tagLesbian SexGoing Goth Ch. 03

Going Goth Ch. 03


Keri Crawford was being fucked bowlegged and enjoying every second of it. The churning hips of her strap-on wearing big sister and her best friend were reaming her pussy and asshole like pistons in an engine block. They had been at it for several minutes now and their youthful energies were beginning to flag as they sought the mind blowing orgasms they craved.

She and her older sister Brittany were exchanging sloppy, open mouthed kisses as Brittany mauled Keri's dangling breasts, thrusting her dildo up and deep inside her sisters gushing cunt. Keri's best friend Teri, who was also Brittany's lover, clung tightly to Keri's hips fucking her friend's asshole in a frenzy of lust.

With the ridges on the inside of the strap-on harnesses rubbing their aching clits with each thrust, Brittany and Teri were well on their way to their own orgasms, but they wanted Keri to cum first as she was obviously enjoying being filled to bursting in both her holes and wanted to make the experience like nothing she had ever felt before.

"Ahhhhhh ...FUCK!" Keri shrieked as her orgasm exploded within her shivering body. "Yeeeeeee..." Brittany howled, her sister's climax setting off her own and Teri was right with them, screaming incoherently as her own orgasm shook her like an earth tremor.

The three froze in place for a second, stunned by the intensity of their cumming, then slumped forward in a tangle of sweaty, cum covered bodies and limbs, hair plastered to their faces, eyes wide, and chests heaving as they gasped for breath.


"It's awfully quiet all of a sudden," Leslie whispered as she and Susan crept down the upstairs hall toward the bedrooms. "I guess we missed the fun."

"They're young, strong and horny," Susan whispered back, "They'll be at it again in no time."

Susan cautiously tried the doorknob to Keri's room, it was dark and empty; Brittany's door was locked. She inserted the master key and slowly turned it, the lock opening with a dull click. Susan eased the door open and they peeked in.

Three naked bodies were sprawled together on Brittany's bed, barely visible in the dim light, breathing heavily, punctuated by the occasional moan. The mother's grinned at each other, tiptoed inside and stood on each side of the bed. Susan nodded at Leslie who turned on the bed side lamp.

"What do you girls think you're doing?" Susan said sternly as the girls jerked awake, wide eyed.

"Just fucking, mom," Keri blurted, always quick with a response.

Leslie burst into laughter and Susan followed suit. The sight of their naked daughters tangled together on the crumpled cum soaked sheets, bodies shiny with sweat, dildos protruding like giant pointing fingers, hair plastered on their faces was comical beyond measure.

Stunned at first and then relieved by their mother's reactions at finding them in such a situation, the girls joined in the laughter until all were coughing and tearing up and had to stop. Susan and Leslie found places to sit on the bed as the girls untangled themselves and sat up, grinning like fools. Brittany and Teri unbuckled their strap-ons and tossed them on the floor as Keri leaned against her mother, worn out from her exertions.

"Looks as if you three have been having fun," Susan said, hugging Keri, "We could hear you clear downstairs."

"How long have you guys been here," Brittany asked, still amazed by the casual attitudes of her mother and Mrs. Dean at finding them like this.

"Not long, dear," Susan replied. "We've been over at Leslie's house getting acquainted."

Leslie giggled at the remark, adding "We've found that we have a lot in common, haven't we Suze?"

"I thought you guys would be shitting bricks finding us like this," Teri said, getting to the heart of the matter as usual.

"At another time, I probably would have fainted or had a screaming fit," Leslie said as Teri cuddled against her, "However Susan here has shown me the error of my ways, so to speak, and now I'm cool with it."

It was Susan's turn to giggle at her friend and new lovers abrupt change in attitude; 'Nothing like a few orgasms to change a woman's mind' she thought and smiled at Leslie who smiled back.

The girls were looking back and forth as each woman spoke still trying to figure out exactly what was going on between their mothers and why were they being so cool about this? Most parents would be freaking out by now, screaming and yelling and threatening all manner of dire consequences. It was all very puzzling.

"You must be hungry after your little romp," Susan said. "C'mon downstairs with us and I'll make sandwiches." She and Leslie strolled out of the room holding hands.

The girls put on robes and padded barefoot after them, curious and also hungry. Mom, as usual, was always right.


