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My hair was held up in a bun but the sweet smelling products I had in my hair was dripping down my neck it was so hot out here. My jean shorts kept riding up my ass an my black tank top was getting lightly soaked with my much labored sweat. Not to mention this insanely heavy ass bag I was tooting on my back and one huge bag that I was struggling to carry.

I was really trying to be a good sport about everything. I just didn't plan on going hiking for my twenty first birthday. I didn't complain because it was a present from my sweet dark chocolate love. I watched him in front of me. He was the only thing keeping me going up this damn hill. I was literally lusting after that ass of his.

Me an my man Lee have been together for seven years and we still wanted each other sexually. He's a twenty three year old college student. He wants to get into productions in the film industries. The man is intelligent, romantic and sexy as sin to me. That is how my baby got me up here. By being intelligent, romantic and sexy!

(Two days before the trip!)

I was at home on my summer break from college and sadly getting some assignments done for my writing class in August already. I had my bed covered in my text books, note books, binders and a bunch of loose leaf papers. I was drowned in work on the summer break.

I stay with my parents on the summer breaks that I get so I can spend time with my mom, dad and brother and his gorgeous daughter who looks like her mother Tina. Tina's my brothers fiancee an she does nails at a nail shop. My brother Jerome cuts hair at a barber shop that our uncle owns. So its very rare when we get to speak or hang out with each other. So my summers are filled with being with family.

Except on July 14th! My birthdays are still with family but not just with them only.

Lee came over during my little study session alone. I texts him that my parents went to my Grandmothers for the day and my brother and Tina were at work and my precious niece was at day care so I had the house to myself. His mother didn't live far from me so he was glad to come over while every one was out.

I heard Lee pulled up in his blue and black Neon sports car. I could always hear him from down the street cause his motor was so loud. I ran to open the door and saw my handsome man cut his car off. He opened the door and stood and stared at me before slamming it shut and jogging up the walk way towards me.

I let my eyes run over the perfection of him. He stood at five eight, with small dark brown eyes that looked gray in certain lighting. His smooth dark pink lips were wide lushes and his fade had so many waves it made me sea sick some times. He had a light go tee and a well trimmed mustache. His skin was a dark chocolate with a nice red tint to it. I couldn't wait to get my hands on him and by the look on his face he couldn't wait to do the same.

Lee rushed me. His hands wrapped around my waist and his lips were fierce on mine. We barely shut and locked the front door before Lee was pushing his hard muscular body into mine. Yanking at my black low rider jeans while I yank and tugged at his shirt to get to that well toned chest that I knew he had from all those days he worked out at the gym and track practices that he use to attend. My man was epitome of what a man should look like in my eyes.

We made it down the hall but not to my bedroom. He had my pants down an off with in seconds as well as his own pants down around his knees. Lee lifted up one leg and yanked my hot pink thong to the side just before he went to work eating my cunt. He pulled his nice hunk of meat out with one hand and stroked himself making my mouth water for a taste of him. Lee could make me wet by just looking at his sexy ass but licking an sucking his small dark brown nipples got my juices flooding always. As much as I liked him eating me out like I was a free buffet on Saturdays some where I wanted his dick in my mouth much more.

Lee groaned loudly as I pushed him away from my damp wet heat. I quickly dropped to my knees and licked the soft mushroom head before I licked that little vein underneath it. I couldn't stop myself from stuffing his whole tool inside my mouth and grabbing those tight round cheeks of his.

"Yea, I like that baby." He groaned out. Pulling my head to the side and stroking in and out my mouth while droll started to leak out the corners. I reached down and pulled and slapped the tiny sensitive bundle of nerves between my thighs. I smashed my face in his crotch and sucked as hard as I could while tugging and pulling his balls with the hand I had been rubbing myself with. I moaned deep in my throat and let the vibrations travel through his thick member.

"Shittttt!" Lee lifted me off the floor and I had no choice but to release his member from my mouth with a very loud pop. Lee turned me face forward and pressed me back against the wall and rubbed his dick against my soaking wet pussy lips. "You ready for this baby?" He asked as he slapped my ass lightly.

I had only two words to say to that question, "Fuck yea." How could I not when he was erotically holding me against the hard hallway wall and pushing slowly in and out of me so good that my juices were already starting to run down my leg.

