tagIncest/TabooHe Doesn't Need To Find Out Ch. 02

He Doesn't Need To Find Out Ch. 02


All characters are 18 years old or older

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This is the continuation of He doesn't need to find out Ch. 1.

Looking at the calendar I saw that the next marked day was this upcoming Tuesday. It was labeled with a 2 which meant that my mom would strip for me on Tuesday afternoon.

When Tuesday morning rolled around I was barely able to contain my urges to masturbate. Somehow I managed to keep my hands off my cock as I knew it would be better to wait for mom's striptease. I made my way to the breakfast table, but I did not find mom downstairs.

Soon my mom appeared on the top of the stairs wearing only that matching set of yellow undergarments. My dad was buried in his newspaper, but I sure noticed my babe walking down the stairs seductively. She must be excited for the afternoon I thought as I felt my cock start throbbing in my shorts.

"Good morning boys." Mom hurried into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my dad and me before we went about the day's business. I only had algebra and history class that day so I would be home early to spent time with mom. My eyes followed her every move while making breakfast, but I was aware to not let my dad catch me staring at her ass.

My grumpy father finally put his newspaper down to make one of his dumb comments. "Can you please go change into something appropriate because nobody here is in the mood for a show." After that silly comment he shook his head in disapproval and went back to burying his face in the newspaper.

Mom rolled her eyes at the comment and sat down to eat breakfast next to me. There was little conversation during breakfast, but my thoughts were running wild as I stole glances of my mom's boobs. She gave me a wink when she noticed that I was looking at her boobs then she moved her bare foot to my groin. Dad was busy reading the newspaper and did not notice anything strange going on.

My dad and I readied up for work and college, respectively. My dad gave a quick peck on the cheek to my mom as he left for work. I got the better treatment as I gave my mom a full kiss on the lips and cupped her panty covered ass before I left for college.

I could hardly concentrate on the lectures as I could not stop thinking about by mom's body. When I got home I was not greeted by my mom as usual so I just headed upstairs to look for her. We had 3 hours before my dad got home for lunch and I was hoping my mom would just strip for me now instead of waiting.

I found my mom in her room getting dressed up for the striptease. "I will be in your room in a minute." I walked to my room to find a pole assembled a few feet in front of my bed. My mom had purchased the pole to use it for my dad's entertainment and for a workout thing she had seen on TV.

I was already naked from the waist down by the time my mom walked in. She was wearing a dark blue blouse, a black knee length skirt, high heels, and thigh high stockings. I sat back comfortably and began stroking my rigid cock which oozed with pre-cum.

Mom smiled at me as she gripped the pole and took a deep breath. "I never did this for your father because he thinks it is real slutty." Mom started dancing slowly next to the pole and then she started unbuttoning her blouse. She removed her blouse and let it fall to the floor which exposed her c-cup breasts being held tightly by the yellow bra.

Mom continued dancing on the pole then she swung a few times around it. Her long red hair got messy and she ran her hand through it seductively. Next, she tugged on her skirt till it was past her knees and from there it just slid off. Mom was now only wearing the matching yellow undergarments, the thigh high stockings, and her heels.

I was picking up the pace of my strokes as the sight of my mom doing something naughty got me beyond excited. She giggled and ran her tongue over her lips as she paused for a second to look at my throbbing member. She hesitated for a moment as if trying to remember a certain routine.

Mom walked behind the pole and facing away from me she spread her ass cheeks with the pole. Then, mom started to grind up and down the pole with her ass while her hands were placed on top of her head holding onto the pole. I continued beating my cock to the sight of her spread ass cheeks.

Mom turned to face me as she reached behind her back for the clasp holding her tits in place. She unhooked her bra, but gently hanged on to it with her hands. Mom teased me for a few seconds until she finally let go of the bra to reveal her tits. Mom lightly pinched her pink perked up nipples with her fingers.

Cupping her breasts she turned back to grab the pole and bent over to give me a better view of her lovely ass. With her ass in the center of my view, mom began tugging at her panties slowly. She pulled up her panties into her ass crack and let out a soft moan that almost took me over the edge.

I could feel my balls ready to explode as I saw my mom playing with her panties. Finally, mom dropped her panties to her ankles and with her hands spread her ass to give me a better view of her asshole. She reached into her asshole with her middle finger and that was the tipping point to make me explode.

With her tight asshole in sight, I moved up my bed to blow my load on her ass. "Oh god I'm cumming, mom!" Rope after rope of hot cum landed on her ass and legs to her delight. Mom started giggling as she heard me moan in pleasure and felt cum dripping down her toned legs.

Mom wiped the cum off her legs with her hand and picked up her clothes on the way out. "Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, Alex." Mom licked her cum filled hand clean and with that she left the room. Before dad got home we disassembled the pole and put it back in my mom's closet.

