tagLesbian SexGypsy Ch. 01

Gypsy Ch. 01


I am a straight male, and I don't wish to offend any gay ladies by my interpretation of their life style. I can't promise that I'll change the story, but I'm open to any comments or critical suggestions which would illuminate this author with regard to a more factual representation of the women who enjoy pleasure in each other's arms.


Chapter 1

Rebecca's marriage wasn't doing so great before they won the lottery. It went down hill rapidly afterwards. Bob started disappearing for a day or two at a time, and when he came home, he reeked of beer and cigarettes. He wasn't even subtle about his carousing with other women. But the coup-de-grass was when she received that humiliating call from the police, informing her that he had been busted for soliciting oral sex from an under cover cop and would she like to come downtown to bail him out.

Her life sped up to break neck speed, as the divorce proceeded and her attorney was able to salvage the house and car, both of which were paid off, plus $320,000. The judge was very sympathetic, being as her no good husband had blown more than his portion on his own hedonistic interests. Two months later, the crazy bastard died in a drunken stupor behind the wheel of a car, doing ninety miles an hour, while some poor hooker gave him a blowjob. At least that put an end to the harassing phone calls in the middle of the night.

Thank god, she thought, she had kept her job. The money really wasn't enough to live off of, but it was a good start, and as long as she added to it each year, she could look forward to an early retirement some day. She had worked her way up the ladder to be a supervisor of the customer service department at the large chain of department stores. She liked her job and was good at it. Her subordinates, peers and superiors, respected her but that last year with 'shithead' had her in a funk that she just couldn't shake.

At twenty-nine, she was still a very attractive woman; although she personally felt self conscious about the over sized boobs on her lithe frame. Her ex-husband had always teased her about what a waste it was for her to be built like a brick shithouse, but never showed it off. He had tried to get her to dress more sexily, but she wouldn't because she knew that it would hurt her chances at another promotion if her huge knockers kept flopping around at meetings and other company functions. And so she applied her make-up sparingly and wore very conservative clothing. Her mousy brown hair was at shoulder length and always swept back and in a tight little bun, like some old schoolmarm.

Her friends at work were her peers, the supervisors of other departments, and they were all women about her age or older. Her best friend there was a very competent lesbian, who ran the credit area. Teresa was about ten years her senior, but a very with it gal, and Becky and Terry had hit it off quickly upon meeting one another. They occasionally went out for drinks after work, and sometimes Terry's lover Janice would join them.

Becky liked them both. They were intelligent, funny and sensitive to each other, something that she had never had with Bob. They were also appreciative of her situation, and had been a shoulder to cry on, on more than one occasion. It was during one of these get togethers that she began to weep again as to her lack of a relationship. She was lonely, and wanted badly to meet someone whom she could lavish her attentions on.

"God damn it! I need to party. I haven't been out in a long, long time. That shithead never took me anywhere."

Terry laughed, and said, "That's the booze talking now. Just be patient, you'll find someone. There's some lucky guy out there who's perfect for you."

"That's nice of you to say Terry, but I don't have a clue where to look for this 'Perfect Guy'. Anyway, I can't really let my hair down because it might get back to the big boys upstairs, and my career would go right down the toilet."

The three of them sat in silence for a moment, and then Jan spoke up. "You know Terry, we could bring her to the Radish Club. It's out of the way, fun; she can let her hair down and anything else that she wants too. And best of all, nobody's going to say a damn thing about her being there."

"Hmmm I don't know about that Jan." Then looking back at Becky she said, "Look, the Radish Club is a private gay hangout that we belong to. It's expensive to join, that keeps out the riffraff, and the members tend to be professionals who just need a place to," holding up her fingers in the quotation mark signal, "let their hair down. It's fun for us. It has a live all female band on the weekend, dancing, good food and drink, all very hush-hush, but I don't know if you'd enjoy it."

Becky thought about it for a minute, and then said, "Well I know that you guys know that I'm not gay, so I suppose that I don't have to worry about one of you taking advantage of me. But what of the other woman there, could they come on to me?"

