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GhostHunters: The Old Brothel


In a black van with yellow letters spelling "TAPS," Grant sits in the passenger seat as Jason drives to the location of their next investigation. Tango is driving the other TAPS van with Steve and a new investigator, Carrie, as his passengers. While the seasoned TAPS investigators are wearing clothing featuring the TAPS logo, Carrie is wearing a jeans and a tight, pink t-shirt. Twisting her long blonde hair around a finger, Carrie is consumed with nervous energy. She's excited, yet apprehensive about her first investigation.

Over the walkie talkies, Grant informs the group about their next investigation.

"We're headed to the sunny coast of Florida to investigate an old brothel. Of course, this is not the first brothel that we have investigated, but this site has an interesting mix of activity. There are reports of full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, and a succubus, which is the first that I've heard of that kind of reported activity on an investigation."

Tango gasped in disbelief.

"What's a succubus?" Carrie asks Steve and Tango.

"A succubus is a demonic, female spirit that seduces men," Steve explains.

"Oh, well, I guess I don't have to worry about that," Carrie shrugs.

After the long drive from their last investigation in their trip to haunted sites around the United States, the team is relieved to pull into the parking lot next to their next target. A slender, older woman with long, gray hair greets them in front of the old, white building. The seasoned team members know better than to judge a building by its appearance, so they pay little attention to the creaking, wrought iron gate, overgrown bushes, and vines growing against the brothel.

"Hello. I'm Joan, the owner of the property," the woman says as she shakes the hands of the TAPS members.

"Hello. I'm Jason. This is Grant. We're the founders of TAPS," Jason, a bear of a man, says.

"I'm Tango," the lankiest of the bunch steps forward and introduces himself.

"Hello. I'm Steve. This is Carrie," Steve says.

Carrie steps forward and shakes the woman's hand.

"You be careful, dear," the woman says to Carrie as they shake hands.

Carrie looks at Tango as if searching for clarification as to the meaning of the woman's warning. Tango shrugs, then motions for Carrie to help him begin to unload the equipment from the vans.

Steve, the tech manager, accompanies Grant and Jason on a tour of the old brothel given by Joan.

"We've been doing extensive remodeling," Joan says as she leads Jason, Grant, and Steve up the front steps. Her high heels click-clack on the marble floor of the foyer as they enter. They stand in the large foyer as Joan points to the area near the staircase.

"People have reported seeing women, most likely prostitutes, standing in the area next to the staircase. They were described to me as white figures dressed in short dresses and high heels. I was told that when this place was a brothel, the women would greet their visitors here in the foyer," Joan says.

"Do they ever say anything or interact with anyone?" Jason asks.

"No, I never heard of that happening in here. There is some interaction occurring in two of the bedrooms," Joan explains.

"Okay, let's check those out," Grant suggests.

They walk up the old stairs and through a hallway lined with several doors. The crimson carpet is barely visible under a layer of dust. Some of the walls have obviously been rebuilt, while others remain in a state of disrepair.

"What are your plans for this place?" Steve asks.

"Oh, I had wanted to restore it and turn it into a historical B&B. Some of my friends suggested that I capitalize on its reputation for being haunted. If your investigation shows that the place is haunted, I may do that. But, I would be happy either way. It's been a dream of mine to run a B&B and the layout and architecture of this property makes it perfect for that," Joan explains.

Joan opens a door to a large bedroom. They step inside the room, which is currently unfurnished. Old, heavy drapes on the windows are the only fixtures.

"This is Martha's room. Martha was the most popular prostitute here. I was told that she loved what she did, though there was a sense of sadness in her expressions. Some of the older gentlemen have even asked to see this room. I never had the nerve to ask if they had known Martha, but I assume some of them had. Martha was murdered in her bed one night. The owner of the brothel blamed one of the brothel's patrons, but some think that a few of the other girls murdered her out of jealousy," Joan informs them.

"What kind of activity do you have here?" Jason asks.

"Some of the workers stayed later than usual one night and they reported hearing moaning and crying from this room. One night, one of the workers was grabbed, um, in his privates. They won't stay late anymore."

The men laughed.

"She grabbed him down, um," Steve struggles to find appropriate words to use.

"On his penis," Joan whispers.

The men jokingly cover themselves as they move to the next area of the tour. They approach the door at the end of the hall.

