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Fulfillment On The Unity


Ensign Khosa held her hand in his and smiled at her. The woman smiled back and looked at him with those deep dark eyes.

"If we are to die on this Ship, I want to live every moment Dana."

He pulled her into his strong arms so that he wrapped around her, wanting her to feel his strength, whilst deep inside his heart, he felt and could smell that the Unity mission would end in disaster. He had accepted death when he was told in a memo that we was to be a Emergency Engineer under Commander Saratov, but his heart and mind still wanted to live and enjoy each breath. A soft yet seductive voice broke his thoughts like jagged waves.

"Jamil, let's just enjoy what time we have. It is all academic."

He looked at her and nodded smiling. He ran a palm along her left cheek and felt her warmth, that reassured him. Dana purred and nuzzled into his palm, trying to find safety in a world quickly turning to disaster. Her hands rippled along his uncovered arms, tingles of pleasure brought much needed respite to them both.

Khosa leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. Ensign Dana's hand moved and grasped the back of his head kissing him in return with a deep fiery passion. Her other hand moved down his body, knowing where to touch and squeeze, making Khosa moan into their kiss.

Khosa moved his hands down her still cladded figure appeased by her firm soft and warm flesh, her tight curves and the heat between her thighs.

As they kissed, lingering moments upon moments, they moved as if joined, to the single lonely bunk that was Ensign Khosa's room. At the last moment, Dana broke the kiss and pushed him back on the bunk, smiling with a deep desire glinting in her eyes. She undid her jumpsuit, allowing it to drop. Her naked form standing before Khosa, he licked his lips as he whispered;

"You are beautiful Dana."

His eyes snaked along her smooth silken form, from the shaved lips to the small firm breasts with small yet hard poking nipples, to her long auburn hair that was draped along her shoulders.

"Beautiful," he could only mutter, his voice catching.

Dana knelt between his legs, her hands went to his jumpsuit buckles as she worked them off with a fevered frency. He lifted himself slowly as she slid off his jumpsuit then looked at his naked figure and nodded as she cooed;


Her hands went to his now throbbing hardness as she sighed, her fingers closed around him milking him up and down slowly. Her other hand cupping his balls as she felt the heaviness of them, wanting that nectar. Khosa moaned louder bucking his hips against her touches, closing his eyes as he lost himself in her carresses. He felt the tip of her hot steamy tongue dart out and lap along his wet head, his body shaking as waves of pleasure shuddered through him.

Khosa opened his eyes again to see Dana's eyes peering up into his, her lips kissed his head and then Khosa felt her lips open as she moved her delicious mouth over his shaft. She moaned over his cock as they locked stares, her mouth pushing down and then sliding back up in a steady tempo. Her tongue pressed and cajoled his throbbing shaft. He felt his balls tighten in her hold, waves of ecstatic pleasire rushed through him as he moaned louder and deeper.

Dana plunged down the length of his shaft to his base and held him there. Khosa leaned up and his hands reached in and gripped her hair, her hair felt so soothing so velvety.

In one grunt that turned into a gasp he felt his body yearn for a release. Her mouth gripped his tensing cock sucking, Dana's eyes imploring Khosa to release into her. Her tongue licked up from her base to her tip and back down again, fingers stroking his balls, bobbing in a deep primal pace.

Khosa arched his back feeling as if a bolt of curdling pleasure reached deep inside his body and down into his groin. And he could not hold on, grunting and growling his seed into her gulping throat. Her tongue lapped at him drinking from him. Khosa shook all over as he felt himself release and watching Dana. Her mouth and lips cleaned his nectar and she slowly withdrew him from her mouth. She slowly lifted her head and Khosa momentarily froze startled and captivated.

The light from the port window caught Dana's eyes and in them he saw the multi coloured globe of Planet.

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