tagLoving WivesForbidden Love Ch. 02

Forbidden Love Ch. 02


Sharada took her tea and stepped onto the terrace of her new home. She took a seat viewing the lovely garden. Sipping her tea, she enjoyed the morning song of the birds. She tried to allow the soft song to quiet her heart, but to no avail.

Her new husband, Ramesh, had left for the office early this morning. She recalled the events of last night, their wedding night. She had lost her virginity to her new husband, who was not the man she loved. She had to remain a virgin until her wedding night in order to avoid embarrassment and shame to her family. Her Indian heritage demanded it.

And though she was pleased with herself at having remained pure, she had wished things could have been different. She now knew what sex felt like, but she wished she could have lost her virginity to her true love, Akhil. Maybe then, she would have experienced making love instead of merely sex.

She absent-mindedly caressed the rim of her mug as she remembered the night she and Akhil spent in the rose garden. She allowed the morning scent of roses take her back to that place. It was the first time a man had touched her intimate femininity. Under his gentle touch, he had deftly led her to new heights that night as she experienced her first orgasm.

Sharada's heart was torn. She loved Akhil, but respected Ramesh as her new husband. Her relationship with Ramesh was cold. There was no fire between them. She suspected that he would not wait long to take a lover with whom he would explore his passion. "Did he have passion?" Sharada wondered.

Sharada began to consider possibilities. She wondered if Ramesh had a passion that she could ignite. Perhaps, she could learn to love Ramesh with all her heart. Maybe, there would be no need to betray him and partake in Akhil's love. Silently, she devised a plan to excite the passion in her husband.

As evening approached, she prepared a special meal for her husband. She took special care to arrange the table with candles and flowers from the garden. As the time neared for her husband's return from the office, she went to their bedroom to change her clothing. She took off her clothes and put on her black bustier and tiny, black, silk panties. She put on her robe and returned to the meal.

She served the meal and meticulously arranged the contents of the table. She lit the candles and sat to wait for her husband. After several minutes, she helped herself to a glass of wine. She watched the consuming flames of the candles as she slowly sipped the wine. She kept trying to focus on positive possibilities for her relationship with her husband.

The clock struck 7:00. It was now an hour after the time Ramesh said he would be home. "Maybe he already found another lover. Maybe he did not consider passion a possibility like I was trying to," she thought. Pouring herself another glass of wine, she pushed the negative thoughts out of her mind. "Maybe he just got held up with business," she tried to convince herself. She drank the wine, impatiently tapping on the glass with her fingernails.

As the clock ticked on, the negative thoughts took hold of Sharada's mind. Their marriage had been arranged by their parents with no consideration for Sharada's feelings. Maybe, she was not the only one who had regrets. "Did he love someone else? Was he with his lover?" she questioned.

Hopelessness overtook Sharada. Tears streamed down her face. Sitting there in her lingerie, she felt stupid. The merciless clock stuck 8:00.

Devastated, Sharada blew out the half-consumed candles and ran to her bedroom, the one she shared with her absent husband. She hastily threw on some clothes and slipped on her shoes. She ran to the bathroom to wash her face. She had an undeniable urge to be in Akhil's arms.

As she was leaving the bathroom, she almost ran into her husband in the doorway.

"I was looking for you," he explained. "I saw the dinner you prepared. I'm sorry I was late," he said as he bestowed a kiss on her forehead.

As he leaned in to kiss her, Sharada smelled the distinct aroma of perfume. Ramesh hugged her and held her tightly. Sharada's face rested comfortably on his shoulder. She began to feel a glimmer of hope as their embrace ended. As she withdrew, she noticed a small, burgundy smudge on his collar.

"Oh, my. Were you bleeding?" she asked as she pointed out the smudge to Ramesh.

"Oh, yes. I cut myself shaving this morning. I didn't even notice. I wonder how many people noticed it today," he laughed.

Sharada thought that his laugh seemed phony and forced. She looked for evidence of the cut. It must have been significant in order for there to be blood on his collar.

"Where's the cut?" Sharada asked. "Maybe I should put some ointment on it for you," she said to cover her suspicion.

Ramesh reached up and ran his fingers across the side of his neck.

"How about that? It must have healed already," he proposed.

"Oh, well, that is good then," Sharada forced herself to say. Sharada convinced herself that the suspicion that it was lipstick was unfounded.

"Shall we eat dinner? I hope your beautiful dinner isn't ruined," he suggested.

He took her hand and led her to the table. He pulled out her chair for her. Once they were seated, Sharada tried to make pleasant conversation, but the suspicions were nagging weights on her thoughts.

"How many woman work in your office?" Sharada asked.

"Well, there are several. None work on my floor, but there are several that work on the first floor. Why do you ask?"

"Well, they must wear very strong perfume for it to be on you, especially from another floor," Sharada said slyly.