Jan smiled and blurted out, "Hell yes, because you're gorgeous. But you would handle it the same way you would with a man. Just tell them thanks, but no thanks and they'll move on. Oh some can be a bit pushy when they've been drinking, but we'll be there to step in if you need us to, although I don't think that it will be necessary. Come on, it'll be fun."

Terry took her hand and patted it. "Becky, I promise you that this isn't some secret plan to enlist you into the daughters of Lesbo. It's just a safe place to unwind. What do you say?"

She trusted her friends, and felt good about her decision. "OK! When do we go?"

"Tomorrow's Friday, so why not go straight from work? Jan can pick us both up at the store; we'll have a few drinks, a good meal and enjoy some music. You can stay in the spare bedroom at my house, and after breakfast, we'll take you home. That way, you can get as drunk as you please and have no worries."

Becky couldn't stop grinning. "Damn this sounds like fun. It sounds like just what I need. Jan it's a great idea, and I'm really looking forward to it."

And so it was that on the following night, Becky found herself being introduced at the entrance to the club as their 'straight' friend. The very dykish looking woman who greeted them, gave Becky a threatening once over, harrumphed and let them pass.

"Terry, why'd they call this place the Radish Club?"

"Because it's hot and spicy, I suppose."

The club was laid out like a large nightclub. There was a cocktail lounge, named the Cunttail Lounge, "No cocks allowed," Terry explained, a small intimate restaurant, downstairs a large nightclub, with a small stage and band, and a good sized dance floor surrounded by tables.

After the brief tour Becky asked, "Isn't there a name for the dance area?"

Terry shrugged her shoulders saying, "Not exactly, but most people call it the Pussy-Footin Lounge, because the only folks dancing are the proud owners of pussies."

A few other ladies near them overheard Terry's comment, and laughed with them. She was again introduced as their straight friend, and the response was much friendlier than she had received at the front door.

However, upon the third time of being introduced as 'straight friend', she took Jan and Terry to task.

"Look guys, you're making me feel rather awkward when you keep referring to me as your straight friend. Can't I just be your friend?"

Terry put her arm around Becky's shoulder and explained, "We do that for two reasons Becky. First, we didn't want to make you think that perhaps we would pass you off as gay; and second, because it's not fair to let the women here think that you're one of them."

"Oh! Gosh that's nice of you to think that way. I only wish that the shithead had been at least half that thoughtful. I guess you had better let me know if I'm violating some secret rule or something."

Terry smiled as they sat down for dinner and said, "Becky most lesbians are more normal than you know."

Jan added, "In some respects, the women here are unlike the majority of the clan. That is to say, most here are more easily accepted, even unnoticed in the regular world, whereas the larger numbers, are much more blatant in their display of their sexuality. They act in a much more masculine way. They look more masculine. The women here tend more toward femininity, in both act and appearance. But don't be deceived, we're all pussy bumping, cunt licking broads."

"Jesus H. Christ Jan!" Terry admonished, "Watch your filthy fucking mouth. You're going to scare the shit out her."

Contritely Jan responded with, "I'm sorry Beck. I really am. It's just that this is our place to unwind, and I'm so used to cutting loose I just got carried away."

"Hey, no problem. I'm not some prude you know. You go right ahead and say what ever you wish, because I find it refreshing and it adds to the truth of the night. I really can let my hair down, and nobody's going to give a shit."

Terry: "Well spoken!"

Jan: "Here, here!"

Becky: "Fucking A!"

The laughter flowed naturally, and Becky began to unwind, as she hadn't been able to for years. They drank, they ate and they talked. Becky wanted to know all about life as a 'Lesbo'. Terry and Jan told her that their life style was only different in the bedroom.

After a few drinks Becky asked, "So exactly how does a woman make love to another woman?"

Terry fielded her query, "We kiss, we caress, and we fondle. We lick each other's thighs and then on up to our pussies. We insert fingers, and sometimes toys into each other, as we lick and suck on the clit. When we get down to the Pussy-Footin Lounge, you'll see woman kissing and touching one another. You'll find it much as a hetro environment, except it's all women."

Becky was surprised to realize that she had become a little aroused, as she envisioned Terry and Jan entwined in lust together. Yet she wasn't concerned. She was very confident in her sexuality.

With a big grin she announced, "This is going to be a blast."

