tagErotic CouplingsHard to Get Ch. 07

Hard to Get Ch. 07


Note: Sorry for the long delay! Family issues came up after the holidays and have lasted until now. This chapter has been written off and on all month and I have to run now so I'm not even going to take the time to edit it because who knows when I'll have comp access again. Bah. Hope it doesn't suck and that I can get started on the next chapter soon.

It was nearly a week later when Nick had decided to throw an impromptu party, inviting a few dozen of his "closest" friends and even asking Alison if she wanted to bring Gray. Despite her better judgment, she'd asked him and to her surprise he'd agreed. He'd always said that parties weren't his thing so his decision probably had more to do with the fact that it was the first time she'd invited him to do anything in weeks.

Things between her and Nick hadn't progressed much in that time although she considered teasing him mercilessly. He'd only come into her room one other time since then and that time she'd watched through thin slits in her eyes as he'd run his hand all over her body while touching his own erection. She was well beyond the point of wanting to continue playing her game but something in her was almost scared to take that final step.

The party lasted for hours and she actually had an okay time. A lot of the people there were mutual friends and they danced, drank and had fun until the early morning hours dawned and people began to leave. Around four o'clock the only people left were passed out except for the core group of Nick, Alison, Gray, Jeff, Allen, Peter, Christina and Becky. Christina no longer seemed to consider Nick her boyfriend although she'd danced with him suggestively all night and had maintained her hostility towards Alison.

Not wanting to start drama in front of all the people, Alison had just avoided the pair of them and stuck to the people she knew and Gray. However by the end of the night they were all sitting around the living room, drinking, talking and someone suggested they start playing drinking games.

"What, like 'I Never'?" Alison asked and made a face. "That game is stupid."

"How about Truth or Dare? Consequences is a shot of tequila," Becky slurred drunkenly, not seeming in need of anything else to drink.

"I don't know if you need anymore tequila," Allen informed her with a smirk. "You suck at holding your liquor."

Despite Christina's objection that the game was childish, the majority of the group drunkenly decided that for some reason it was a good idea to play. Nick remained mostly silent the entire time although he stared at Gray and Alison moodily through out most of the conversation. Gray seemed to have noticed and he'd taken to kissing Alison's neck from time to time, although she'd gently asked him to stop.

The game started out simple enough, most people picking 'truth' because they weren't really sure what 'dare' would bring yet. Becky was forced to admit that she'd had two STDs in the past two years, Allen had admitted that he'd been a virgin until he was 21 and Nick had been unable to come up with a number of the amount of lover's he'd had, so he was forced to take a shot. He'd been unable to come up with anything cleverer than repeating the same question to Jeff, who'd also been unable to answer and then he turned to Christina.

When it was Christina's turn she smirked and chose dare. "I'm not scared of anything you people can come up with."

She'd never been able to get rid of her snobbiness and no one seemed to appreciate it, not even Nick. Jeff made a face at her and smirked after a moment. "I dare you..." He let it hang in the air for a moment. "To kiss Becky."

Becky blinked at them drunkenly but didn't seem too annoyed by the idea and Christina stared at him condescendingly as if asking him if that was the best he could come up with. She crawled across the floor towards Becky, long legs and slender thighs exposed as her skirt rode up slightly and leaned in to Becky for a kiss. Their lips pressed together and her tongue slid into Becky's mouth. Becky made a soft sound in her throat but returned the kiss enthusiastically, pulling Christina backwards so that the taller girl fell on top of her.

Everyone watched as they made out shamelessly and being the only other girl, Alison seemed to be the only one not engrossed by it. Even Gray was staring at the scene, visibly turned on by the sight of it. It annoyed her slightly but only because he was looking at Christina in that way; she hated Christina with a passion.

After several long moments, Christina came up for air and she raised a cocky eyebrow at Jeff, who was gaping at her open mouthed. He was obviously hard and wasn't really making any attempts to hide it, but that was possibly because Allen, Peter and Gray seemed just as effected. To Christina's annoyance, Nick had paid very little attention to the spectacle she'd made of herself. "Jeff, truth or dare?" She demanded, an edge in her voice.