"This is sad, really. This is the room of a friend of the family who owned this property before I acquired it. He was a bit of a loner, though you wouldn't know it because he was always talking. The family felt sorry for him and let him stay here. Rumor has it that he paid his rent with monopoly money, but the family would never concede to that. Eventually, a friend of this man moved in with him. They ended up fighting day and night until, well, the man died and his friend fled from the area. No one knows what really happened. It looked like a suicide, so it was written off as such," Joan recounts.

"So, this man would talk to himself a lot?" Jason asks

"Yes, well, he was a writer and he claimed to have a staff working for him. I suppose he thought he was giving orders to his staff. But, he would talk to anyone who would listen. He talked to me once. He was a nice, though delusional, man with unfortunate skin. He claimed to be a great writer and a bit of a ladies' man, though I don't know of anything he ever wrote," Joan says.

"And this was his room?" Steve asks.

"Yes, I left it the way it was. You see the odd cardboard castle in the middle of the room. And see that closet there?" Joan asks as she pointed to a white door with "Gabby's Room" sparsely marked on it in dark red paint or blood. "I'm afraid to look in there," Joan admits.

"Do you mind?" Jason asks Joan as he steps toward the door.

"You may," Joan says as she covers her eyes.

Jason flings the door open, revealing the body of a woman hanging from a noose in the doorway. Her red mouth is gaping and her blue eyes are wide open. Startled, he yells, and steps back several feet. Joan shrieks in response to Jason's yell. Shaking, Jason returns to the closet and examines the figure.

"Wait, that's not a real woman," Grant says.

"No. Oh, my God. It's a blow up doll," Jason says.

"What?" Steve laughs.

"He's right," Grant said as he moves closer to investigate.

"It's a what?" Joan asks.

Jason and Grant look at each other. They start laughing as they struggle with trying to figure out how to explain this item to the proper woman.

"It's a doll... designed for lonely men," Jason tenderly explains.

"Oh! Oh, my," the woman says as her face turns red.

"Jason, look at the bottom of the closet. I think those rumors were right," Grant says.

At the bottom of the closet was a colorful hoard of Monopoly money.

"This is bizarre," Steve states the obvious.

"What kind of activity has been reported in this room?" Jason asks Joan.

"I'm feeling nauseous in this room. Can we step out in the hallway to discuss the activity?" Steve suggests.

Once in the hallway, Joan begins telling the group about varies occurrences reported to her.

"The workers and I have heard moaning and a voice in that room, but we can't understand what it's saying. The family warned me of a succubus that supposedly lurks in that room. I would just like to make sure that there is nothing that could be harmful. That room is much too small for a guest room for the B&B, so I will probably use it as a linen closet. But, I want to make sure that no activity would pose a threat to the guests," Joan explains.

"Did the family mention why they think there's a succubus here?" Grant asks.

"They said that this was the bedroom of their teenage son. Sometimes, he would awake during the night, sweating, with the sensation that a woman was having sex with him. The son claims to have seen the figure which he described as a red, almost translucent, naked woman with long, dark hair. He described her as beautiful and scary."

Joan shows Grant, Jason, and Steve the rest of the house. She notes areas of cold spots and places that seem to invoke paranoia and a sense of dread. When they finish the tour, Joan leaves them for the night.

Steve directs Tango and Carrie in setting up the infrared cameras in the hot spots of the property. The digital video recorder (DVR) system is set up inside the van. They use the DVR system to monitor the infrared cameras and record the video footage. After setting up the cameras, the team is ready for lights out.

The Investigation

With all the lights out, the TAPS investigators split up into teams of two.

"Let Carrie and I do some EVP work in the small bedroom so I can show her how it is done. Then, you and Tango can do your investigating," Grant suggests to Steve.

Steve nods in agreement. Grant and Carrie enter the house and walk to the small bedroom.

"Okay, let's just sit on the floor in here and be still for a minute, then we'll do some EVP work," says Grant.

They sit on the dirty floor, allowing themselves to feel the energy in the room. After several minutes in silent darkness, Grant begins the EVP session.

"E.V.P. means electronic voice phenomena. A digital recorder can sometimes pick up voices that otherwise cannot be heard. Some believe that these voices are the voices of entities," Grant explains.

Grant talks into the digital recorder to begin. "This is Grant and Carrie in the small bedroom."

"Now, we just take turns asking questions to try to provoke a response from the entity," Grant explains to Carrie.

"Is there anyone here with us?" Grant asks.

