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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. There is no Manuel. He is a fictionalized protagonist. All participants are adults.


Manuel burst through the front door, his mind racing. He absent-mindedly tossed his book bag onto the couch as he passed it on the way to the kitchen. All he wanted was a glass of orange juice and some time to think.

Eighteen fucking years old and I've never even danced with a girl, let alone kissed one. Why do I fucking suck so bad?

The straight-A student trudged back into the living room, juice in hand, and plopped onto the couch. He moved the bag onto the floor and braced it between his feet, getting ready to just stare at the floor and sulk for... well, all goddamn night, if he wanted. Nothing to do on a Monday night anyway.

Thanks to his mother, Manuel lived in opulence, with a huge, well-furnished L.A. home and plenty of allowance money to do what he wanted around town, but the teen still had problems.

Well, one big problem. He was shy. Manuel wasn't out of shape, he was reasonably handsome, and he had money. But girls had always made him nervous, and as his teenage years went on, he fell steadily behind his peer group in the world of relationships. It seemed like everyone around him was dating, and girls just saw Manuel as a pushover, too nice for his own good.

But Saturday had been his eighteenth birthday. Manuel was a man now. He swore he would change. No more dicking around.

So today I asked out the hottest girl in my school in front of her friends like a moron, and looked like the biggest tool in the world. My friends are getting handjobs, and I make every girl in class think I'm a goofy fag. I don't even drink, for God's sake! What a pussy...

A shout from the second floor: "Manuel? Is that you?"

"Yeah, Mom, I'm home." The eighteen-year old braced himself. He knew his mom had heard the weariness in his creaky voice—she'd be coming downstairs to comfort him. He listened, heard her bare feet slapping down the hardwood staircase...and here she was.

Manuel's mother was Sofia Vergara. From shitty movies like Soul Plane, Chasing Papi, Four Brothers, and Tyler Perry's unwatchable comedies to failed sitcoms like "Hot Properties" and "The Knights of Prosperity", the Colombian model had made herself into an international celebrity. Along the way, Manuel had followed his mother from Barranquilla to Miami to Hollywood, living off her fame.

And he knew as well as any man where that fame came from. Sofia was gorgeous. As she hit the bottom of the stairs, Manuel looked at his mother, dressed in a baggy black T-shirt and pink sweatpants.

She must have been coming right out of the bath. Her long hair hung down her chest in wet, clingy waves. She was keeping it her natural dark blonde color these days, as opposed to the black dye job she often had to get to look "Latin" enough for her movie roles. Her expressive brown eyes between her arched, sex-goddess eyebrows. The pouty lips that her dirty fans must have fantasized around their cocks millions of times.

And hanging beneath her face, the wonders that had made Sofia Vergara famous. Her enormous natural breasts. A DD cup. Manuel knew because he wasn't above checking her bras when she was out (which was pretty often). Sofia hadn't started out that huge, but as she approached forty her womanly curves became more and more cartoonish. Her swollen boobs made her look more and more like a real-life Jessica Rabbit every day. They shifted with her every movement as she approached her son.

But his mom's tits were just one half of the equation. Sofia truly was the definitive hourglass, incredibly busty with a wasp waist and flaring hips. And Manuel knew all too well the dynamics of her fat Colombian ass. Since the teen's sexual awakening, he'd seen the star's big, round butt in a thousand different outfits, a thousand different positions. He'd watched the cheeks jostle against each other with each movement. He'd "accidentally" brushed up against her soft butt cheeks many times.

Sofia Vergara was a fertility goddess, exuding sex. A dream milf calling young men to every inch of her supple body and its promise of a million thrills. And she lived alone with her son, his father long since out of the picture.

All of these thoughts had rushed to Manuel in an instant. The next second, he realized how fucked up it was, but he could not deny it. He was a man; he had a cock. His mother was the perfection of womanly sexiness. He couldn't help that.

Sofia sat next to her son on the couch. The frustration of the day, combined with his mother's inability to turn off her seductive vibes, had him rock hard. He shifted to conceal his throbbing erection. She turned to face him, drawing her knees up under her on the seat. Her son kept sulking.

"Mijo. Look at me. It's okay." He couldn't. "Manuel, listen to your mother." He faced her, saw her gorgeous visage turned down so her deep brown eyes gazed up from under brow. She was shooting him a skeptical, challenging gaze. "I know you too well." She lowered her voice and inched closer, wrapping an arm around Manuel. "What's wrong?"

