tagBDSMI Stole His Wife and Bred Her

I Stole His Wife and Bred Her


Here I am getting married and all these little kids are running around all over the place. How the hell did this happen to me? I guess that might be important so I think I will tell you about it.

I am not really a bad person, I just got caught up in things and well, things just happened. That is like saying "It was a mistake" after you are caught fucking someone's wife for ten years. Putting a period in the wrong place in your check book is a mistake, fucking someone is never a mistake, unless you thought that pussy belonged to someone else. It is just plain wrong when you know it belongs to someone else. It belonged to someone else, and I just took it.

My name is Franklin Wallis, not very memorable is it? It is just a name, not very important. I have never been important, and not all that bright either. I went to college, got a degree in something, not really sure what. Had a good time and partied. I had to work some so I got a job cleaning tables in a restaurant. The money sucked. I was in my last two years of college, looking at spending my next ten years paying off "student loans" so I could go to an overpriced college and get ignored by professors who made a hell of a lot of money to do a bad job, which is why I needed the student loans to begin with.

I'm one of the invisible of the world. Five foot nine, one eighty, short brown hair, looking far too young for my age, and with brown eyes. Yes, that is me, invisible. I liked to run and I did that a lot, but I liked to drink and whore too. Guys if you think laying out a hundred on a date and getting some pussy, maybe, is not buying a whore, you are fucking nuts.

But I needed some money for party time so I worked. I was low man on the totem poll and I did all the shit work. Someone would blow chunks, I had to get out there and clean it up. If they pissed on the wall instead of the urinal, I had to clean it up. If they said fucked it and dumped a bloody fucking Kotex on the floor, you guessed it, I had to clean it up.

We had a group of people who would come in at least weekly and sit in the back and discuss what big shots they are. Everyone had to kiss their ass and tell them what big shots they were. How big a shot are you if you need the guy who picks up bloody Kotex to tell you how great you are?

But there is an advantage to being invisible, no one see's you. I heard people talk about affairs, and being lesbian or being gay, or who was having what gang bang where, and what slut wife was going to take on all comers. But the things I really paid attention to was the part about who was selling what and when. That was the interesting part.

Remember when I said I am not all that bright, well I'm not an idiot either. If you knew what happened today and you could go back in time to yesterday and buy or sell based on that information, you would be rich. Well that is what I could do. I could listen to things that had already happened and take advantage of them, not by going back in time, but by going ahead in time.

Big shots that need to impress the guy with the mop never can keep their mouths shut about how much money they made and how much they are going to make. It was the "going to make" that I paid attention too. They talked about stocks and deals. At first I did not pay attention and once in a while I would see that it actually happened; then I really started paying attention. After a week I was tuned in. Who the hell were these guys? They were clerks, the people that put the paperwork together for the people who were the brains; and they talked about what they were doing.

I opened a day trader account with twenty five hundred dollars, the last of my student loan money. Why the fuck not, I was in for more than one hundred grand anyway.

The first trade was modest, because I did not want to spend it all, yea right! I put it on the nose of the stock that had already been sold that day and no one would know until tomorrow. There is some rule about notice and 5% or some shit, but you have a few days to deal with it and a few dollars would not be seen by anyone, it was just playing the spread. Two days later I had ten thousand dollars. I took half and banked it and played with the other half.

Another deal went down, and I was in again. Five thousand in and twenty five thousand back. I checked, I was not an insider so no insider trading violations. Nothing against the law from using what is said in public. Within weeks I was making fifty thousand dollar buys and selling at four to five that much. I even did some futures buying, and sold short. When you knew what was going to happen with one stock you could figure out who was going to move in the same industry. Sometimes it was just some company that made bonding of some sort that would keep two parts together, and when those parts were the subject of a deal, well you knew that buying the patent for the glue was big time. By the end of the month I was making a million dollars a month by buying and selling things that had already been bought and sold.

