Freedom Through Faith


"I love you, Amber," he said with a husky voice. His tongue brushed against her lips again, still soft but stroking more of her. She let out a whimper of pleasure and put her hands on his shoulders.

Her breath deepened as her body began to tremble. "I think I'm gonna fall over," she managed.

"You can if you want to," Scott said, but his hands kept her firmly in place. "But if you want to stay on your feet and enjoy this for awhile..." His tongue snaked out along her labia again, curling up over her clit on the way back.

"Oh," Amber breathed out. "Oh wow." Her head swam. Scott was good at this. He was loving, patient and attentive. Moreover, he enjoyed it, both for the pleasure it gave her and the statement it made. She'd been through other guys before him, the sorts that just let things go once she was seeing them steadily and expected more of her than they gave of themselves. Scott was entirely different. He treated her like a princess from the very start and kept things that way, no matter of familiar they were to one another or how much shit they playfully dished out. He also left no ambiguity about how much he enjoyed her body.

Amber let her hands fall to his shoulders as his lips and tongue focused more and more on her pussy. She slipped one leg out over his shoulder, sliding it across his back both to caress him and to draw him further into his work.

It helped steady her. Scott slipped his own legs out from under him, sitting now rather than kneeling, making plain that he intended to do this for awhile. Amber's hands and breath conveyed her love and appreciation where words could not, as she found it increasingly difficult to talk. She felt one of Scott's hands slip away from her hip, moving over and under her ass and then between her legs. There was only the briefest of breaks in Scott's kiss upon her lower lips as he wet one finger, which soon slid along her pussy and then slowly moved inside her.

Amber moaned out loud. She normally wasn't vocal. It was usually just a matter of breathing sharply and trying to keep from making noises that would alert her dorm roommates or neighbors or, a few times, Scott's parents. The pleasure of his tongue and fingers and her own wild arousal were now well beyond anything she could control.

He was gentle and slow, wanting to stretch her enjoyment out. Amber's breathing and grunts became increasingly needful, though, and soon one of her hands moved to his head and began to squeeze at his hair. Every time she exhaled, she did so with a wordless note of need.

Scott's finger found just the right patch inside her. Tiny, gentle wrinkles in her flesh, much like the roof of one's mouth. He caressed the spot once, then again, and finally began to tenderly stroke it with his finger in a beckoning motion even as his tongue began to swirl ever more intently around Amber's clit.

Orgasm finally hit her, erupting from her center under Scott's care and spreading through her entire body. She would have fallen but for Scott's steady hand on her right hip, soon mirrored on her left by the wet hand that Scott gracefully withdrew from inside her. Standing over her lover, Amber was overwhelmed by feelings of pleasure and power alike as she came for him.


Purring under her husband's touch, Dana leaned forward against the edge of the Jacuzzi to watch Julia lead her son and his lover to the shrine. There was much less need to be so controlled with the two newcomers out of sight and earshot. Justin was behind her, rubbing her shoulders and back while kissing the back of her neck. It was largely just a massaging touch, mostly chaste despite its affection, but occasionally his hands reached lower to her waist or up to tease at the sides of her breasts. There was no ignoring the hardness of his cock at the small of her back, though, gently reminding them both of how close they were to satisfying their mutual needs.

"That was murder on me," Linh said from behind them. She sat between Steven and Craig, enjoying their lips on her neck and their teasing hands all over her body. "It had to be even worse for you two. I don't know how you could stand it."

"Julia's just being a bitch because she can get away with it," Dana chuckled without a drop of venom in her voice. "She can read every one of us like a book. She'll come back here and tell us all something about anticipation being key to arousal or something."

"I'm aroused," Justin smirked. His hands came down to her hips as the three disappeared into the shrine, bringing her in line with his erection. The head and shaft slipped between her legs, gently illustrating his point through touch.

"No kidding," Dana breathed in agreement. She pressed her ass back against Justin's groin, deliberately giving him one of his favorite sights in the world. "Careful, though. The water."