The next day after college I sat in my room thinking about my relationship with mom. A few days ago, mom had asked me if I liked anal sex which made me both curious and excited. Mom liked for me to finger her asshole during sex and seeing her play with her asshole during her striptease made me even more curious about anal. I had licked and fingered her asshole before, but now I was determined to fuck it.

I went downstairs to check the calendar in the kitchen, but I could not find it anywhere downstairs. I figured mom had gotten it to make some adjustments to it. It was Wednesday afternoon and I was home alone as my parents were out handling their agendas. My dad was probably finishing up work at the store and mom was at the café with her girlfriends. I spent a few minutes searching for the calendar, but could not find any trace of it.

Thursday morning I found out that Dad had thrown the calendar away because he had received a new one as a gift from his mother. "What do you think about the new calendar, son?" I told him I liked it and gave him a forced smile. Dad had just fucked up something nice that mom and I had going.

Things had gone smoothly at college and I was now looking forward to a well deserved nap. Entering my room I found mom lying in my bed ready to tell me something. "Well the calendar thing is gone, but that does not mean that our sexual relationship is." I had expected this but it sure felt good to hear it from her mouth.

I threw my backpack on the floor, took off my shoes, and laid down next to mom. "I'm kinda tired, mom, I'm going to take a quick nap." I slept for longer than I had planned for, but it definitely felt good to get some rest. It was 8:15 pm on a Thursday night which meant that there was an NBA game going on. I sat back to watch the game, but my mind drifted away from it as I began thinking about mom. I skipped dinner as I was not in the mood for a big meal after a long nap. Mom checked up on me and kissed me goodnight before going off to bed.

It was past midnight when I heard my mom's footsteps in the hallway. She lightly knocked on the door before walking in. "I can't sleep with your dad's loud snoring." I invited her to my bed as I lifted the covers and patted the pillow next to me.

She dropped her robe to reveal her sheer black babydoll. Mom got under the covers and positioned herself next to me. She was facing away from me so I took that as a sign that she wanted to spoon. My throbbing cock was covered by my shorts, but I could still feel her bare ass crack.

Mom gently pressed back with her ass as she reached to tug at my shorts. "Would an ass fucking be too much too ask?" Mom slid out of the covers and guided me to the floor.

"We will make less noise if we fuck on the floor." Mom was facing down and had her legs closed. I opened my drawer and fumbled through some things trying to find the lube. When I found the lube, I stood up to pull down my boxers and position myself on top of her.

I poured the lube at the top of her ass crack and then proceeded to spread it along her crack with my dick. I poured some more lube directly on her asshole and started finger fucking her ass with my index finger to make it accessible for my dick.

I grabbed my shaft and guided my tip over her asshole then I began to slowly push in my purple head. "Don't be too rough, honey," whispered my mom. Mom was a screamer but at this time of the night it was obvious she could not let out more than a soft moan.

Slowly I pushed in my entire tip and with the same precaution I fed her asshole all 8 inches. I grabbed her ass cheeks as I gently moved in and out of her tight asshole. I pulled out completely to pour more lube on my dick and her hole.

This time I rammed in my entire cock which caught my mom by surprise. "Oh fuck!" We both froze at the sound of her moan. I resumed parting her asshole with my rigid cock. I completely forgot she wanted me to go easy and I was now pounding the fuck out of her. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other filled the room and drowned out her mild moans.

We were running a risk, but the ass fucking felt too good for the both of us. The tightness of her asshole did not let me fuck her for as long as I wanted. Soon we were both breathing heavily and my mom's moans converted into cries of pleasure.

The sight of my dick in her ass and her soft cries sent me over the edge. "Ugh! I'm cumming, mom." I let my balls explode and sent shot after shot of cum into her tight ass. After a few moments I pulled out my flaccid cock from her ass and I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her cum filled asshole. Her asshole was gaped and the sight of it trying to close itself was amazing. Mom put her hand over her asshole to make sure the cum did not drip down to the carpet.

In the bathroom, mom fixed herself up and I handed her a wet towel to clean her ass up. Still holding her hand in place to make sure the cum didn't drip down; mom opened the small cabinet and handed me a plastic tray. "A few weeks ago you said that you wanted me to drink your cum."

She squatted down and I placed the plastic tray directly under her asshole to gather every last drop of my hot cum. Once my load was emptied out into the tray, mom stood up and took the tray from me.

Mom licked the tray clean and headed back into the room. "I gotta come to your room more often; I loved the anal and your cum was very tasty."

"Your ass is so tight, mom," I said as she put on her robe. I hated that we could not sleep together after sex, but I understood that we could not risk our relationship like that. She left the room to go back to bed with her piece of shit husband. One part of me was upset that my dad got to sleep next to her every night and another part of me was happy to be fucking my mom beyond her wildest dreams.

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