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Happy Ladies Book 01



Because this is a fantasy and no lives are in danger and there's no possibility of pregnancy (unless conceived in my creative brain) I have eschewed the use of condoms. You may assume one of the following: Condoms are, in fact, being used (hard to assume in some cases). We're in a time warp and have gone back to the early 70's. Everyone has been tested and given a clean bill of health and (unlike real human beings) have a deep sense of integrity which precludes them from engaging in sex with anyone who can't prove they also have tested negative. These people are nuts.

I am not, in any way, advocating for the abolishment of condoms in real life. This is fantasy, folks.



The first time I heard about the Happy Lady's House of Roosters I was having my nails done. Shelly, my regular manicurist, turned to Roberta, her co-worker, obviously continuing a conversation that had been interrupted by my arrival.

"She's crazy," Shelly said as she began working on my left hand. "What woman in her right mind would want to join a club just to get screwed on a regular basis?"

"Who's crazy?" I said.

"Oh, some woman in town I heard about," Roberta said. "She's starting a rooster club or something like that. Like a whorehouse only with men in it instead of women."

"She's nuts," Shelly said. "Women aren't like that. And, anyway, it's easy enough to find a man to do that for free."

Maybe, I thought to myself. Maybe if you were an extrovert like Shelly and had the time to spend searching for a suitable man it would be easy. And in Shelly's case she'd had a steady boyfriend for the last seven years so she was talking off the top of her head.

By the time my nails were done my head was buzzing with fantastical ideas that made me want to squirm.

The second time I heard about the Happy Lady's House of Roosters I happened to catch part of a conversation between two well dressed women in the dairy products aisle of the grocery store.

"It was fun," one of them was saying. "I can say that I'm a happy lady. I was with Garth and I'd recommend him to anyone. He looks like a caveman but he's really sweet. He makes the damndest noises when he's doing it."

Doing what? I lingered as if uncertain as to precisely which brand of yogurt I wanted to buy.

"Are you thinking of joining?" The other woman said.

"I just might," the first woman replied as the two of them began to move away. "The place is kind of funky right now and there are only three roosters to choose from but Dorothy has big plans."

Roosters? Why did that word ring a bell?

The third time the House of Roosters entered my life it was during a lunch date with my best friend Ellie.

"Hey, Melissa have you heard about this new club called the House of Roosters?" Ellie said after we'd exhausted our usual catch-up chit chat.

"Like a brothel, only for women?" I said.


"A couple of things. Nothing very specific."

"Do you think it sounds interesting?" Ellie asked.

Ellie and I are close and at various times in the course of our friendship we'd discussed our sexual frustrations and experiences. Never in a lot of detail but enough to know that we both enjoyed sex and wanted more than we were getting. Which, for me at least, wasn't very much at all.

"Kinda," I said.

"Only kinda?"

"Well," I said. "It's kind of a weird idea. I mean, I find it exciting to think about but what's it like in reality? I heard someone say it's kind of funky and that there's this guy there who looks like a caveman.

"Shit, you know more about it than I do." Ellie said.

"But the woman who said it seemed to like the place. And the caveman guy."

"Let's check it out," Ellie said.

"How?" I said. "All I know is that it's supposed to be somewhere in the city. Maybe it's already been shut down."

"I found it on the Internet," Ellie said. "There isn't much on the website but I do have a phone number." She took a card out of her purse and slid it towards me.

"Oh, right," I said. "You're going to make me call this place."

"I found the phone number," Ellie said. In truth this was how we usually operated; Ellie tended to be more the nerd while I had the people skills.

"Okay," I said. "I'll do it."

It took me two weeks to work up the nerve. After telling myself every day I was going to make the call I finally did.

"The House of Roosters," a cultured older woman's voice said.

"Ah, yeah..." I said, my mind suddenly blank.

"It's okay, honey," the woman said with a hint of laughter. "I realize this is scary at first. Why don't we set up a meeting and I'll explain what I'm doing and answer any questions you might have. My name is Dorothy, by the way."

"Okay," I said. "I'm Melissa." After a minute or two of discussion we settled on a time and she gave me her address.

"Oh," I said. "Is it all right if I bring a friend?"

"Male or female," Dorothy said.

"Female," I said.

"Sure, no problem," Dorothy said. "I'll see you both Thursday."

