tagNovels and NovellasFor the Love of Licia Pt. 10

For the Love of Licia Pt. 10


Chapter Thirty-seven: Passing through the Second Gate.

Alicia looked nervous. She also looked touchingly young. There wasn't a trace of make-up on her face; her shining hair had been pulled back into a long, girly ponytail. She wore a white blouse, decently buttoned up, and a plaited navy blue skirt that tended to ride up her legs. On her feet were white bobby socks in white-and-navy sneakers. They dangled, as she couldn't reach the floor.

The coach she sat on dwarfed her petite five-inch-plus frame and made her sink into a soft expanse of leather. Her hands tried to pull down her skirt, an effort at modesty that made Angique smile. It seemed as if the childlike sweetness of her outfit rubbed off on the little slut's behavior, suggesting an aura of innocence.

Angique sat behind a large table across from her, wearing an ankle-long coat of black kid leather. It hung open to show a low cut corset, dark nylons and spike-heeled boots. Her pale skin contrasted sharply with the blackness of her outfit. Her purple lips were like undulating caterpillars when she spoke. They hypnotized the girl -- as did her emerald eyes.

"You look sweet today, honey," Angique said softly. She smiled lazily as the girl blushed. "Almost innocent," she added.

"Now I told you we are having visitors today." Angique's voice took on a brisker tone. "Male visitors, no less, and they will help you get past your second hurdle, the Gate of Openings. They offered their assistance readily, so I expect you to be very sweet with them. Are you ready for that, honey cunt?"

Alicia swallowed. Then she nodded. Angique had been over it all day. The girl's nervousness stemmed from the need to be perfect, today, and there were so many ways to fail.

"I really think you should say it out loud, darling," Angique said, adding a hint of steel to her velvet voice. "The weight of the occasion deserves it, don't you agree?"

Alicia cleared her throat before saying: "Yes, Mistress, I am ready." Angique waited for more. Then she said: "Ready for what, girl? Say it." Alicia's eyes shifted; her hands fumbled in her lap.

"Ready to be fucked," she then said, hesitating at the rude verb. Her discomfort rose when Angique urged her on with a smile and an impatient hand.

"To, eh...," the girl said. "To be fucked in all my openings."

Angique's smile intensified, as did the encouraging movement of her fingers.

"In my, my mouth and my, my cunt and... and in my ass." The last words rushed from her lips. Her face was dark from blushing, but she looked almost relieved. Having things done to you seemed a lot easier than actually saying it and admitting you were part of them.

Angique nodded, pursing her lips into a kiss before smiling a dazzling smile. Then she reached for the telephone in front of her and spoke a few words. She put the receiver down again and smiled once more at the girl.

"They're on their way up."

As they waited in uneasy silence, Angique's mind wandered back to the moment Alicia woke up, three days ago, twelve hours after she had passed out from her exhausting torture. Angique remembered untying the unconscious girl and picking her up. She'd cleaned her and treated her bruises and the swellings of her cunt and ass hole. Then she'd put her to sleep in her huge bed, only covering her body with a soft, thin sheet. She'd kissed her good night before leaving.

When Angique returned after midnight, Alicia was still asleep. She took off her clothes and climbed into the bed, nudging her naked body into the girl's -- spooning. Alicia's warm, sweet scent aroused her and she started kissing her neck and ear, whispering silly endearments. She was rewarded by a long, drowsy moan.

They'd maybe slept together for three more hours when Angique awoke from a stirring. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Alicia's dark irises. They were veiled by a haze of lingering sleep.

"Morning, little sweetheart," she whispered, holding on to the body, fearing the girl might jump and run. She might want to leave forever after how Angique made her suffer the day before. But Alicia didn't.

"Mistress," was all she whispered, before snuggling her body closer into Angique's.

Sleep reclaimed them for another two hours, and when Angique awoke next, the bed beside her was empty. Her roving hand found nothing but a cooling stretch of desolation. She moaned from disappointment. Then she rose on one elbow, looking around into the grayness of dawn. There was nothing she could see, so she slipped out and walked naked into the big living room.

Dawn's gray light just about outlined the girl's silhouette kneeling on the rug before the huge, empty hearth. She sat on her naked butt, her arms folded around her shins as her head rested on her knees. She rocked gently. Angique tiptoed towards her, sitting down so her legs were around the girl, her bare chest against her back, her arms around her. She felt Alicia stiffen at the first contact; then she shivered and went on rocking.

