tagNovels and NovellasGen's Longest Journey Ch. 01

Gen's Longest Journey Ch. 01


Gen worked late that night. She was always working late - sometimes it seemed to her that the whole fate of the company was on her shoulders. Write letters to here, fax there, oh and if can you just finish that 200 page dossier by tomorrow morning at 9am that would be great. "Bastards" she thought. It was nearly 10pm by the time she got out of the door of the little suburban law firm where she worked.

She thought about hailing a cab, as it was so late, but after a quick check realised that funds wouldn't allow it – so it was either get the bus or walk the 5 miles or so to her house. No contest, really.

The bus was practically empty when it pulled up. It was a double decker, and just for a better view of the journey, she decided to go up top and at the front. She was vaguely aware of a young couple sitting at the back – the young lad smiled at her, she smiled thinly back.

Sitting down, she noticed that she could see the couple through the reflected mirror that the driver uses to check the top deck. They were giggling, the girl was obviously a little worse for drink... she heard "Stop it! We can't... not now... wait..." from the girl's voice. Gen watched through the mirror, not looking round.

"It's okay" said the young man, "Nobody can see us... look, she's sitting way up there with her back to us... carry on... please..." he whispered. One thing Gen always had going for her was that she had exceptional hearing. It helped in her line of work.

The next sound she heard was unmistakable. It was the sound of a zipper coming down!

"That's it baby, yes..." the young man whispered again.

Gen froze! She daren't look round, but she didn't need to anyway. She got a perfectly good view of the young lad's cock disappearing into the blonde's mouth as she bent over and sucked on him hungrily. He had his arm around her back reaching over, she couldn't see where it was, but from the noises & movements the young blonde was making she guessed his fingers must surely be embedded in her pussy.

Gen tried to process this information. There was no doubt she was getting flustered, there was a strong smell of wet pussy pervading the upper deck, but she couldn't be sure if it was the young girl's or her own that was intoxicating her. Almost involuntarily, she put her hand down to her crotch and held it there... bucking her hips as imperceptively as she could. The young girl, meanwhile, had lost all pretence of shyness and was sucking furiously on the boy's handsome sized dick – while he grabbed her head forcibly with both hands and roughly fucked her mouth onto it. The young girl seemed to enjoy the roughness more, Gen thought to herself as she watched.

Just at that moment, the bus came to an abrupt halt. There was the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. At first Gen thought it was the driver coming up to admonish her, having seen her press her cunt with her hand. But the next voice put paid to that.

"You dirty little fuckers!" the driver shouted at the couple at the back of the bus. "You're not doing that on my bus! Get the hell off now before I call the police."

He was a big bloke, and rather threatening looking, and the couple had no desire for a fight. Blushing and embarrassed, they hurriedly adjusted themselves as they moved quickly off the bus – the young lad covering his head as the driver administered a hard slap as he went past. "Dirty little bastard!" he shouted.

Gen watched out the window as the young couple moved away quickly, arm in arm, using each other for support like they each had difficulty walking by themselves. Well, he obviously did... his cock was still visibly hard and uncomfortable-looking in his jeans as he walked.

The driver turned to Gen, and his face softened somewhat. "I'm really sorry about that ma'am.", he said. "We get them sometimes at night... pissed up kids on God knows what, usually they start trashing the seats... this was a new one on me. Again, very sorry. If you call the head office, I'm sure they'll offer you a free pass or something. Are you okay, ma'am."

"I'm fine", Gen answered meekly, still watching the young couple move away. She noticed that the girl's blouse was undone by a couple of buttons, and her tight short skirt was hiked up enough that her stocking tops were showing.

The driver went back downstairs and started the bus up again. Gen sat in stunned silence, looking out of the window for the rest of the journey. The bus stopped a few more times. People got on. Then they got off again. The bus journey returned to normal. By the time the bus finally reached her stop, she was beginning to wonder if what she had witnessed had even happened or not. The wink the driver gave her as she thanked him when she got off the bus told her otherwise, however.

"Remember" he called after her. "Call the head office. I'm sure they can sort you out". Gen waved distractedly back at him as she unsteadily made her way to her house. She felt the cold night air bracing on her face, which still felt flushed. The memories of what she had seen, and how it had turned her on came flooding back to her She knew her cunt was soaking wet, she could feel the juices itching her thighs as she walked unsteadily homewards. She'd never really thought of herself as voyeuristic before, but... well, when you don't get any, you take it where you can.

Once inside, she wasted no time. Ignoring the pile of bills & junk mail on the floor, she walked purposefully into the living room, threw her bag on the sofa and headed straight for the bedroom, unbuttoning her white satin blouse as she walked unsteadily.

