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Freedom Through Faith


Author's note: This story is meant in absolutely no way to reflect any sort of reality among pagans or nudists. I know several pagans, and while many of them are damn sexy, their beliefs are not like the group shown here. This is certainly not an attempt to advocate a philosophy.

All characters are over the age of 18. Additionally -- there's lots of sex when it happens, but I'll warn you up front that this is not an incest story.

Freedom Through Faith

"So there's something we didn't tell you about our plans for this weekend."

The admission hung in the air like a dark, ominous cloud threatening to rain all over their plans. Scott and Amber both felt it, looked at one another, and wondered what sort of details would be so bad that they couldn't be revealed until the last minute like this. Amber gripped her boyfriend's hand a little tighter where they sat together on the living room couch.

"Oookay," Scott said, eyeing his parents suspiciously. He wondered if this was going to be like the time his "just because it's Sunday and we love you" present turned out to be a brand new matching broom, mop and bucket. "Why don't you tell us, Dad?"

"Well -- the important thing to tell you straight off is that if you two don't want to come along, that's fine by us. It's really no worry if you want to back out, and we'll understand completely. We're not worried about leaving the house to the two of you."

Amber's pretty brown eyes widened. "You're not?"

Justin waved a dismissive hand. "Nah, you're both adults. Got jobs and college and stuff. It's not like you aren't old enough to drink legally. We aren't worried about either of you doing anything irresponsible. And besides, your friend Sherri's house is way bigger than ours. They'd never shift the end-of-the-semester party from there to here on such short notice."

"How did you know it's at Sherri's?" Scott asked, suspicion mounting. It had been a tradition among his few remaining high school friends since graduation. Their social circles had all expanded, of course, but at this point, several of them had graduated college. Scott would be a graduate at this point himself, had he not elected to stay on for a double major.

"I hacked your Facebook page. You really shouldn't use the same password for it that you have on your World of Warcraft account, kiddo."

Scott facepalmed. "God dammit, Dad," he groaned.

Amber couldn't resist. "I still love you even though you're a nerd," she remarked dryly.

"Dad plays it more than I do."

Justin snorted. "Yeah, maybe during finals."

"The important thing," Scott's mother broke in with a much more serious and assertive tone, "is that you have to swear to whatever you find sacred not to tell anyone about it. Ever."

Scott looked up in surprise. He glanced to Amber, who was now sitting up with interest. "What's so secret about it?" she asked. "I thought you've been going to this place for years?" Scott and her boyfriend had been looking forward to the trip. They knew it was a pagan religious retreat, which was new for Amber. Scott hadn't ever been there, first because he had been too young and then because college and other interests simply kept him busy. But it was out of the city in beautiful country, with horses, hiking trails and, to hear Scott's parents tell it, wonderful people. It sounded like a great place to relax after the end of the spring semester.

"We have. But we haven't advertised, and we can't have you talking, either."

Amber frowned a bit. "What's going on? Is it drugs or something?"

Justin snorted. "Hell no."

Dana took a deep breath. "Honey," she said, "this has driven us nuts for years. We've always wanted to tell you, but couldn't. You were just too young. Nobody magically turns into a genuine adult just by having their eighteenth birthday. You've always been very mature, but...we wanted to wait a few more years and make sure you'd settled. We weren't going to tell you, Amber, but... well, we've known you for years, and we're so glad you and Scott are together. We trust you."

"Um. Okay," Amber blinked. It was true enough. She'd been Scott's "just a friend" since high school, but the years that followed had indeed changed them both. Scott grew more confident and less awkward. Amber grew weary of guys who were interested in her only for her good looks; she loved the initial attention, but boredom inevitably set in. They stayed after the annual party a year ago to keep the hostess company after she'd had too much to drink, shared her couch for the night, and couldn't get enough of one another since.

"Mom. Dad. What's up?"

Justin and Dana looked at one another, and both took a deep breath. It was Dana who spoke. "It has to do with the religious practices."

