tagNovels and NovellasFor the Love of Licia Pt. 11

For the Love of Licia Pt. 11


Chapter Forty-one: What are friends for?

"I don't know you," Paula said.

"No, you don't," Angique agreed. "But I know you."

She looked Alicia's friend over while they crossed the Club's hall. Once again she wondered why so many attractive women go out of their way to look dull. Everything about Paula cried out not to look at her. Her hair was... well, hair -- in a faux brunette kind of way. Unkind people might call it mousy. Her skin was nice, even with the pink blotches of agitation crawling up from her collar. Her eyes could be beautiful if she'd ever dare to accentuate them -- and use them properly. Paula sure had a sensual mouth, but right then it was drawn into a thin, bitter line.

Her purple blouse must have been last season's trend -- or was it the season before? Anyway, when it reached the off-the-rack shops it must finally have looked safe enough for her to wear it -- buttoned up and wide enough to disguise whatever statement her chest would make. The navy blue skirt might have been gorgeous had it been shorter -- and quite a bit tighter too. Damn, some women would kill for legs like hers and all she did was hide them.

Angique reprimanded herself. Judging women by the way they dressed had become second nature -- it must be because of her profession, but yes, it was a very shallow thing to do. Especially since right now she had way more important things to consider.

"I'm not here to see you," Paula said. "I'm here because Alicia called me. Where is she?" The woman moved nervously as she talked, her eyes taking in the over-sweet pinkness of the Salon. There was impatience, but it hardly covered her discomfort. Although she'd never visited before, she already hated the place, and she hated having to be there even more.

"As you see she isn't here right now," Angique said. "But I am. Welcome to the Club, Paula. This is the Salon, a place where girls meet and only women are allowed to visit." She smiled, letting the sentence linger. "I bet you were never here before? Please let's sit at the bar and talk for a bit. Tea?"

Paula didn't want tea. As a matter of fact she didn't want to sit at all, or even stay at this silly place. But finally she sat down, if only to end the awkward situation of standing around, fidgeting. She had to know what was going on with Alicia and what role this strange woman played in her life.

Alicia had been a nervous wreck the last time they met. There were all these rumors and the girl told her she hadn't dared leaving her house. Like in the old days of their friendship, Paula had listened to the rambling story Alicia told her. She'd been the Rock once more, the Big Listener.

"Do you love Alicia?" The woman's question shook her out of her thoughts. "Or let's say, do you care for her?" Angique went on. Yes, Paula thought, I do love her, but what does love mean in here? Nothing but dirty, perverted things, no doubt. Irritation overwhelmed her.

"What is it to you?" she asked. "I've known Alicia since we were kids. I sure know her better than you ever will." Angique just sat smiling. Paula went on, her face flushed with anger.

"I'm here for only one thing: to get Alicia out of here. This is no place for her. Take me to her, now or I'll leave and find other ways to get her out! Ways you won't like." She rose, but Angique's hand touched her arm, irritating her further.

"Don't you touch me!" she hissed. Angique brought up both hands in apology.

"Sorry," she said, smiling. "But I'm not sure that your leaving would be in Alicia's interest."

"Are you blackmailing me with her safety?" she said. Angique smiled.

"Wow," she chuckled. "Big words, honey. Why don't you just sit down and listen before you get all angry?" Paula looked around the room, at loss at what to say next. Then her eyes returned to the woman across from her.

"What do you want from me?" she said. "Why me, anyway?"

"Now those are good questions," Angique answered, easing back onto her stool. She looked almost businesslike in her dark gray, pinstriped jacket and skirt. The severe black bob of her hair went well with the look, but there was just a bit too much cleavage to be entirely professional. Her heels were too high as well -- and her lipstick too dramatically dark against her pale complexion.

"You see, Paula," Angique said, softly, "You are not at all important to me, but you are to Alicia and that is why you are here. She called you for a reason. She needs you to help her become who she really is." Paula shook her head in confusion. Then she looked up, her eyes narrowing.

"What did you do to her?" she said. Angique just looked back, pouting her lips in mock disappointment.

"Why would you assume I 'do' things to her?" she said. "You make me sound awful." Paula guffawed.

"What do you expect?" she said. "After months of not seeing her I accidentally meet her and she is a wreck! She is a scared little bird, admitting to atrocious things. She breaks down sobbing, not even able to tell me what is going on. And then she disappears again. You keep her prisoner?" Angique now laughed out loud.

