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He's a Fool


"He's a fool."

Carlene bridled slightly at that. While she admitted to herself that Adam wasn't the brightest spark, he wasn't really a fool, just not terribly observant at times. She felt compelled to point that out to Brendan.

Brendan airily waved away her objections.

"No, I'm serious, Carlene. The man wouldn't notice a vicious dog if it was biting him. His mind would be elsewhere and he'd wake up later wondering what happened."

Brendan had stopped by where Carlene and some of her friends were having a coffee break. In his normal supercilious manner, Brendan had set out to score points against each of their husbands. For some reason he seemed to have a special down on Adam.

A couple of the girls laughed at Brendan's comments.

"He's right you know, Carlene. When Adam goes into a daydream everything else just zips straight past him without impinging on him at all."

"That's not really fair," claimed Carlene. "He doesn't daydream as such. He's busy thinking up plots for the novels he writes. He is quite a successful author, after all."

Brendan chipped in again.

"The only reason he's successful is because he has a good agent. His stuff stinks."

Carlene smiled, catching on at last.

"Had another rejection, Brendan?" she said sweetly. "Maybe if you asked Adam for a few tips...." She let her voice trail away.

Brendan fumed, and placed his foot in his mouth.

"Adam is so thick that if he caught me having sex with you he wouldn't recognise you and would simply apologise for intruding," he snarled.

"If Adam caught me having sex with you he would know I was being raped and would promptly leap to my defence," snapped Carlene, with a so there look.

Carlene wasn't sure who had the bright idea, but someone had the bright idea for a bet.

"Ten dollars says you can't have sex with Carlene in front of Adam without him interfering," someone suggested.

Brendan laughed. "I don't mind taking the bet," he said. "I reckon that within a week I can get Carlene's panties down and bang her in a place where Adam can see us and he'll just excuse himself and leave. Well, got to run. I'll be seeing you soon Carlene."

Brendan walked away, laughing. Carlene looked around at the others, feeling nervous.

"You don't really think he'll try to seduce me in front of Adam, do you?" she asked her friends.

There was a general shaking of heads.

"No. He's more likely to try to trap you and rape you in front of Adam," she was told.

"Not funny," she snapped. "I think I'll stick close to Adam for the next week, just to be careful."

"Actually, you might be better off keeping away from Adam," someone observed. "He can only jump you if Adam is there."

Carlene glared around and changed the subject. By the weekend she'd completely forgotten the matter. On Friday afternoon they went to a barbecue at Rosalie's place.

"Just dump your things in the spare bedroom and head on out back," Rosalie told when they arrived. Carlene took Adam's coat and pointed him in the direction of the yard.

"I'll be right out," she said, taking off her own coat.

Hurriedly dumping the coats in the indicated bedroom, Carlene came bustling out, intending to join Adam outside. Instead she gave a startled squeal and found herself being hustled into another bedroom.

Glaring at Brendan, Carlene started to ask what the hell he thought he was doing, but to her surprise he clamped a hand over her mouth, pressing some tape over it. The next thing she knew he had spun her around and was bending her over the bed, hands held firmly behind her back.

Carlene tried to struggle, but was really quite helpless against his obviously superior strength. She felt something being pressed down over her head, and stared in amazement at the riot of dark curls that were tumbling around her shoulders. Her skirt came tumbling down and was snatched up and slipped under a pair of jeans lying on the bed. Then her panties dropped.

It wasn't that she was slow. It was just that Carlene hadn't dreamed that Brendan would actually go this far. She tried to kick back against him, only to receive a firm slap on the bottom by a hand that then slid down and cupped her mound, teasing it.

"I will give Adam five minutes to realise you haven't come out and go looking for you. Knowing how thorough he is, he'll check both bedrooms to ensure you're not in the wrong one. When he checks this one, he's going to apologise and withdraw quickly. While we're waiting, I trust you won't mind if I warm you up a little?"

