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Green Mother


This was her best pace yet. It had been a year since Lisa had been running, since before the car accident that left her with a broken femur. The rehab and the winter hadn't taken their toll on her body much, but it was still a battle to get back into running shape. With the onset of summer Lisa had decided to get back on the path. Or, rather, off the path.

She loved running through the woods, bounding over fallen trees and ducking around low branches. She felt like a wild animal, running free through the wilderness. Trail running, some called it. She called it freedom, both from a pair of crutches and from society. She was at least a mile into the forest from the small town she lived in when she decided to go through with her plan.

She stopped, breathless and looked around her casually, stretching so her muscles wouldn't cramp. A careful survey showed that there was no sign of civilization anywhere. Grinning sheepishly, she pulled her top off. The cool forest air brushed her chest as her bra followed her top. Firm A-cup breasts bounced free, her nipples instantly stiffening in the air. Not wanting to hesitate, Lisa pulled her running shorts and thong panties down in one swoop. In moments she was clad only in her running shoes. She shivered as a breeze brushed her shaven womanhood. She let her dark hair down from its ponytail and opened her arms wide, taking in the feel of nature.

She carefully rolled up her clothes and set them by a tree. She marked the tree with a red ribbon and continued running. She grinned as she did, feeling more free than she'd ever felt. She had wanted to run naked through the woods for years and her accident taught her not to squander moments. Now, she had finally gone through with it. The feeling was liberating and erotic. As she ran she could feel the air moving over her nipples and some moisture gathering in her crotch. After another mile of dodging trees and hurdling shrubs Lisa came to a small pool of water in a clearing. She stopped there, her pale skin glistening with sweat. After catching her breath she sat at the edge of the pool and took her shoes and socks off. The cool spring water felt amazing on her feet.

The canopy of trees above her shaded the pool somewhat but the sun managed to break through right where Lisa was sitting. Everything around her seemed vibrant and green. A minute passed and Lisa found her hands roaming her body. She was short, barely above 5 feet all, and naturally slender. Her small breasts combined with that, giving her an almost girlish appearance. But she had always loved her body, and sitting in the grass next to the forest spring she found herself very aroused. She lay back on the ground and fondled her tits, lightly pinching her nipples with her fingers. Slowly, one hand crept down across her belly to her pussy, one finger lightly tracing the outside of her lips.

She looked up at the blue sky through the ceiling of foliage, reveling in the feeling of being nude in the wild. The smell of pine trees mixed with the moist dirt and grass under her, making her feel earthy and animalistic. She buried a finger in her hole, finding it wetter than it had ever been. She brought the finger out and tasted her juices, giggling at how kinky she was being. But why not? It wasn't like anyone could see her.

She wanted to go slow, to savor the feeling. But being outdoors, surrounded by the sounds of nature turned her on like nothing else and soon she had two fingers buried in a very wet pussy, curling them to touch her G-spot as she moved them in and out. She moaned loudly, her feet splashing in the water as her fingers made wet sounds in her hole. Lisa knew she was approaching an orgasm of a lifetime and pushed herself to the brink. She pressed the heel of her palm against her clit and came hard, every muscle in her body shaking in release as the moment washed over her. She let her fingers fall out of her as her pussy squirted cum high across the pond a number of feet away. As she came down from her orgasm she marveled at how erotic nature was to her. She had never squirted in her life before today!

"Thank you," a male voice said from behind her. Lisa opened her eyes and turned her head to see who had spoken. It was a tall man, slender and lean. His arms and legs seemed just slightly longer than they should have been, as did the fingers on his hands. His skin was light blue, but his shaggy hair was the deep green of moss. Her eyes traveled to his crotch, where she realized he was naked too, and very well-endowed. His thick cock twitched in its bed of green hair as he studied her hungrily.

"The earth needs love. It was kind of you to show it to her," he continued, walking slowly out of the shadows of the trees. Being a virgin Lisa felt a stab of apprehension at being nude in front of a man, but she didn't cover up. She slowly got to her feet to meet the man, her legs still shaky from her recent orgasm. "I am the son of Gaia, the Earth Mother. I was once known as The Green Man, though that was a long time past."

"My name is Lisa," she replied. Her heart fluttered as he got closer, but she wasn't afraid. She wondered why.

The man was within arms reach of her now She could see now that his hair wasn't just as green as moss but was actually moss, as was the hair around his quickly stiffening penis. His skin was a pale blue, and his eyes a deep brown, like chestnuts. "Lisa..." he repeated, his voice sounding almost in awe of it. "I have waited a long time for you, Lisa."

"For me?" she asked. He smelled of fresh dirt and cedar, a pleasant earthy smell that started to arouse her again. The Green Man smiled.

"You are to be my mate," he said simply. "The earth has chosen you to be its new mother. We will be together, and you will help her heal and grow, as in the old times. It is what she needs now."

Lisa thought for a moment, lost in his eyes before she realized what he meant. He wanted to mate with her! She did feel fear then, looking at his erect manhood jutting out from its bed of moss. She also felt the lips of her pussy grow damp again. The conflicting feelings confused her and all she could say in return was, "I don't..."

He reached out with his impossibly-long fingers and gently brushed her cheek. "It is natural to feel uncertain," he said. "But I have waited eons for you, and I wouldn't dare hurt you or drive you off now. My need... the earth's need... is dire." Lisa felt a spark of electricity when he touched her, and then the fear melted away in her. She could feel her nipples stiffening in response and a bit of moisture running down the inside of her thighs.

"But I've never..." she trailed off again as he stepped closer, the head of his penis brushing against her navel.

