tagLoving WivesForbidden Love Ch. 01

Forbidden Love Ch. 01


Sharada was wandering through the market in her small Indian city. She loved darting through the crowd. She watched the people scrutinizing the various food, cloth, and pottery proudly displayed by the vendors. She watched the scene, as if it was a movie produced for her own entertainment. It began to rain. Sharada did not mind the rain. She was rather amused as the characters of the market ran for cover.

When Sharada turned the corner on her usual route through the market, she noticed a new stand. She immediately headed towards it to inspect the new vendor's wares. She could tell that it featured clothing, but the type of clothing remained a mystery until she got much closer. There before her was an assortment of lingerie.

She didn't know what to make of it at first. She stood before the colorful collection of lacy bras, bustiers, and silky panties in a variety of styles. Sharada was intrigued. She stood before the racy assortment, oblivious to the rain soaking through her clothing. With her wet hair clinging to the sides of her face, she admired several pieces. While gliding her fingertips across a silk camisole, she was startled by a male voice.

"How lucky your man would be to see you in such a beautiful top. A beautiful woman such as yourself deserves to be adorned in beautiful lingerie. Anything less would be a sin," the young male vendor said to her with a grin.

Sharada felt her face grow hot with embarrassment despite the cool rain. She had always wondered what it would be like to wear something that made her feel sexy. Lately, she had pushed the limits of her modest dress. Today, she was wearing dark jeans and a black V-neck top. The deep plunge of the neckline showed off her cleavage, which was rather accustomed to being hidden. Sharada could feel the rain glide down her bare chest. The feeling of some of the water trickling into her cleavage was unexpectedly sensual.

She managed to compose herself and look at the vendor. "You have very pretty things," she said softly.

"Thank you. My name is Akhil," he said.

"I'm Sharada," she told him.

She caught herself studying his handsome face. During the brief introduction, she had memorized the slope of his nose, his welcoming eyes, and the shade of his clear, dark complexion. She chastised herself. She reminded herself that she was recently betrothed to a man of her parents' choosing. She had no business admiring another.

"Can I help you with something?" Akhil offered.

Sharada tore her attention away from his face and browsed the items before her. She so desperately wanted to try something new, but what? She eventually selected a powder blue camisole with ivory lace trim.

"Are you sure that is what you want?" he asked her.

"What do you mean? Is it a bad choice?" she asked, now feeling self-conscious.

He thought that her bashful nature was incredibly sexy. There was something intriguing in her eyes. He felt like she was an ember, hidden and barely aglow, but anxiously awaiting the opportunity to be encouraged into a raging inferno.

"As I look into your eyes, I see a fire, a passion, which I feel has been neglected and deserving attention. What you chose is, well, boring. It does not feel right to me. Perhaps you should try this," he said as he pointed to a black bustier made of a shiny, stiff fabric that was unfamiliar to her.

"Oh, my!" she said. "I don't know."

She looked down, almost afraid to look at him. She felt certain that if she looked at him, her true insecurity would show in her eyes. She wanted so much to feel sexy, but the truth is that she was a virgin.

He held the bustier before her as if she was a willing model. He took her chin in his hands and lifted it so that she was looking into her eyes. He leaned in close to her.

"Beautiful," he whispered into her ear.

Sharada got the feeling that he was talking about her and not the bustier. She was not used to such flattery. Her parents had been extremely overprotective. Sharada's older sister had disgraced the family by losing her virginity before marriage. They wanted to be certain that Sharada would not make the same mistake. Sharada's retreats to the market had become her only outing. The rest of her days were spent under her mother's watchful eye.

Sharada took the bustier from him and looked at it closely. "Could she really wear such a thing?" she questioned herself. Sharada looked at the price tag, then looked at him. It was more than she had wanted to spend. She thought that maybe that is the only reason he suggested it.

"For you, only give me half now. If you don't like it, bring it back and I will refund your money. If you do like it, bring me the rest of the money next week," he said. "Either way, at least I'll get to see you again."

Sharada agreed to pay half. He gently tucked the bustier into a bag and handed it to her. There was a pause as her hand touched his. She wondered if he felt the attraction too.