After eating and making small talk, the girls and their mothers adjourned to the family room to talk about everything. The girls had immediately noticed how affectionate their mothers were to each other, giving little caresses and talking sweetly in low tones. When they seated themselves, Susan and Leslie snuggled together in a large chair with their arms around one another. Leslie laid her head on Susan's shoulder and Susan stroked her hair.

"What is it with you guys?" Keri said. "Are you in love or somethin'?"

"Yes, sweetie, we are," Susan replied. "Leslie and I have found each other and we feel complete. I know this comes as a surprise, but the three of you having a relationship was a surprise to us as well."

"Teri and I are in love too," Brittany said, "And we both love Keri. We're going to college together and Keri is welcome to come with us if she wants to."

"That's sweet of you guys," Keri replied, "But I think I'll stick around here for a while. You need time alone to get used to each other and I'd just be in the way. That doesn't mean we can't fuck on occasion, I really like that."

"Where are the dad's fitting into all of this?" Brittany asked. "Are you gonna tell 'em about Teri and I and about you two?"

Susan and Leslie looked at each other and Leslie said "We love our husbands very much, but what Suze and I share is special and we won't give the other up for anyone. We'll continue our relationships with our spouses, but we'll always be in love."

"As far as your relationships go," Susan continued, "As long as you're discreet around them, it's really none of their concern. They'll still love you as their children; they just don't need to know about your affections for each other. Frankly, I'm not sure they'd understand."

Keri laughed, "You two are something else. I never in a million years would have imagined this. It really is pretty cool that you enjoy eating pussy as much as we do."

Everyone laughed at her remark and they felt even more relaxed around each other. Being together in the chair was beginning to arouse Susan and Leslie in spite of their daughter's presence. Leslie began stroking Susan's shoulder and they looked at each other, the unspoken thought of having sex increasing by the minute.

"You girls certainly have an impressive collection of toys," Leslie said casually, "Would you mind if we looked at them now?"

Susan grinned; she knew where this was going.

"Sure, mom," Teri said excitedly, "Brit and I have some toys Keri hasn't seen yet either."

"I wanna see em'," Keri said, standing up, "Let's go."

The girls dashed upstairs, laughing and chattering, their mothers walking sedately behind, holding hands.


Brittany, Teri and Keri, being young and open minded, were already comfortable with their sexuality and their relationships with each other.

More profound in terms of attitude adjustment were the changes in both Susan and Leslie.

Susan had never totally forgotten the joys of Lesbian love and the intimacies she and JoAnne had shared so long ago were still fresh in her mind. Had it not been for that unfortunate incident at the sorority house she and Jo may have well been together today. Instead, she assumed a protective coloration in polite society and had two beautiful daughters to show for it.

When she first encountered Leslie in such an emotionally charged situation, she only wanted to calm things down and get on with her life. Yet when she was comforting the hysterical woman she sensed a kindred spirit and her desires for feminine companionship blazed anew.

Leslie's trembling acquiescence to her advances encouraged and thrilled her beyond measure and when they made love it was even more exciting than she remembered. She squeezed her lover's hand and the smile in return made her heart sing.

Leslie was giddy with a sense of freedom she had not felt before. Her strict upbringing and the societal circles she moved within as an adult only reinforced her severely judgmental standards as to what constituted proper behavior. She also sought to be as good a mother as possible, which resulted in her overprotective attitude towards Theresa as she was growing up. When she finally rebelled and adopted the Goth dress and lifestyle, Leslie was scandalized, but consoled herself that it was a phase she was growing through and soon she would become a proper young lady once again.

When she learned of her daughter's sexual preferences, she was devastated. Yet when she confronted Susan with the news, the way she reacted so calmly in comparison with her own agitation made a deep impression on Leslie. She was so upset and frightened and Susan had been so kind and comforting to her, she felt safe and warm and peaceful in the woman's arms.

When Susan had begun to kiss and caress her, Leslie felt as if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders and for the first time she truly felt love and desire for another person. When she and Susan had made love she felt complete at last and a bond formed between them that she had never felt with her husband. It was meant to be and she was enjoying it to the fullest.


Susan and Leslie were intrigued by the strap-on harnesses and selection of dildos and how they could further enhance their lovemaking. "I want you to fuck me with this one," Leslie said, holding the longest and thickest of the phalluses.

"Are you sure, babe?" Susan replied, "That's a monster. I might hurt you."

