I Stole His Wife and Bred Her


Soon there were looks from the people and it was proof that the word had spread. She did not appear to care what they said or how they looked. She held my hand. I had never seen such a fast turn around in my life. Having been forced to come with me she now chose to embrace it.

That day Malaya told me as she was getting undressed that she needed a month to make sure she did not get pregnant. She had just finished her period, but she needed a month. I pushed her down and slid my cock into her. She fought; she did not want to get pregnant. I held her down, she fought harder, and soon she was holding me with her legs, tight into her. She was crying and yelling and telling me she was married, this was wrong, she found my mouth and buried her tongue into my mouth. I knew what she needed. I told her she had to, she had no choice, and she would be punished.

Malaya began repeating that she had to, she would be punished if she didn't, she was being forced, it was not her fault, and she had no choice. She pulled her arms from my grasp, wrapped them around me and bit hard into my neck and shoulder. She clawed my back with her long nails. I pounded her as she pounded back in at me, like two feudal armies hitting the other to see which one would break first.

She screamed as I bit her tits, not hard, but I wanted to mark her. I grabbed her ass and I know it still hurt, she yelled at me and her pussy, which was already the tightest I ever had, turned into a wet hot vice and my expanding cock met in a mutual orgasm that caused both of us to go out.

I woke up feeling something warm on my face. Malaya was kissing me with sweet tender kisses. My entire face was the target and she was smiling. She was still naked and so was I. I held her in my arms and began to kiss her back. Malaya's smiled widened and we shared a moment of tenderness and intimacy.

"I am only safe for a short time and I need a month. You will not wait will you?" she asked me.

"No I will not wait. I will have you when and how I want you. That said, I will let you decide when you want my baby, but you will have it, and many more. If you don't want to get pregnant it is up to you to prevent it, and telling me no is not an option you have." I replied.

She took my hand and moved it to her bottom, Malaya cringed a little at the pain when I touched her but she kept my hand there. She moved it around until my finger was at her brown rose bud. "Here, if you do it here, I cannot get pregnant." She said.

I smiled back at her and kissed her again. "I am safe for another week, please be gentle if you will. I cannot tell you how to take me, I am yours, but please don't hurt me back there."

"If you are bad I will still spank you, and that is not the same" I scolded her.

"No, it is not the same. When I am bad you must spank me." She replied and sealed the assertion with a kiss filled with passion and promise.

It was not lost on me that she used the word "when" and not "if" she was bad and "must" instead of "might" when it came to spanking.

Later that day I used my finger in her ass as I ate her pussy. First one finger and then a larger one until my thumb fit well. It took all day to get my thumb inside of her. If her pussy was tight her ass was like a quarter inch piece of steel tubing. But I kept at it. Even when my cock was in her pussy, I had a finger in her ass. We had a week, by the end of three days I was balls deep in her rosebud.

"Are you never satisfied" she chided me more than once? Every time I was the slightest bit chubby she would suck my cock into her mouth and getting me hard put into practice all of the ways I could get my cock into her ass. Doggy, on our sides, on her back, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. It did not matter, she kept me drained and I watched a demure little wife of some other man, passing out from the orgasms I was giving her by fucking her ass, sucking her tits, as well as eating and loving her pussy. It did not matter what I did, she went until she could go no more and then she would give it up to Morpheus; all the time complaining that I was forcing her and she had no choice.

Yes there were many times she was bad and had to be punished. When she folded my shirts wrong she needed a spanking. I told her how they had to be but she did not obey me. She had the unmitigated gall to open my drawer and show me my shirts, unfolded and just tossed in. I pulled her over my knee and spanked her, making sure to have her legs open and punishing her sex too. Then I took her again. She called me a monster and a bruit, she told me to stop, it was not right, she cried and fought, all the time wrapping me up with her arms and legs as I slid in and out of her womanhood. I was covered with teeth marks on my shoulders from her biting into me to prevent me from moving away by holding on with her teeth too. I returned them in kind; my passion choosing when and where to mark her as mine. I made sure many were visible to others who would only see her with clothes on. Not just little love bites, they would see where my teeth had left marks. She wore them proudly.