Angique pulled a handful of hair away from the side of the girl's face and pressed her cheek against its skin.

"Is something wrong, honey?" she whispered. The words caused another shiver.

"I am scared," Alicia said, her voice just a whisper too.

"I understand," Angique replied.

"You don't." There was desperation in the words.

"I scared you," Angique went on, hugging the girl tighter. "I should not have punished you this hard. I was frustrated and..."

"No!" Alicia insisted, louder now. "It's not you -- it's me I am scared of." Angique pushed her head forward, trying to catch Alicia's eyes, but she looked away.

"I...," Alicia went on, "I am scared how much I need you. I am scared how gladly I accept your punishment, how my body aches for the way you use it. I feel... needed and I've never felt anything like that. Nobody ever needed me and it feels... incredible. I know I never want to lose that feeling, even if I don't deserve it. It feels like... happiness. But of course it won't last. I'll lose my confidence. I always do, and I'll be... lost in the process. I am a loser, you know. I lose things. Your needing me scares me; I can't believe you do -- that anyone does; needing me, I mean. It confuses me."

Angique kept rocking her as she licked the girl's earlobe.

"I love you, Licia," she said. "It's easy. All I need is for you to love me back."

There was silence. Then there were sobs.

"It's not easy," Alicia mumbled, her voice thick with tears. "Not easy at all. All my life people who were supposed to love me abandoned me. My parents dumped me, my husband, Carmela, Rita, even my brother George... Everyone I tried to love left me behind, even Barbara when she died." Her sobbing became crying.

"I'll never abandon you, Licia," Angique said, talking into the girl's hair, inhaling her scent. "I couldn't, even if I wanted to, you know? I'd be as lost as you are -- I'm lost in you."

"I...," Alicia said, fighting her tears. "I so want to believe that. My doubt shames me, but I can't help it. I'm scared -- please hold me."

They just sat for a while, rocking as the growing chill of the morning made them shiver. Then Angique rose and picked the girl up in her arms, carrying her back to bed. Maybe they slept or maybe they just lingered on the fuzzy edge of sleep -- but more time passed in tight embrace.

Later they showered together and Angique had treated all her sore spots with aloe vera. Alicia had shivered and sighed as smooth fingers caressed her glowing skin -- and soft, open lips kissed hers. The mouth and the fingers nudged her close to climax, over and over again, but never allowed her to plunge.

"I do appreciate what you said before, honey," Angique whispered while her lips traced a bruise. "But I still should apologize for punishing you as hard as I did. I overreacted." Alicia protested at the remark.

"Oh no!" she objected. "I deserved it and I needed it. I have been very silly, a terrible bitch." Angique stopped kissing and reached up to turn the girl's head. She studied her carefully.

"Are you sure, girl?" she asked at last. "You see, it is perfectly all right to tell me I overreacted. I was frustrated by your confessions to the damn priest." She took a brush and started stroking Alicia's hair. It crackled with electricity.

"I react to priests like a bull to a red cloth, you know?" she went on. "I'll tell you one day why. For now please understand that I won't allow you ever to see one again. Promise me you won't." She pushed back the hair to better see the girl's eyes. Alicia hesitated; tears came to her eyes. Then she nodded.

"Mistress," she said. "You shouldn't have to ask me to promise. I am just a stupid girl; there is so much that I can't see. I am so sorry for what I said in front of the fireplace. I guess I should stop doubting and start trusting you. I want to trust you."

The words had touched Angique. Her hand trembled as she cupped Alicia's face. Tears pressed at the back of her eyes when she felt Alicia's lips kiss her hand.

"Are you still mine, honey cunt?" she asked, hardly audible. "Please tell me I won't lose you." Two arms flew out and hugged her neck. Wet, open lips engulfed her mouth. They kissed hard and deep and when they parted Alicia said: "Please, Mistress, take me; take all of me. Don't listen to my silly words. You know so much better what to do with me. I trust you, I love you. There is no other place for me."

The innocent words urged tears to run down Angique's cheeks. She did nothing to stop them.

"Come," she said, putting down the brush. "Let's have breakfast, you must be starving."