"I know, love," her husband reassured her. The water of the Jacuzzi was hardly an effective lubricant, and the last thing they wanted was for her to wind up too sore in their first romp to engage in more later. Yet Justin knew Dana's body very well, including how quickly she would react and how easily she would be ready for him. Ordinarily she wanted a long bout of slow, smoldering foreplay, but when she was already worked up like this, stroking her pussy with his cock was the most effective and enjoyable preamble for both.

They touched, and watched, and waited. Behind them they heard the sounds of their other companions enjoying themselves without much restraint. A moment later, Julia emerged from the shrine alone and closed the door behind her.

With that, Justin pushed inside his wife. "Oh, lover, yes," she sighed more in relief than excitement, though she surely felt both. Dana never felt more alive or more beautiful than when Justin was within her. Julia hadn't exaggerated; they had never had enough of one another. It was wonderful in the beginning and only got better over time, and they knew full well who to thank for that.

She knew him as well as he knew her. Justin's romantic feelings were strong in that moment, but his physical needs were understandably stronger. His hands slid from her hips up along her sides, cupping her breasts as he pulled her back against his cock. Dana gave in to it, feeling not the least bit reluctant to let herself be used as her man needed. Lust and love were very different things outside of their marriage, but between the two of them they were one and the same.

He took things slow, reveling in the sensation of her sliding back and forth to envelop his shaft. Aroused as she was, Dana wasn't going to hold out long at all. She found herself floating in ecstasy, shamelessly enjoying the deep invasion of her husband without any care in the world for who here could see or hear her. Somewhere along the way, Dana pulled or knocked the sunglasses off her face. Long moments of bliss passed before her eyes fluttered open to see Julia, naked and beautiful and forever looking on warmly at her, came to stand before the slowly rutting couple.

Julia reached out, gathering the partially bent-over wife in her arms to allow Dana to relax against her chest while Justin's rhythm and power increased. Ripples and small splashes of water erupted from his moving legs. Dana clung weakly to Julia, hanging in her dearest friend's arms as she and her husband shared a sudden, intense orgasm. Justin made one last, needful thrust into her, burying himself within the folds of her flesh as he found release. Dana's sex spasmed around his, riding his climax with her own.

"Oh...oohhh," Dana moaned as her body relaxed. Justin stayed with her. Julia retained her welcoming, nurturing embrace. "Thank you," she mumbled.

"You're welcome," Julia smiled, kissing her cheek. "From both of us, I'm sure." She turned her face from Dana's, looking to Justin and accepting a much longer, sensuous kiss from him even as his wife clung between both of them.

"So, what do you think?" Justin asked once they had parted. He still kept his wife in his arms, still remaining within her. He knew better than to withdraw yet. He had no wish to do so, at any rate; Dana felt entirely too good to him just the way she was.

"I think Scott is his mother and father's son," Julia smiled, slipping back but still keeping her hands out to caress Dana's arms. "I want him with us as much as I've ever wanted to see anyone under Aphrodite. You did such a good job raising him."

Dana leaned back a bit into Justin's arms, sighing contentedly. "And Amber?" she breathed.

Julia's eyes sparkled. "She's wonderful. She's perfect. Better than I had imagined. If Scott can accept his place here with us, Amber will be..." she shook her head. "Amazing."

"Do you--oohh," Dana moaned, her head falling backward against Justin's shoulder. Still speared by his cock, Dana was completely vulnerable to the hand that he had slipped around her waist to play with the lips around his shaft. Julia watched with grinning interest as Justin pleasured his wife.

"You two," Julia chuckled, "are such a joy."

"Jus--Justin," Dana fought to say, "we should...we should just talk for...for a second...oh don't stop that please."

"What we should do," Justin murmured, grinding into her, "is make sure we can handle ourselves when they come out of there again."

"Your husband is right," Julia noded. "He's a wise man." She watched Dana for a moment, looking into her fluttering, lust-filled eyes. Then she looked past them to where Craig, Steven and Linh were intertwined. Linh was already sitting on the ledge of the Jacuzzi, kissing Craig while Steven knelt between her legs. "Linh," she said, "do you think you could part with Craig for a moment? Dana's in great need over here."

The lovely woman broke from her kiss, smiling at her partner and nodded to him softly. "Go have fun," she said. "I'll be waiting for you later."