I would run out of the restaurant when they left at noon, hit the local internet café, buy or sell based on what they said, and be back before my own lunch was over. Yes my grades did suffer, who the fuck cares. A "BA" with a D+ average is still a fucking "BA."

I kept the job and kept listening. This went on for over almost two years and then the bottom fell out. No the market did not crash, it was one of those alphabet government agencies; you all know about them, the FBI! I was arrested, but they could not get me on tax evasion, I paid all the taxes. I refused to talk to them, so they could not get me on lying to a government agent during a criminal investigation like they did Martha Stewart even though she was not guilty of insider trading. I had talked to a lawyer and he told me to limit what I said to "I hereby assert my rights under the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution." That was all I ever said. I was threatened, I was told if I had nothing to hide I would talk to them, I was told if I was not involved I would take a lie detector test. I told them there was no such thing as a lie detector and then stated my mantra, over and over. They held me for a week. Found out I worked cleaning up bloody Kotex, had been there before the mouthy employees came there talking about what should have been confidential, and was still there cleaning up chunks after they quit coming in. I was told that the FBI was going to pay attention to me, and they knew it was just a matter of time before they caught me doing it again. They never identified what "it" was, so I left the FBI headquarters only to find that I had been fired. My internet trading account was no more, but I still had the money from my last trade. I paid the taxes on it and moved it into "Credit Lyonnais" where I had an account with a zero balance. Still they were happy to get a million dollars. The rest of the money, it disappeared into the vast unknown of foreign banking. It was all legal, but I did not want people to know where I had money and how much.

I decided that at the ripe old age of twenty three I was now retired and I went off to see the world. I know how much and where the money was and I could live like a king for the rest of my life, just on the interest. I quit "investing" I'm no sucker. I usually went to poor countries and stayed a few years, where my money would really last. I came home regularly to see family but never did talk about what I did and how I got my money. They were all pissed about the FBI interviewing them and the neighbors every few years. Soon they just told me that the tax audits were not worth having me as a son, or a brother, friend, fill in the blank, and I quit talking to them and quit coming home.

So now I decide to spend a year or two in the Philippines. I had been moving around for more than seven years and at thirty thought it would be a nice place to visit. I had homes in Italy, where I am a citizen under their dual citizenship laws and of France for the same reason, so I carry three passports, legally. The homes were not large or spectacular, just three bedrooms and in nice locations. I rented them out and in the end they cost me nothing to keep.

So now I am in the Philippines and I rent a small place near the beach near a village with a road and electricity. It came with help, and she would take care of everything from washing my clothes to cooking meals, to keeping the house clean. I could drive an hour or two and be in a larger city that had everything, like whores. Let me tell you I like Filipina women. Damn they are just hot as far as I am concerned. Ok, so are black women and white women, and well women. But a Filipina woman, she is just a damn fine woman, inside and out.

So I get to my new home and there is this Filipina beauty, twenty six years old, five foot, ninety seven pounds, straight black hair and brown as a berry. She is the live in maid. I was in lust and I think she knew it because she stayed as far away from me as possible after I first looked at her. But she did her job, the house was clean and I made her unpack my clothes and put them away. When she was doing that I was looking at that hot ass on her every time she bent over. When she would ask me where something should be put I always said the bottom drawer. It was a shame we ran out of bottom drawers. She was not dressed sexy, it was standard clothes, sort of a wrap around thing that kept her formless, but not when she bent over. She served a good meal too.

That evening she wanted to go into her room but I told her to stay. I asked if she was married, she wore a wedding ring. She said she was married and her husband's mother owned my home that I was staying in; she was a very rich lady. He was not around but did not say where he was or when he would come back. I asked and she would not answer, or was it did not answer. I did not care one way or another as she had disobeyed me.

I pulled her over my knee and began to spank her. She cried and begged me not to do that and to let her go. I spanked her even harder for trying to get away and not answering me. She wore a long skirt and I pulled it up with my free hand and spanked her small little ass. It was so beautiful, small and round and now red that went well with the brown. I tore her panties off and spanked her again. She begged me to stop and I did, spreading her legs and cupping her sex, which was to my delight, wet.