Terry looked a bit hurt at that, and said, "We want you to have a good time Becky, but this isn't some freak show. This is our life. This is the way we live. Don't make fun of us."

The thought of insulting them had never occurred to her, and she felt awful.

"Oh god, I'm so rude. I'm really sorry. I just love you guys, and I would never do anything to deliberately hurt you. I'm So Sorry."

"It's alright Becky. I just wanted to remind you that the gals here are the real deal, and so are Jan and me." Then she got an evil grin and whispered loudly, "Now let's go get nasty."

As they entered the 'Pussy-Footin-Lounge,' Terry suggested that they sit by the edge of the dance floor in order for Becky to catch the flavor of the room. There were only a few tables that were unoccupied, so they grabbed the one that was furthest from the band, but gave them a great view of the floor.

A stocky bull dyke, in black pants, white shirt and black tie, came over to take their drink order.

"I know what you two want, Bloody Marys." Staring sternly at Becky she asked, "And what about you, sweet cheeks. What's the tourist going to have?"

Becky blushed, but held her ground, "I'll have a Rum and Coke. Is my status that obvious, and do you find me that offensive?"

As she walked away, in a modestly contrite tone she said, "Chill out sweet cheeks. If you're with these fine ladies, I guess you're OK."

The band was just coming back from a break, and they started with a slow number, which emptied the tables and filled the dance floor. Terry stood and grabbed Jan's hand, pulling her out onto the floor, winking at Becky as she encircled Jan's waist, yanking her tightly to her body.

Women danced and talked, much as men and women would, only it seemed odd to watch their breasts mashed snuggly against one another, and female hands ran over feminine buttocks. She couldn't help but wonder what it must feel like, to have another woman's breasts caressing her own substantial bosoms, as they waltzed around the floor.

The drinks came just as the song ended. The waitress placed them down without comment, quickly pushing on to make other deliveries. Terry and Jan joined her and Terry made a toast to her saying, "Here's to you kicking back, relaxing and getting back into the game."

As she sipped her drink, she gazed around the room and noticed a few women clutching at each other and kissing. Prior to coming here, she wasn't sure how she would react to such a scene, but it didn't bother her at all.

When she told that to her friends, Terry said with relief, "We were a little nervous about that. We didn't want to freak you out. And now that you've seen a bit of action, I should tell you that as the night wears on, it gets quite a bit more intense. Some ladies will be caressing intimate areas, and it's fairly common to see a naked breast pop out of a bra and into a mouth. Actually, Jan and I frequently get wild here on a Friday, but we've agreed to tone it down tonight."

"Well don't tone it down on my account. I said earlier that I'm no prude. I've had no delusions about gay activity. But I do have a question. I was watching the gals dance and I couldn't get over wondering how odd it must feel to have another woman's breasts rubbing yours, while dancing. It's got to feel weird." And then she giggled nervously, for some reason.

Terry being the dominant partner fielded the question, after looking away as she formed a response.

"We've been in this lifestyle for so long, it's difficult to remember what that first experience was like." Jan nodded her agreement. "I guess the best way to handle this would be for you to dance with Jan, being as her boobs are bigger than mine. It's the only way you'll know." Then with a big grin she sternly warned, "But you ain't gettin ma woman."

"I'll behave if Jan does. But I suppose we'll have to wait for a slow tune. This thing their playing now is to fast."

The next tune was a slow moody thing, which Becky didn't care for, but it was the right pace for a twirl on the floor with Jan. They went out onto the dance floor, and Jan quickly slid up close to her. She placed her arms around Jan's neck, after Jan wrapped her's around Becky's waist, but there was still a few inches between them. They began to move, but Becky kept stepping on Jan's feet.

Jan chuckled and said, "Becky, I'm the femme, you'll have to take the lead roll, as a man would."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I never even thought about that part of it."

"Just further proof that you're straight. As lovely a creature as you are, there will be many a broken heart here tonight." That got them both to laughing, as Becky pulled Jan in tight, and felt the soft squishing of two large sets of bosoms colliding.

"It feels nice, but rather awkward. With my two monsters and yours we actually have to lean forward a bit too much for comfort."

"Yeh, but Terry and me like to rub nipples together as we dance. It builds our passion as the night wears on, makes for one hell of a big O later."

