silly, sweetie," she said, keeping the girl's smudged face carefully away from her precious new blouse. "You are just..."

"Confused," BB added. She stood with her arms folded, pushing up her tightly packed bosom. Her voice was the cutting edge of Tara's butter knife.

Alicia struggled to her knees, pushing herself free from the halfhearted embrace.

"Yes, I am," she said, blushing. "Confused and scared. But I miss her when I'm not with her. You can't understand, okay? I try to leave her, but I always return. She makes me do things that scare me and yet... I feel ashamed and proud, hurt and excited -- all at once. She keeps me aroused, okay? She makes me come and come. And I need it. I need it."

"She treats you like a dog," BB said, looking disgusted. Alicia shook her head.

"No," she almost whispered. "The dog is my Master." Now the confusion was BB's. Her mouth mimicked the word "master," but there was no sound.

"Don't tell me... ," she started, before a cloud of horror darkened her face. "Oh no!" she cried out. Alicia said nothing. BB backed off, pulling Tara with her. They whispered frantically. Then they turned and left the hall on angrily echoing heels. Alicia, once more alone, sighed. The chain's links jangled. Freedom, she thought. Who needs freedom?

She rose to her feet and slowly, slowly walked into the Salon.


The Salon itself was empty, but the tall glass doors to the adjacent Winter Garden stood wide open. It was an elegant, hothouse-like room. She had been there once in a while, visiting private parties. It housed an indoor garden, filled with tropical trees, birdcages and potted plants. The entrance seemed plugged with women, some of whom she knew -- quite a few, to be sure. They were waiting for her, before yielding to make her walk the gauntlet of their curious eyes. The collar hung heavily around her throat; the chain dangled between her tits. Her hand held its slippery end in a tight grip, but the long loop of its metal links jangled at every step.

She hardly felt the floor under her bare soles; her burning eyes focused on the woman at the back of the endless room, sitting in a tall rattan peacock's throne under a canopy of palm trees. The monstrous hound lay at her feet. The scene could have been taken from an old colonial movie. As she closed in on it, the image shook and moved -- as if filmed by a hand-held camera. The air was hot and humid. Sounds all around her created a fuzzy blanket. There were muffled voices and the shrill cries of exotic birds. She smelled orange blossoms, mixed with the evaporating sweat on her skin -- and the faint traces of male sperm.

She felt like floating into a tunnel. Hot shame narrowed her view as if she wore blinkers. Why would she feel ashamed? She had walked in naked like this before. She had allowed Angique to humiliate her in public before, licking her feet, offering her body to be flogged. But still she had never felt as dehumanized as now, a mere object under the scrutiny of people she knew, people she respected. She felt -- low, the lowest ever, and yet she felt -- right. She felt safe, removed. In her mind she once more was this naked girl dangling from a ceiling only days ago; a girl in her own timeless space, waiting, floating, surrendering. It felt like -- home? Oh God, such a silly notion.

With every floating step she noticed the gradual loss of -- of what? Decorum? Dignity? Decency? Maybe, yes. But it didn't feel wrong. It was like in the park, basking in the afternoon sun -- exposed, but relaxed, safe. Freed of all worries? Maybe. But right now there was more. She didn't just lose dignity, she also gained something with every step she took -- lightness, was it lightness? What was this book she never read? The Unbearable Lightness of Being? It must be. Unbearable yet light... How else to explain the new spring in her step, the new light in her eyes? The smile on her lips?

Closing her eyes, she imagined a trail of darkness leaving her, streaming away from her, while a beam of light reached out to the quiet, smiling woman in the palm grove.

"Hello, sweet slut," a voice said, lovingly, and she knew it was the one voice she craved, saying the words she needed to hear. She sank to her knees, bringing her face to the floor. Her ass rose high, presenting its openings to a breathless audience. She piled the chain on top of her head and said:

"Take me, Mistress. Use this whore. Please use me." A sparkling trickle of moisture welled from her slit.

Angique rose. She reached down to pick up the chain's end, refastening it to the huge ring on the dog's collar.

"Lay with your Master, bitch," she said, loud enough to cause a wave of gasps. Alicia crawled to the dog. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her body into his pelt. The animal greeted her with broad, wet strokes of his lazy tongue. She giggled.

Angique looked down on them. Then she turned her attention to the half circle of women watching.

"Please be welcome, each one of you," she said in a clear voice. "I know all of this must confuse you, maybe even anger you. But today is an important day in the life of your friend, my little slave girl, and she can only get through it with your help. I hope you will be true friends who understand how she needs you -- how she needs us all -- to get past this crucial moment; this first step on her way to the ultimate happiness she has always yearned for."

Angique reached down, helping the girl to her feet. Facing the audience with her, she went on.

"You all know Alicia. Many of you love her, care for her. Many of you have slept with her, enjoying her body and the sweet generosity of her spirit. So, please, allow her to follow this road that will help her reach what she aches for -- the ultimate happiness of becoming her true self."

There was an increase in the murmur of voices. Many of the women present had dabbled in light bondage and skimmed the innocent surface of dom/sub adventures. But they knew this was more -- the real thing, maybe. They watched the petite girl, quietly placing her hand on the hound's impressive skull. She seemed to glow from within. The woman claiming her, held the audience captive with her intense, never wavering stare.

"I have trained Alicia," she said, smiling for the first time as she picked up a loose strand of the girl's hair, playing with it. She brought it to her nose; then kissed it. "And today she will pass the first of seven gates on her road to fulfillment -- the Gate of Shame that will set her free to be my slave. Please sit on the chair, darling."

The girl looked up. Hearing her name pulled her out of her private reverie. She turned and walked to the smaller chair next to the rattan throne and sat down on it. The dog followed her, lying down at her feet.

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