I swatted her again and then cupped her pussy. She begged me to stop and I swatted her and cupped her, letting a finger sit between the folds of her engorged lips. She begged me to stop, she had only been with one man, her husband, he would be back for her and she had to stay pure for him. I spanked her again and then cupped her pussy, squeezing it and letting a finger slide into her tight little hole.

"Choose, this" and I struck, "or this" and I cupped her pussy and slid my finger into her wet lips.

"None, none" she said.

I spanked her again, "'None' is not a choice," I said hitting her again and then cupping her I let my middle finger glide into her pussy.

I went to spank her ass again and she begged me not to hit her. "Then you choose this" and I cupped and squeezed her pussy.

"Yes, that, I choose that" she cried.

I moved my hand away and told her to show me. She was crying when she took my hand and put it on her pussy and moved my middle finger so it moved into her hole.

Her ass was red and when I rolled her over onto her back she cried in pain. I lifted her up and sat her down over my cock as I was sitting in a chair. With legs on either side I made her hold my cock up as I lowered her onto it, between her engorged lips and into her pussy. It was the tightest pussy I had ever been in. It was burning hot, and dripping so much it ran down my cock. I let her get used to it and gave her more and more. She was very tight and I was in lust and I took her. It was the first time I ever took a woman, just took her. Punished her and made her mine.

I came fast, but I was still hard, it was that exciting. I picked her up still impaled on my cock and took her into the bedroom and put her in the bed on her hands and knees. I tore her dress off and as she cried I pushed my cock back into its proper place in her life, between her legs. I moved slowly this time and she begged me to stop. I knew why and I did not intend to stop. I slow fucked her until her body betrayed her and she had an orgasm, then another and another. She passed out while still crying.

Her body was glorious. It was so soft and smooth; she had small wonderful breasts that fit her body size, with fat puffy nipples. This was no all over tan, it was her color. She had fine pussy hair, that was not too long and it was sparse. It felt like fine angora. I was going to enjoy fucking this other man's wife.

That night I woke again and took her. She cried and cried but she had two or three orgasms as I fed her my cock. She refused to kiss me so I raised my hand and told her to choose, her mouth found mine but with a passion no one could force. She would not suck my cock, even though I tried to get her too. She ended up with cock drool on her lips and face but she would not open her mouth. I could have forced that but sticking my cock inside of a tooth filled mouth when it was not wanted there, well that gave me pause. I continued to fuck her that night and made her pretend she wanted it even as she cried.

In the morning she was gone. I looked and found her in the kitchen. She was cooking something, I hoped it was breakfast. I was hungry and was just about to try my hand at suicide by self cooking in silence when I found her there.

There was nothing more to be said. She was broken. I should have been feeling bad but I didn't. I wanted her again, more than I ever wanted anyone at any time in my life. She walked into the bedroom and took off her clothes and set them on the chair and got on her hands and knees on the bed. She looked back at me with pleading eyes; I swatted her ass as hard as I could, punishment and a reward all in one. It was punishment for leaving my bed without my permission, and a reward for cooking. Then I took an already swollen and hard cock and put it back into her. First slow, then hard, then slow, then a swat on her ass, not hard, just hard enough, then fucked her, then loved her, I waited until I heard her wail, moan, shake, then it was rubbing all over the front of her body, playing with those nipples, rubbing the outside of her pussy, gently gripping her nub of a clit and then letting it go. I felt her go over the edge and start cuming, and I continued to move slowly back and forth through her tight pussy. Then she was going berserk and I had to join. I fucked her hard, harder than I had ever fucked anyone before. She looked over her shoulder still shuddering, again the pleading eyes, and I exploded into her and she finally lost all of her strength and passed out with my cock still shooting ropes of cum into her. It was the best fuck of my life.