"Prisoner?" she said, still chuckling. "Oh God, Paula, you have no idea. Sweet Licia was never as free as she is right now."

"Where is she?"

"Patience, honey. You'll meet her soon enough."

"If you've harmed her, I'll kill you!" Paula cried out. Angique stopped chuckling at once. Her black eyebrows knitted, darkening her gaze. She reached out and grabbed Paula's shoulders, pushing her face into hers.

"Never ever assume that!" she hissed. "I'd never harm Alicia. I love her and if you love her too, today is your chance to prove it. Do you understand?" Fear returned to Paula's eyes. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed.

"Don't," she said. "Don't touch me." Angique let go of her. She rose and stood straight, covering her anger.

"Licia is mine," she stated. "Only because she wants to be mine. She needs to be, you know? No, I guess you don't. You may think you know her, but you really have no clue."

"I've known her all my life; what are you talking about?" Paula protested. "We've been friends since grade school." She looked defiantly to Angique. "Now you tell me you know her better?"

"Yes, I do," Angique said, sitting back, crossing her legs inside the tightness of her skirt. "The real Licia is someone you've never seen." Paula huffed at that, shrugging and looking away.

"I'll show you the real Licia," Angique almost whispered. She rose and begged Paula to follow. The woman hesitated -- then she did.


Paula was surprised by the monumental entrance to the apartment. She was impressed by its luscious hall. But she was really shocked when she discovered the metal cage in the ornate bay-windowed room -- and saw who was in it.

Alicia crouched at its center, naked and freshly oiled. Paula saw a wide, studded collar around her neck. Her arms were wrapped around a huge, gray pelted dog, hugging its head against her chest. She slowly rocked the animal while humming a song -- her eyes fixed on an unseen distance. The dog's tongue lapped at her nipple, making a jeweled piercing sway.

Paula's sharp intake of breath caused the girl to look up. A very slow smile crept over her face. "Paula," she murmured. "Pau-la." Then her hand commenced stroking the monster's head, fingernails scratching behind its ear. Her lips softly kissed the skull before her eyes returned to the visitors, meeting Angique's.

"Mistress," she said. Pushing the dog off her body, she scrambled to a kneeling position, lowering her face to the floor and sticking up her ass.

Paula just stood looking -- wordlessly. She watched her lifelong friend crouch naked against this monstrous animal, imprisoned in a cage. Then she saw her kneel in submission, sticking up her naked ass, calling the woman 'mistress.' It was so far removed from anything she might have expected, that she had nothing to say -- nothing even to think.

Keeping a woman in a cage wasn't something she'd ever accept; its barbaric baseness tugged at her insides. It twisted the muscles of her underbelly -- not unlike fear of heights tightens your crotch when you stare down the edge of a tall building. She could not look, but neither look away. Her lips moved, but there were no words. Her hands tightened into fists and then relaxed only to tighten again. It was all she did for minutes.

Then she felt hands on her shoulders and a voice breathing into the shell of her ear.

"Come, Paula," it said, and the hands maneuvered her over to a chair, gently pushing her into it.

"You see now who she is, honey?" the voice whispered. "The real Licia? Admit you didn't know her; admit you never did."

"Let her go," Paula said at long last, her whisper thick with emotion. "Let her go." The voice in her ear chuckled.

"You let her go, Paula," it said out loud. The hands left her shoulders after pushing her forward. "Go, Paula, set her free if you believe she wants to."

Paula hesitated as she watched the girl and the dog. Then she rose from her chair and walked to the cage. Its bars felt cold against her sweaty palms. The door opened at once; it wasn't locked.

"It's never been locked, you know," Angique said from behind her. "There was no need." The metal door slightly creaked as Paula opened it. But when she set one foot inside, a deep growl sent a wave of fear to her throat. She stiffened, watching the dog's head rise as it bared its fangs, saliva dripping from gleaming teeth. Its growl was more felt than heard, like a minor earthquake. She stepped back at once, letting the door fall closed.

"Oooh no. Down, you naughty boy! That is our sweet friend Paula." Alicia's voice had a singsong quality, like a child's. She chuckled, patting the immense skull in mock punishment. The brute at once relaxed, yelping like a pup and stroking her face with the broad purple flag of his tongue. It extracted an excited squeal from the girl.

"You see, Paula," Angique commented from a distance. "Licia is perfectly safe. Brynn fell in love with her. Aren't they the sweetest couple?"