'No other place,' Alicia had said. The words touched Angique now as much as they had three days before. Back then Alicia had been beaten and flogged only hours before. She had been tied up and hung from brass bars for hours. She had been neglected, left to starve and to wet herself -- then she'd been fucked in her ass with a giant cock. Angique had mocked her and tortured her; ignored her and humiliated her. And the next morning the girl had not fled.

She never protested or complained. She'd only doubted herself; her own ability to be strong enough to love her Mistress and be true to what her body craved instinctively. She had gone through her private little hell and then she had turned a switch. She had kissed her Mistress and smiled sweetly, ensuring that she loved Angique and would never leave. Could it be true? Would she really..?

Angique decided to probe for the final truth. Today she would take Alicia by the hand and lead her through the Gate of Openings. She would force the girl to jump her shadow and open up unconditionally -- body and mind. There would be doubt, there would be fear, but maybe there would be love too -- enough love to silence her demons forever.

A soft rap broke the uneasy silence, bringing Angique back to the present. She asked the girl to open the door -- and to welcome their visitors with deep kisses, whoever they might be. The girl hesitated when she saw the three men waiting in the corridor. They were tall and handsome in a very virile and thrilling way. One was blond and tanned like a surfer. Another was bald and black, with huge shoulders and a very white smile. The third man had dark hair; his olive skin betrayed his Mediterranean heritage. All three had toned bodies, muscles filling out their T-shirts and jeans. They towered over Alicia, making the girl look even more petite than she already was.

Seconds of stunned silence went by. Then the girl stepped forward. She rose on tiptoes and pressed every soft inch of her body into the tall frame of the blonde. Her arms closed around his neck and she kissed him open-mouthed. Breathless, she then turned to the black man she'd never met before and kissed him for minutes too. When she at last kissed the third man, the other two crowded around her. They smiled and chuckled and groped her through her blouse and under her skirt.

"Welcome, gentlemen," Angique said with a smile. She'd risen and walked around the table to meet her guests, standing tall and black in her leather coat and towering heels. "I think that is quite enough for now, please excuse my insatiable little slut and come in."

The men took their time releasing the girl. Then they walked in and over to the couch where they sat down, rearranging the front of their pants. Alicia still stood in the entrance, tidying her hair and blouse. Angique looked at her, smiling. Then she turned her attention to the men again.

"Thanks for clearing your busy agendas to help my lil girl," she said. "Drinks anyone?" The men declined the offer of drinks politely. They might be more eager for other treats after the warm welcome, Angique mused, smiling as she walked back to her seat.

"Now stand by me, Alicia, so the gentlemen can see your sweet body," she said, sitting down behind the table again. "Start with telling them who you are, honey."

Alicia stood, nervously, feeling three sets of hungry eyes eating her up. The kissing and groping by total strangers had flushed her with arousal, but now her tongue seemed tied. Watching the men watching her made her stammer with -- what was it? Embarrassment? Shyness? Ah well, why not shyness...

"Ehm... I am Alicia, she said. Then she told them her age and started to give them information on her life's statistics, but Angique cut her off.

"I think the gentlemen would be more interested in why you asked them to come see you, honey," she said. Alicia turned towards Angique, surprised by the suggestion that the invitation had been hers.

"I, ehm...," she said, toying with the hem of her skirt, eyes on the floor.

"Tell them what a perfect little slut you are, darling," Angique offered. "How you crave cocks and want to be the best fuck in town." After another nervous glance Alicia cleared her throat and took a deep breath.

"My Mistress Angique is helping me to become her slut and her slave," she began, her voice almost a whisper. "She wants the three of you to, ehm, fuck me in all my openings today -- opening me up. Only that way can I get to the next stage of my training."

Angique watched the trembling girl as she delivered her little speech. She smiled and turned her attention to the men -- aware of the greediness in their eyes and the growing lumps in their crotches. They grinned and eyed each other, trying to hide their nervousness behind macho guffaws. "Go, girl!" the blonde chuckled.

"That was a lovely speech, honey cunt," Angique said. Her hand ran slowly over the girl's back as they both looked at the three hunks on the sofa. "Now walk over to the blond gentleman on your left and ask him to remove your blouse." Alicia shot her a nervous, schoolgirl-like glance. It made Angique wonder how upset she really was -- or how great a tease and an actress.