"It is okay, my mate," he said. "You must be pure for this union, and I will take you as gently as I am able." With that his hand went from her cheek to behind her head, where he firmly pulled her in to a kiss. Lisa found herself kissing back, her tongue dancing with his. Her hands seemed to almost instinctively go to his cock, wrapping around the thick pole firmly and lovingly. She stroked it as the kissed, eliciting a moan of approval from his throat.

Lisa broke the kiss and knelt, beholding the Green Man's turgid member with awe. She'd never even touched a cock before, but she felt a strong desire to put this one in her mouth. She did so, licking the head of it as she slowly wrapped her lips around the shaft. She felt the Green Mans fingers twine in her hair as she worshipped his cock, bobbing on it and taking more of his length with every movement. Minutes passed as she pleasured him, birds chirping encouragingly in the trees as she managed to take him down her throat, looking up at him the whole time. He smiled tenderly at her and she felt pride at her accomplishment.

She let him fuck her throat for a few minutes. Then he grunted and she felt his prick slide back out of her mouth. She stroked it quickly, watching the slit at the tip of the head curiously as it sent its first volley of cum onto her small breasts. The cum hit with such force that it splattered on her like paint, followed by another strong spurt of the Green Man's seed. It tingled where it touched her skin, making her feel giddy and lightheaded.

He continued cumming as she stroked him, over ten strong spurts of semen coating her from her chin to her belly button. When he'd finally finished with his orgasm she scooped up some of his essence from her chest and tasted it. It was sweet, like nectar from a ripe fruit. Lisa ran her hands over her body, rubbing the semen in and reveling in the aroused state she had reached. She felt her juices running out of her pussy almost like a faucet. Her clit had swollen to the size of the tip of her pinky finger, poking out from its hood. Her nipples were erect and puffy, and even her breasts seemed to be swelling larger.

She couldn't believe how she felt, how unafraid she was now and how sure she was of her path. She should have been hesitant to leave her life behind, to have sex with a strange man in the woods. Instead she only wanted to mate with the Green Man, she wanted to be the mother to the earth and help it heal. She would accept his seed in her if that was what the earth needed. She lay back on the mossy ground by the spring, spreading her legs invitingly. "Please fuck me," she said.

The Green Man's cock had never softened. He smiled and knelt down in between her legs, running his hands along her thighs and up to her engorged breasts. He kneaded them as he inched closer to her opening. Then at the last minute he pulled back and instead moved down to put his face on her pussy. Lisa moaned loudly as he sucked on her large exposed clit. She raised her hips off the ground and he took two long fingers and pushed them deep inside her, stretching her and preparing her virgin hole for his manhood. Within seconds she was cumming, again squirting her fluids. The Green Man moved to the side and let her stream shoot across the ground as she shook in orgasm.

Then, as the squirting stopped he moved in and lined up the head of his giant penis to her twitching pussy. Without preamble he pushed in as deep as he could go, making Lisa scream in pain and ecstasy. He filled her completely, the head of his cock pushing against her cervix. He pulled back and pushed in again. Lisa grunted at the force of his thrust, feeling his cock again push insistently against the entrance to her womb. He pulled out again and thrust in again. His eyes had taken on a hungry animalistic look. Somewhere in the distance she could hear thunder.

Lisa lifted her legs up and out as far as she could to make room for her mate, her hands grasping at his mossy hair. "Yes... yes... fuck me!" she said loudly, turned on all the more to know that no one would hear their copulation but the birds and trees. The Green Man continued to thrust tirelessly, every time ending when his penis pushed against her cervix. She knew his goal: to push inside her and impregnate her. That was her goal now too.

Her pussy began to squeeze his cock as he thrust, massaging it and coaxing it to cum again. The Green Man grunted at the sensation and Lisa knew he was close. He stopped momentarily and pulled out, leaving her feeling empty. He grabbed her by the waist and flipped her, pulling her behind back towards him. He pushed back in, going deeper this time. She felt him push against her cervix, this time feeling it open to him slightly before he pulled out.

He thrust forcefully into her again, pushing her breasts into the soil as he did. She gripped the mossy ground, her fingers digging in and grasping the earth for support as the Green Man prepared to breed his mate. She felt another orgasm quickly building and began to will her womb to open to him. "Please... please... breed me!" Lisa begged. "Please! Cum inside me!" With that The Green Man pushed past her cervix, his balls coming to rest against her swollen clit.

She came violently, screaming in pleasure as the Green Man planted his first shot of semen into her virgin womb. Every spurt his cock would swell and then shrink slightly, sustaining her orgasm even as her pussy spasms sustained his. An eternity seemed to pass with the mates locked in orgasm. A mixture of their juices leaked out from her pussy, dripping onto the ground. Where they landed small flowers instantly bloomed in bright colors.

Finally he pulled out of her, his penis somewhat deflated and coated in a mixture of his cum and hers. Lisa rolled onto her back and looked down at her pussy. The lips were still red and engorged, and she felt wonderfully stretched. She smiled, knowing that his seed was even now growing inside of her. The Green Man leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. "My mate, my lover, my savior," he whispered. Then he stood and walked into the trees, disappearing.

Lisa stayed there for a while, basking in the glow of her breeding. She stood, feeling the Green Man's cum running down her legs. She looked into the trees, considering running back to her clothes. Then she saw an apple tree on the far side of the spring. She didn't recall seeing it before, but there was no mistaking the ripe red fruit on the branches.

As she bit into an apple she knew she would never return to civilization. Nature would provide for its new Mother. And she would provide for nature, she knew. Lightly stroking her now-pregnant belly, she rested by the water and waited for The Green Man to return to her to mate with her again.

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