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House sitting


When I was younger,18, I we had a neighbor with a little dog. They were a married couple in their 30s with no kids. It was my job to go over to their house and feed him. I was also supposed to 'house sit' whatever that was. I would lay on the sofa in the summer evenings and watch TV.

One time I was skipping through the channels and I found some porn. I didn't last long. A minute later I had my shorts around my ankles and cum on my stomach.

This went on for some time. I got better at it though. I would take my shorts and shoes off first. I would get my leg up on a pillow, all nice and comfortable. I would watch but not stroke. Then I would stroke and make it last. This was great until one day the channel wasn't there any more.

I missed it. I started exploring their house. I went in the basement, in the garage. I was laying on their bed one day and found a dirty magazine in a rack, then another in their closet. We were back in business!

I was in a new routine. I would feed the dog and then go immediately to their bedroom. I would strip naked in the doorway, lay on the bed, read the magazines and stroke myself until I came. I would stick around a while and then go home.

I was reading a story about a guy that had this young babysitter. She had let some of her tit show and the man had gotten all excited. It was stormy so, of course, he should give her a hide home. I had put the face of girl I knew into the story in my mind.

I laid back and shut my eyes. I stroked and thought about her in this situation. Giving the guy a blowjob on the way home. Then getting her cunt licked and fucked. I blew my load all over my stomach. God, I would love to see that. I opened my eyes and there stood Gary, the neighbor. He had his gym bag on the floor in the doorway. His hair was still wet from the shower he had taken. He had his iPhone up and was recording me.

Oh god! I scrambled to get my clothes on. Then I remembered. I looked. He was standing on my clothes. He put the phone down.

"We have a problem here." He said

"I guess I'll have to show this to your mom."

I didn't know what to do with myself. I felt so exposed in front of him. There was still cum all over my stomach. Then the words hit my brain.

Show it to your mom! No!

"No! Please no."

"Well, what are we going to do?"

"I'll... I'll work for free!"

He laughed. "You think that's worth this?" He raised the phone up questioningly. I was only getting five bucks a day.

"What do you want? I'll do whatever it takes. Please don't show that to anyone." I pleaded.

Motion caught my eye. It looked like the front of his short jumped. He slowly lowered his hand down to his crotch. He stroked the front of his shorts. I followed the movement with my eyes. There was a sizable bulge there. He brought his foot up and removed his tennis shoes and socks. He stroked the bulge in his shorts some more. He put the phone on it's side on the dresser.

"You're obviously well practiced handling peckers." He said. He pulled his shirt off. He was in good shape. Holy hell, what was going on? Why was he taking his clothes off?

"I could use a good jerk off too. Let's see how good you are with a real cock." He unbuttoned and dropped his shorts. His hard manhood stood out before him proud as the day is long. It bounced a couple times. I looked at it. I couldn't look away. It must have been 8 inches and big around.

It was a manly man's cock. It was cut like mine. There was a huge patch of black curly hair at the base. He put his hand around it and stroked it slowly.

"Get over here." He said

I didn't know what to do. Get in trouble or wank him. I still didn't feel right being completely naked in front of another man. I looked at my clothes again under his feet.

"Get off the fucking bed and get over here!" The walls nearly rang with his voice it was so loud. I flew out of the bed and stood at the foot of the bed. The cum ran down my body and into their carpet.

"On your knees!" He bellowed

I immediately went to my knees.

"That's it." He said in a normal tone of voice.

He continued pulling on his hard cock, looking at me. "Now crawl over here and stroke me off." I put my hands and face down and crawled over to him. I stopped just as my head was in line with his hard cock.

"Sit up." When I did, I was eye to eye with his skin straining pecker. I looked it in the eye. He continued to pull on it, back and forth. I was mesmerized. I had never been this close to another man before. In fact I'd never seen a real man's cock at all. Only in magazines.

A bit of pre-cum had built up on the head. He was obviously excited to have my teenage face so close to his man cock.He took a half step forward and rubbed the pre-cum on the side of my nose. I immediately moved my face back and rubbed it off. What the fuck?

"Pull it for me." I looked at his cock again. This was it. I would pull him off and then it would be over. He stopped jerking. His cock had a slight bend upward to it but very slight. Without his attention it jumped a couple times in the open air. I put my legs underneath me to kneel in front of him. I put my arm out and tentatively reached for his manhood.