"See you next week," he called out to her as she walked away. She turned back to look at him one last time and nodded in acknowledgement of their arrangement. She darted through the crowd. She was anxious to get home to try on her new garment. She knew that whenever she wore it, it would have to be properly hidden under her clothes. But, she would know it was there.

As soon as she got home, she casually walked to her room. She didn't want to attract her mother's attention. She locked her bedroom door and removed the bustier from her bag. She stripped off her shirt and tried on the bustier. She admired herself in the mirror. She checked many different angles. She loved how the bustier seemed to proudly display her breasts. She loved the snug fit that reminded her of her womanly figure. Most of all, she loved how it made her feel. She felt like if the man in the market could only see her in this, he would want to ravish her on the spot.

She paused from studying herself in the mirror. She just realized that she had thought about Akhil instead of her fiancé. She liked her fiancé. He was a respectable man. He had been nothing but kind to her. Perhaps that is part of the problem. She never sensed any passion between them. But, within minutes of meeting Akhil, she felt a strange longing for him.

She absent-mindedly caressed the soft peaks of her breasts as she allowed herself to indulge in the fantasy of Akhil's touch. A knock at the door jolted her back to reality. Quickly, she threw her shirt on over the bustier.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Sharada, I need you to go back to the market. I need some more potatoes and tomatoes for dinner. Your fiancé will be joining us," said Sharada's mother.

Sharada quickly unlocked the door. Her mother thrust some money at her.

"Hurry home. You'll need time to clean up. You look a mess," her mother said.

Sharada nodded, took the money, and squeezed out the door. She walked quickly to the market. Her mind was racing even faster than her feet. She didn't know if she wanted Akhil to see her again so soon, yet she was anxious to see him.

The stand she had to go to in order to complete her errand was on the other side of Akhil's stand. She would have to walk right by him. She ducked her head and tried to blend into the sparse crowd. She failed.

"Sharada!" Akhil called to her.

She tentatively approached him. She bashfully looked more at his wares than at him.

"Did you get a chance to try it on? Do you love it?" he asked her with his head cocked to the side.

"Actually, I'm wearing it now," she said softly.

Taking a step back, Akhil said, "Come here and prove it." His tone was soft, not the least bit taunting.

Sharada was shocked by his forwardness. Though she was shocked, she was utterly intrigued. A battle raged in her mind. She took a small step towards him. He took her hand and led her behind his stand.

He turned towards her. He put his hands on her hips before slowly lifting her shirt to reveal the bustier.

"Beautiful," he whispered. As the tops of her breasts were revealed, he leaned in to kiss them. Sharada stiffened and pulled away slightly.

"Relax. I won't hurt you," he said soothingly.

She enjoyed feeling his strong hands on her. She tried to block out the inner voice that protests too much. He kissed her breast, softly sucking on her flesh, then kissing the other breast. A small moan escaped her lips. She had never even been touched by a man before.

He pulled her close to him and kissed her luscious lips. She felt as if she had given up her will for the opportunity to be close to him. She questioned her own intentions as much as his.

"Meet me after dark, please! I want to see you," he begged.

"I can't," she said as she remembered that her fiancé would be at her home tonight. She felt ashamed of her encounter with Akhil. She pulled away from him. "I can't," she repeated.

"Please, Sharada. Don't turn your back on the possibility of us. I know you feel it," he pleaded.

"Sorry. I can't," she said as she lowered her head and walked away.

Sharada fetched the food for her mother and returned home. She bathed and changed clothes. She hid the bustier in her closet before leaving her room to help her mother.

Sharada's fiancé, Ramesh, was early for dinner. He and Sharada sat in the garden and talked. Sharada was at a loss for topics of discussion. This was a stranger before her. Her parents chose him based on his family. He was a prized catch for the eligible women of her town. His family was wealthy and well-educated.

Sharada could not help but focus on what he lacked. She thought his eyes were empty. She had never seen him express any passion, not even when discussing their future. She knew that she would feel better about their match if she could see a glimmer in his eyes when talking about their future. When he discussed his goals for their future, he might as well have been telling her what he ate for lunch that day.