He sighed. "I don't know, Mom. I asked a girl out today. I wanted to change, you know? Not be so pathetic anymore... Of course, she turned me down, and I looked like an idiot... What's wrong with me?"

"Tsk... Oh, mijo, nothing's wrong with you!" He could smell her shampoo now, fresh and clean. "You're very handsome, strong, so smart... And it's very brave that you talked to that girl. My brave boy. I'm so proud of you, Manuel. You'll always be my only boy. You just need to remember that, and girls won't be able to keep away when they see your confidence. And if anybody says you aren't any of those things, I'll kick 'em in the ass." She poked him playfully and smiled, trying to get him to break down and laugh. "OK?"

Suddenly, everything was clear.

He didn't need to hear any more of this.

Manuel knew what to say to shut her up, but he was really thinking something quite different. He smiled at Sofia. "You're right, Mom. I just gotta put myself out there, more, right?"

"Oh, you're a good boy, Manuel. Oops—good man. I gotta go get dressed to go out, alright? I left some money on the table if you wanna go get dinner with your friends." She got up and went back upstairs to her room, but he didn't watch her. Manuel's mind was a million miles away. He was planning.

The room was dark, illuminated only by a computer screen. Shoko Goto was screaming and whimpering as she was being fucked. Manuel watched her supernaturally huge natural tits flop pneumatically around on his laptop as he jacked off frantically, hunched in front of the desk in his bedroom. His mom had left hours ago, and he was going to enjoy his time alone.

He loved huge-titted Japanese girls. Rui Akikawa, Anna Ohura, Sakura Sena, Rin Aoki, Chichi Asada, Seri Ishiguro, Fuko, Hitomi Tanaka, and of course, the ultimate, Shoko. Far and away his favorite porn, if only for the scarcity of that kind of woman. The pixilation of the vaginas was annoying, but all the cum play more than made up for it.

Ah, cum play. As always when Manuel approached climax, his thoughts drifted to his mom. His mom covered in cum. His cum. He saw her look of surprise, heard her squealing, as he let loose and sprayed his load all over her jiggling rack. Or her voluptuous behind, Sofia Vergara's bootylicious ass, sperm coating each cheek separately as she shook and wiggled her butt for her son. Awesome fantasies.

The thing is, now it would really happen. He had made the decision earlier on the couch. There was no going back. Because of something she had said.

He would always be hers, Mom had said. She would beat up his bullies, Mom said. Magic words that woke up a resentment he could never really feel before.

He got it now: she made him weak.

His whole fucking life, this "my baby boy" bullshit made him nervous, made him shy, made him want to hide at home with Mommy. Kept him a little boy who couldn't get anywhere near women, but helped him become a man by teasing him all the time.

Touching me too much, calling me baby... "Forgetting" to wear a bra. Bouncing around like a dumb slut. God only knows what she does when she's gone. She owes me this. You're fucking Sofia Vergara! You can't bounce around in front of a frustrated teen!

Manuel didn't care anymore. Incest? Meaningless. He wasn't gonna give himself a fucking brother. But he needed to get off, and he was gonna use Mommy's soft, curvy body to get himself off. Somehow.

It was some time after 1 AM. Manuel woke to the sound of talking. It was loud, but sounded strange, slurred and incomprehensible. He pushed himself up groggily in bed, then went perfectly still, straining to make out the voice across the hallway.


Wearing only his underwear, Manuel made his way softly to the bedroom door and put his ear against the wood. Nothing. He cracked his door open and glanced across the hall at his mom's room.

Her door was open, too.

He decided to conduct a test, swinging his door closed and shut to see if he got any reaction, heard any rustling. Nothing. Emboldened, Manuel walked across the hall. Sofia never slept with the door open. And the noises... was she alright?

After stopping to listen again and confirming that there were no more sounds, Manuel opened his mother's door.

The stink of alcohol hung in the room, along with the stronger, more recent smell of soap and shampoo wafting in from Sofia's private bathroom on Manuel's left. To his right, he heard his mother's steady breathing. No reaction to his entrance. She must have stumbled home drunk, washed up, and passed out. And apparently, when his mother drank enough, she talked to herself. He stepped forward, closing the door behind him, to look around.

The room was dark, illuminated only by the blue-grey haze of moonlight through the window behind Sofia's bed. There was enough light to make out his mother's form.

Her topless form.


The perfect tits. The tits that he had suckled as a baby, that had bounced through the background of his whole life up to this point. There they were, exposed as the busty mature latina slept on her back. They had sag to them, the full hang of a natural heaving breast, but perk as well: they jutted upward out of her torso, rising and falling with her sleeping breaths. Every movement brought a thousand tiny jiggles to the milky Colombian hooters.