Then she would beg me not to make her pregnant and I would fuck her ass, love her ass, and then claim her ass as mine. I was not the first in her pussy, but her ass and mouth became mine; two out of three is not bad.

There were other trips to the woman's clinic and more inspections. Even more was known now. She was being used, and she was being a wife to another man when she had a husband. Her mother in law, the dragon, called her a whore. Malaya spit on her and told her that if she was a whore then the dragon was a pimp for putting her at my disposal.

We spent the year together. We went into the cities and went to trade shows and museums and just seeing the country. Malaya was a good guide but always managed to be bad enough to deserve punishment. We went to a show that had four wheel ATV's and I bought two. We went to a show that had Seadoos and I bought two. I let her pick her color for each.

The ATVs were bought with trailers and attachments. I did not always use them so I let a few of the older farmers in the area use mine. I let Malaya keep hers bright and shinny, it pleased her. Mine was a work horse, it looked like it. At first the farmers were upset that it had been scratched but I told them it was a man's machine and needed to look like men used it. It was a work horse so work it. They always brought it back clean after the hauled goods to market. Malaya would drive us into town on her pink one with me on the back, smiling as she did so.

Malaya also looked at the women in the city and how they dressed. She wanted to know if she should dress like them, if they were prettier than her, she was beginning to feel like she was not good enough. She earned a spanking for thinking wrong things. I made her ass red as a cherry. I marked her all over with my teeth. Her breasts, stomach, thighs, ass and pussy showed my passion and teeth marks. My back was raw from her fighting back. We made so much noise that the manager of the hotel came to see what was wrong and to personally talk with Malaya. The manager was a lady and Malaya talked to her while she had a sheet around her standing at the door. She sheet dropped a little, the manager could see my bite marks and Malaya's smile as she spoke. The manager said we should try to keep it down; we didn't, Malaya had not been punished enough. No one asked us to be quiet again. I punished Malaya by spanking, biting and taking all three of her holes that night. We missed breakfast and checkout and had to pay for another day. I punished Malaya for making me oversleep. Finally I had to quit punishing her, as I no longer had the energy. We ended up staying five nights instead of one.

The dragon still called her a whore.

We even saw houses at the shows and Malaya marveled at what they looked like inside, all gleaming and new.

When the lease was up I told Malaya that I would be moving. She had been occupied watching the helicopters unloading something a mile or two down the beach, but understood I would not renew my lease. She was a little sad but said nothing.

On the day I moved Malaya was sad and I told her she was being bad and that later I would have to punish her. The dragon came on my last day and fired Malaya and told her to become a whore someplace else, she would no longer take care of her. The farmers I had been helping came with their families and help Malaya and I pack. Still I said nothing. Malaya was sad. I loved teasing her. I told her to follow me and she got on her ATV and followed me down to where the helicopters were. There, back from the beach was a new home. Not huge or ever a large rich man's home, but all new. We went inside and it was one of the models we had seen at the show we went to and one she thought was very beautiful. It was a model for a prefabricated home and I bought it and had it assembled as our new home. She realized it was the model that Malaya loved so much. The farmer I had been helping let me build it on his property with a long lease. When we would give it up he and his family would use it. Malaya was happy and we had three pigs slaughtered and there was a huge party for all of the local farmers and people in the village. Everyone brought something. I made sure everyone was allowed to come and see the home and they were all well fed. Malaya was very pleased; the dragon was not invited. The priest would not bless it, because it was a home for adultery.

It was while we were in our new home that she told me that she was only sixteen when she met and married the dragon's son. He was here for a short time, having been working abroad. His mother arranged the wedding and after two days he went back to work abroad. For two years he sent her modest sums of money but after two years the payments stopped. The dragon took her in and treated her as a domestic servant. He had been gone ten years when I showed up. She had been celibate since that time. She had not dates and had not had sex until me. She went to Mass three times a week. Since we had been together she could not receive Holy Communion and she was sad about that, but happy about us.