Her athletic companion just grinned and shrugged, offering her a soft, parting kiss before he climbed around to Dana and Justin's side of the Jacuzzi. He stood before Dana, offering her a similar kiss before stepping back to allow her to hang her hands from his shoulders, then his hips. Her husband held her steady, keeping up the pressure from his hips into her pussy while she slid down along the front of another man to take his cock in her hands.

Steven gently held onto her shoulders, letting her worry about his cock while he and Justin took care of keeping her suspended between them. The feeling of Justin slowly, steadily penetrating her over and over put her into a delicious rhythm that she soon conveyed to Steven, licking, kissing and then finally sucking down his cock. Her breath was punctuated by moans of wanton lust as the two men penetrated her from opposite ends.

"Much better," Julia smiled. She stepped around Dana, stroking her back while Dana's body provided pleasure for two men. The priestess came to Justin's side and leaned in to kiss him again. "You've both had to control your lusts for far too long. No more."


Amber laid back on the mattress, arching her back to stretch before she spread her legs wide for her man once more. She grinned at him, looking on joyfully as he slipped between her thighs, brought his cock up along her lips once and then selfishly thrust himself inside her. Amber let out a yelp of pleasure as her body opened for him.

One hand slipped over her breast, teasing it for a moment with her nipple between two of his fingers. It was then followed briefly by his mouth as Scott licked the pink flesh for a long moment that left her squirming. Finally, his face turned up toward hers. She pulled him in for a kiss, which straightened him out to lie atop her body possessively.

She couldn't help but let out a joyful laugh. "Oh my God, you're such a stud," she told him.

"I feel like a stud," Scott admitted. He pushed into her, loving the way she wrapped a leg around his waist and coaxed him in ever tighter. They had shared in one coupling after another already, enthusiastically making love ever since Amber had come down from that first orgasm. There was hardly a pause from one engagement to the next. They weren't getting tired at all, and by now they were conscious of it.

"Why shouldn't you?" Amber asked. She cupped his face in her hands, drawing him in for another kiss. He kept thrusting into her, slowing now only because they were talking. She wanted that. She didn't want it to ever stop. "You're my man. You know I love you. You know I wouldn't settle for less than what I want. You might not think you're a stud, but I'm the one who gets to decide that."

Scott grunted. She always knew what to say to him. "You get to?"

"Yes," she said, wincing once again in pleasure. "You're a stud. Start acting like it."

Scott grabbed a fistful of Amber's hair, pulled back on it until her head was against the pillow beneath her, and then kissed her hard and passionately while he fucked her. Noises of approval gave way to sounds of surrender as he brought her to yet another wet, clenching climax. Amber whimpered into his kiss while she thrilled to another ride of her body's uncontrolled reactions.

His hand slipped from her hair. His kiss became gentler and then finally slipped away. Amber breathed out a satisfied sigh. "Oh, Scott, just fuck me 'til you get off again," she said, stretching again. "I'm yours. I'm totally yours."

"I just did," he grinned.

"You came? Again?"


Amber smiled, laughing happily as she wrapped him in her arms and legs. "I actually felt it the other times, but this one was so intense, I I want this, Scott. I want you, like this, all the time."

"You're really into this place, aren't you?"

She nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I am. It's beautiful. Are you bothered by it?"

"Not so much bothered," he said, shaking his head. His eyes were every bit as much aglow as hers. "I can't really argue with results. This is...this is not normal sex."

"I think it probably could be," Amber grinned seductively. "For us, anyway."

"Oh, I know," he nodded. "That's what I mean. This is awesome. I just...I just worry that there's still some sort of catch. Some hidden price, you know?"

Amber gave it a moment's thought, then pushed on his shoulders to get him to roll over. They clung together, remaining in coitus even as they moved, which left them both groaning in pleasure. Then Amber rose above him, resting on her knees and sitting back on his still erect cock inside her to look at him. "Don't you think your parents have already confronted that, whatever it might be?"

Scott was silent for a moment. He wanted to just stare at Amber, but her question had the wheels spinning in his head. "That's a good point," he conceded.

