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I am not an Apologist for Nature


When a lion eats a young zebra, I am not offended. It is the current level of evolutionary development for both species. Likewise, I understand that is the reason there are many more zebras than lions. I can even accept that lions starve when they over populate the savannah. I am far from the smartest in my social circles but I am often called upon to explain my unapologetic sexually dominate nature. I am outwardly a successful modern man. But deep in the recesses of my mind, I am an evolutionary throw-back to cavemen. I am not brazen or superior in my position. I clearly understand the short lived, tenuous, privileged position that I have with the remaining women who are evolutionary throw-backs like me.

In the cave clan there were women mentally superior to the men. However, most men were more aggressive, physically stronger and could be counted on to take more risks and provide protein to the clan seven days a week for their productive adult life spans. The smarter women were helpless, no different than the less smart ones, in one regard. They and their children would starve or be taken as slaves, while they were pregnant and nurturing young. The smart cavewomen learned to quickly identify the best hunters and protectors and cater to their egos. "You are the greatest hunter and the most virile man. I am just a woman but I can satisfy your body and keep you warm. I can cook, gather and clothe you. I can bare you sons, who can feed you in your old age. Let me submit to your male power, gladly be your subordinate and have you provide for and protect me and our children."

Hundreds of generations later I was born with the testosterone and strength of a hunter. Most of the females I meet claim total equality in providing, hunting and leading the clan. For all those generations males have tried to cater to the women and their desire for total equality. The clan society has thus evolved and there are many changes in the culture that support females in taking the ancient male roles of strength. The minds of countless millions have changed also. Many modern males think like ancient females; many modern females now can live the lives of ancient males. Laws and governmental programs can protect modern females from dying of starvation while they grow children in their bellies, deliver them and nurture them. The testosterone driven, steady, hunter is not needed by those mentally masculine evolved females.

As in all of nature, evolution is not fair. That thought never arises in nature. The weak were supposed to die out. Not always the physically weak. The tiny shrew-like early mammals took over from the mighty reptile-like dinosaurs. There the stronger reproductive system, the more adaptable brain and warm bodies won easily over brawn and size. Was it right or fair? Nature doesn't deal with such foolishness; it deals with what is.

Even the most self-centered caveman felt the responsibility for his submissive wife. Tired and sick, he would trek long to find game to please her and feed their children. He wanted to feel her respect and approval. He wanted her to be pleased with him and lovingly open her body in fair trade for food, shelter, status and prolonged life.

Yes, we have evolved past basic survival as a society. However, not every mind is purged of the ancient ways. Some twenty-first century women still yearn to feel the strength and protection of an un-evolved male. And those males need to be completed by accepting the responsibility of caring for a submissive woman.

I do not want to spend time with a modern incarnation of Adam's Lilith. Adam could not accept her and neither can I. There are still Eves for me, however. They say, "Love me, protect me, do what you want with me because I trust you and need to feel your strength and to belong to you." Those throw-back males and those throw-back Eves know their places but it is ever harder for them to find each other and harder still to resist the world's new norms that frown on such unenlightened behavior.

I think the ever fewer peoples whose minds cling to the primitive ideas of male and female are still on earth by design. Should the most horrific war ever come, those few surviving primitive male minds will show men how to be hunters and providers again. And those few surviving throw-back females will show women how to accept the submissive, dependent roles of mothers, nurturers and wives again.

I did not dictate the ancient minds of males and females. I did not design how those minds would evolve in the modern technology driven world. However, when I stand next to a rare female, I sense that she is a kindred spirit, resistive of political sexual correctness, gender bending and role reversal. She may be with a modern feminized male, but her body leans ever-so-slightly toward my strength, slumps a little and deep in both our souls I hear her voice, "Please me, care for me, love me and I will give you everything, my life, me."

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