"What's your name?" Carrie asks after a pause.

"What would you do if I stole your Monopoly money?" Grant asks.

"Do you like it here?" Carrie asks.

"Sometimes, we provoke an entity to encourage a response," Grant informs Carrie. "Are you there? You think you were something special? Some kind of writer! You were a loser. If you got something to say, now is your chance."

After a brief pause, Carrie and Grant leave the property. They return to the van where Jason is sitting in front of the DVR monitor.

Steve chooses to do his investigation with Tango because he is dying to see his reaction to Gabby's room. Steve suggests that they go to that small bedroom and do an EMF sweep.

"EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency. A high EMF reading can cause paranoia, hallucinations, nausea, even skin irritation," Steve explains.

As they walk past Martha's room, Steve covers his cock with his hands.

"What are you doing?" Tango asks.

"Oh, nothing," Steve smirks.

They begin their EMF sweep in the small bedroom. The EMF detector is reacting strongly to the entire room. Upon further inspection, they find extremely high EMF spikes near and around the aging outlets in the room.

"Old wiring," Tango mutters.

"These readings are really high. The woman that owns this place said the guy who stayed in this room was delusional. Oh, and she said that he had 'unfortunate skin.' I wonder if his mental problems were from the high EMF," Steve tells Tango.

"Really? And high EMF can cause skin rashes, right?" Tango asks.

"Yeah. I wonder if that's what he had. I mean, when she described his behavior, it was really funny, but sad too," Steve says.

Steve uses a thermal imaging camera to check the room. A thermal imaging camera reads heat signatures. While doing a thermal sweep of the room, Steve notices a small indication of heat near the window sill. Heat has a tendency to reflect off surfaces, so any anomalies are carefully checked by the investigators.

Steve puts the camera down and inspects the window sill. He shrieks like a girl and runs from it.

"What?" Tango asks.

"There's a spider!" Steve says, pointing to the window sill.

"I can't believe you! How can you be so terrified of spiders," Tango chastises.

"Yeah, you're right. I should be brave. Hey, is that a closet? Open that up and check it," Steve says while trying not to laugh.

Tango walks to the closet door and opens it. His light reflects from the face and tangled hair of the blow up doll. Tango screams and retreats from the room.

"Tango!" Steve yells after him between his fits of roaring laughter. "Tango! It's a doll!"


"It's a doll! A blow up doll!" Steve assures him.

Tango returns to the closet.

"Oh, that's just sick! He hung a blow up doll in the closet?" Tango says in disgust.

"I dare you to touch it. I'll give you $20 if you put your finger in its mouth," Steve wages.

"Are you crazy?" Tango responds. "That's just gross."

"$40?" Steve says.

"Hell, no. I ain't doing it, Steve."

"Fine, let's get out of this room. Let's go see Martha," Steve suggests.

"Who's Martha?" Tango asks.

Steve relays the story of Martha to Tango as they walk to her room. Again, Steve covers his cock as they enter the room. Tango scrutinizes him, but continues. Once inside the room, Tango retrieves his digital audio recorder and speaks into it.

"Tango and Steve in Martha's room," he says into the recorder.

"Okay, let's sit on the floor and do some EVP work," Steve says.

"Is there anyone here with us?" Tango asks.

"Is Martha here?" Steve asks the darkness of the room.

"Do you like it here? Why are you here?" Tango asks.

"Can you give us a sign of your presence? Could you touch my friend, Tango? I know you like to touch men."

After a short pause, Tango jumps up from the floor.

"Steve, something just got fresh with me!" Tango yelled.

"She touched you?" Steve asks.

"Yeah, I guess. I don't know if it was her, but something just grabbed my cock!"

Steve laughed. "It was her."

"You knew about this?" Tango says while removing his TAPS baseball hat and swatting Steve with it.

"She was a prostitute. I guess she misses it," Steve theorizes.

"I wonder how far she'd go?"

"Martha, my friend, Tango, is lonely. Could you help him?" Steve asks.

"What? Why does it gotta be me?" Tango asks, glaring at Steve. "Oh, my God! She's touching me. I'm feeling a lot of cold and some pressure on my hips and..."

Tango's pants fall to the floor.

"Aaah! No way, Steve! This is too crazy!" Tango says as he scrambles to pull his pants back up.

"Tango! She likes you! How many people could say they've had sex with a ghost?"

"Then, you do it!" Tango retorts.