"I see. Well I'm learning new stuff all the time."

With that Becky got bold and began to caress her nips against the tips of Jan's breasts. She didn't expect any reaction; she was just playing along. But as she concentrated on the feeling, Becky was surprised and even a bit embarrassed as her nipples became hard and the initial pangs of desire shot from her probing nipples to her loins. If her blushing face gave her away, Jan never mentioned it, and Becky was too ashamed to admit that it had aroused her.

As the waning notes of the god-awful song trailed off, Jan gave her one last hug and said, "I knew your tits were big, but I had no idea that you were hiding such heavy loads under all of that loose fitting blouse. You are really stacked lady. You'll have no problem finding a guy."

"Yes, but you see, I don't want a guy who only wants to get his hands on my knockers. I've been living with that problem since I was a very young girl, and I damn sure don't need some immature pig groping at me."

Terry caught the last few words and asked, "Who was groping at you? If Jan was out of line, I'll whop her butt but good when we get home." Her face betrayed the false anger, and they all laughed, as Becky sat down between them and told a few tails of her teenage experiences of fighting off wondering hands, in the back seat of a car.

The night flowed easily, and so did the drinks. Becky was getting pretty drunk, and enjoying it thoroughly. It allowed her to 'let her hair down' and swap stories about growing up and dealing with the pressures of sexual encounters and identities.

Terry and Jan danced together several times, and each time seemed to get a bit more intimate. Now she was openly caressing Jan's Breasts and tweaking her nipples which clearly shown though her thin blouse. Jan was clutching at Terry's butt and moaning each time Terry pinched her nips.

Becky looked around the floor and found several couples fondling, groping and deeply kissing one another. One pair in a dark part of the floor had stripped to the waist and were caressing each other's crotch as they swayed to the music. When she looked back at her friends, she was shocked to see that Jan had turned around and was grinding her butt into Terry's loins as she held her skirt up, exposing her shaved pussy to all the world. And deeply imbedded in her most private spot was Terry fingers, sloppily working Jan into a frenzy.

It was the most blatant display of passion that Becky had ever seen; yet she didn't find it offensive. In fact, she realized that she was very aroused at the sight of this wanton exhibition of lust. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the scene building before her.

Jan's eyes were tightly shut, her breathing quick and deep, and her hips reaching for Terry's fingers as she thrust back at Terry, as though there was a stiff cock burying itself into her pussy. Becky glanced at Terry and was surprised that she was staring at her. She blushed, as she realized that Terry knew the effect that this lustful show was having on her; yet she couldn't stop watching.

Becky almost felt Jan reaching for a conclusion to the event, knowing how badly she needed to come. Finally, with a rush of exhaled breath and a quiver of pure lust, Jan's eyes shot open to look at Becky as she went through the extraordinary course of the most powerful orgasm that Becky had ever seen.

Terry had held Jan up, as the grip of passion flooded through her body, and guided her back to the table to sit down, before the music had ended.

Becky looked up at Terry, as Terry shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well hell! You said don't do anything different on your account, so we didn't."

Blushing but smiling Becky said, "Damn woman! I want to dance with you. You're a good dancer."

Jan perked up at that. "Hear now, you better behave." That got them all laughing again.

Jan excused herself, to go to the ladies room, leaving Terry and Becky to converse.

"I hope that little display didn't offend you. Jan really gets off on being used in public. Coming in front of you like that had to be a huge thrill for her. And if I'm correct, you kind of got into it yourself, didn't you?"

"I can't deny a certain arousal factor in watching two people go at it like that."

Terry stood up and grabbed Becky's hand saying, "Let's dance."

Becky was going to object, but thought, 'Oh what the hell, why not.'

Terry took control immediately, wrapping her strong arms around Becky and pulling tight.

"Jan was right. You do have huge tits. I haven't noticed before. I wonder why."

"I hide them, as best I can, by wearing flowing blouses and over-sized jackets. It's to keep the wolves at bay." They chuckled, as Becky allowed Terry to guide her head to rest on Terry's shoulder.

Becky was feeling good, relaxed and calm. She didn't object at Terry's gentle caress of her rear end with one hand and the side of a breast with the other.

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