"This is not what I expected," Ellie said when we pulled up in front of an ordinary looking but rather large split-level ranch style house on a quiet suburban street. I had to agree.

Only a moment after ringing the doorbell the door opened and a short, pudgy, smiling, older Hispanic woman ushered us in. "I'm Dorothy," she said, shaking both our hands. "Please come this way." Ellie and I traded glances as we followed her plump sweat suit clad body and then looked around. There wasn't a rooster to be seen.

After offering us a choice of refreshments Dorothy guided us to a large round dining table.

"Now for the spiel," she said once we were seated. "Men have been able to indulge their sexual fantasies for centuries, millenniums, so it's time for women to be able to do the same. The problem, as I see it, is that it's difficult for women to control their experiences in a way that gives them maximum pleasure with minimum hassle. Too often men hijack a woman's search for sexual pleasure and use it for their own satisfaction. Am I right?"

Ellie and I looked at each other. I could read her affirmation in her eyes. This was making sense.

Dorothy watched us and nodded. "I thought so," she said. "What I'm trying to do is create a network of women who will then facilitate the types of erotic entertainment they most enjoy. I think of it as a club. Like the old gentleman's clubs in Victorian times with yearly dues and a board of directors. What do you think so far?"

"Wow," I said.

"Yeah," said Ellie.

"I have to admit that this is more of a fantasy right now than anything else," Dorothy said. "But I've found several men who meet my standards and have been talking to a number of women like the two of you so I'm beginning to believe it can be done. At this point all I'm doing is making connections and hosting a party every now and then. Would either of you be interested in being added to the mailing list?"

"I would," Ellie said. No hesitation.

"Yeah, me too," I said.

"Great," Dorothy said, handing us each a short form for contact information and a ballpoint pen. "I know I don't look like it," she said, leaning back in her chair. "But there's nothing I love more than cock. Fucking them. Sucking them. Feeling them. Watching them shoot. Oh man."

In shock, Ellie and I started laughing. Dorothy grinned.

"My husband died three years ago. No, it's okay," she said as our laughter abruptly faltered. "He was a good man and after watching what cancer did to his body I'm glad he's at peace. But in his prime we fucked three or four times a day. Yeah," she said, seeing our expressions, "I don't look like I'm hot to trot, do I? But I am. And about a year after he died I went a little crazy. I got on the Internet and fucked everything in pants I could find. Thank God I didn't catch anything."

"That's the thing," she continued, "I always knew what I was doing was dangerous, not to mention stupid, not only because of disease but because of the potential for physical abuse as well. I was lucky. And on top of that I found myself catering to what the men wanted rather than following my own desires. That's where the idea for the House of Roosters came from. I wanted a safe place where I was in control."

"Yeah," Ellie said. Wistfully.

A short time later Ellie and I were headed back to our own side of the city.

"Whoa," said Ellie, "That's one wild lady."

"No kidding," I said. "But I really like her idea."

"Oh, I love it," Ellie said. "I'm not criticizing her. I want to be like her."

"Really?" I said, looking across the car seat at her. "I knew you liked sex but..."

Her face wore a fierce expression. "I don't talk about it because it's so frustrating to want it so bad and know that it will never happen. But maybe now." She took a deep breath. "But maybe now I'll be able to fuck the way I've always dreamed of fucking. Maybe."

It was over a month before we heard from Dorothy again. Ellie called me to say that she'd received an email announcing a meeting to plan the expansion of the House of Roosters club. When I checked my email I found that I'd gotten one too.

"Something's finally happening," Ellie said. "I was beginning to wonder."

"I take it you want to go," I said.

"Of course," Ellie said.

When the meeting day arrived we parked amid a clutter of vehicles along the street in front of Dorothy's house.

"I guess we're not the only ones," Ellie said.

Dorothy met us at the door and directed us to the living room. By the time everyone had settled in there were nineteen of us, women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.

"Thank you all for coming," Dorothy said. "The mailing list is now a little over two hundred so I consider this a pretty good turnout. I suppose the first thing to do is to introduce ourselves."

We went around the circle giving our names. I recognized the woman from the grocery store who'd recommended Garth; she introduced herself as Cynthia.

"I've decided it's time to take this little venture to the next level," Dorothy said, once the introductions were completed. "One person can do only so much. So I'm hoping that today we can establish a board of directors, an entertainment committee, and a couple of other offices. How does that sound?"