We made love, she loved to be spanked and I loved to do it. She would be bad just so I could have a reason to spank her bottom and turn it red. I had her at least twice a day, every day, and most nights I woke up and took her then too, I did not care if she had her period or not. She was the most beautiful and desirable woman I had ever seen, and like I had to possess her the first day I saw her, I felt the same way all of the next years. Then there was a change.

Her periods stopped, she put on weight, she lost her waist, and her stomach got bigger. She was pregnant. "That was your choice" I said to her.

"Yes, it was my choice. I stopped taking the pills, and no one made me do it. I was not forced to do it. I wanted to do it. I wanted to be pregnant. I wanted to be pregnant with your baby, our baby." It was a statement of fact; but a very significant fact. She had made her choice and she chose me over her husband.

When she came out of the woman's center she stood as tall and proud as her five feet would allow. Everyone would see her body change, because they would see life growing inside of her and know I was the man who put it there.

The dragon called her a pregnant whore, Malaya told her that if her son had been a real man he would have been the one to get her pregnant instead of running away.

The dragon stilled called her "that pregnant whore." I called her "my desire" and took her in every room in the house and on every piece of furniture big enough to support us. Some women complain that they feel fat and undesirable because they are pregnant, Malaya had no such feelings. If I had been horny before I was more so now. I still woke up in the middle of the night but she was tired from being pregnant and having me make love to her twice a day. She would feel my hard cock pressing against her and tell me not to wake the baby and would put her leg up and let me slide into her ass. She would wiggle back into me and kissing me relax back into her pillow as I would bite her neck and rock my cock into her ass. She purred and made cute sounds. Sometimes I came and sometimes I did not and it was the same for her. But as long as I was heavy, I kept my cock in her ass.

I treated her like a princess when she was later in her pregnancy. There would be no spanking, I did not want any accidental problems. I could not quit touching her or the baby. Rubbing her body with oils was one of my favorite things to do, and it went right along with eating her pussy. One day my baby would come out there. She gave birth to Franklin Wallis Jr. two years into our being together.

During this time the dragon would call her whore but others saw her as a pious woman, who waited for her husband without breaking her vows. I was the fly in the ointment. No one could figure me out. When Franklin was born I registered his birth with the American Embassy and the Italian and French one too. Malaya had a good time in Manila where the Embassy's were located. I gave them all copies of the DNA tests I had performed to prove I was the father. Our child was an American, French and Italian citizen and he got a birth certificate and passport from those countries.

I sent my parents and family news of the birth. They wrote me and told me how happy they all were about it, especially since now that I had contacted them the IRS and the FBI were back asking questions.

We spent our days loving each other and Franklin. There is just something about watching a baby trying to walk with that funny jerky gate. They can't hurt themselves too bad on the beach and we spent a lot of time there. I was still into running and now swimming took up some time. Malaya would watch Frankie as I ran and swam and then I would do the same while she swam. The water was always warm. We would ride the Seadoos together with little Frankie with us. Life is good when all you have to do is eat and fuck; life was really good.

I loved to wake Malaya by eating her pussy. I loved the way it looked, all brown and with small lips that were always puffy when I was down looking at them. Actually I was usually licking and sucking on them every chance I got, so I really don't know what they looked like any other time. She gave me her ass, mouth and pussy, she never refused me anything.

But don't get me wrong, my little brown berry woke me plenty of times with the sight of her sitting on me with my cock embedded in her and she was rocking back and forth.

While there was plenty of practice there were no other children for a few years. It was not for want of trying. But in our fourth year together, we had some good news and nine months later little Mahal came into the world. She was as pretty as her mother. Her brother would just sit, that baby squat thing, and look at her. They would be good friends for life. We made the standard trip to the Embassy's to register her birth.