It jumped again. I pulled my hand away and looked at this monster cock.

"Put it in your hand." I reached again. This time I enclosed my hand around it. It was much bigger than mine, warm and hard. It felt so much different than my own. I suppose it was because I didn't feel the touch from the cock side.

The outside seemed so soft and yet it was so unyielding hard. I stroked slowly up to the head and jerked a few short strokes under the helmet very lightly. He was quiet a bit bigger than I was both around and by length. I could feel the veins as they lightly bumped down my hand.

"Stroke it down to the base." He said. I looked up at him as if I had forgotten he was in the room. I had been mesmerized by his manhood. What the fuck is wrong with me? I continued stroking it lightly. Then I did as I was told.

I slowly went all the way to the root and stopped, my thumb resting up the length of his nice, thick, warm cock. 'Nice', had I just thought that?

I made a full circle on the root and gripped it tightly but not hard. I moved it a bit up and down moving the skin over the base. I could feel the

rigidness of his member and the mess of pubic hair in my fingers. I liked the feel of it. I stroked out to the head again and rubbed my thumb on the pre-cum spreading it all over his sensitive head. I rubbed my thumb over the slit and under the head.

His knees got a bit wobbly and I stopped. I gave it a few full length strokes.

"Open your mouth." What? this wasn't a part of the deal! I'm no cock sucker! What does he think, I'm gay?

I realized that I still hadn't made any sound. My hand was back at the base of his cock feeling the rigidness and pubic hair again. I put my other hand up to feel his balls. They were hanging low, one slightly above the other. I lifted them and scratched under them with the meat of my fingers, not the nails. He moaned.

"Keep doing that and stroke up to the head." I didn't move my hands. I wagged his cock up and down a few times and then moved my face in closer. I rubbed the head against the side of my face.

I felt the pre-cum trail making my skin cool and wet. I continued holding him at the base and scratching under his balls. I moved it up and down my face.

"That's it boy. You love that cock don't you?" I looked right at it again. It's very nice. I looked up at him.

"Open your mouth." He said softly. I stopped all motion.

I did. I opened my mouth. I still held the base. I directed the end of his cock right at my own opened mouth. What was I doing? I wasn't a cock sucker! Why was I pointing it at my own mouth? It felt so good in my hand. What would it feel like in my mouth?

He took a half step forward seeing that I wasn't moving. I moved my head back, still afraid of putting it in my mouth. I started scratching behind his balls again.

I started stroking the length. Up to the head, rubbing the slit with my thumb and then back to the base. Maybe he would forget about it. If I did this good enough, maybe he would cum. My back was bent a bit away from him. I tried to straighten up but he was too close. His ridged head hit into my face a couple times and I moved back again but it was uncomfortable.

I straightened my back and rubbed the head up and down the side of my face. I then stopped and looked at it. I rubbed it on my lips. He didn't move. He just watched me. A bit of wetness was left there. I licked my lips, tasting him. There was very little taste. It didn't taste good or bad, just slippery. I rubbed him again on my lips. This time they were wet from my spit and he slipped back and forth quickly.

I stopped rubbing and held his cock-head against my lips. He didn't move. I didn't move. I looked down the length of his manly cock right to my hand nestled in his pubic hair. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. Maybe I could taste it better from the source. I licked the head.

"That's it boy." He moaned. I licked it again. Still there was no taste. I licked around the head and then brought my hand up closer to the head and my mouth. I put my other elbow on my knee and kept that hand on his warm hairy balls.

I opened my mouth and took the head in. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I had another man's penis in my mouth. What the fuck was I doing? It felt so natural and yet so wrong. My stomach was in knots.

It felt warm in my mouth and soft. I had the urge to bite down on it like a huge hotdog but knew not to. The feeling reminded me and I put my lips over my teeth making sure not to hurt him.

I sucked in hard like I used to on my thumb. I pulled a bit more of the head into my mouth and then circled the head over and over with my tongue.

His knees buckled and he put his hand on my head. I stopped immediately but kept his cock in my mouth. He stood back up.