Jeff blinked for a moment before choosing dare. She dared him to take his pants and underwear off and to sit that way for the next several rounds. He turned beet red but complied and when he took off his clothes, his erection was swollen, red and standing up straight against his stomach. Christina laughed at his embarrassment but he ignored her and turned to Peter, who followed the trend, chose dare and was dared to suck Jeff's dick for 30 seconds.

Gray and Christina both blanched at the suggestion but they were the only ones. The rest of the group, Alison included, was very aware of the rampant bisexuality that revolved around the friends and she was used to walking in on sexual acts due to their lack of modesty. Gray looked disgusted as Peter laughed and scooted closer to his friend; both Gray and Christina looked away when Peter began performing his dare.

It lasted way more than 30 seconds, mostly because Peter seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself and everyone watched although Gray and Christina had moved to the side together and were talking softly. Alison had averted her eyes only because she felt uncomfortable watching any such display and didn't turn back until Jeff cried out loudly, signaling his orgasm and the end of the dare. He lay on the floor looking dazed, not bothering to cover himself up.

Peter grinned and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "I think I scared the heteros," He joked and pointed at Gray and Christina.

"Who gives a fuck?" Nick grumbled and poured himself another drink, although he just swirled it around in his glass without drinking it.

"More like disgusted," Christina said coldly, eyes flashing. "Do you really think it's acceptable to behave that way? Kissing is one thing, but that was totally out of line. At least go in a bathroom or something."

Peter rolled his eyes and waved her off before turning to Alison. "I believe it's your turn, beautiful."

Alison hesitated for a moment but not wanting to be one upped by Christina, chose dare. Nick looked up, suddenly paying attention again and both he and Gray stared at her incredulously. "But I'm not giving anyone a blowjob," She added and gave Peter a warning look.

"Of course not. I wouldn't want to offend Christina's delicate principles again," Peter joked and rubbed his chin thoughtfully before a mischievous smile spread on his lips. "Alison, I dare you...." He paused for a long moment, letting the suspense build. "To kiss..."

"Just spit it out already," Gray said impatiently.

"Nick," Peter finished triumphantly.

Alison froze, staring at him for a moment without speaking. She didn't know why, but that had been the one thing she hadn't counted on anyone daring her to do. She ignored the way Gray's eyes burned into her and swallowed hard, chuckling nervously. "Ahh, I don't know..."

"What's the matter? Scared? What's a kiss between two friends?" Peter said with a huge smile. "Those are the easiest kinds."

Alison scratched the back of her head and avoided looking at Gray before she slowly scooted over to Nick, face burning red the entire time. Nick's eyes were focused on her intently, although his face was unreadable. She could feel everyone's eyes on them as she finally leaned towards Nick and it was embarrassment more than anything else that prompted her to brush a peck against his lips quickly before pulling away.

She started to announce that she had completed her dare since Peter hadn't exactly specified what kind of kiss she was supposed to give but before she could, a strong hand was grabbing her and pulling her back and she didn't have time to protest before Nick's tongue was slipping between her lips hotly. As soon as his lips were against hers again, something in her melted and the sensuous way his tongue twined with hers sent shivers down her spine, effectively making her temporarily forget the fact that they had an audience. An audience that included both of their significant others.

Nick's mouth moved against hers hungrily, one of his hands cupping the back of her head as his long fingers tangled in her hair while his free arm wrapped around her waist, pinning her against his chest. A soft, helpless sound escaped her mouth and the only thing that snapped her out of the daze he put her in was the angry murmurs that managed to break through her lust induced haze.

She came to her senses and planted both hands flat against his chest, pushing him away with enough force to be taken seriously although it didn't seem mean at all. When he finally released her, her face was flushed and her lips were swollen, moist. He stared at her with half closed, heavy lidded eyes and licked his lips absently, as if he didn't want to stop tasting her. She dragged her eyes away from him and looked over at Gray. He looked furious and was standing up, ramrod straight with his hands balled into fists. Christina didn't look any happier although her eyes were focused on Alison while Gray looked ready to pounce on Nick.

Peter and Allen snickered quietly to the side while Jeff blinked at them curiously. "Well," Peter began with a cocky smirk. "It's your turn Alison."

