tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHera's Curse Ch. 01

Hera's Curse Ch. 01


I knelt before him, his hands in my hair, I could feel his cock throbbing as it lay on my tongue. I sucked it knowing the release it would bring me, running my tongue all around it before licking the underside of the head, I found myself getting turned on by what I once would have thought a horrible task, it didn't help that my pussy was dripping and tingling with excitement. His breathing sped, and became raspy, I knew he was getting close, I began running my hands up the back of his legs, and clutching his ass, as I pulled his cock further and further into my mouth, finally I felt his pubes tickling my nose. His dick felt hard and hot on my tongue, as I felt my breasts and sensitive nipples rub against his hairy legs. As I blew him I thought back to how I came to be wearing lingerie, with a guys dick in my mouth, and yet feeling increasingly horny.

It had been a fateful night 3 weeks ago, and a similar experience for me. The girl that night had been perhaps a bit to easy to pick up, she had looked me in the eye as she took my 7 inches deep into her mouth, kneeling before me in all her splendor. My cock was in heaven that night as she sucked me hard, rubbing and squeezing my balls with her hand, while her other stroked me into her mouth. She was obviously experienced, and when I came I felt like I was blasting into her mouth with more than just cum, it felt like she sucked some essence out of me, and I had passed out.

I was brought back from my momentary revelry by the his grunting, moments before he threw his head back, and buried his cock down my throat. I could feel the pulses of semen as they blasted through his cock, across my tongue and strait into my stomach. As he lost consciousness I pulled back sucked out the last of his load to taste his sour salty load on my tongue, He fell to his knees before falling onto his back on the carpet in front of me.

I swirled his load around my mouth feeling the now familiar changes happen. My dripping throbbing pussy contracting and shrinking, until it actually popped out, my clit becoming a small cock, and then a larger cock, and then a beautiful 8" wonder. Looking down at it sticking rampantly up out of my panties, framed by my large breasts on either side it was a bit disconcerting, and yet erotic. I stroked it a few times, it wasn't the same exactly as my old friend, and feeling my long nails as I gripped it was a strange thrill, but also familiar in a way I rarely got to feel any more.

Being unconscious he didn't put up much fight as I rolled him onto his side, On the other hand his bulk wasn't easy for my 5'3" frame to move. I managed to get him up and laying across the ottoman in his apartment living room. It is amazing what becomes normal, I'm sure if someone had been able to look in his window just then and seen a tiny woman with dark red hair trying to move a man almost twice her weight, they would have thought it unusual, and yet for me it had become just another Friday night.

My new cock was so urgent in its need, I felt I was hardly in control as I slathered it with the anal lube I now keep in my purse, and I carry a purse now? I'm sure any of my "dates" that see it think it is for them, and in a way it is. Prepared, I kneel behind his still unconscious form, my cock aching for release. My panties are around my ankle and my high fuck me heels are still on as I move forward to press my cock head against his anus. I pushed slowly forward, feeling his tight ass open up to my invasion, inch after inch slides into his virgin as ass. I bottom out and start to slowly pull back, only to repeat the process slightly faster, pushing forward again, and I pulling out again, my red bangs falling in my eyes, I started to build a rhythm.

Soon I was thrusting all the way in, and pulling most of the way out with abandon. My magically engorged balls slapping against his. He squirmed under me, his eyes widening as I continued to rape his probably virgin ass, my hand on his back was sufficient to hold him down. Within seconds his moans told me of his feelings about my activities, no doubt his cock was beginning to throb back to life again, getting fucked by the avatar of a goddess seems to do that to men. I felt bad for a moment, knowing he would never stick his cock in anyone again, after a night with me and my curse, my victims became 100% submissive bottoms, the ones I had found after were typically addicted to cock anywhere they could find it, from strait or gay men, probably tgirls too.

My empathy for the guy I was fucking was fleeting though as my super charged cock compelled me on, I slipped past his anal ring over and over and felt as he started thrusting back to meet me. My breasts were swinging wildly and I could feel a load building in my newly dropped balls, his ass felt so tight, clenching as my cock thrust in, I couldn't take it anymore, thrusting deep, I held my cock in him at its maximum, my toes curled in my heels, I was swearing to many gods I blew my load up his ass. Pulse after pulse of my seed surging out my new dick and filled his ass. I slowly pulled out, my cock deflating, and as the head popped out of his anal ring, a large amount of the semen I had deposited slipped out of his ass also, and slowly dripped down his balls.

He groaned, no doubt feeling a painful emptiness, even though he had probably been an anal virgin 20 minutes before. He still laid across the ottoman, seemingly exhausted. I noticed that there was semen on the ottoman where his deflating cock lay, and realized the clenching of his ass on my cock, which caused me to come had been a signal of his own orgasm. I walked around him and knelt in front of him, presenting him with my slightly shit flecked flaccid cock.

He hungrily consumed or should I say inhaled my cock. Trying to take all of me he chocked and coughed, he wasn't really doing a great job of sucking me clean, but for his first time sucking cock, I guess I shouldn't complain. He was certainly enthusiastic, and with my guidance licked my shaft clean after I pulled out his mouth. I figured it was time to leave before he fully recovered, I pulled my panties back up, pulled my dress back on and walked back out to my car.

In my car I surveyed my situation, I was still as beautiful as when I headed out that evening, but I now had some semen on my blouse where it had dripped, drying now, I touched up my lipstick, fixed my bra, maximizing the cleavage, and tucked my cock bock to be better hidden, it was only 10:30 on a Friday, I figured fuck it and started the car, heading to my old favorite bar near my house for a drink to wash the taste out of my mouth. Why does coming like that always leave me horny for more?

To be continued...

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