"Fuck baby. You feel so fucking good." He said breathy as he squeezed and massaged my ass right before he started pistoling in and out so fast that it was hard to pin point which I liked more; him pulling out as my cum started to leak all over his dick or him going in and rubbing against my walls making them tremble.

"Grind on this pussy babe," I demanded in a hot breathlessly whisper against the shell of his ear as he leaned forward to place his forehead against the wall. My baby didn't play no games when it came to insuring my orgasm. Lee was grinding against my pussy so good I was squeezing his well toned ass with one hand and holding the back of my baby's hot sweaty neck with the other. I could feel him hitting my G spot over and over again as I started to push my ass back against him. Grinding myself against him until I couldn't take it. I finally throw my head back and moaned for all I was worth.

"Jane? You good baby?" He questioned as my body slackened against his.

"Um, so good." I turned my head to kissed his waiting lips lightly. I shivered a bit at the contact.

"Good girl." Was his cocky response right before he pulled him self out of me and watched me slide to the floor. Having lost all feeling in my legs. He grabbed me by my shoulders and positioned me on to my hands and knees quickly and stroked the deep arch I made with my back. I knew what my baby wanted. Face all the way down arms thrown forward and ass all the way up! If there was one thing I knew he loved it was my arch and my ass.

Smack! Smack! Smack! "This is my ass." Smack! Smack!

I smiled. I loved how he claimed this ass. Lee wasn't rough with me at all. He always said he just couldn't be rough with some one as sweet as me. So when he smacks my ass its always just to hear the sound. There's never any pain with him. If there is its very superficial.

"I know you could spend all day admiring this beauty, I wiggled my ass at him, but we don't have all day sexy."

"I thought your parents were gone for awhile?" Lee sighed after he saw my 'look'. The look that says baby don't argue just do it. "Fine, fine." He said regrettably. Lee slid right back inside of me an grabbed me by the hips. He pulled out extremely slow and pushed in just as slowly. I knew he did this partially because he wanted to savor the moment as long as possible despite my warning and also because he always loved to go slow with me.

I knew that attack at the front door an that wild sex against the wall was just for me. It never bothered me that my baby loved it slow. It was never something that got me hot and bothered but I loved to please my man.

After awhile Lee started to lunge forward with such speed my entire body moved with him until he quickly pulled out and nutted all over the back of my ass.

I laughed breathlessly but softly. "There's a big blue basket, get a towel or wash clothed from there. I laughed again as he rose smacking my ass again. Watching as he came into eye sight walking awkwardly towards my bed room.

I laid my head against my arm while my ass was still propped up in the air. Speaking of ass I was watching a nice piece on show case right now."Nice ass." I commented as he turned to walk into my room.

Lee turned around and wiggled his ass at me. Then he meekly walked off into my room. I chuckled. There's nothing like a man who could not only lay the pipe down but could make you laugh also. Dang how did I get so lucky?

Lee had his pants pulled up as he walked into the bath room and wet the red wash clothe and wiped himself off first and then came back to me. Lee stood rubbing his fingers into his cum, soaking it into my skin. I smiled knowing he was admiring his handy work as always.

"Hurry up before it drys." I laughed. Lee took his sweet time wiping his cum off my ass.

We headed into my bedroom and moved my books around so we could lay on the bed. My intelligent man knew after great sex I couldn't deny him anything.

"I've got a present for you for the big two, one."

I was so excited."Really? What is it?" What girl didn't love presents?

"We have to leave after a couple of days." Lee said casually. Then he started to lean towards me to kiss me softly. I should have been suspicious then because my baby only kissed me during sex cause he knew that turned me on.

"Where to?" I asked during one of his little intakes of breathes.

"A romantic place out in the woods." Lee kissed me a little harder then and for good reason.

A sister has never been out in no woods and i swore Id never be either. I seen all the Jason movies way too many times to even consider going into some freaking woods! I mean have you seen Cabin Fever? I ain't no fool. But with him suddenly kissing me hungrily and casually stroking my pussy through my still unbuttoned and zipped jeans I lost my train of thought.

"Will you go with me Jay?" His voice went all deep.