She was mumbling something and I went into the bathroom and got a washcloth and seeing a little blood, cleaned up her pussy. Then I put some ointment on her very red ass, put a cold wet washcloth over it and pulled her over to me as I got back onto the bed. Now she was there with her head on my chest and her arm over me and I was holding her in my arms. I fell asleep again.

I awoke and she was gone again. Damn! I got up and went into the kitchen, and she was, cooking. She had an apron on and nothing else. "You like me this way, why dress, you will just take it off" she said with a small hint of a smile barely visible as she looked down to speak. I immediately got hard, I was still naked.

She turned down the burner again, and shaking her head back and forth but still smiling, walked over to the couch and taking off her apron, bent over it and spread her legs. I walked over, and getting down kissed her ass, her very red ass. She looked back and took a sharp breath. I kissed it again. There were questions in her eyes but her mouth was open with desire. I spread her legs some more and bent down to smell her. She smelled of sex, I could still see my cum dripping from her hole and her fine hairs were matted with us, our combined juices. I licked her pussy with long slow strokes, from her clit to her butt and back. She was moaning and looking back. I stopped licking her and she gave a sigh of disappointment. Still looking back she saw me bend at the knees and line my cock with her love canal. I pushed in slowly and tenderly this time. I had hurt her last time, she bled, and I wanted her but not just to hurt her. This time it was slow and loving. She began to move back into me. I bent over to kiss her. At first she hesitated but then moved into my kiss. She had never tasted cum or herself, I could tell. Soon she was licking my lips. I gave her a few little orgasms but I was still hard. I stopped and pointed to the cooking.

She picked up her apron and went back to work, surprised and with questions on her face. I went into the bathroom and drew a cool bath. It was a large tub. I went to her, and she looked again with an inquiry as part of her expression. I led her into the bathroom and we got into the bath together. She relaxed into the soothing waters and I just looked at her, facing her. I bent over and kissed her again and she responded by kissing me back, putting her arms around me and kissing me back.

I ran my hands over her body, but did not touch her butt or her pussy. I played with her small breasts, I kissed, sucked and licked them, and I felt her body respond. Then she moved. She pushed me back, moved over my body all the while I was still sucking her brown breasts. She sat on my cock and let it open her up and sink into her. She caressed the back of my head, pulling me into her breasts, she moaned little sounds into my mouth as we kissed, and she slid her body back and forth over mine as she was impaled on me. She did this herself, I did not force her. This time we came together, gently, with our lips nibbling and at the others and our tongues playing hide and seek.

We stayed in the cool waters, until we were like prunes and I helped her out. She was full of me; it made me smile and her too. Then she let out a little squeak and ran out. I followed and she went to the large pot and stirred it with a "whew" sound.

"You will need to eat, you must stay strong" and then she blushed at what she had said. We ate in silence; no that is wrong. We ate without sound, but we spoke volumes. When we were done the dished went into the sink and I helped her wash them. I could not tear myself away from her. As I stood there looking at her I got excited again. I started to get heavy and she saw me expand. She ran her hand over my cock. "I'm a little sore" she said quietly.

I wanted her again, and I wanted her badly, but I wanted her to want me as badly as I wanted her. But she had asked, no not asked, she would have taken me into her again, willingly, but she made a statement of fact. My choice was her desire. I chose her comfort; there would be time for us to be together.

The rest of the day we went out and she showed me the town. She told me that she needed to go to the woman's center because she did not want to get pregnant. She said she would get condoms, I told her not to bother I would not use them. She said she could get pregnant and I told her wrong "tense." Not "could" but "would" get pregnant. She shuttered at that, she was standing there and had an orgasm as I said it. She went into the center and came out later and she was very red. She said that she did not know that the female doctor would want to look at her, "down there." I knew what the doctor found, a well fucked pussy, still swollen and probably wet with my cum. The word would get out soon enough. The American had taken her.

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