Sofia wasn't naked; she had shorts on, but he really wasn't worried about his mom's lower half at the moment.

Manuel practically leapt out of his briefs as he zipped to the head of the bed. Immediately, without second thought, he began to pleasure himself, jacking on his dick just a foot or so away from his mother as she slept soundly. He had to get off so bad. So fucking bad. It didn't matter what happened. Who would she tell if she woke up? He was her baby boy. She needed him. And the shame of it. Things that fucked-up didn't happen to famous people. No consequence was worth missing this opportunity. He could deal with her being awkward around him for the rest of his life. He needed to feel good. Sofia Vergara was gonna make him feel good.

The decision was made. This was the fantasy, the image that had danced in his head a thousand times during the horny teenager's life. He would cum on his mom's tits.

No, he would go one better: he would titty fuck her. Oh, God. His fetish from countless porn scenes, what he'd watched done to Shoko and Rui and Rin... He'd fuck his mom's tits. Slide his rod between those big tan mommy jugs. Jerk himself off with her boobs. Simply thinking that thought had the teen leaking oily precum all over his hands, lubricating his throbbing, pulsing red member. It made his pumping echo slickly in the room: SLLRRRK! SLLRRRK! Manuel gently inched onto the bed, planting his knees on each side of his mother's still upper body.

Oh, God, Mom, I'm gonna put my wiener in there. Put my wiener between your boobies. Oh, God, Mom, I'm gonna pop off on your tits. Make me feel better, Mommy.

He slid securely into place, actually mounting the gap between her knockers. He gathered them in his hands from the side and gently closed her voluptuous bosom around his penis.

Jesus fucking Christ. He'd never felt anything like it. The warmth of her huge chest, lubed with his pre-cum, swallowed the teen's aching cock. The site of his penis vanishing as he squashed Sofia's huge tits around it, along with the knowledge that he was between his slutty mom's tits, drove him insane with lust. And all he'd done was push her big boobs together.

Gently, he began to move her tits for her, slowly sliding them up and down each side of his cock. He knew this was the ultimate sensation, the perfect place for his penis. Fuck, he was going to explode. He mashed her tits around him, savoring the feeling of each fleshy mound rolling along his shaft, massaging and milking him for all he was worth. Manuel began to quicken his pace.

He tried to pull back from the edge and focus on something else. He lifted his gaze a little. For the first time since entering the room, he really saw his mother's gorgeous unconscious face and enjoyed her placid, unknowing expression. God, she was beautiful. Her son was so turned on.

He was riding her now, hunched over his mother's chest as his slick cock shot back and forth through her immense cleavage. Back and forth—SLLRRRK! SLLRRRK! SLLRRRK! The sound of titfucking made his head swim with erotic pleasure. Back and forth, back and forth.

Manuel glanced up at his mother's peaceful, radiant face, her sandy blonde hair flowing out across the pillows. A damp, blonde, halo. Her soft, tan skin. The full cheeks. Her dimples. His glorious goddess; everything about her screamed earthy, maternal sex. He would be safe with mommy. Her love would make him feel so fucking good. Her tits were where his dick was always meant to be. Sofia's boobs rubbed up, down, and all around his penis. Everything had led up to this. He fucked her tits harder.

Her eyes still shut peacefully under her sexy-vixen eyebrows. Her huge, full lips pouting at him, bouncing up and down every so slightly as her head rocked with his thrusts. They were still painted bright red in preparation for whatever she'd done that evening. He would have to cum on them, too.

Faster: SLLRRRK! SLLRRRK! Slip, slip, slip. Sofia's cleavage glistened with his wildly leaking pre-cum. The giant natural tits that had helped fans all over the world get off were a blur in the dark bedroom. Hints of moonlight and muted slapping as Sofia Vergara's DD's slid around her son's cock again and again.

Her "baby boy" was using them to beat off. "Mommy," he muttered. "Oh, mommy, mommy, love you..." Thrust. "Love...you! Love... you! So fucking hot... So hot, mom. So hot, mom. Ugh, nnhh, ugh!" He jacked himself off with his mother's tits. His penis was beet-red and must have been harder than ever before. A huge, fleshy cushion massaged his dick on each side as his clung to his mom's bountiful boobs. "Ugh, ugh... never let go, Mommy. Ugh!"

He would cum on his mom's boobs.