Ramesh threw his chair back and rushed toward her. Swiftly, he slapped her across the face with enough force that she almost fell off her chair.

"How dare you question my affairs? My business is none of your business! Do you understand me? I can do no wrong! I am your husband!" he yelled.

He stormed upstairs. Stunned, Sharada went to the kitchen and applied some ice to her wound to try to alleviate the stinging sensation. The ice numbed her wound, but did nothing to repair her heart. She threw the ice in the sink and casually walked out the front door.

Sharada walked into the darkness. She walked down the quiet streets toward Akhil's residence. She paused outside his door. Her stinging cheek encouraged her as she knocked on his door.

"Sharada?" Akhil answered then hugged her.

She embraced him as soon as she entered his home. She started sobbing as she held onto him. She wished she could just hold onto him forever.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Akhil asked.

As she reluctantly pulled away from him, he saw the redness of her cheek. Part of the bruise was already turning black and blue. He attempted to touch it, but she flinched.

"He did this to you? I'll kill him," he said in a low voice she had never heard from him.

"No," she said firmly, putting a hand against his chest. "Let me take care of it. Besides, I feel much better now that I am here with you."

Pulling her against his tense body, he kissed her. As she wrapped her arms around his neck, he kissed the elegant line of her neck. He silently led her to his bed.

"We don't have much time," Sharada whispered.

"What do you mean? You're going back to him?"

"I must," Sharada said. Her voice was weak but unquestionable.

Akhil unbuttoned her shirt, planting kisses on her breasts as he did so. Sharada's thoughts fluttered with excitement. He slipped her shirt off her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. He kissed her bare shoulders, caressing the tops of her breasts that peeked out from the black bustier she wore. She removed her long skirt. He placed his fingertips inside the top of her panties and slid them to the floor before removing his shirt. Sharada climbed onto his bed as he finished undressing himself.

"Finally, I will know what love can feel like," she said.

Naked, Akhil joined her on his bed. As he kissed her, he removed her bra. Her ample breasts were freed for his enjoyment. He took her dark nipple into his mouth. He gently held it, rubbing it with his tongue. He sucked it and teased it with his teeth until it hardened in his mouth. He kissed his way to the other nipple. Licking, teasing, and sucking her nipple, he caressed the gentle slope of her stomach. She caught her breath with anticipation.

He kissed her stomach while his hand stroked her slit. He encouraged her femaleness to yield to him. As he parted her slit, he applied feather-light touches to her clit. Sharada gasped and gripped his shoulders. Akhil continued kissing her stomach as he teased her clit. He had longed for this moment. Then, he remembered that they had limited time together.

Her moaning grew louder and less inhibited as he increased the pressure on her clit. She soon began to whimper. He pulled her against him while he continued pleasing her. He held her as her body shook. He squeezed her close, pulling her trembling nakedness into his. She was still trembling when he lowered her back onto the bed.

He parted her legs and climbed between them. He leaned forward and kissed her chest. Sharada could feel his hard cock against her sensitive clit. He kneeled and brought her knees up beside his hips. He eased his cock into her wetness. Sharada gasped as he thrust deeper into her. Akhil slowly, rhythmically entered and withdrew from inside her. His teasing thrusts filled Sharada with excitement.

"Make love to me," she whispered.

He kissed her as he pushed his cock into her. Then, he thrust harder. Sharada yelped.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm better than okay," she said and smiled.

Allowing her legs to fall to the sides, he perched himself over her as he slowly thrust into her. He kissed her soft lips. He wished she never had to leave. He loved her completely.

He fought the urge to pound into her. He slowed his pace and kissed her full, but perky breasts.

"Mmmm... harder," Sharada urged.

With that encouragement, he pounded into her. He kneeled and held her hips close to him. Akhil thrust into her increasing wetness. She squealed in delight as she achieved a second orgasm, clamping her legs around his waist.

Akhil grunted as he thrust through her orgasm, leading to his own. He felt the power of the tremendous release through his balls and into his stomach and thighs. He dropped down and held her nakedness against him. A prolonged kiss united them again.

Sharada jumped out of bed and hurry got dressed again.

"You better clean up before you leave. Let me show you to the bathroom," Akhil suggested.

"There's no time. Don't worry. I'll shower as soon as I get home," Sharada said.

"Until we meet again," Akhil said as he kissed her at his door.

After a hurried goodbye, she rushed home. The table was as she had left it. She peeked into the bedroom. Ramesh was asleep in their bed. She went to the bathroom and showered, thoroughly cleaning any trace of Akhil from her skin. After she dried off and put her clothes back on, she cleared the table and cleaned up.

She retired to the guest bedroom. She hoped this would hide her delayed bedtime from her husband. Sharada laid in the silence. Her finger traced her lips as they had been occupied by her lover. Dreams full of wishes comforted her through the night.

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