"And do they seem any less happy for it? The only person in the world I know who's as awesome as your dad and your mom is you. I want to be like them. I'm not even kidding." She glanced around the room, taking in a deep breath. There was still incense in the air. "I'm already a believer, Scott," she said. "I don't even really know all the dogma and all the rules and stuff, but I feel like I belong here. I feel like we belong here."

He was silent for a long moment. Amber just looked at him, her eyes still full of love and patience. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"You've always had guys," Scott shrugged. "You said it yourself. Even since before you moved here, ever since you were old enough to notice them and for them to notice you. You got here, and it was just boom, instant friends and boyfriends, y'know?"

"Okay...?" Amber asked, listening curiously.

"I love you, Amber. I know you love me. And I know it's not about popularity or any of that bullshit. I just...I've just sat alone reading enough fantasies and fairy tales wishing they'd come true to know that nothing just magically fixes everything or makes everything more awesome. There's still work. And I'm willing to work. I just worry that you seem so enthusiastic about all this that you might not be considering that there might be a downside."

His girlfriend smirked. "That which has not killed you has made you sexier," she said.

Scott blinked. "That's the strangest twist I've ever heard on that quote."

"You know what I think?" Amber asked, slipping off of his hips and leaving his cock free, only to take the slick flesh into her hand. "I think there's a lot more of a good side than they're letting on here." She stroked him slowly, shifting down away from his face to sit on her knees next to his legs. "I don't think your parents or Julia would sell someone a false bill of goods. I don't think it's too good to be true. I think somewhere here there's some sort of test for us both...and that we're both going to pass it...and then we're both going to be happier than we expected."

"So we're gonna do this?" he breathed slowly, letting her indulge him. "Together?"

"Are we?" she asked. Her mouth descended toward his cock. She looked up at him intently, keeping her eyes locked on his as her tongue slipped out and slid along his shaft. It felt good, she realized. It felt really good to be doing this.

"I'm gonna go wherever you go."

"But do you want this for yourself?" she asked. Her tongue kept teasing him. "If it turns out bad, we walk away. Naturally. But if it's as good as I think it you want that?"

"Yes," Scott confessed. "Yes. I do."

Amber smiled at him. "I love you, Scott."

"I love you."

Her smile undiminished, Amber's eyes turned down to the stiff cock in her hand. She was still softly, affectionately stroking it. "All our desires are sacred here," she said, echoing Julia's words. "If this is what we want, then it's sacred." Amber looked up at him again. "What I desire now is to taste you."

"Hm?" Scott blinked, and then inhaled sharply as her mouth came down hungrily on his cock. She bobbed up and down a few times, taking him in as deeply as she could while her hand stayed at the base of his shaft. Then she finally let it go again.

"I want you to relax and enjoy this, Scott," she said quietly. "You've never gotten off like this before. I want you to have this. I don't care how long it takes. I want to taste you...and I want you to enjoy it." She held his gaze, moving in slowly and meaningfully, and watched him with love and with lust as she took Scott's cock into her mouth.

Scott's breathing grew heavy with pleasure. He reached for a rounded pillow and pulled it under his head so he could watch Amber work him. She had gone down on him before, but not for very long and never to completion. It always drove him nuts to just lie there and accept it when he wanted desperately to make her feel just as good. They had always broken things off to find satisfaction in another way.

This time his lover was hungrily devouring him, squeezing his cock with her lips and loving him with her tongue. She clearly wouldn't accept any other outcome than a full, messy climax.

Scott relaxed and let her have him. He lay there for a long while, stroking her hair and watching her move. It wasn't as if he didn't want this to go on forever. Amber knew she could do this for him at her slightest whim. It just didn't seem reasonable to let her go on for as long as he needed to finally reach climax.

Given her statement, though, he banished such concerns just this once. Amber's mouth had him in heaven in no time at all. The longer it went on, the better it became, and she went on for a long time.

Eventually his hands and feet began to tremble, feeling almost electrified. He put one of those hands on Amber's head, letting her hair fall through his fingers as he encouraged her with that simple, affectionate, grateful touch. A while after that, he began to groan and he threw his head back against the pillow once more. His hips began to push up to her almost of their own volition.

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