"Fuck. Where is he trying to get me to go?"

"Baby?" He rasped out right when he started to push his middle finger in my damp pussy

Who the freak cares! "Fuck yes." I replied biting the corner of my bottom lip.

"Good girl." He chuckled. "Ill pick you up at two pm Wednesday for your birthday." Then he disengage from me and walked to my bedroom door. I realized what I just said yes to.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...where you going?" I demanded as he opened the door.

"Later." He smiled. Lee was out the door making the quickest escape I've ever seen.

"Get back here and finish what you started!" I yelled just as the front door slammed shut.

"Fucking tease." I mumbled to myself. I through my head back against my bed. I grabbed the first pillow my hands touched and screamed into it.

Wait a minute... what really just happened here? I shifted through the kiss and the strokes and realized what I said yes to. "Dang that man is good." Was all I could think as I throw my head back against the bed and listen to his car speed away.

(Back to the present!)

That's how I found myself walking through a bunch of woods with sticks every where. Branches scratching me and my expensive hundred and sixty three dollar Jordan air forces caked up with mud. That's what I get to trying to look cute out here in the wilderness for a man who don't care nothing about my choice of clothes or shoes. It was my birthday for goodness sakes and the man didn't even compliment me on my outfit.

I was grumbling to myself when all of a sudden he stopped in his tracks. I took a look around and wondered why we stopped. I didn't see a nice cabin house up a head yet. I didn't see squat besides a lake and some more freaking trees!

"Baby? Why'd we stop?" I asked sweetly with out an ounce of the annoyance that I was feeling at the moment.

"Where going to camp here." Lee tuned around with the widest grin on his face. I took a deep breath to calm myself cause all I wanted to do was walk up to him and knock that smile straight off that beautiful face of his.

Stay calm. Just be calm. "Sexy? Um, there's no cabin here. No bathroom. No kitchen. The annoyance was starting to leak through my calming voice, No nothing but sticks and a lake."

"I never said we were going to be in a cabin." Lee dropped his back pack and his two shoulder bags.

"Oh no boo, not I!" I snapped knocking away flying bugs that I'm sure were there.

"Yes you babe." He said completely ignoring me and pulling crap out.

I was two seconds away from throwing the biggest tantrum since my mom told me I couldn't get a tattoo on my eighteenth birthday.

Don't do it. Your grown now. Stay calm. "I'm not sleeping out in no damn woods."

"You are tonight." He responded back just as calmly.

My heart started to pound a little harder. My breathing a little rougher. My eyes glassing over. Tantrum time! "I"M NOT STAYING IN THE WOODS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I slung my bags down. Grabbed a hand full of my shorts that had ridden up my ass; stomped my feet and wiped angrily at some dripping product that was still sliding down my neck.

I was always taught not to go in the woods. It was something crazy people did. Something girls who loved adventure would do. I was not crazy and I hated out dorsey crap. I just knew we were going to be nice and cozy in some up dated cabin. We were going to have bath rooms, jacuzzi tub and a freaking outlet where I could plug in my flat iron or lab top!

I just lugged up a bunch of crap I didn't even need!

"Aw baby...come here." He crooned. Lee got to' his' feet and walked to me. He throw his arms around my body as I tried to turn and move away from him. "I'm sorry Jay." I didn't say anything. "Jane aren't you sick and tired of staying in doors all the time? Baby we need some fresh air and space from every one else."

"Oh, so this wasn't my birthday trip after all uh? Just some trip you were going to take alone but my birthday happened to fall on your little outing trip date and you just though, hay ill drag her along too. It'll be cheap as dirt and I can do what I want any way!" I struggled trying to push him off me.

Lee sighed. "I know you don't believe that b.s."

"Like hell I don't!" I tried to rip his arms off of me.

Lee gripped me even tighter and lifted me up in the air so my feet could not touch the ground. I was only five ft five and he was five seven. He didn't lifted me that high off the ground. "When have I ever been 'cheap' where your concerned? You just sounded so superficial and it was very unattractive." Disapproval was lace in his tone of voice. "This trip is for us. For me and you to be alone and do all the things we can't do cause we both stay with other people. It's always hard to do the things I want to do with you when i have to always worry about if people hear. Or even hurrying up when all I want to do is make love to you nice and slow." He set me on my feet. "okay, maybe this is for both of us on your special day but why can't it be? It's about us always. Me and you."