Sharada stumbled to keep the conversation going. Ramesh was not much help. He rarely inquired about her day, much less her hopes or dreams. Instead, it was up to Sharada to provide subjects of discussion such as their activities since they had last spoken, the politics that affected both their families, and family news. She wanted to discuss their future, her hopes for many children, their lifestyle decisions, but his indifference broke her heart. So, she felt the need to be guarded.

Sharada felt badly about her desire to sit quietly and think about her encounter with Akhil. She felt an obligation to push it out of her mind and be a gracious hostess to her fiancé.

At dinner, Ramesh talked openly with her parents about their future. He dictated when they would marry, where they would live, and the business he was pursuing. Although it was clear that he had nothing to hide, he sounded emotionally distant from his attachment to Sharada.

After dinner, they were not talking for very long when Ramesh excused himself. He left under pretense that he had some business to attend to early in the morning. She walked him to the door. He held her hands and looked into her eyes. She thought she saw something in his previously empty eyes. She thought she detected a sense of regret.

This parting troubled Sharada. Had she displeased Ramesh? Could he tell that she felt a passion for another man? She excused herself and went to her room. In tears, she collapsed onto the bed.

She was startled when she heard something strike her window. She flew to the window and squinted to see into the darkness. She opened the window and leaned out into the night. There before her was Akhil.

"Sharada!" he called to her softly.

"Akhil! What are you doing here?" she called out in a muffled yell.

"I had to see you," he said.

"Just a minute. I'll be down," she said as she closed the window.

Sharada walked downstairs. She told her mother that she was going to go for a walk in the garden. Her mother suspected that Ramesh was waiting there for her. Her mother smiled and nodded.

"You can't come here!" Sharada scolded as she approached Akhil.

"I couldn't help it. I had to see the woman who stole my heart," he whispered.

Sharada blushed. She walked closer to him.

"There's something you need to know. I'm engaged," Sharada admitted.

"I know. My cousin knows your family. He told me where you live. He also told me about your engagement," Akhil informed her.

"So, why have you come here?" she asked.

"I had to stop you from making such a terrible mistake. I don't know your fiancé, but he can't possibly love you like I do," he said.

"Love you? I barely know you," Sharada denied.

"But you feel it, don't you? You feel the possibilities," he urged.

Sharada looked into the darkness. Her gaze rested on a bright star. She saw the hope of true love in Akhil, but should she let him know that? She knew that defying her parents and breaking off her engagement with Ramesh was not a viable option.

"Sharada, you do feel it, don't you?" he pressed.

"Yes, I feel something, but it's not a possibility like you call it. I am engaged. I will be marrying Ramesh," she declared.

Akhil stepped closer to Sharada. He moved her long, dark hair out of her face. With one hand behind her neck, he kissed her. She made a mild attempt to pull away, but gave in to his lips. She felt the warmth of her body responding to his kiss.

"You will turn your back on this?" he asked as he released her.

"I must," she said.

"I'll take anything you can give me, Sharada. If I can't be your husband, let me be your lover," he suggested.

Sharada had never even considered taking a lover. She immediately balked at the idea. Her sister had let their parents down by taking a lover before she was married. Sharada did not want to make the same mistake. Her sister had been ostracized by the family. Sharada had witnessed the pain it had caused.

"I can't do that," she whispered.

"Are you worried about what your family will say if they find out? You're worried about your fiancé? What about you, Sharada? What about what you want?"

"It doesn't matter what I want."

"It does matter, because you matter," he said softly.

She felt her heart melt at his kind words. She wished she could be close to him, but the idea of taking a lover was a dangerous proposition. Akhil saw the doubt in her eyes.

"Then, I'll wait for you. When are you getting married?"

"In two months. What do you mean that you will wait for me?" she asked.

"After you're married and have been with your husband, I will become your lover. No one will ever know."

Sharada was both scared and excited by the idea. She wanted to be with Akhil so badly. If only his family was from a higher class, she could become engaged to him instead. Becoming his lover would be her only chance to be with him.

"Let me think about it. Come back here tomorrow night at this time. I'll wait for you in the garden. For now, you better leave before anyone comes looking for me," she said.

Excitedly, he kissed her and ran. Sharada touched her lips and watched him leave. Her mind was full of possibilities and doubts that seemed to tumble over each other. She retired to her room and spent a restless night thinking about Akhil and Ramesh.