"I already know you're pagans," Amber said. "What's weird about it?" Justin and Dana had rarely talked about it. Oddly, they hadn't really ever brought Scott in on things, either. They had given their son a broad religious education and wanted him to make his own decisions, but held that he should wait until he was older and had seen more of the world to come to his own conclusions. This was going to be his first real window into that part of their lives. He was eager to see what it was all about. As part of the family, Amber was curious as well.

"Nobody wears clothes. At all. All weekend. And you can't, either."

Scott blinked. He looked back at Amber, who sat with her eyes wide for a long moment. Finally, she slowly turned to look at Scott with her face controlled but her voice trembling with excitement, "I am totally fine with hanging out with your naked parents."

"Oh good," Scott deadpanned, "because I was so worried that this would be awkward for you."


It was more of a ranch than a camp, situated about an hour outside the city and surrounded by a thick, dense treeline. It hardly looked like occupied property at all, and wouldn't have caught the interest of anyone who didn't know it was there. They passed through a gate with a card-key entry onto a dirt road leading through the trees. It was an exceptionally verdant area, dominated mostly by tall firs and evergreens but filled in with leafier trees reaching for the sun.

"I'm really glad you decided to come with us," Dana said from the front passenger seat of the car. "But if this makes you uncomfortable at all, at any point and for any reason, just say the word. We can take off whenever you guys like. Justin and I can always come back again."

"I think it'll be cool, Mom," Scott said. Once again, Amber was holding his hand with building excitement. They had talked it over alone before Amber had gone home last night, agreeing that while they had nerves, they were also very intrigued.

Scott's parents were stable, solid, sane people. Whatever went on at this camp, they figured, it couldn't be too off the wall. There were nudist resorts elsewhere. And, really, Scott and Amber were all too happy for the chance to spend more time together naked. It wasn't the sort of opportunity that they had very often between their conflicting schedules, Amber's living situation in the dorms and Scott still living at home. Scott wasn't surprised at her attitude regarding the rest of it; she had always commented that Scott's parents were both hot.

"I've got kind of an awkward question, though," Scott finally managed.

"Pretty sure you're going to have lots of awkward questions soon enough," Justin snorted.

"So, uh...this isn't like a crazy sex thing, right?"

Dana just laughed. "Honey, don't worry about that."

"Okay, but, uh...what happens if someone's aroused? Like, is it rude if someone gets stiff?"

He saw smirks in the front seat. Amber simply listened attentively. She had wondered more or less the same thing.

"You might see a lot of that, actually," Dana said. "There are some beautiful people here. Just keep your hands to yourselves--or each other. Public affection is fine, just don't go all hot and heavy, okay? Privacy can be arranged if you need it." She sounded serious yet shockingly relaxed.

"Anyway, if you think someone's turned on looking at you, they really might be. This is about not hiding things. Just don't call them out on it unless you mean to flirt. Everybody understands the boundaries. I'm not saying that nobody here ever hooks up, because they do...but one of the ground rules is that you don't hit on the new people. We want people to be more comfortable, not less. You can safely presume that anyone you talk to here is in a committed relationship, and the ones that aren't still know how to respect boundaries. But there's no need to hide physical attraction. So if someone seems aroused while they're talking to you, just take it as a silent compliment and move on."

She tossed a look over her shoulder at the young couple. "And don't feel jealous if you see each other getting that reaction, either. You're both young and good-looking and people are bound to find you attractive. Best to break yourselves of those reactions while you're young."

"If I was going to get upset every time some guy flirted with Amber and she flirted back, my head would've exploded after the first week we were together," Scott shrugged. "I'm not too threatened by it."

Amber chuckled. "I point out hot chicks to him when we're out all the time."

Dana's gaze lingered for a moment more, inscrutable behind her sunglasses and tight-lipped mouth. "Good," she remarked off-handedly before turning around again.

They parked amid roughly two dozen cars of various sorts. Several were quite expensive; a few others were clunkers. Walking away from a Mustang that had seen better days was a man and woman, both looking fit and in their mid-twenties, carrying a couple of duffel bags. They were both stark naked. Scott couldn't help but notice that they were both in good shape; Amber couldn't help but notice that they were both very attractive. It was also impossible to miss that the man was, as warned, nearly erect.

"Wow," Scott blinked. "I guess there's our proof this isn't a prank."

