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He was a Nice Guy


Despite what it sounds like when it starts out - there is not much real sex in this.


The blond with the double D tits pulled the red head slut into her open pussy and enjoyed her oral ministrations. Soon the three men in the room joined in. The red head was soon impaled on an eight inch cock. One of the men took the blond, and put a cock into her mouth, and was rewarded by her sucking like a calf at a tit. The blond was soon rolled over onto her stomach, still sucking mind you, and as the red head, now under her, was still glued to her pussy, as the third man rammed another large cock up the blonde's ass. A good time was being had by all.

The blond is my wife, and I am neither the red head woman, nor any of the men in the room. My wife, the Whore Ruth, is involved in another night of debauchery at the hands of my employer, the President of the company, the CFO and the head of the Human Resources Department, although the blond has been known to accept any strange cocks or pussy that happens to be around if my employers desire it. The Whore Ruth has been the company whore for ten years now, exactly ten years today, as it is one week before Christmas day and the company is holding part of its private celebrations. Any references to the Whore do in fact mean that pile of shit that used to be my wife.

We were married for one year and she got pregnant and gave me a wonderful baby boy, Randolph. Yes, he is mine, I did check later, but it would not have made any difference. I even got her a maid/nanny to help out. It was eighteen months later, at the Christmas party; seven days before the celebration of the birth of Christ, she became a whore. I now count time from her whore date. Thirty-nine months, or three years and three months into our marriage and she reverted back to the party girl she was before we married and became a whore for my employer.

In the twenty-fifth year of the whore, in my fifty-first year of life, my life is completely changed. I am at a wonderful wedding. There is happiness and love all around. No, it is not me getting married, as I am already married. But the difference in life now is amazing and everyone with us this day shares in our joy; maybe a few don't.

My name is Franklin Hemming, and I am a nice guy. I don't cause trouble, I don't fight with people, and I don't argue with people, I don't tell people they are wrong. When you ask people about me, they will tell you "He is a really nice guy." I was twenty-six years old when the year of the whore started.

I am an accountant. It is non-confrontational and that is why I like it. My wife, the Whore Ruth, said she loved me because I was gentle and non-confrontational. We met in college.

Ruth was a party girl and way out of my league, or so I thought. As subsequent events took place I have been proven right in my evaluation. She said she fell in love with me and gave up the party life. I was deeply in love with her. When the baby was born I had a nanny come in and help. Eighteen months later she was a whore and mostly gone from our life. For the life of me I don't know why she changed, but she did and there was nothing I could do about it but move on with my life.

I work for a large company that makes everything that you can think of. If you were to list what they make to a room full of people everyone in the room would "have one of those," or would say, "So that is who makes that."

I was good at what I did and after a year on the job, I got a raise and a big bump in position. I also got Ruth pregnant at the same time. I am nine months away from bliss and twenty-seven months away from hell. The first I knew about, the second was a big surprise.

The other man who did this boring job died, probably of boredom. All we, that means me, do is crunch numbers and now with the aid of a computer I keep tract of everything and I mean everything. I make sure all of the departments know what they are running out of and I tell them. That was not originally part of my job but I was bored and had to have something to do. It seemed like a good thing at the time because the company was always losing line time by shutting things down because the ordering system sucked and no one was keeping proper track of it. I don't know what happened in the past, hell it was a profitable company and the people at the top must have had enough brains to make this old and well-respected company work.

I am not even confrontational about that. "I am probably sure you remember that you need to re-order the xyz something or another but you only have enough for a thirty day run and it takes two weeks to get them in after the order." That is a typical e-mail reminder.

I will frequently get back a curt note telling me to go fuck myself and stay out of their business. Then one time I was called into the main office and told that a department had run out of something and that it was my fault for not making sure they had it and the line had to be shut down and people laid off. Well I know when I am right so I showed them the e-mails, twenty-six in all, in which I kept reminding the department they needed to order the material and their "fuck off" replies.

Can you guess who got the shit? I did. It was my fault. I was at fault by not following up. I was almost fired; but they kept me on. They all had a good laugh as I walked out of the office, wondering, "What the hell happened?" It was a good old boy club and I was not a member.

Needless to say, everyone dumped on me, but I stayed non-confrontational. Now I would send a reminder sixty days out and if I got a "fuck you" e-mail back I would start the order process. I took the extra time to set up tracking and even made contact with suppliers. At thirty days out, I would contact the supplier and ascertain if the order had been made and if not I would do the order. If we did not have the material, we had to shut down one of the lines and people would be laid off until we got it in and profits would fall, and that was never good.

By the end of the year, I was now doing all the ordering. I would talk to the various people on the lines and on the floors and find out what was needed. I even asked them about supplies, suppliers, and best prices. Now I never bargained, that would be too confrontational, I just asked and if the price was the best, then I ordered it. I would talk with people on the floor again and if they thought they could get us a better price I let them do it.

If someone dropped something I would help them pick it up. If someone was in a hurry I let them go ahead of me, as long as it was not then important to me. I did not let people push me around, but I was always a nice guy and very polite.