"Great!" A full-figured woman with rich mahogany skin who'd introduced herself as Doris said, "let's get this party started." There was a general murmur of approval and some quiet laughter.

"So, who would like to be on the board of directors?" Dorothy said. She went on to explain that she saw the role of the directors as guiding the organization, making rules, and long-term planning. "Show of hands?"

Seven of us, including Dorothy and Cynthia, raised our hands. I was a little surprised to find myself among them.

"I guess the next order of business is to appoint a secretary," Dorothy said. "Anyone interested?" A skinny, mousy looking, brunette in a shapeless dress who'd said her name was Nicole raised her hand. Dorothy handed her a legal pad and asked her to take down the names of the board of directors and record the rest of the meeting.

In a soft voice Nicole asked the seven of us to repeat our names which we did. Samantha, Patricia, Anne, and Donna added their names to the list.

"Now," Dorothy said, "who's willing to be treasurer? Not that there's any money at the moment but we'll have to make sure that changes." Another woman raised her hand and Nicole duly recorded her name which was Charlotte.

"And here are the fun parts," Dorothy said. "We need an entertainment committee to set up parties. Once we have the basic structure of the club in place I'm hoping we can have parties at least once a month. Any takers?" Four women, Betty, Ethel, Kymberly and Dawn raised their hands.

"But what do we need before we can have parties?" She said.

"Cocks," Doris said, "preferably big hard ones." There were whoops of laughter.

"Yup," Dorothy said, "we need roosters. So we need rooster recruiters."

"Oh yeah," Ellie said, raising her hand. Barb, Janet, and Carol did too.

"And rooster testers," Dorothy added. "We need guys we know can perform under pressure."

"Oh yes, pick me, pick me," Ellie said to more laughter. Doris and Jaime raised their hands as well.

"And that concludes the business part of this meeting," Dorothy said. "I'm hoping that the board of directors will be able to meet weekly and start hammering out the ground rules. The rooster recruiters can begin looking for prospects; I suggest trolling the online swinger sites to start with. But let's hold off on rooster testing until we can work out some security procedures. Once we have enough roosters the entertainment committee can kick in and start planning parties. How does that sound?"

There were feminine cheers of acclamation.

"And now for something completely different..." Dorothy said. "Boys!"

The sound of a driving bluesy beat burst from hidden speakers and three men danced into the room. Three very naked men. Well, not entirely. They all wore neckties. One, an older man with a short beard and shaggy hair, was obviously Garth; he wore a bright yellow Tweety Bird tie. The second was a stocky, solidly built, Latino. While bringing up the rear was a tall, slim, nerdy looking redhead with hairless white skin and freckles. They each held a tray of finger foods which they placed on the various tables in the room.

"And what will you have to drink, ladies," Garth said, pulling a pad and pen from under the tray he'd brought in. The two other men did the same. Within minutes they'd taken our orders and left the room.

"Hmmmm," said Cynthia, "that's the way I like my waiters."

"Hooo yeah," Doris said, "loved seeing those moons rising."

"I want to see something else rising," Ellie said.

"No doubt you'll get your wish," Dorothy said. "I don't know about anybody else but I'm feeling overdressed." Before anyone could react she'd stood up and peeled off her sweat suit top revealing full breasts with large areolas. Then she kicked off her slippers and pushed the pants down to her ankles. "Ah, that's better," she said, stepping out of them.

There was a moment of shock and then Doris, Cynthia, and Ellie stood up and stripped too. The rest of us glanced around nervously and remained dressed.

"I'm going to have to go," Ethel, an older woman who was now on the entertainment committee, said. "But I'll be back." Dorothy walked her to the door.

"Okay, ladies," Garth said, entering the room. His two compatriots followed directly behind him. They all carried trays laden with glasses full of liquid and began moving around the room to distribute them all to the correct recipient.

"Come here, you," Cynthia said, addressing Garth. After finishing his duties he walked over and stood in front of her, holding the empty tray against his shin. "How's my pretty boy today?" She said as she reached out and took his soft cock in her hand. "Feeling sleepy?"

"I think he's about to wake up," Garth said.

"Oh yeah," Cynthia said, stroking him. All of us who could see what Cynthia's hand was doing watched closely as the shaft began to swell. "Mmmm, yeah, that's my buddy," she said as Garth's cock became fully erect. Setting her drink on the floor beside her chair she leaned over and took him in her mouth. Garth closed his eyes, turned his face to the ceiling, and groaned loudly.