The next day, she felt as though she was merely going through the motions of her life. She had made up her mind. She was nervous about meeting Akhil in the garden.

After dinner, she helped her mother clean up. She went to her room and changed into her bustier. She put a black, silk blouse over it. Worried that her mother would question her change in attire, she quietly sneaked out of the house.

She sat on a garden bench amid the roses. The moon was just shy of being a full moon. Sharada wished her life was that full. Being Akhil's lover would be bittersweet. She didn't know how she would handle it.

Akhil paused before approaching her. He admired the sight of her in the moonlight. The enticing image of her seemed to be bathed in the fragrance of the rose garden. He knew he would never forget the sight of her no matter what her answer.

She stood as he approached her. He embraced her and kissed her lovingly. As he pulled away slightly, their breaths still intermingled, she whispered, "I love you."

Akhil drew her close and kissed her again. His heart was full of love for her. His heart raced, as did his thoughts. He wanted so much more than to just be her lover, but he knew that was all she could give.

He kissed her neck and slid his hand up her shirt. He was not surprised to discover that she was wearing the bustier. He made a silent promise to bring her more lingerie. He ran his fingers along the top of the bustier, lightly grazing her breasts. He unbuttoned her blouse and kissed the contours of her breasts.

"Maybe we shouldn't be this close until after I am married," Sharada breathlessly suggested.

He implored her to trust him. They laid on the grass. He opened her bustier and kissed her stomach. He teased her dark nipples with his teeth in between deep kisses into her flesh. Sharada moaned.

Her soft moan provoked his desire. He caressed her curves. Pressing his body against hers, he kissed her deeply. His fingertips were eager to memorize each inch of her.

He desperately wanted to be as close to her as possible. He started to lift Sharada's long skirt.

"No," she said.

"Shhh...," he whispered as he put a finger to her lips. "You have to trust me."

He slid her skirt up her thighs. He slid his fingers into the top of her panties and pulled them down. He kissed the inside Sharada's legs as he removed her panties. He gently parted her legs.

He kissed back up her legs until he reached the inside of Sharada's thighs. He wanted to taste her. He looked at her beautiful, untouched pussy. It was adorned with black curly hair. He cautioned himself that if he allowed himself to taste her, he would struggle to control himself. He could not violate her.

He licked her tender slit. Using his tongue, he parted her slit and sought out her virgin clit. He licked her clit, pressing on it gently. Sharada was moaning louder now. Akhil believed it was the sweetest sound he had ever heard.

Flicking his tongue against her clit, he drove her to new heights. Sharada clenched her thighs.

"Relax," he whispered to her.

Akhil cautiously slid one finger into her virginity. He was surprised by how wet she was. Her musky scent mixed with the fragrance of the roses was teasing him. With one finger inside of her, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Sharada whimpered and trembled. He continued to massage the area of her clit, even though it had withdrawn under the orgasm.

He crawled up beside her. He held her, holding her head to his chest. Her legs were still trembling. He kissed her. His hard cock was straining against his pants, but he knew that it would need to be ignored for now. He didn't care. It was true that he wished he could be Sharada's first lover, but he was absolutely ecstatic that she had chosen to let him become her lover.

They parted under the moonlight, with lingering, gentle kisses and promises to meet again soon. Sharada slept well that night, embracing Akhil in her dreams.

The next two months were busy ones. Sharada and her parents made the final preparations for the wedding. Her fiancé had joined her family for dinner several times. It was always the same. His departure from Sharada was always marked by a sigh or sense of regret that deeply troubled her.

The wedding was beautiful. Sharada was extremely nervous. She had serious doubts about her marriage. She took some comfort in knowing she was doing the right thing. Whenever she felt uneasy, she looked at her parents who were obviously happy.

Once they got to their new home, Ramesh led Sharada straight to the bedroom. He gently undressed her. Sharada was wearing a white, silk camisole that Akhil had brought her the previous week. Akhil had made her promise to wear it on her wedding night. If he couldn't be her first lover, he at least wanted his lingerie to be on her body. He knew that she would be thinking about him even though her husband was touching her.

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