She wondered if the young couple she had seen had made it as far as their bedroom. Maybe they collapsed together on the floor in the hallway as soon as they entered their place, him with his jeans around his knees, her below him, legs spread wide apart, grabbing his arse with both hands as they thrust against each other, grunting like animals. Or perhaps they didn't even make it back to their house, and ducked into an alleyway where he could hike up her skirt again and ram his hard cock inside her... fucking her like the lucky little horny slut that she was.

Dirty thoughts like these rolled round and around Gen's brain. This was so unlike her, she knew, but she couldn't help it. Her cunt was on fire, consumed as she was by thoughts of the horny young couple from the bus. As she walked up the stairs her hand moved onto her pussy, pressing against it as though she were trying to keep it from exploding. Somehow, she made it to the bed and threw herself on it - lying on her back she hiked her skirt up quickly and flicked off her soaking wet panties. Immediately, her hand was back on her pussy, as she rubbed feverishly, making her clit swell into a round exposed bud. Her top was open, and her other hand pushed hard inside her bra - tugging at her nipples, causing her to cry out in a mixture of pain and exhilaration. God, she needed this!

Reaching into the top drawer of her bedside cabinet, she pulled out a large 9" dildo. She imagined this was the young lad's giant cock, pretending she was the lucky girl on the bus who was about to get fucked senseless. She wanted to lick up and down the shaft, to worship him... take him deep into her mouth, but her feverously wet pussy had other ideas. She didn't want "nice", she wanted to be fucked - roughly - so she denied herself the pleasure of being teased.

"God, fuck me now, don't wait... shove it in!!" she cried, as she hurriedly positioned the massive tool at the entrance to her soaking wet cunt. "Now! Fuck my cunt NOW!" she gnarled at the dildo, pretending it was attached to her sexy young lad on the bus rather than her hand. With one hard thrust, she hauled the dildo deep inside of her.

"Unnnnggghhhhh!!!" she grunted, feeling the tip of it touch the entrance to her womb as she writhed around on the bed, using both hands to fuck herself furiously with the rubber cock. With long, sharp, strokes she pushed and pulled - gripping the toy with her vaginal muscles and soaking it with her slimy cunt juice that was flowing uncontrollably now.

"Fuck me! Fucking hell, give it me, ram it hard up my cunt..." she babbled, thrusting it in and out, in and out, over and over as she screamed at the top of her lungs. She pictured the young couple again, the girl eagerly sucking on the boy's ample manhood, his fingers buried inside her wet pussy... imagining them fucking, on the floor, on the stairs, in their bed, against a wall, from behind, hard hard fucking, oh God, from behind... from behind...

Quickly, she flipped over onto her front and stuck her arse in the air. Reaching below her, she moved the dildo to her cuntlips again and thrust it deep inside of her womb. She would usually cum quickly this way - the depth of penetration was so great that she often couldn't stand it. Over and over she rammed it in and out of her soaking wet cunt, grunting and groaning as she did so.

"Oh Tom, fuck me deep, treat me like a little slut, my cunt is so horny for your cock!" she cried - deciding to name the young lad Tom. "Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Ungh!" she shouted - ramming the dildo in and out of her pussy rhythmically to the words she chanted, feeling her orgasm approaching fast.

She imagined the girl hanging on for dear life as "Tom" savagely fucked her from behind like this, with deep, hard strokes. She spanked her arse cheeks hard as she thrust the cock in and out of her cunt. "Oh yes Tom, spank my fucking arse, I've been such a naughty girl today... sucking your cock on the bus!... so naughty... so fucking naughty..." she cried, helplessly lost in the fantasy.

"Fuck me, fuck me... fuck... ungh...ungh!" she whimpered, as she convulsed uncontrollably on the bed. She fell sideways, with the large dildo still embedded in her cunt, and ended up on on her back as her orgasm ripped through her body, racking her to the point where she lay shaking but satisfied for several minutes.

"Jeeeesus!" she laughed at herself, finally. "I've never done that before!"

She pulled the giant dildo slowly, gingerly, out of her pussy and brought it up to her mouth as she lay on her back. Flicking the end with her tongue, she then opened her mouth wide and put her whole mouth over the end of it. It was far too big for her to suck properly, but she loved the taste of the rubber end soaked in her cunt cream. She licked up and down the shaft, then idly moved it onto her breasts and stroked her nipples with the tip of the cock. She sighed happily, and enjoyed the sensation - head still spinning from her rampant self-fucking she'd just experienced.

Self fucking. Go fuck yourself. This is what they mean, she thought. I need a real man, with a real cock. Someone to fuck me senseless - to treat me like a slut and a princess at the same time.

Of course she'd had dates. She was an attractive woman - early 30s, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a petite but well proportioned figure. But they were all too "nice". Respectful. So damned respectful sometimes it made her want to scream! She needed someone with an 'edge', someone who would treat her roughly at times, someone she could love so much she could truly submit to. Or, if not love, at least be turned on by enough.

Maybe tomorrow, she thought, as she drifted off to sleep.

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