Fun Movie


My smile doesn't fade as the lights go out. I can't remember the movie you chose for us to watch, but I know it will be good. I pull the blanket up to my hips as I wait for you to sit next to me. The cushion shifts under your weight bringing me closer to you as you sink onto the couch. I lean my head on your shoulder as you start the movie. You reach for my hand and intertwine our fingers, bringing a huge smile to my face and then pull the blanket over your lap. The opening credits come up just as your thumb starts stroking my thumb and my palm, a place that never fails to turn me on. I shift against the couch to try and relieve the pressure that is building between my legs. I moan softly as you put your arm around me. It surprises me every time to be affected so quickly by you. Just being near you. Listening to your voice. It turns me on.

Just as I finally rein in my want for you, I feel your lips caress the soft skin below my ear lobe shattering every thought I had in my head. My eyes close on their own and I can't help but suck in a breath. As I debate whether to push you away or not, you whisper the one thing that puts everything into motion. "Mm, I want you Sarah."

My body acted on it's own. Those simple words had me pushing the blanket off of our laps and had me climbing on top of you, settling my knees on either side of your legs. My smile gets bigger as I lean forward and kiss you deeply. I twirl my tongue around yours in a duel of desire, sparring and parrying sexily. Your hands tense against my hips, stilling my unconscious rubbing. Pulling back, I look into your eyes. I cock my eyebrow and give you a sexy smirk. I giggle quietly as your hands slide up my sides, across the sides of my breasts and up my neck. You pull my lips back to yours and you kiss me, sucking on my bottom lip. I shift closer to you, bringing our bodies flush against each other. I moan against your lips. Grinding down again, I feel your hard cock and begin to try and tease you. Just one grind and you growl, "Baby!" I can't help but giggle and smile at you.

I slip from your lap and onto my knees in front of you. I bite my lip as I look up at you, perched in between your legs. Your eyes drop from my eyes to my lips and back again. I can see you are thinking of my mouth on your cock and I can't help but lick my lips at the thought. My mouth waters as I think about tasting you. Keeping our eyes locked, I unbutton and unzip your pants. I run my finger down the length of your cock through your boxer, making you close your eyes. I reach up and pull at your boxers, urging you to lift your hips. You oblige and I pull them off. I lick my lips again before reaching out. Taking you in my hand, I start watching my hand stroke your cock. Deliberate, slow strokes that have you trying to thrust into my hand faster. Each time you try, I stop completely. It frustrates you and makes you want me more. The tip of your cock is glistening with pre-cum.

Not being able to stop myself, I bend down and take you in my mouth. One stroke down, fully in my mouth. The salty taste of cum fills my mouth and makes me moan against your cock. My pussy begins aching in earnest as my mouth slides off your cock slow. Keeping my mouth on the tip of your cock, I tease you with my tongue. Looking up at you I twirl my tongue around you, alternating between sucking gently and twirling my tongue. With a wink, I slide my mouth down the length of you again and slide my hand down to play with your balls. As soon as I make contact, you moan my name, causing a clench of all my muscles below my waist. I pull back and place kisses down the length of your cock. My mouth starts teasing your balls. My tongue flicking across the sensitive skin. I can't help but run my tongue up the underside of your cock before flicking my tongue across the tip of your cock again.

Just as I was about to slide you fully into my mouth again, you pull me up your body. My breasts grazing your cock and then up your stomach and chest. My nipples harden at the contact. You shift us quickly, my back on the couch, you posed over me. I can't help but bite my bottom lip as your hands slide down to my hips. With a fierce tug, you pull off my capri pants. A huge grin settles on your face when you see I don't have any panties on. You tug off your shirt before leaning down to place a warm kiss on my knee. My legs spread for you automatically as you kiss down my thigh. I watch as you place each kiss, your tongue darting against my soft skin. The moment your mouth makes contact with my pussy I moan loudly. Your fingers make the same trek down my thigh as your tongue flicks my clit. I lift my hips, urging you to go faster, but you don't. You gently tease me with your lips and tongue. Slowly building me up. Your other hand slides up my stomach and up my shirt. The roughness of your hand against my breast makes me arch my back.

You pinch my nipple as your tongue slides gently into my pussy. "Oh Josh!" I moan softly as you roughly lick the roof of my pussy. My nipples harden more as you replace your tongue with your finger, fucking me slowly as you lap at my clit. I place my hand on the back of your head urging you to continue. "Please Josh! Please fuck me." It came out as just a whisper, but it had the affect I was looking for. You stand up, looking down at me. I sit up and yank my shirt off before jumping into you, meshing our bodies. Giggling, I kiss you deeply, twirling our tongues again. Tasting myself on your lips heightens my desire for you.

Your hands slide down my body, settling on my hips before lifting me. Our lips are still locked as you shove me onto your cock. I moan into your lips as I wrap my legs around you, squeezing you with my muscles in pleasure. I open my eyes as you start moving backwards. Colliding into the wall, our bodies jar with the impact. Our eyes collide again as you turn us around, my back against the wall. Using the wall to help support me, you lean back and watch as your cock slides in and out of my aching wet pussy. Fucking me roughly, my breasts bounce with each thrust. I close my eyes and bite my lip at the sensations taking over my body. The cool air caressing my breasts, keeping my nipples hard. The smooth wall sliding against the skin of my back. Your hands gripping my hips as you thrust into me. The friction of your cock against the wetness of my pussy, against my g-spot. Your movements slow and you start fucking me slowly and gently. Leaning closer, your tongue darts across my bottom lip causing me to smile.

A stop of movement has my eyes jerk open. I am just about to ask as your lips cover mine in a sweet kiss. You move us towards the table and I can't help but smile more into your lips. The wood of the table is cold compared to the wall as you lay me down on it, never slipping out of me. I moan and arch my back. Your hands slip up my legs, pulling them straight. I look up at you, running my hands up my stomach to my breasts. Caressing the soft skin. Slowly running my hands around my breasts, squeezing them gently. The only movement you are making is your eyes following my hands. I close my eyes and relish the feel of my hands sliding against my skin and the feel of your cock stretching me. My muscles milk your cock as you watch me. I hear a deep moan and I look at you. The desire for me is written all over your face. Your eyes are black with lust as you start moving. Your hard cock pounding into my aching pussy. Your hands gripping my thighs roughly, leaving white marks. Our eyes stay connected as your fuck me. The pressure is so intense that my hand skims down my body to my clit. The moment I touch myself it is too much.

My eyes close and I start gasping for air. My body is shaking. I bite my lip and moan your name. Your lips kiss my ankle as the pressure from my finger on my clit and the feel of your cock slamming into me takes me over. I scream your name as my pussy clenches your cock. "Oh Sarah!" Your body shudders and you continue to pump into me as you come. Making both of us ride out our orgasms roughly and intensely. You allow my legs to fall to each side of you before leaning down to kiss me. Sweetly, you place kisses across my jaw to just below my ear. I moan and arch against you before giggling. That was the smallest action that started this. I glance towards the television and see the movie was over. "Josh!" was all I said before wrapping my arms and legs completely around you. I couldn't help but smile since it did turn out to be a great movie.

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