"It's not a prank," Justin assured him. "The usual practice is to leave all your clothes in the car when you enter."

"What're they carrying in the bags, then?" Amber asked.

"Towels. Food. Sunscreen. Junk." Justin pulled the car into an open spot in the grass. "Moment of truth, folks," he smirked as he got out of the car. Justin only paused to stretch before taking his shirt off.

Dana only paused to look back at them once with that poker-face stare before she got out of the car as well. Amber and Scott looked at one another, shrugged, and both got out of the car.

"Oh!" Amber blinked as soon as she stepped out, almost right into Scott's suddenly very naked father. He was every bit as fit as she'd always figured -- but her eyes went straight down to the member hanging between his legs. Even mostly flaccid, it seemed bigger than she expected.

Justin sighed. "Kids," he grunted, then turned back to throw his clothes into the front seat of the car.

"Sorry Mr. -- erm, Justin," Amber giggled self-consciously. She was still getting used to using first names with them. Amber backed up to the trunk of the car, just as Scott had on the other side. She looked at him and nudged his arm. "You first. Slowly," she teased.

Scott looked back at her wryly. "Did I ever tell you how much I love you for all the emotional support you've always given me?"

"I was nervous my first time, too," Dana spoke up beside him. The blonde was already pulling the strings on her sundress loose. "It helps if you just do it." At that, they were both treated to the sight of Dana's full, lovely breasts.

Her son immediately snapped his head away. Amber looked on with a small, appreciative smile as Dana slipped the sundress down off her hips and then did the same with her panties. She stood in a pool of her clothes. "Scott," she said with a flat, calm tone. "Look at me."

He swallowed and turned back to her. Like her husband, Dana had the body of someone a good ten years younger or even more. Maturity and motherhood had given her attractive curves. Not one bit of her sagged. In a little more than a glance, Scott looked at his mother's legs, her hips, her neatly-trimmed bush and her breasts before his eyes came to her still very controlled face and still very obscuring sunglasses.

"I refuse to let this get weird between us, Scott. I'm your mother. That's not going to change. But quite honestly, I miss hanging around the house naked like I did before you were old enough to remember and I'm tired to death of hiding things from you. This is part of who I am. I love you. Now let's move on, okay?" With that, she reached down for her clothes, tossed them into the front seat, and then moved around to the trunk of the car, passing Scott and Amber without a further care in the world.

"She is so fucking cool," Amber breathed.

"I know," Scott swallowed.

"I totally want to be your mom when I grow up."

"Don't--don't say things like that when I can't erase them from my brain."

Amber snorted and then smacked him on the ass. "Off with 'em. Now." Her grin was irrepressible. "C'mon, I've seen you naked."

Scott bit back a curt reply, but it was too late. Amber had seen it. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Hey, you two should know that I've had sex with your son a whole bunch of times."

"If we need to leave you here to take care of that, it's fine," Dana's nonchalant voice came back. Her voice carried an audible eyeroll.

"There's a good spot just through the treeline by the Mercedes over there," Justin's voice added.

"Oh, really?" Dana asked. "Where?"

Scott and Amber blinked at one another. Finally, Scott took a deep, completely unnecessary breath and threw off his shirt. Amber leaned against the car with her arms folded across her chest and watched as he pulled off his sandals and then removed his khaki shorts and boxer briefs.

"Mm-hmm," Amber murmured just loud enough for him to hear. She was looking directly at his crotch.

"Hush, you," Scott grimaced as he tossed his clothes back into the car and shut the door.

"You know I like it. And you." She leaned in to kiss him affectionately on the cheek. "I didn't choose you over a dozen other guys for nothing." She paused to slip a grey scrunchie off her wrist and used it to pull her long, dark hair into a ponytail.

"Are you saying you don't love me for my intellect?" Scott grabbed her belt and started undoing it himself.