"I don't fucking think so," Gray said abruptly and grabbed her arm violently, dragging her to her feet roughly. "We're going."

Everyone looked at him incredulously and Alison pulled her arm away with an expression that was half guilty, half annoyed. "What? Why? Uh, I live here," She said uncertainly.

"How could I fucking forget," Gray sneered and grabbed her arm again, fingers clamping down like a vice as he began yanking her towards the door. "But now you're fucking leaving."

"Gray-" She protested, trying to plant her feet into the floor and only managing to lose her footing as he continued to tug her along. The effect was her nearly falling over and him dragging her uncaringly. "Gray, fucking stop it!" She yelled finally, voice edged with pain.

"Dude, chill out," Peter said to Gray, eyes narrowed and voice more than a little annoyed. "It was just a joke. It was just a kiss."

Alison's face reddened and she looked up at Gray guiltily although she didn't stop trying to pull her abused arm away. He gave Peter a scathing look. "Just a kiss?" He asked mockingly. "Maybe that's what you freaks think but in the real world you don't go around raping the mouths of other people's girlfriends for a fucking 'joke'," He hissed furiously, eyes drilling into Nick who seemed unmoved by his anger.

"I agree," Christina said coolly, moving towards the door. "And I'm not going to watch this any longer. Obviously you and your friends are incapable of decency when intoxicated," She told Nick scathingly. "Even the sober ones behave like whores," She added, cool eyes moving over to Alison.

Nick's mouth twitched and he stood up, crossing his arms over his chest calmly although he still did not speak. He didn't have to though, Peter seemed infuriated enough for everyone else in the room. "Fuck you, bitch," He snarled at Christina. "No one wants your stuck up ass around anyway. Nick only invited you because you kept fucking calling him nonstop like a thirsty ho."

Christina stared at him condescendingly, somehow still managing to look imperious despite the accusations of her desperation when it came to the playboy. "Do you really think your words mean anything to me?"

Peter fired back with something equally insulting as the rest of the drunken group watched silently but in the background Alison was still struggling against Gray who was growing more hostile, more belligerent and more violent. He seemed intent on dragging Alison out of the apartment and far away from Nick and she seemed mildly horrified at the idea of being alone with him when he was in an obviously abusive mood. She tried to apologize for the kiss, for the dare and the fact that she'd invited him to a place he obviously was uncomfortable being in but he ignored her and hissed insults at her and said cruel things that had obviously been built up for the past few weeks despite his constant patient, sweet behavior.

Despite the indignation that burned deep inside of her, she couldn't bring herself to fully defend herself because she knew that on some level he was right. She was a slutty, selfish bitch who'd treated him poorly and despite the fact that he seemed under the impression that she just flirted with Nick, she knew she'd done a lot more. She stopped resisting and dropped her head, allowing him to yank her to the door so violently that it felt like her arm would dislocate.

She cried out painfully and for a moment, the room was entirely silent. Then suddenly the force holding her disappeared abruptly, she was stumbling back against the wall and when the stars cleared from her eyes, she stared in confusion at the vision before her.

There was a tangle of limbs on the floor accompanied by grunts and the hard, packing sound of fists hitting flesh and it took her a moment to realize that Nick and Gray were fighting. She froze, eyes huge as she stared at the two in horror and for several long moments all anyone could do was watch. But then blood was erupting from Nick's mouth and Gray's head was being slammed violently against the floor and people were rushing to intervene.

Alison covered her face with her hands, tears rising as she tried to block out what she was seeing, what she was hearing. There were slams, bangs, the sound of things breaking and swearing as Peter and Allen struggled to pull the two apart. Alison refused to look and she felt tears running down her face as her shoulders shook silently.

"You fucking touch her again and I'll kill you," Nick was snarling at Gray, voice black with fury.

"Nick cal-stop!"

Another crash, the sound of a fist hitting flesh, a cry of pain.

"Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit. You've probably been fucking her all along or at least trying to," Gray shouted, voice thick with anger.

"Maybe I have," Nick retorted although he didn't specify which accusation was true.

"You motherfu-"

More crashes, a loud boom and the music abruptly cut off. It went on for a long time and Alison dug the heels of her hand into her eyes, sobbing hysterically as she backed away from the scene, too afraid to look, too guilty to do anything but cry.