Carlene felt Brendan's free hand massaging her pussy and easing between her lips to gently rub inside her. Then, to her horror, she could feel him stretching her lips apart and start to press his erection into her.

Carlene squirmed and tried to speak, failing miserably at both. Brendan held her firmly in place and his cock pressed slowly but surely into her. It only took a few moments and Brendan was firmly inside her.

"Don't worry," Carlene heard Brendan say. "I'm not going to spend our waiting time ravishing you. I just want to make sure Adam sees you, butt naked and with my cock firmly in place."

Again Carlene tried to struggle, realising instantly the dangers of this as she felt Brendan moving within her. She froze and waited, hoping desperately Adam would come and end this farce.

She heard Adam walk past, calling her name. A few moments later the bedroom door started to open. Afterwards, Carlene realised that Brendan had planned for everything. He'd know what her reaction would be if he let her hands go and she didn't disappoint him.

The door opened, Brendan let her arms go and placed his hands on her hips, pulling out a little. Carlene had promptly dropped her hand to the bed and thrust back against Brendan, trying to push him away, while she turned to look at the door.

Adam, looking in, saw Brendan thrusting happily into a brunette with long tumbling curls, who was obviously rearing her bottom to eagerly meet him. Flustered at Brendan's drawled, "Do you mind?", he slammed the door, apologising profusely, quickly heading elsewhere to look for his missing wife.

Furious, Carlene tried to struggle and curse Brendan.

Leaning forward, drilling back into Carlene as a side effect of what he was doing, Brendan reached around her and peeled the tape off her face. "I think you need to concede that I've won my bet," he murmured.

"You rotten bastard," was her reply. "Now let me go."

"Well, I'd like to, but I can tell from the way your pussy is rubbing against my cock that you're all worked up. Besides, I like to finish a job once I start."

Laughing, he pulled back and thrust vigorously into Carlene. She squeaked and protested.

"Stop it. Stop it right now or I'll scream."

Thrusting again, Brendan ignored the threat.

"Far too late for that," he observed. "You'll find yourself hard pressed to explain to Adam why you were so enthusiastically bouncing on my cock when he looked in."

"I wasn't," squealed Carlene in a fury, gasping as she felt her bottom rising to meet Brendan's cock as it attacked again. "You know I was trying to get away."

"But that's not the way it looked, now is it? Now hush up a little while I see what I can do for you."

Carlene stayed there, bent over, feeling Brendan enthusiastically pound her, drawing a response from her body that she didn't want to give. Helpless, she fumed, while her bottom bounced eagerly, delighting in the unexpected attention.

One thing she could do she thought, and reaching up she snatched off the wig, tossed it to the side and sighed.

With no way to stop Brendan until he was done, she yielded, working to match him. If she had to be screwed, she was damn well going to make the most of it.

"How did you manage to set this up anyway?" she gasped, bouncing up and down to a steadily increasing beat.

"Have you forgotten that Rosalie is my sister?"

Carlene sighed again. She had. She gulped as a horrible thought crossed her mind.

"Do you mean to say that she knows you're in here raping me?"

"She does, but not rape, surely. More of a forcible seduction. You seem to be participating eagerly enough."

Carlene ignored the comment, concentrating on the battering her vagina was undergoing. If he kept going at this rate, she'd be too battered to make love again for weeks.

Carlene ignored Brendan's triumphant cry as he suddenly started thrusting with some savagely short strokes, venting himself into her. She grabbed the pillow and pressed it against her face as she screamed into it, shuddering with the force of her climax.

Watching Brendan slip out of the room, Carlene cursed and set to work to tidy herself up. Forcible seduction, indeed. Rape was what it was, and it seemed to her that he was quite practiced at it. Idly she wondered which of her friends might also have fallen victim to him. Maybe she should ask Rosalie.

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Another story with revolting people in it. Why are you writing this? It has no redeeming value in it at all?

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