I hung my head. Ashamed for my behavior and my words. I really did sound conceited and like a little brat. It still didn't change the fact that he purposely tricked me into coming here. He could have at least warned me. Lee was in the room with me while I was packing my curlers and flat iron and all, he should have told me I didn't need that stuff.

I told him so. "You should have warned me Lee."

"I know. I'm sorry baby I just really wanted you to come. I really wanted to spend this time with you." He took my face in his hands.

Time to woman up. "I'm sorry too babe." I sighed. "Your right, we could share this day together. I was being a little selfish."

Lee leaned in and kissed me as soft as a whisper. "I love you."

"Love you." I turned and looked at my new place for a whole week and four days. "Still would have preferred a cabin or a hotel or something" I mumbled under my breath.

"I heard you."

"You were meant too!"

Strong arms wrapped around my waist and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. "The quicker we get every thing done the quicker we can go play."

"Promises, promises." I crooned.

Lee turned me around and slapped my ass. " A promise I intend to keep." He kissed my forehead and released his hold on me. "Now lets get moving." Lee commanded in his best drill Sargent voice.

"Yes sir." I mock saluted him and begin to unpack.

I kept telling myself that it could have been worse. It really could have too. Be as it was though, it wasn't so bad. Lee packed every thing he thought we would have needed. We had air beds and sleeping accessories. Camping accessories such as a tent that was long light brown and dark gray. It zipped up and actually had a little window thing going on. He said it was called a Wenzel-klondike-Taupe-and light gray eight person tent. We had an air mattress, lanterns, water bottles and he even bought a small cooler and even a Coleman perfect flow grill stove. I knew it's name because it was still in the box that he bought it in.

It also turns out that my baby took all the crap that I wouldn't have needed out of my bag while I wasn't looking. I wondered why he was being a good sport in helping me pack. All I did was lay stuff out and he placed it in my bags. He put some stuff that he bought for me that I would need in my bag so it wouldn't feel so light. Smart man.

True to his word we did end up playing as soon as we got stuff set up and done. Again i had a problem. Why was he making me do things that I didn't want or feel comfortable doing. This was just stupid as shit and I knew nine times out of ten he would talk me into doing it! Still I wouldn't be me if I didn't argue and agonize about everything.

"You really must have flipped your shit if you think I'm about to get into some water that could be contaminated."

"It's not contaminated. Stop making up excuses and get your butt in this water with me." He sighed. Lee was butt naked in the water moving his arms back and fourth.

"Do you even know if snakes, crocodiles, alligator gar or what ever are in that? Somethings going to crawl up and bite that ass!" I folded my arms and gave him my look that said 'I am not doing it.'

"I got a monster that want to crawl up in that ass if you get in here!" He called back.

"Babe, I'm serious. You know I can't swim and you don't know whats in that water...," He interrupted me by splashing water my way. "Aren't you tired of worrying that beautiful butt about nonessential bull? Come get in here with me. I won't let you drown and ill kill anything that even gets near that silky cinnamon skin of yours."

"I'm the stupidest chick alive."

"Your the beautifulest chick alive!" Lee yelled back.

"Shut up. I seriously hate you right now."

"You don't hate me."

"Oh trust, I can't stand yo ass right now; on some real shit."

"Told you you didn't hate me." He smirked. Then he walked a little ways back to me. "There are no crocks around this area or alligators. Snakes can be any where though babe, even in your back yard so don't worry so much because i swear I got the stuff we need if one of us gets bit."

"Swear?" I asked pulling my shorts along with my purple under wear thong off.

"I swear."

I blow out my breath. I pulled my tank top and purple bra off. I untied my scrunchy from my head. I could really use a little rinsing off. I waddled towards him carefully. I couldn't stop glancing around.

Finally I reached him and laced my fingers with his. until he pulled me against him and I wound my arms around his neck. "I believe you promised me a little somethin, somethin," I purred.

"I believe your right." Lee stroked his hands down the middle of my back and kissed the side of my neck. Strong thick fingers glided up in my thick curly hair to keep my head turned to the side.

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