We had been together now going onto seven years and I needed to move. I got tickets and passports from all three countries for travel. I was in one of the stores when a category 5 storm came in through the front door, winds, rain and all. They named this storm Malaya.

"You can't take my kids from me. I will fight you. You can leave but you can't take my children." Malaya had a way of going off half cocked. I was going to have some fun with this. At times I am evil.

The dragon was there smiling, happy to see that Malaya was finally going to be abandoned and set adrift like the whore she was and with my bastard children.

"I am leaving, I am taking the children, and I am not taking them from you." This was going to be just like "Who's on first."

"You can't take them, they have to stay here, and I will fight you." Malaya get so cute when she is upset. She was standing there with her hands on her hips, issuing ultimatums, all the while about the size of a munchkin.

"Did you hear me Malaya? I am leaving, I am taking the children, and I am not taking them from you." Then I waited. Still there was no sign of recognition in her voice.

The dragon called Malaya a whore again.

"You are not taking the children, they stay here!" she said with a certain finality.

"Malaya, are you proposing we abandon our children?" Confusion rained.

"Malaya, has there been a day I have not been with you in seven years? Have I ever gone out and come back drunk or brought a woman home. Do I drink, or beat you, or berate you? Have I ever treated you with disrespect? Did I immediately register our children's birth with the American, Italian, and French Embassy's and claim them as mine?" After getting the correct answers from her, I asked, "Then what makes you think I would want to take our babies from you?"

"But you are leaving, you are taking the children, but you are not taking them from me?" The light goes on. I love watcher her go through her unique way of understanding. It is just so darn cute.

"Why would you think I would not take my woman and our two children with me?" I asked.

"You are wrong. You don't have two children" she said. Back to the "who's on first" game.

"I count two" I said.

She smiled and looked down and then raised her eyes while still looking down and she sort of slowly twisted around and then gave me her wicked little smile. She held up her hand like she was a little child, holding three fingers in the air. The she broke into a very large smile.

She ran at me, jumped in the air, and she put those wonderful legs around me and kissed me. She turned to the dragon and then said to me, take your pregnant whore home and fuck her until she can't walk. I did. The temporary nanny took the children for a little beach time and I screwed my lover into bliss and managed to get there myself.

We told Frankie and Mahal they were going to get a little baby brother or sister and they did nothing. Well maybe later they would appreciate it. Frankie finally did ask if he could sit and watch the new baby again. I did it all the time and he was doing it too.

We took a slow ship to Italy and while there something really big happened. Malaya found her husband on a street in Milano. She followed him and saw where he lived. She told me about it and said that he was with a large woman and a bunch of kids, some very old. She was able to talk to the woman by asking about her children and found out that they had been married over twenty years. She found out where they were married and what her name was. I got a copy of the marriage certificate. There was even a photo in a local newspaper from that time and there was a face book account with family pictures. I immediately sent an e-mail to attorneys back in the Philippines; I knew there was a time limit.

We flew back to the Philippines the next day, after talking to our lawyer. She had all of the paperwork prepared. When we arrived all hell was breaking lose back in our home town. Malaya had filed for an annulment and the old dragon was also served with a claim for damages for ten years of back wages based on charges of slavery and it was all because we went to Italy.

What happened that caused me to be getting married with all of our children running around us?

Well it is a bit confusing. Mother and son decided to take advantage of Malaya and the way to do it was to marry her to her son. He had a virgin bride, and he only fucked her four times, but I already knew that and abandonment is not grounds for an annulment under Philippine law. But what we found was. Sonny boy was already married to a woman in Italy when he married Malaya; we found that in the public records.

The dragon denied any knowledge of it. But it was the face book page that got us our home, the one I first rented when I saw and fell in lust then love with Malaya, and most of the dragon's money. On the page with wedding and other family pictures was the beaming mother of the groom, the dragon herself, in a photo taken the day of the wedding, four years before she set up the wedding between Malaya and her son. There were also pictures of the dragon with her son and his children from the many visits she had made while telling Malaya she did not know where he was.

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