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Honesty is the Best Policy


My girl's not talking to me anymore, and I don't know why. It started about the time we exchanged fantasies over the telephone while she was on a business trip in Seattle.

She and I, we have a pretty open relationship.

It was not uncommon for her to call me at work and send a few dirty words down the wire -- they practically had the receiver dripping into my ear. My heart would race and I'd take off early and run home. Sometimes we'd meet halfway in a park somewhere and have each other like Cheetahs in the Serengeti.

We loved to share fantasies, sure, but she had something else in mind when we talked the last time.

The whole conversation was a bit odd from the start. She asked me if I was thinking about her, and I said I was. She asked me some other stuff, and then she asked me some other stuff I can't remember. Then she told me a story and kept talking some more.

Then she asked me if I ever thought about other women.

I didn't know how to respond, because we have a total-honesty policy. What do you say when you're in a relationship like ours? Well, they always say honesty is the best policy!

I said yes. I also said yes when she asked me if I've ever fantasized about them. She asked me to tell her one of them. I asked her why. She said, "So that I can role play with you when I get back."

I was excited!

So I told her about this girl who comes into the movie theater that I manage, and how she talks constantly but is super-cute.

I check tickets all night, and then she comes in. She is petite with dark red hair and she is wearing a black tank top and black panties, and nothing else. Nobody notices or cares but me. She is happy as a clam to see me -- bubbly even.

She starts to talk. I hear all about her day and how she dropped her phone and it broke and then she had to pick up her friend who she shouldn't really pick up because she kinda sorta stabbed her in the back this one time and how it made her late for this thing—

...and all the while, I'm taking tickets like usual. Later, she follows me around. She's still talking. She follows me upstairs, then downstairs again. Then, I leave her outside while I go into the office. There, I find a note from her:

"You can fuck me. I want to act like I always am around you, but you can touch me and fuck me as if I were yours. You can come inside me. I want you to."

I open the office door again, but find she has gone. Later, while I'm sitting in one of the theaters and waiting for the last show to end, she comes in again. She is still wearing the underwear. Still, no one in the theater notices or cares.

She sits down, says, "So, as I was saying..." and continues her rambling stories. I test the theory in the note by putting a hand on her stomach. She doesn't skip a beat.

I slide my hand up her top and feel her breasts. They feel nice in my hand, and she is still looking forward at the screen and talking. I play with her nipple, then lift the shirt to lick her other nipple. She repositions to let me, but continues with her story.

I slide my hand into her panties and rub her pussy. I let her head rest on my arm as I continue to rub her, and her speaking begins to falter.

"...and I told her, I was like -- mmm -- uh, I was like 'Look, you can't -- uh -- you can't, um, say that and act like -- umm -- act like I am the ba—haaad—guy' right? That's just so to—total—lee not right..."

I feel her wet in my hand, and I remove it to take my pants off. I expose my penis to the cool air and I pull her panties off with little resistance. She is still looking forward and still telling her story as I lift her legs up and guide myself into her with ease...

"...and that's the -- ahh! -- problem with -- uh! -- with her sto—oory -- oooh. But it's li—ike I was sa—hay—ying -- mmm, oooh -- befo—hore..."

I continue fucking her as she acts like she always does. I give it to her and enjoy what it does to her.

"...it's like -- guh! -- I -- uh -- just -- mmm -- w—wa—aaant -- uhmm -- you to b—eee -- oh! -- um, you to, um -- oh, oooh, uh -- to -- oooh... ahhh... mmm... yeah! Oh, yeah, um -- what was I -- ahh, God! Oh, God... God that's... feels so... that... feels... so... good... just... just come... come inside... come inside me now... oh yes! ...with you inside me... I feel... feel it cu—umming..."

I let out a groan as I come deep inside her. She is silent as I do. When I finish, I let her legs down and she sits there in sweat and is utterly speechless.

I always knew I was a good fuck, and I can't wait to role play this with my girl... if only I could figure out why she's not talking to me anymore!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/05/14

mine is the first comment?? DAMN good/funny

..HAAAAAHhhaAAAAAhhhh.. ohhHHAAAh!! Javawarrior, is this like a breaking story you just posted, or...Do you delete them enmasse from time to time? ? ? You are good at funny, and your first time storymore...

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