I was now the father of a beautiful baby boy, Randolph, and was happier than I had been in my entire life. Time passed and I was still in wedded bliss and a daddy too. To help Ruth we hired a nanny, she was from the Philippines and was eighteen.

All of my good work finally came to the attention of the bosses. It was that good work that got me on the Christmas party list.

I am now twenty-six, we have been married thirty-nine months, and Randolph our son is eighteen months old. The nanny is twenty. The year of the whore is about to start. The party was one week before Christmas day.

That Christmas my wife showed up looking hot as hell, she always did look good. This was the first time we were invited to the executive Christmas party, she wanted to look her best, and she did. She ended up in the back offices with the company president fucking the hell out of her, the CFO taking her ass, the head of Human Resources in her mouth, and a number of other co-workers helping to make her airtight when the others needed a break.

I went home and did not say a thing. I told the Filipino maid/nanny that Ruth would be detained and that I would need her assistance in talking care of Randolph. Ruth did not show up until after New Year's Day.

I knew two things, I was no longer married, and I was going to get even. Not being married was easy because I would just not act like I was a loving husband. Getting even was going to be much more difficult. My problem is that I am a nice guy by nature not nurture. I don't know how to not be a nice guy.

When Ruth finally came around, I was polite, in saying good morning but not much more. When I made breakfast, I made enough for her. When we were done eating, I washed her dishes too. I would ask her if she wanted more coffee or toast, after all I was a nice guy. But I never asked her about her day, or her evening. I never asked where she was and what she was doing. I never touched her and never told her I loved her. If she came into the room, I was polite and after a socially appropriate period of time, I would leave.

I used her time from her "whore birth," as I called that Christmas, until she came home and fixed up a bedroom for her to stay in because she was no longer allowed in the master bedroom with me. When she asked where her things were I politely walked her to the guest room without touching her and showed her. She did not question me; she just cried and went into her room. When I got up the next morning she was gone.

Ruth would leave for a few days at a time and I never asked what was happening. I would go to work and come home. I no longer had a wife. What I did have was a family obligation to my son and our nanny and myself; and that required a job.

At work there were some snickers but I held my head high and kept working. By this time thousands of people depended on me keeping things moving and I sat in my office and did exactly that.

I still don't understand how I ended up taking over this area of the company, except to say that nature abhors a vacuum, there was one, and I filed it. I am sure there was a department some place that was supposed to do this; I know for a fact there was a senior VP that was in charge but I never found out exactly what he did. It was as if all of the smart people were gone and the Peter Principal took over; you rise to your level of incompetence.

One of the "MEN" in the office was offensive enough to tell me, in a loud voice, that if I was a real man I would not put up with my wife as the company whore and I would quit. We were in the lunchroom, I told him that if I left we would have to go back to the hit and miss system we had before, thousands of man hours would be lost, and workers out of work, and their families would have less than they have now. And in the future I would appreciate it if he would allow my personal life to remain personal. I also told him I was man enough to put my personal problems behind me for the good of others. After all, I was a very nice man.

I gained only a modicum of respect from management but the workers now loved me, with that out of the way I went on with my life. The whore would come home for a few days and then leave. It became apparent that they needed the whore close by so they got her an apartment, somewhere. I did not care and preferred to think of her as dead as my life moved on in "cruise control."

Yes I hurt very badly but obligations were obligations and my father had told me to carefully consider my options and do nothing until they were sorted out. I was mindful that being nice did not have to interfere with my life, even a bad one, and if I stayed nice to everyone, it would not hurt me at all.

The whore once tried to explain to me that she could not control her urges and once she got into it she just could not stop. She needed sex and it was like a drug for her. I left the room not wishing to hear anymore. I was still polite but that was all. I was still nice to her.

For the next six months my life began as a routine as just described. I had few options and felt that the passage of time would provide them in abundance, if I just waited and was patient.

It was six months later, in June when the whore made the announcement.

"Honey, I have some great news, wonderful news, you are going to be a father again. Isn't that wonderful?" the whore Ruth said.

I had not touched her since the Christmas party.

I left the house and came back two hours later with some black bordered heavy bond, four inch by five inch paper. I sat at my computer and after drafting and reviewing some examples of how to proceed finally did my first and final draft. Ruth picked it up the black bordered heavy bond, read it, screamed, and ran out of the house crying. The nanny picket it up and put it down and said nothing, but she smiled then hefted her crotch, like a ball player does, and walked away. I thought it was simple and quite elegant and like everything I do, was nice.

"My Dear Friend, I wish to thank you for the kind words of condolence at the sudden demise of my wife and her unborn baby.

With much regret but sincere appreciation for your kindness,

Franklin Hemming"

The next day I was asked to go to see the company president. I went in and was asked to have a seat; I chose to remain standing. There was a discussion about their whore being pregnant. I explained that what went on between them, any, or all of them, and the company whore, was not my business nor was it my concern. My concern was my family. I further advised them that my wife was not their concern at all. I also told them that my wife was of a tender and fragile disposition and that should my wife become pregnant I was almost positive that such a trauma would be more than she and the baby could stand, and I fully expected their demise from the exertion.