Paula shuddered as she watched her friend wrestle playfully with the monster that only seconds ago had scared the shit out of her. Alicia's oiled skin slid and slipped against the silver hair, her tiny hands buried in the pelt -- brushing, stroking... caressing.

Paula looked around, helplessly. Her hands rose in front of her, as if to ward off what she saw -- as if to protect herself against the images flooding her mind; incredible images of obscenity.

A hand once more touched her shoulder, feeling the trembling of her frame.

"Oh nooo, Paula," the awful woman's voice mockingly whispered. "For a decent woman you have such a dirty mind." Paula shook her shoulder to escape the touch. She turned, but saw she was stuck between the cage, its open door and Angique. The woman chuckled.

"No, Paula," she said. "Not yet. Your friend needs you; you can't let her down now, can you? Come, Licia."

Paula knew she was trapped. Not so much by iron bars or the horrifying dog, but by her own shock-stiffened body. Her eyes were like imprisoned birds in the cage of her skull. Wherever they flew, there was no escape. Whatever they saw, there was no way to close her eyelids.

She watched in horror as her lifelong friend crawled towards her -- her body naked, her face smiling a sick, sweet smile. The mocking voice once more crept into the shell of her ear, lisping its honey dripping horror. She felt hands on both shoulders, smelling the sweetness of perfume.

"Isn't she amazing, Paula? Look at her." The hands started massaging her through the fabric of her blouse. She started, but couldn't move. The overdose of impressions must have pushed her into shock. And the voice went on.

"She loves you, you know, Paula?" it said. "She's always wanted you, remember? It hurt her how you turned her down. That was cruel, Paula, really cruel." The hands went on, hypnotizing her mind through the cravings of her body. Cravings she'd never allowed. She closed her eyes, feeling herself slip into a dreamlike state. Heat radiated from the kneading fingers, relaxing her muscles. She sighed, drifting off into the bizarre kaleidoscope of sounds, smells and sensations.

She felt hands caressing her nylon-covered calves, moving upward, taking the hem of her skirt with them. She tried to block the feeling of hands fondling her inner thighs, but her attention was diverted to the other hands now slipping into her unbuttoned blouse, caressing her breasts through her bra; slipping inside, touching her bare flesh. Oh, God... too many feelings, an overdose of sensations. Her panic was like a scurrying little animal now, racing up and down her body to stop whatever predators invaded her... sweet, sweet treacherous invaders, entirely too many, entirely too... oh, God...

A tongue touched her exposed vagina; hands cupped her ass cheeks. Other fingers fondled her nipples; lips sucked at the skin of her throat and the treacherous hollow behind her ear. Paula was lost as waves of heat engulfed her body, radiating from her crotch and from the glowing centers of her nipples. There were waves of nausea too. Waves of shame and disgust sent bitter spasms of vomit up her throat. It suddenly shook her out of her spell.

"Oh God, no!" she cried out, her voice thick with panic. "Stop this, please stop this." But it didn't stop. The fingers kept plunging, lips sucked on her clitoris, other lips found her screaming nipples. It went on and on, building, building.

"No!" she cried out again. "NO!!"

She opened her eyes and when she did, she was assaulted by what she saw. Alicia was on her knees before her, looking straight at her while her tongue and fingers prodded her vagina. Her eyes were glazed over, lost entirely into pleasuring her friend.

Paula's knees went liquid; the only things holding her up were the hands on her tits and the body of the woman who fondled her.

"Yes," the voice hissed in her ear. "Yes, Paula. Look at her. She loves to give you pleasure. She needs to do whatever I tell her. Did you ever see her happier?" Fingers tweaked her nipple, making her gasp.

Paralyzed and open-mouthed, Paula hung in Angique's arms, watching her lifelong friend doing unspeakable things to her. The friend she went to school with; who shared every secret with her; the friend she trusted...

Something snapped and Paula started to struggle in Angique's embrace.

"Let me go, you are a monster!" she cried out, pushing off the arms and closing her blouse with shaking fingers. She yanked down her skirt, tears running down her face. "You'll hear from this. You, you can't do this to her. Or to me. You can't! You just -- can't!"

She turned on her heels and walked briskly to the door. When she reached it, a voice stopped her -- a tiny voice, breathy with exhaustion.

"Paula. Paula, please."

She turned. The voice was Licia's. The girl lay against the body of the dog, her legs spread. Her hand was on her shaven vagina where its fingers rubbed what must be her clit. She brought the dripping fingers to her face, set in a halo of messed up hair. Then she smiled and sucked on them. She smacked her lips and said:

"Please understand, Paula. No one is forcing me. This is who I am. Please accept my happiness; I need this -- I always needed to be like this." She smiled once again -- insecure.