"Come here, you," Ellie said, addressing the tall redhead. "Is that how it's done around here?"

"Whatever works," Dorothy said.

"What's your name," Ellie asked the young man standing before her.

"Brandon," he said.

"Well, Brandon, you can touch me if I can touch you." Within seconds he was cupping her breasts and she was holding his cock.

"God, feel this man's skin," Dorothy said from behind him, her hands reaching around to rub his chest. The woman on Ellie's right stretched out to touch his thigh. Brandon's cock lifted quickly out of its nest of red hair, firmly in Ellie's grasp.

Feeling the warm pangs of arousal I stood up and began to undress. Others were doing the same. Across the room I could see the Latino man's buttocks flexing and he moved in and out of our new treasurer's mouth.

"Anyone else into girls too?" Patricia said. She had pierced nipples and a butterfly tattooed above her shaved pussy. Barb and Dawn moved towards her.

My hand found Brandon's balls, feeling them roll in the sack. I looked down and saw Ellie, eyes closed, sliding her lips up and down Brandon's cock. I'd never been in a situation remotely like this before. Fantasized, yes. Watched porn videos of activities like this, yes. But I'd never seen it in the flesh. The weird thing was that I expected it to feel weirder. It felt almost natural. I watched my best friend obviously enjoying the sensation of a man's cock in her mouth, almost able to imagine how his cock would feel in my own mouth, while the room around me vibrated with excited women's voices and the sounds of sex.

"Nice, isn't it?" Dorothy said. I looked up to see her watching me as she rubbed her breasts against Brandon's back. Brandon's right arm had snaked around and, although I couldn't see the details, I knew his fingers had found her pussy.

"Yeah," I said. "Fuck yeah." With my right hand I found the folds of my own slippery heat, bending a little from the intensity beaming from my clit.

"Aargh! Hunh, hunh, hunh!" Garth bellowed. Over Dorothy's shoulder I could see that he had Cynthia bent over, grasping the arms of her chair, as he vigorously fucked her from behind. I couldn't see much of her but from the ardor of her cries I had to assume she was feeling a lot of pleasure.

The raw novelty of the scene was too much for me. Fingering myself so intently that I could hear my own squishy noises I came with such force that my knees buckled and I barely managed to maneuver my butt so that it fell back onto my chair.

"Holy shit," Ellie said, removing Brandon's cock from her mouth, her eyes round with wonder.

"No kidding," I said. "That was a good one."

"Ladies," Dorothy said, speaking up to be heard over the clamor, "why don't we retire to the orgy room? It would be a lot more comfortable than it is in here."

There were murmurs of relief and assent as everyone shifted positions. Cynthia, obviously familiar with the layout of the house led the procession, pulling Garth along behind her using his cock as a handle.

"Hon," Dorothy said as Cynthia passed, "you know you'll have to share him, don't you?"

Cynthia made a display of pouting, pushing out her bottom lip, and then grinned. "Yeah, yeah, I know. But damn he's good."

"Yes, he is," Dorothy said, giving Garth's ass a smack.

"Ow!" Garth said.

I sat for a moment enjoying the parade and then stood up to join the throng. Ellie and Brandon were right behind me. We trailed down a long hall and then turned to enter a large room with wall to wall mattresses and subdued lighting.

"Holy cow," Ellie said. "I've heard of places like this but didn't think I'd ever be lucky enough to be in one."

"We need more fucking cocks," Doris said.

"I know, Doris," Dorothy said, "we're going to start working on that."

"How about if everyone who wants to get fucked lines up," Charlotte said.

"How do you mean?" Patricia said.

"Like this," Charlotte said, getting down on her hands and knees and lifting her bottom into the air. We all could see the parted lips of her pussy and puckered orifice of her asshole.

"Oh jesus," Jorge, the Latino man, said with evident awe. Several women laughed.

"I'm game," Doris said. "Seems like it's the only way everyone who wants some is gonna get some." A moment later her big round brown butt was fully presented alongside the treasurer's much smaller white one.

"Why not?" Cynthia said. Within minutes there was a line of women's bottoms, mine included, lifted into the air. And a quiet chorus of giggling. A group of women, still clothed, seated themselves along the opposite wall, watching.

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