"Please, sir, take off my blouse," Alicia said after she'd walked up to the blond guy. Her voice seemed even younger, almost childlike and carrying a tremor. She stood with her hands folded at her back, shifting her weight left and right on her sneakers -- like an embarrassed teenager.

"My pleasure," the guy said, starting to undo the buttons one by one. The starched white cotton slid off her shoulders, making a sighing noise when it fell to the floor. It left Alicia in just her bra, its opaque white cotton contrasting starkly with her olive skin.

"Thank you," she mumbled. Then she stepped back and crossed her arms behind her back again -- waiting for instructions.

"Now ask the gentleman in the middle to undo your skirt, Alicia," Angique proceeded. "Ask nicely."

"Please, would you remove my skirt, sir?" Alicia asked after she walked up to the black man, next in line on the couch. His fingers shot to the skirt's buttons and soon Alicia stood in just her bra, her white cotton panties, bobby socks and sneakers. Her blush made Angique smile.

"Thank you, sir," Alicia said. She made half a reference before regaining her stance.

"You're welcome, honey," the black man said in a deep baritone voice. He smiled, but the growing tightness of his pants contradicted his casual attitude.

"I'm sure the third gentleman would love to remove your bra, darling," Angique suggested. Alicia turned towards the third man, asking him softly to please take the garment off. It closed at the back, but he first cupped her cotton-clad breasts, kneading them. She felt his thumb trace her left nipple where Angique had removed the piercing. Alicia had protested, but Angique just said that 'innocent girls don't have piercings'. They had both laughed at that. Then Angique had kissed her and promised to put it back on soon.

The man asked her to raise her arms, so he could reach the clip at the back of the bra. He leaned in very close, his face almost touching her chest, his warm breath caressing her skin. He smelled of cologne and a distant hint of garlic. Soon the cups fell off and the straps slid off her shoulders. Big male hands covered the naked skin of her exposed tits; dark, swelling nipples slid in and out between his groping fingers.

"Such lovely titties," he said, smiling up at the girl's wide eyes. Alicia winced as he suddenly slapped her tits.

"That would be enough for now, sir," Angique cut in. "Please turn back to the center, honey." Alicia obeyed after thanking the man. She turned lazily, arching her back and pushing out her ass as she walked back and stood right in front of the men again. She was naked now but for her panties, white socks and girly sneakers. Her hands were on her ass, her shoulders pulled back to push out her tits. She was very much aware of the growing damp spot at the center of her crotch, but a faint smile belied her deepening blush.

Shedding her supposed innocence so easily was a delicious turn on for Alicia -- a turn on that left her puzzled. She had been naked around men often, lately, even in public, but right now things seemed different, more intensely arousing. Maybe it was the teenage innocence of her clothes, both her shirt and skirt and her underwear. Or maybe the absence of the piercing made her feel less... protected. It might also have been the way Angique told her to ask the men to undress her, step by step. Whatever it was, it had her gushing as she looked from one face to another.

"Please get that wet rag off your little ass, darling," Angique said, repeating herself as Alicia seemed not to have heard her the first time. She obeyed at once, peeling the soaked cotton off her sticky skin.

"Wow, honey, someone is wet today," Angique commented, making the men chuckle. Alicia blushed fiercely, trying to smile as she stood straight again, the damp panties dangling from her hand.

"Walk over to the blond gentleman again, please darling, and allow him to smell your arousal on your panties," Angique went on. "I'm sure he'd love to know what a horny slut you are."

Alicia walked over, handing her panties to the man. He grabbed them and stuck his nose into the wet cotton, sniffing with exaggerated eagerness. Then he laughed, throwing it to the black man next to him, who rubbed his face in it. Their comments went from excited to raunchy. The blonde started to rub his swollen cock through his jeans, high fiving the Mediterranean man who'd draped the panties over his head.

Alicia just stood, hands on her back, an insecure smile on her face. Angique looked at the clowning guys.

"They seem to like your panties, honey," she said. "Why don't you come over here, climb on the table and lay down, so we may watch them together?"

After climbing on the table, Licia stretched out on her back. She did it slowly, displaying the sleek roundness of her belly and her doll-like shaven mound. She rested her head in the cradle of Angique's embrace and purred like a kitten when she felt warm hands caress her chest and tummy. Angique's breath tickled her ear. She whispered for Alicia to spread her legs wide, so the men might see her puffed little cunt.

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