"I don't care if it hurts," Leslie said, "I want you to fuck me fast and hard and make me yours forever."

"I love you so much ..." Susan began, tears welling in her eyes.

"Mom?" said Brittany, "We need to ask you guys something."

"What is it?" Susan said, wiping her eyes.

"Could we ... umm ... maybe watch you guys when you fuck?"

Startled at her daughter's frank request, Susan hesitated and looked at Leslie who stood there expressionless, brows furrowed and jaw twitching. 'Oh, crap' Susan thought, 'they've gone too far this time.'

"If it's okay with Susan, it's okay with me," Leslie said, "I'm not ashamed of our love and if you girls want to see of how much we care for each other I think it would be nice."

Susan released the breath she'd been holding and hugged her lover saying "Let's go to my bed. It's bigger and we'll have more room to move around."

They gathered up the sex toys and went down the hall to the Master Bedroom which was large, bright and airy; dominated by a king sized bed with a pillow top mattress that made it look ten feet high. Susan and Leslie removed what clothing they wore, the girls noticing that neither had worn underwear, and draped it over a chair.

Susan turned down the comforter and top sheet and they climbed on and began to kiss and hug as if they were alone. The girls carried a dressing bench from the foot of the bed to one side and sat together whispering excitedly.

"Your mom's sooo hot," Teri said. "So's your's," Brittany replied. "They make a beautiful couple don't they?"

"Maybe they'll fuck us too," Keri added, "That would be so cool. I still can't believe this is happening. It's surreal."

The women had already forgotten their audience, so focused were they on each other. Leslie helped Susan fasten the harness around her hips and fasten the dark red phallus to it.

"This is a big one, babe," Susan said wiggling her hips so the false cock swayed menacingly. "We'll take it slow; I don't want to hurt you."

"We already discussed that," Leslie replied, lubing the dildo and her pussy, then lying back with her legs apart, "Now come and fuck your lover."

Susan motioned Leslie to lift her hips and slid a big pillow under her ass giving her a better angle for fucking. They were both trembling with excitement and desire as Susan moved between Leslie's silky thighs and wiggled the dildo's tip against her glistening slit making her giggle. The giggle became a gasp as the phallus slid in two inches, spreading Leslie's pussy lips wide apart.

"Omigawd," Leslie said, "It's so big. Ease it in me, baby, I want it all."

Leaning forward, Susan continued to push bit by bit until their pubic hair mingled; it was all the way in. Leslie was panting and moaning, getting used to the huge intruder deep inside her. Being so full was sending little shocks and thrills through her body and knowing Susan was making her feel this way made it all the more exciting.

Susan was directly over Leslie, arms stiff, palms flat on the mattress, breasts dangling in her lover's face. Leslie was looking up at her, eyes hooded, a half smile on her lips. "Fuck me, my love," she said softly, "Fuck me hard and make me yours forever."

They began to move, slowly at first, until they developed a rhythm pleasing to both of them; pubic mounds rubbing together with each thrust. Susan dropped down on her elbows and Leslie put her arms over her back and hooked her ankles around Susan's. Moving faster, their hips churned together, moaning happily at the sensations coursing through them.

The ridged pad on the harness, much to Susan's delight, rubbed her clit continuously as she fucked her lover harder and harder. Her arms were getting tired, so Susan lay flat on top of Leslie, their breasts mashing together, holding Leslie's shoulders as her arms tightened around Susan's back and they kissed hungrily as their hips churned and their fucking became more intense.

The room was filled with the sounds of their lovemaking; moans and groans and sighs of passion, the 'squish, squish, squish' sound of a pussy being royally fucked, the squeak of mattress springs and the rattle of the headboard against the wall.

Brittany, Teri and Keri had shed their robes and interlaced their bodies so they could kiss, caress and finger each other as they watched their mothers fucking, their own excitement rising by the second.

Susan and Leslie stopped kissing and rested their chins on the others shoulder, floating in a sea of lust and pleasure, fucking and being fucked, bodies shiny with sweat, each feeling their orgasms blooming deep inside them, wanting the other to cum first, wanting to please their lover then themselves.

"Ohgawd,yes,yes," Leslie shrieked, "Fuckmefuckmefuckme ... Yeeeeeee!" Her spine arched as her orgasm hit, lifting both of them clear of the mattress.