"Come on, Tango. In the interest of science?" Steve provokes.

"Hell, no. You do it," Tango says.

"Fine. I have to know how far this would go. I'm sorry, Martha, that my friend rejected you. I'm here. I heard you were a favorite. You must have enjoyed being with men. If you miss it, I'm here," Steve invites her.

Steve feels a coldness surround him. Within a minute, his pants and boxers are on the floor. Steve grips his sides to resist the urge to stop the action.

"She's touching my cock. She.. She.. I think she's giving me head. There's a tightness around my cock, moving up and down. It feels so weird. It's cold, but I have to admit that it's sexually very hot."

Tango watches Steve's erect cock moving slightly under some sort of pressure. Steve groans quietly.

"This is crazy," Tango says.

"Crazy and hot," Steve moans.

Flailing, Steve stumbles backwards until his back hits the wall.

"What was that? What happened?" Tango asks.

I felt her arms around my neck and more pressure around my hips. It freaked me out for a second," Steve admits.

"She's trying to fuck you!" Tango says.

"Gee, ya think?" Steve responds sarcastically. "I'm sorry, Martha. I'm sorry I stumbled. I'll lean against the wall. I'm okay now. You feel so good. Can we try it again?"

After a minute of silence, Steve starts groaning in the darkness.

"Is she back?" Tango whispers.

"Oh, yeah," Steve moans. "Oh. Oh. She's on me. She's got her arms around me. I think her legs are around my hips. She's actually on my cock. I feel her. My cock is inside her. Oh, man! It's hard to explain. Oh, it feels so good. She's squeezing my cock. I feel her bouncing on my cock." Steve says as he starts thrusting his hips in the darkness. "Oh, God. There's pressure, like being inside a tight woman."

Steve moans as he feels the phantom pussy of his ghostly lover gliding up and down the shaft of his hard cock. The pressure around his cock is increasing. Steve feels the impending orgasm. The squeeze on his cock is becoming too intense.

"Oh, baby. Ow, damn. Can you not squeeze so hard? You're hurting me. And can I see you? Can you try to manifest?" Steve requests.

"Are you sure you want to see her? She could be hideous," Tango warns.

"Shut up, Tango," Steve says through gritted teeth.

The squeezing doesn't decrease. The hold on his cock becomes tighter. A flash of red in the dark room reveals that Steve's lover is not Martha, the beloved prostitute, but the demonic succubus. If it was Martha, she would be a luminous, white figure. The fiery red glow highlights a shapely female figure with flowing ebony hair partially covering her large, pert breasts. In shock, Tango grips the doorway.

"Oh, God!" Steve screams as he attempts to pry the figure off his body. "Tango! Help!"

Tango rushes to Steve's aid. The succubus screeches and clings to Steve. Tango and Steve dodge most of the succubus' fitful scratching. Tango pulls one of the succubus' legs from Steve's hip. Steve pushes the succubus' flat stomach away from his body. The succubus has one arm wrapped tightly around Steve's neck. After a short, but exhausting, struggle, they manage to pry the succubus from Steve's body. With a hellish screech loud enough to hurt their ears, the red glow fades into the darkness as it vanishes. With a sore cock and a bleeding scratch across his chest, Steve grabs his clothing and runs from the room. Tango follows Steve down the staircase and out of the house.

Jason, Grant, and Carrie are in the van. They had watched the horrific scene as projected to the screen of the DVR. Jason and Grant rush out of the van to Tango and Steve. They met in front of the property. Shaking, Steve struggles to put on his boxers and pants.

Jason is visibly upset with the succubus, but decides not to confront the demon without the help of a demonologist. They tend to Steve's scratch, which had penetrated his now tattered shirt. They decide to wait until daylight to pack up their equipment. The first light of dawn was a welcome sight for all.

"Okay, let's wrap it up and get out of here," Jason announces.

They break down the equipment and quickly pack the van. With multiple sighs of relief, they drive to their hotel and attempt to get some sleep.

The Analysis

Steve and Tango sit at a table arranged with two laptops and the paranormal investigation equipment.

"We've got a lot to sort through. We've got the DVR, wireless audio, and thermal information to sift through," Steve states.

Tango dons his red headphones and concentrates on the auditory recordings. After a few minutes of mocking Tango's red headphones, Steve turns his attention to the recorded video. During the hours of analysis, Steve and Tango share their findings with each other.

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