"Please don't accuse Angique," she went on. "She just guided me to become who I really am. I need this, Paula. Don't spoil it. Please understand." And her fingers once again reached for her flowing slit, slipping in.

She closed her eyes and moaned.

Paula stood frozen. Then she took a few steps forward. She sank to her knees. There were tears on her cheeks.

"Licia," she said, her voice choking. "Tell me what happened, sweetie? What did she do to you?" Alicia shook her head and rose to her knees, crawling to the woman. Her fingers curled around Paula's face.

"Paula," she said. "Angique owns me. I'll be her property soon and I yearn to be that. Do you understand? It's not because she forces me. I'm hers because I want to be -- I need to be. I have learned that it is the only way I can be happy." She reached for the door, moving it open and closed.

"You see? It is open. I'm not locked up; I am free to go."

"Then go!" Paula said, grabbing the girl's shoulders. "Come with me!" But Alicia shook her head again.

"You don't understand," she said softly. "I told you this is where I belong. This is where I feel safe, happy. No demons here, Paula. No ghosts of the past, no nightmares or impossible demands. Just me and my Mistress; me and my sweet Brynn -- and all the lovely cocks and cunts I service."

Paula shook herself free from the hands and the soft-spoken voice of her friend. Her face was a battlefield of emotions. Then she rose and turned towards Angique.

"You brainwashed her," she said, not even trying to make it a question. "Did you drug her? Is that it?" Angique just stared at her, shaking her head.

"What did you do to her?" Paula went on. "You destroyed her mind." Angique shrugged.

"Whatever, Paula," she said. "It's not true, but I don't care what you think of me. You are only here so Licia could perform in front of you. It is part of her training. Today she'll pass the Gate of Surrender..." Her voice was interrupted by a squeal from the girl in the cage. When they looked her way, they saw Alicia excitedly hugging Brynn. Angique smiled as she proceeded.

"She is on a Journey, you know? There are six Gates for her to pass before she reaches the one that will set her free -- the one that will help her finally find herself and happiness. She invested in this, Paula. She invested fear and pain and an ocean of tears. Would you deny her happiness, Paula?"

Paula had stopped listening. She closed her ears with both hands, shaking her head in denial. Her lips uttered inaudible words. Then she dropped her hands and lifted her tear-streaked, angry face.

"You are a murderer, Angique," she said, her voice trembling. "You killed my best friend." Angique sighed, turning towards the cage.

"Tell her, Licia," she said. "I'll leave you two alone." She walked off, stopping at the door. "Tell her the truth." And she left.

Alicia pressed her face into the silver-gray pelt of the dog, inhaling its musky scent. She knew she was hiding, postponing the inevitable. Angique's question had shaken her, or rather: the prospect of the answers she had to give her life-long friend. Consequences might be devastating -- if she told the truth, that is. But honesty was the only option, she knew. Angique wouldn't accept her lying; not now, not anymore. And to be sure, she wouldn't accept it herself, would she? Not anymore, no. At long last playacting had exhausted her -- too tiresome, too destructive. Being honest might cost her her best friend -- her only friend. But who needs a friend if she only stays when you lie to her?

"Paula," she rasped, looking up. "I always lied to you. I am not the girl you think you befriended. I never was." Tears leaked from her eyes. She rubbed them on the dog's fur. "I'm sorry."

They stared at each other for minutes. Then Alicia crawled from under the dog. Opening the door she stepped out and knelt at Paula's feet, hugging her calves. "Forgive me."

Paula stepped back to avoid the embrace. It made her trip and land backwards in the chair she had occupied before.

"Don't, Licia. Please don't do this," she whispered. "It is humiliating; it debases you." But Alicia held on to the legs, rubbing her cheek on them.

"Yes," she said, looking up. "Debasing, humiliating. It is all of that and more, but you see -- that is what I need. What I have been needing all along."

Paula reached down now, cupping Alicia's face in both hands. She rubbed the tears from the girl's face with her thumbs. "That is what you think, sweetie," she said. "It is what that awful woman makes you think. It isn't true. I'm sure it can't be true, because I know you. I have known you forever, remember?" Paula's voice broke as her hands closed tighter around Alicia's face. "This is me, remember?" she croaked. "Your best friend Paula and I love you!"

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