I left and returned to my duties. I was polite, I was nice in the way I expressed my concern for my wife's health if she was pregnant and my lack of concern for the company whore.

The next week the whore came back to the house and said nothing but she was moving gingerly. She said nothing to me at all. She was hardly there even when she was there. She did mention that she had been wrong, it was a false positive, and she was not pregnant. I said nothing in response.

It was about a month later when the president called me into his office again. This time it was to advise me that I needed to attend a social gathering at his house. The president would be unavoidably detained that evening and I was requested to take his place. I read between the lines. He wanted to fuck the whore and I had to baby sit his wife.

I declined as the evenings were my own and not his to command. I advised him of my young son and my higher duty to him. I did not argue, I simply, but nicely, told him how it was to be.

He immediately acquiesced to certain conditions I laid out as to why I could not attend and the nanny and my son came to the gathering with me as a result of my concerns about leaving them alone. Arrangements were made for them and the nanny was properly attired, as was my son. I kept them both close at hand during the gathering. This was time I spent with my son and my child always came first. The nanny was more like a mother and where he went she went.

It was a small gathering of ten or so people and Hilda, the president's wife, and I played host and hostess. Hilda was not an old woman, only about thirty two, and was a bit, well dumpy. She was plain in looks but had a wonderful personality that more than made up for it. Her husband had wooed her, despite his being more than fifteen years her senior. He had worked for the company for a very long time under her father and it was an arranged marriage.

The gathering consisted of Hilda and her six cousins, all female. I learned that they controlled all the stock through a trust that no one could touch, including their husbands.

I was not sure what my purpose was in being there but I did my best to be a good host and helped when I could, as long as my son, who was deep into the terrible two's got most of my attention. I always had Randolph with me, mostly in my arms. He was a bundle of energy and my host duties seemed to fall second to chasing a giggling Randolph around the various rooms the affair took place in.

Seeing that Randolph and I were the only males, it would be fair to say that most of the female attention was on Randolph, a definite heartbreaker even at two.

During the gathering Mattie, the nanny, spoke with many of the guests and glances in my direction did not go unnoticed by me. Later in the evening Randolph was getting tired and Mattie suggested that she return to the home so I began to make my exit with her but was restrained by a few words from Hilda.

Arrangements were made for the guests to take rooms in the main house and Mattie and Randolph took their leave. I was given a room next to them. I did not like being away from them in strange circumstances or surroundings and I so advised Hilda.

After the gathering Hilda and I had a few moments alone. She told me that she knew of my plight and was concerned for my well being. Hilda was a gentle soul. He husband married her for her money and she knew it now, but it was too late. He did not love her at all.

The next day was a Saturday and we had a wonderful breakfast together. Hilda was very happy, as were we all. I was asked to attend a number of functions with her as part of my now official duties. The proprieties were always observed. I always had the nanny and Randolph with us. I was never invited to a company Christmas party again and even if I had been I would not have attended.

As time went on the whore showed up as expected; meaning she hardly showed up at all. I never left her alone with Randolph and after a while she would try to talk to me when he was there. I was nice and polite but formal in any short response that manners required. Once the nanny took Randolph I left the room.

Once, Ruth came home falling down drunk. She was let out of the car at the drive and never made it more than a few feet onto the grass of the front lawn when she passed out. I left her there for the neighbors to see in the morning. I presume it was anticipated that I would attempt to rescue her and thereby commence a healing between us; they were greatly mistaken. The whore never did that again.

The president called me into his office again a few months later. He was going to be a father. Hilda was pregnant. Now my job would require my spending more time with her, again the nanny and Randolph would be in attendance. He did not actually like Hilda and my wife the whore was by far better looking and was not just a whore but a happy slut being a whore. The president preferred to be with my wife, I now preferred the company of his. Actually, I would have preferred the company of just about anyone to the whore.

I took good care of Hilda as I had done my wife, when she was still my wife, and was pregnant with Randolph. I even went to Lamaze with her and was there in the delivery room when the baby was born. Therefore, that is what I did with Hilda. The President could not be bothered to attend. All pretense of affection to Hilda was gone as far as he was concerned; she was a minor inconvenience to his social obligations.

It was an office joke that the president made my wife his whore and me his nanny. I did not laugh.

Hilda had a beautiful baby girl, and she named her Janice, after an aunt on her mother's side. I spent a lot of time with Hilda and Janice and Franklin and the nanny. I called the nanny Mattie, because I could not actually pronounce her name. Mattie did not mind at all. She was only eighteen when she came to work with us, when there was an "us." That would be around the year 2 BW, before whore. We were now at around year 1, as in the year of the whore 1. My perverted play on BC and AD.

Mattie was married to a man who was in the merchant marines and would show up a few times a year and take her out for an odd weekend, and then bring her back. He was white, like me, and there was a problem with the family back home accepting him.

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