She breathed underneath him, passed out. The gorgeous V of her jawline presented itself to him at intervals, as her head would loll back with each forward thrust of Manuel's dick. He watched his gorgeous Latin mother's soft, perfect neck jut out and then recede in the moonlight, as her jiggly natural breasts worked wave after wave of pleasure out of his throbbing penis. The little creases in the skin at the tops of her breasts as his titfucking pushed her mammaries up toward her collarbone. The vast expanse of her perfect chest was soaked with his pre-cum. So close...

He kept his muttering and grunting to a whisper. "Mommy..." SLLRRK...

Mommy? Ha! His mommy was Sofia Vergara, Sofia fucking Vergara, he was titfucking Sofia Vergara, and we would nut on her epic fucking boobs. Mommy's epic boobs.

A billion little moments rushed into his brain, as his dick got jacked off by her huge knockers. He heard her laugh, saw the fat dick-sucking lips pull her wide mouth up into that fucking celebrity smile.

Her fucking thick-ass Colombian accent, English words all strung together into a garbled mess of fat-lipped Spanish, especially when she was angry, and her jugs would flop around wildly with her sassy movements. Her curvy Amazon body and long legs. Her wide hips and jiggly, phat Latin ass. Mommy's tiny waist and big, round butt.

He would cum on his mom's tits.

All the times she flounced around the house in skimpy T's and shorts, or spandex when she was back from the gym. All the times she bent over cleaning the house, humming in her sexy voice. Or the times she would cook him breakfast right out of bed, not bothering to put a bra on, her big dark nipples shifting under the translucent material as his mother's huge breasts bounced.

He would cum on his mom's tits.

Manuel slowed his cock for a moment. Tweaked his mom's nipples. The throbbing warm waves of pleasure were shooting through his legs now. His dick a rod of iron. His tight, swollen balls dragging against his mom's warm torso as he speared her bosom. The two of them a sweaty, incestuous heap. Slower, slower, think about Mommy. He was about to let go. One more thought.

He thought of all the whores and strippers and airheads and fucking slutty mamis she'd played. That episode of "Punk'd" where she was screaming and nipping out and making her bountiful breasts flop as she ran down a staircase. Every time she talked about her tits on TV and in movies. His mom's tits. He was getting a titfuck from his sleeping mom. Sofia Vergara.

Manuel titty fucked her furiously now; he would finish. His mother's unconscious body slid back and forth violently as he rubbed her jugs furiously up and down his glistening member. They were pink from his mashing together. So soft and so warm. His brain was buzzing. Vibrations through his body. Hump the boobs. Hump those tits. Hump Mom's tits. You're titty fucking Sofia Vergara. Titties up and down, up and down, fucking Mommy's boobies, fucking Mommy's boobies. After seven or eight hyper thrusts, Manuel's passed-out mother had titwanked him to completion, whether she wanted to or not.


Sofia Vergara's son ejaculated onto his mother's chest. His crimson penis was trapped in her tits, nestled tightly between the fleshy pillows as his release washed over him. The first squirt of white semen was thick and violent, splashing against the bottom of her neck. The spurts kept up, heavier and closer together than ever before, so Manuel's load was like a continuous stream of white slime.

He stopped thrusting and just crushed her jugs tight on his cock and enjoyed the orgasm for a second. Then, grunting, he resumed titfucking her through his nut, blasting again and again into her cleavage. The sticky white stuff had run back between her breasts, leaving a murky puddle between his mom's giant, natural tits. God, this felt so good.

With one more Herculean effort, Manuel's hands released the sides of Sofia's boobs, and he withdrew his cock from the magical feeling of his curvy mommy's titties. He was not done shooting. Sofia's funbags had so much area to use for target practice.

His hand ran blindingly fast over his thing, pumping out a white rope that smacked onto her left nipple and left a streak up along her neck. A pool of glorious breast meat sloshed back and forth as Manuel's movements bounced the mattress. He aimed for the jiggling right tit now, leaving a splash of baby batter that ran over her right nipple and into the mass of Sofia's golden hair. After blowing a huge load all over his actress mother, the teen let his cock fall back into its snug position in her long, deep cleavage.

The orgasm blasted out of Manuel like none in his life before, leaving him feeling instantly weak as the spasms shook the hunched-over teen's frame. He winced and drew his body in over his voluptuous mom's chest. The stabbing jolts of pleasure buzzed through his legs, the base of his spine. His famous mom's titties worked the load out of him. Smaller, thinner drops and dollops of his cum kept spewing. He almost blacked out. This was the best feeling in the world, ever. Cumming on Mommy's soft skin. Finally, it subsided.

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