"I love you for lots of reasons. I want you 'cause I think you're hot, and your intellect's only part of it." She made a point of arcing backward in a stretch as she lifted the simple tank top from her shoulders, revealing the hardened nipples on her small but shapely breasts. Amber then pushed Scott back gently, making it plain that she had intended nothing more than a tease. She grinned at the hungry frustration in his eyes as he stepped back. She shed her skirt and thong panties without a second thought, once more turning and bending in quick, flirtatious twists as she tossed her clothing into the car. Amber knew full well how many guys felt she had one of the greatest asses they'd ever seen. She loved Scott enough to be cruel to him with her looks.

"Hey, Dad?" Scott asked, still looking at Amber. "Where did you say--?"

"Ohmygosh, do I hear drums?" Amber deliberately spoke over him. She stepped around the back of the car, escaping Scott's grasp. There was, in fact, a soft but audible tribal beat in the air.

"Yeah," Justin said. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of Amber, but he didn't leer. His eyes were on hers as she faced him. "You'll hear that a lot off and on, actually. There are drum circles here all the time. Sometimes dancing, but mostly mellow stuff." He handed off a duffel bag to Scott as his son stepped over to join them. "Nobody tries to mix sports or wild dancing with the whole nudity thing. You're not gonna see everybody's bits bouncing around in a game of volleyball."

"If we're set?" Dana asked. She took Justin's hand and began walking with him.

Amber and Scott followed. Watching his parents walk, Amber smiled at how sweet they looked together. Even with both of their naked backsides presented to her--and she quite admired both of them--she was mainly struck by the way they so often held hands. Amber had always adored the obvious chemistry between Justin and Dana. She knew other married couples their age, of course, and among them were those who were more affectionate and those who were less, but Justin and Dana were simply inspiring.

She slipped her hand into Scott's and smiled at him. He was better about holding hands than previous boyfriends. He had clearly benefited from growing up around an excellent example.

The walk from the unpaved parking lot wasn't overly long. Scott was fairly impressed by how soft and unmarred the ground was. Having been to more than a few outdoor shows and festivals over the years, he'd have expected a pathway of dry dirt and dead grass, and had a passing concern about walking barefoot. Instead it was green, lush and completely comfortable as it passed through tall trees that offered plenty of breaks from the sunlight above.

Drumming and the sounds of conversation and laughter grew more audible. They reached a bend in the path, coming around to an open clearing about half an acre across. Up ahead, across the clearing, they saw a long house with a wide, luxurious deck. One side of the house, comprised almost entirely of tall windows, clearly housed a large pool.

Here and there were white statues, and at the end of the pathway as it opened out to the clearing were tall white columns. Neither Amber nor Scott were particularly versed in history or art, but they had shared a general humanities class. They recognized the clearly Greek inspiration of the artwork.

"Wow," Scott breathed. "This place is...ritzy."

"There have been a few wealthy members of the circle over the years," Dana explained, "and a few artists. Some of this is original work. Members donate what they can. For some, that isn't much. For others, that's artwork. For a few, well...that's more than a little cash."

Coming out of the path, Scott saw a small structure off to his right, also clearly evocative of ancient Greece. It was a white, one-story building, not much bigger than a single-bedroom apartment. White columns dominated the front facade, along with lettering in Greek.

Off to the left was the drum circle that they had heard on the way over. There were a couple of benches that were probably there all the time, but also blankets and pillows that had been brought out for the weekend. Someone had set up a couple of lean-tos with colorful sheets to provide a little shade. Roughly a dozen people lounged or stood around in the group. Four or five played hand drums of different sizes. A couple of women twisted and writhed in something of a bellydance while others looked on. All of them were naked.

Amber squeezed Scott's hand and leaned in. "I think we were misled," she whispered.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

She tilted her head toward the drum circle, and then nodded toward the deck where perhaps a dozen more people were scattered about standing or reclining on the patio furniture. "There aren't 'some' beautiful people here. Fucking everyone is beautiful."

Scott looked left and then ahead as Amber indicated. "Couldn't speak to the guys."

"The guys are just as hot as the women."

He snorted. "Well, now I feel homely."

"You're a stud and I'd never do anything to hurt you," Amber said to him softly. She squeezed his hand as they continued to walk, coming closer to the house. "Just remember that if I'm talking to someone here and I look like I'm gonna explode."

Her boyfriend inhaled softly and nodded. "Ditto," he said.

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