"Holy Christ. Be careful." I didn't know what that meant so I did it again only softer this time. He moaned. I sucked harder and rotated my tongue

around and around. I licked the slit and under the head. He had left his hand on my head. He pulled me to him gently but insistently. More of his cock filled my mouth. I couldn't lick the head any more. I cupped my tongue under the ridge of his cock and pushed up with it, making a tight fit for him.

"Oh god, you're a natural cock sucker."

I liked that. I sucked more, making my mouth tighter on his ridged member. I was a good cock sucker! He pulled my head more and more. My mouth filled with his cock. It hit the back of my mouth. He stopped right there, not moving. I sucked hard, getting a good suction on all that was in my mouth. I kept licking the full length of his ridged manhood.

He put his hands on my face, behind my ears. He slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth. The extraction was too much for my suction. The pressure grew and blew with a grunted snort down my throat and out my nose. I let go of the suction and used my muscles to rub my tongue on the ridge of his cock.

"Rub my balls." I raised my forgotten hand. I scratched behind his ball sack and let the weight of his balls rest in my palm. He went back and forth a few times slowly hitting the back of my mouth. Then he pulled all the way out. I moved my head forward to take him back into my mouth but he held my head. He lifted his cock and rested it on my head. What the fuck?

"Suck my balls." He moved forward until his sack was against my lips. I could smell his manlyness now. It was a good smell. I inhaled it deeply. I put my nose closer and smelled again. I dropped my elbow from my knee and reached up to hold the back of his ass for balance. Would these have a taste? I opened my mouth and took his hairy balls in. I knew I had to be careful. I just moved them around a bit and licked at the hairy skin.

There was no taste.

I could smell the musky man smell but I could also smell the soap he had used. He lifted his leg over my head. His balls popped out of my mouth. He bent down in front of me and pried his butt cheeks apart with his hands.

"Lick it." I looked at his puckered asshole. It was very brown. There was no smell except a bit of soap. He took a half step back. His legs were wide apart and he held his ass cheeks wide open. I didn't move. His ass hit my face. My nose was in the top crease of his ass.

I put my hands up to keep my balance but there wasn't anything to grab. I ended up grabbing his ankle with my left hand.

I pulled my face back and looked at his asshole. Was I really going to lick this guy's ass? I stuck my tongue out, flat. I kept my tongue loose and wide and wet. I sniffed again. There was a bit of musk but mostly soap. He humped back impatiently and my tongue made contact. There was no taste. He let out a moan. Encourage by his response, I started licking. I licked up and down and then pushed him with my shoulders a bit. He took a half-step forward.

"Poke your tongue into my ass." I made my tongue ridged and poked at his ass. I did this a few times.

"Harder. Get it in there." I put my arms around his knees and mushed my face into his ass. I could barely breath out my nose. I poked harder with my tongue. I finally penetrated.

"There it is boy, fuck me with your tongue."

I did this over and over and then let up on my arms so I could breath freely again. He turned around. I looked at his stiff cock bouncing in front of me. I wanted to hold that warm ridged man meat again. I almost reached for it.

"Your turn." He grabbed me under the arm pits and helped me stand. He looked down at my hard cock and stopped. He put his hand over it and wiped his thumb across my slit. The pre-cum stuck on his thumb. He brought it to my mouth.

I didn't open. He rubbed in on my lips. He turned me around and pushed me towards the bed. I licked my lips trying to get a taste. Nothing. For some reason, I didn't want him to see this. My body came up against the bed and I felt him push my head and back down. I put my arms out on the bed and half laid down. The bed was a little over waist high.

He kicked my feet apart and knelt in between them.

"Pull your ass cheeks apart." I felt his hands on the back side of my balls. He lifted them and rubbed with his thumb along the path between my asshole and my balls. I parted my cheeks with both hands.

I felt his warm breath on my ass and then the contact of his nose and upper lip. Then I felt the warm wetness of his tongue directly on my asshole. He licked hard, up and down forcing me to relax. Up and down, up and down. He started stroking my cock. I nearly jumped and came right then. He stopped and just held it.

His face left and then I felt his thick thumb on my asshole, rubbing. Round and round, harder and harder. Then I felt his hot wet tongue again and then the rough rubbing thumb. Harder and harder, round and round. This was starting to drive me nuts. I had never had someone play with my asshole before. The rubbing and licking made me want something but my young body didn't know what it was. It became a burning need. I spread my cheeks more almost hurting myself. I wanted to give him all the access he needed in order to find out what my body was asking for. I needed something!