It seemed to go on for eternity but then Christina was threatening to call the police and finally Peter and Allen managed to restrain Nick while Jeff and another party goer who'd woken from his drunken stupor were pulling Gray towards the door.

"You can fucking have her," Gray was saying angrily. "I have a real girlfriend anyway."

The room went silent and the comment effectively brought Alison out of her stupor. She dropped her hands and stared at him incredulously through red rimmed eyes. "What?!"

"That's right," He said, contempt heavy in his voice. "I've had a girlfriend for three years. You were just something on the side while she was away this summer."

Alison's mouth dropped open and despite the fact that she'd had her own indiscretions, she couldn't help the betrayed, foolish indignation shot through her in a hot wave of flames. She wanted to tell him he was an asshole, a piece of shit, a total motherfucker for using her and cheating on some poor girl who stupidly bought the sweet act he apparently put on for everybody. But she didn't. She just shook her head disgustedly and wiped her eyes. "Just get out."

He didn't need anymore encouragement and stormed out of the apartment, face swollen and mouth full of blood as he slammed the door behind him. No one said anything for a long moment and Christina was the next to head towards the door. But before she could make her exit, she stopped in front of Alison and gave her an icy look before rearing her hand back and slamming it into Alison's face. "You can have him, you little tramp. But don't think he'll treat you any different when he gets tired of you."

Alison gaped at her incredulously and held a hand to her stinging face, too stunned to retaliate as she watched Christina storm out.

There was another long silence and then Becky blinked up at them blearily from where she'd remained on the floor. "Party over?" She slurred cluelessly.

Alison finally looked at Nick and grimaced at the blood that was trickling down the side of his face, from a gash next to his eye. It was obvious that he'd have a couple of bruises in the morning. "Yeah, guys just... let's just call it a night, okay?" She said softly, rubbing her face. "Sorry about all this."

"Sorry?!" Peter asked with a smirk. "That was the best ending of a party I've seen in a long time. Although you should have taken that bitch out. She's a tall Amazon bitch but you're scrappy-you could taken her."

Alison rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, Pete."

Nick pulled away from the finally and wiped the blood from his face. He surveyed the apartment, took in the broken picture frames, overturned furniture and the stereo that had crashed to the floor and shook his head. "Wake these fuckers up and send them home," He ordered to no one in particular, voice quiet and humming with anger. "Now." He strode across the apartment and disappeared into his bedroom before no one could say another word.

Alison stared after him in confusion, unsure as to what he was angry about now. She figured he'd be happy-she and Gray were officially through now and he'd managed to pummel him in the process. But for some reason he didn't look pleased at all.

She and Peter exchanged confused glanced but they went about the annoying process of kicking out the remaining guests. It was an hour process but finally everyone was up and leaving. Peter and Allen were the last to go, mainly because they seemed concerned about her despite the fact that they seemed endlessly amused by the drama that had occurred. She assured them that she was fine and closed the door behind them, feeling relieved when she was finally alone.

She sat down on the couch for a long moment and stared into space, finally absorbing everything that had happened. She sat that way for a long time and in the end, she didn't know if she was confused, sad or angry. She came to the conclusion that she was all three before shaking her head and beginning the long process of cleaning up. It was difficult and painful because of her sore arm but she managed to put everything back in order and even got the stereo set up again, relieved to see that it wasn't broken. She picked up beer bottles and other garbage for awhile before stacking two huge trash bags full next to the door and retreating to the bathroom.

She stripped off her clothes and turned the shower on full blast, sighing in pleasure when the steam and hot water enveloped her sore body. She realized that Gray must have yanked her pretty violently for her to still be in this much pain and it was no wonder that Nick had reacted the way he did. Even before the strange sexual tension between them, he'd always been protective of her. For the longest time she'd figured he only saw her as a little sister, someone he had to look out for. It was obvious that that hadn't been the case and she was still shocked by it, still found it hard to believe that someone as beautiful and perfect as Nick, someone who could get anyone he wanted and who'd even had flings with models and celebrities at Manhattan's hotspots, wanted little tomboy her.

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