"Ahhhhhjesusfuckkkk ..." Susan screamed, her over stimulated clit setting off her own orgasm that swept through her like a flash flood. They continued to hump wildly until they climaxed again and collapsed in a sweaty heap, mewling and gasping for breath.

Their cries of release had all but drowned out their daughters squeals of joy as they climaxed together and lay slumped against each other, stunned by the sight of their mothers' cumming and their own orgasms.

"Omygawd, that was sooo fuckin' beautiful," Brittany said, breathlessly.

"So awesome," Teri added, kissing her cheek.

"I'm blown away, I really am," Keri concluded, resting her head on Brittany's shoulder. They untangled and went to cuddle with their mothers on the bed. Susan shifted her hips to pull the dildo from Leslie's cunt and they all lay together immersed in the afterglow.

"I'm thirsty," Keri said, sitting up, "I'll get us some water."

"I'll help," Teri said and they left the room.

"Mom, Ms. Dean ..." Brittany began.

"It's Leslie, dear."

"Uh ... Leslie ... is what we're doing wrong ... I mean having sex with each other like this, you're our mom's and Keri and I being sisters and all?"

"I know some people would say it is wrong for us to be doing this," Leslie began, "I at one time would have thought the same thing. Now I know it's merely another expression of the love and affection we have for one another. Sex between people of the same sex is a beautiful thing and thanks to your mother, I finally realize it."

"No one is being forced or coerced in our relationship," Susan continued, "We do it of our own free will and because we enjoy making the other happy. Happiness is the greatest gift one can give or receive from another person."

Brittany sighed, kissing them saying "I guess we're one big happy family, huh?"

"Here's drinks," Teri announced as she and Keri returned bearing bottles of water. They all quenched their thirst and lay caressing each other, relaxed and happy.

Five naked and sexually charged women in such close proximity could not remain idle for long as the caresses became more intimate and the kissing began as they became aroused.

Susan and Brittany began to explore each other as if meeting for the first time and in a way they were; not as mother and daughter, but new lovers learning the curves and swells and hollows and secret places of their partners bodies that excited them and made their passions rise.

Susan shivered in delight as Brittany made love to her, cupping her breasts, sucking and licking her stiff nipples, leaving a trail of kisses and licks down her body until she settled between Susan's creamy thighs, gripped her hips and began to lick and suck the engorged labial lips and the slick, pink flesh between them.

The taste and aroma of her mother's cunt was driving Brittany wild, she engulfed as much of the delicate flesh in her mouth as she could, greedily swallowing the flood of salty nectar as she burrowed her tongue deep inside the moist cleft, then sucking hard on the engorged clit above, loving the gasps and moans her ministrations were exacting from the woman she loved so much.

Susan closed her thighs against Brittany's head and tangled her fingers in her hair, holding her busy mouth tightly against her throbbing pussy, needing to cum and cum hard, hips jerking as her orgasm burned through her every nerve until her vision blurred and she ejaculated into Brittany's mouth, screaming in delight again and again as she was eaten into a second orgasm and collapsed sighing and mewling in blissful release.

Brittany scrambled up Susan's body to cuddle and kiss her while she shivered in the aftermath of her intensive climaxes, feebly returning Brittany's kisses feeling warm and satisfied in her loving arms. Recovering, she gently rolled Brittany on her back and began to return the favor.

Susan's lips and tongue on first her nipples, then her stomach and finally her pussy plunged Brittany into a red mist of desire that left her breathless with anticipation. "Ohhhh, yesss, lick me, suck, me, fuck me, make me cum, make me cum for you," she whimpered as Susan's fingers entered her gooey slit followed by her devouring mouth.

Brittany's back arched as she was eaten into a frenzy by her loving mother and since she was already fully aroused from eating Susan, she came almost immediately, jetting wave after wave of salty nectar into Susan's mouth as she gulped it down and went after more. "Omygawd yeesss!" Brittany shrieked cumming hard again and sinking back onto the mattress, gasping for breath, feeling warm and safe cradled in her mother's arms.

Leslie, Teri and Keri were also enjoying one another as they kissed and caressed and moved into various positions until Teri was between her mother's thighs feasting on her wet cunt and Keri was bouncing happily on Leslie's face, gripping the headboard as the older woman sucked and fingered her tight pussy and puckered asshole.

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