He rubbed me harder. I felt my hole relax and I pushed back into him, arching my back. His thumb momentarily penetrated my ass. Yah, yes! That was it! That's what I was looking for! Give it to me! I wanted to scream to him to penetrate me. I couldn't make my mouth work. I couldn't ask for it.

I didn't want to ask for it. I wasn't gay! I didn't want guys to penetrate my ass! But, I had to have it! He must know that. Why wouldn't he do it? What was he waiting for?

He licked me again longer this time. I got a better grip on my cheeks and push back on him, urgently. Maybe he would penetrate me with his tongue.

He withdrew and started rubbing again. Damn it! Over and over he rubbed, harder and harder. Driving that wetness into me. I pushed back into his thumb trying to get it into me. I felt him stand up but his rubbing didn't stop. I arched my back more urging him to penetrate me. Needing it like nothing I had needed before.

The rubbing changed, it wasn't as insistent. He was standing and doing something. I chanced a look backward. He had his left hand up to his mouth, filling it with spit. He looked at me and brought his hand down to his cock. He rubbed the spit onto that soft head that had just recently been in my mouth. I licked my lips and watched.

The rubbing on my asshole stopped. I pushed back, longing for it to continue, needing something to penetrate me. Then he stepped towards me and I could see him aim his cock at my hole. I couldn't let him fuck me with his cock! But I needed something to complete me! Whatever this was that he had started, it needed an end.

I held my cheeks open for him and arched my back more. I must have looked ridiculous. Like a female cat in heat. Then I felt it. It was big but I wanted it badly. I pushed back into his hardness. His cock head entered into me without resistance. It felt so good to have him in my virgin asshole.

He had prepared me well. I moaned. Finally! He wasn't moving though. What the hell? Why wasn't he moving? I needed more! I pushed back into him.

He didn't expect this and a bit more of his hard cock moved into me. Yes! Fuck me! I felt his upper body moving towards the dresser.

"Say it." Say what? God! I moved my ass backwards again trying to get more into me. He moved with me. He pulled out a bit and I felt madness.

"Say it!"

Say what? God! Why wouldn't he just fuck me! I pushed back into him trying to get more into me. I was almost in tears I was so frustrated.

"Say it!"

"Say what?!? Fuck me! Damn it! Fuck me, please!" I was screaming it! Had I actually said that? I pushed back into him. The need was driving me nuts! This time he didn't pull away, he pushed forward. The sensation was exactly what I had been waiting for. I groaned out loudly and actually articulated my feelings with a single word "Yesss!"

He grabbed my hips with one hand and slid back out slowly. He must have nearly pulled all the way out because my entire being felt empty. I needed it in me! Then he was in me again and again. Yes! I humped back into him driving him deeper and deeper.

Finally I felt what I was looking for, his groin hit into my ass. I released my cheeks and groaned, pushing back into him. He stopped, ground out into me. I could feel his pubic hair on my ass. He reached around and tweaked my nipples.

No one had ever done that before. The feeling jolted me. I felt his upper body move again, this time towards the night stand. I looked towards it.

There was the phone again. Had he just recorded that?

"You've got a sweet fucking ass." He said. He leaned down and breathed hotly, whispering into my ear. "You like my hot, fat cock in your virgin ass?" A shiver ran through me and goose flesh popped up along my arms. I did like his meat in my ass. I ground my cock into the bed and back into him. He rode me, not allowing his cock to move.

"Answer me." He still had a hold of my nipples, rubbing them. It was making my cock so very hard and agitated. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me!

"You want me to stop then?" He leaned back and stopped rubbing my nipples. No! He pulled his ridged fuck stick halfway out of my aching ass.

"No! God! Just fuck me!"

"Tell me how much you like my fat cock."

"I love your fat fuck stick! Please just fuck me, you're driving me nuts!" I couldn't believe these words were coming out of my mouth. I had never even considered an ass as a place of pleasure. Now I was begging the neighbor to fuck me. What the hell was this? What had he done to me? God I wanted him to fuck me! I needed him to fuck me.

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