Hot Tub Party


He laughed, enjoying the sight of her naked body as she leaned back in the hot tub. "Well, I mean, if it's this good all the time, wouldn't we eventually just get together for real?"

"Let's just see if this isn't a fluke, and then we'll talk about a relationship. Right now, I just want to enjoy how good you made my ass feel."

Ryan leaned in to kiss her hard, and then quickly left the hot tub. He started dressing, while she watched from the water.

"When is next time, then?" he asked.

She had started to rub her cunt absently, keeping the nice feelings going. "Just text me."

He winked at her, and once his shoes were tied he left.

On the way home, all he could think about was the taste of her ass and the way she had squirted endlessly. It was so sexy, he was hard again even after two orgasms. It was late, so he was quiet about getting up to his room, where he just laid back on his bed and played the whole scene over again in his mind. Before he could forget, he got out his phone and saved her number. He called the contact, Mask Girl. Even though he used that forwarding service, he could still save contacts on his phone like normal, it would just use his fake number if he called or texted back. Was it too soon to text her right now? he wondered.

Not long after, he heard a car pull up and someone get out. It was probably his sister, Amber. She was a late night partier like him, just having started her freshman year at college. He could hear her coming up the stairs, use the bathroom, and then after a while she gently opened his door.

He glanced over to see her head popping into his room. "What do you want?"

Amber could see he was still dressed, so she entered. "Hey, I got a new phone today. I'll text you the number so you can have it."

"Ok, sure." Ryan was mostly ignoring her, thinking about the exciting hot tub adventure. But he did notice that the ends of Amber's shoulder-length hair were wet. "Did you go swimming?"

Amber didn't answer right away, but seemed to be thinking of an answer. "Um, no I was just with some friends near the pond and we were splashing each other."

Her clothes weren't wet, just the ends of her dishwater blonde hair. For some reason, the sight of her partially wet hair, and her strange response, seemed to twinge something in the back of Ryan's mind. But it was late, and he was exhausted, so he ignored it.

"Ok, text me and I'll save your number. See you tomorrow."

"Ok." Amber left and closed his door behind her.

Ryan leaned back and closed his eyes, picturing Mask Girl with her legs spread and his cock in her ass. He couldn't have imagined a more exciting sexual escapade. Hot anonymous anal sex in a hot tub with a hot girl. He was getting hard again, but mostly he was falling asleep.

Just before he nodded off completely, his phone vibrated. He checked it, and saw a text message waiting for him. He smiled when he saw it was from Mask Girl. He hoped she would text him first. He opened the message, but frowned when he read it.

"Hey, this is my new number, Amber."

He just stared at the screen for a good long minute. His brain couldn't seem to process things anymore. He checked his message history, wondering if he had screwed up his contacts somehow. But sure enough, the same number had sent him the previous texts about hooking up, including "how tall are you" and "are you kinky". He hadn't even bothered to see that it was coming through on his fake number. And how would he have screwed up his sister's number that she hadn't given him yet anyway?

Ryan felt his heart drop in his chest. Could it really have been...? Would she...? What if...? Small physical details about his sister were coming up in his memory, like her belly button and that mark above her left hip, and the way she did her nails, and even the details of her mouth and jaw...details that he remembered seeing last night when that mouth was wrapped around his dick, and when he had grabbed that hip to fuck her ass, and that belly button where some of his cum had pooled when she had sucked him off.

After a good five minutes of blank wall-staring and brain silence, it finally hit him like a sack of bricks to the chest.

I just fucked the shit out of my sister!

My sister is a total anal slut!

My sister does anonymous hookups with total strangers!

My sister squirted all over me while I was doing her in the ass!

I ate my sister's cunt and asshole!

My sister deepthroated me and fingered my ass!

I came all over my sister's face!

And she didn't even know it...

Ryan didn't get any sleep that night, he just sat there on his bed while his mind raced. What would he do now? He couldn't possibly tell anyone, including her. But their sexual chemistry had been so good! They were downright explosive together. But they were siblings, so it was totally wrong! But they had already fucked, so would it be wrong to do it more?

When it was morning, and he was still sitting in his bed staring at the wall, his phone vibrated again. He saw a text message waiting for him, and when he opened it he swallowed hard. It was from Mask Girl. He hadn't bothered to change the contact name to Amber, because even doing that felt wrong somehow.

He hesitated, but opened the message anyway. It was a picture message, and his face went pale when he saw it.

He could recognize his sister's bedsheets underneath her spread legs, with her fingers spreading her cunt open for the camera. The picture was from the neck down, conveniently, but her full C cup tits were also on display. It felt so dirty and wrong to be staring at this picture, but it felt worse to be aroused by it and by the message included with it.

"You were awesome last night! Let's fuck again soon."

Ryan felt like he was outside his own body at this point, and his brain was too confused to respond with any moral soundness. So instead, he whipped out his cock, snapped a picture of it in its constant erect state since last night, and sent it back.

"I need your ass bad, let's meet up."

What am I doing? he said to himself. This is your sister! You fucked your sister, you fucking pervert! Now you're going to do it again?

He felt under the control of some other force, and even though he was exhausted from a late night and no sleep, he was also uncontrollably horny. He needed to fuck Amber again, and somehow knowing it was his sister was making the feeling more intense. His phone vibrated again, and she had responded, no picture this time.

"Tonight, at the house. I want you to make me squirt even more."

Ryan began stroking his penis, which was still out of his pants. This was so wrong! Why couldn't he stop himself? Why was he so attracted to his sister now?

He heard her coming down the hallway and into the bathroom. The shower came on, and he imagined her naked in there. Suddenly and without the usual warning of tingling balls or buildup, he was ejaculating onto himself heavily. His cum launched out of him and covered his shirt, and he grunted and thrust his hips upward like a poor teenage boy lost in self-pleasure for the first time. He stayed like that for a good long while too, wondering how he would keep his composure tonight without spoiling it.

What the fuck am I going to do? he thought...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/12/13


Surely talking to someone you've known all your life i.e. his sister you'd be able to recognise their voice.

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by Barkley57007/21/13

Uh, Oh,.... Wow

Throughly enjoyed this story. Haven't read all the other posts, but I'm assuming vast majority felt like me and loved it. So glad you are still writing.

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by shanebrumder07/17/13

Please do!

The title says it all.

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by Cphucker06/29/13

Re: Sequel

I am actually thinking of doing a sequel to one of my stories, and I would like to do this one but a lot of people are having issues with the details of this one. I don't think I want to tempt fate andmore...

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by bokentoe06/05/13

Part 2 needed

Seriously, you need to add a part 2 at least to this story. I was definitely left wanting more of the same.
Anything in the pipeline for this???

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