For the last hour I couldn't stop my gaze from landing on your back as you work on the dining room table. I tried my hardest to pay attention to the movie gracing the screen, but all I was in tune with was my want for you. For some reason, when you are absorbed in what you are doing and are completely oblivious to me, I want you so much. So much in fact that I keep shifting against the leather couch. My pussy searching for the delicious friction it craves. My eyes stray back to the screen and I try hard to drown out the sound of keyboard clicks with thoughts. Sighing I start flipping through the channels to give my fingers something to do. I could think of better things to do with them, but that isn't what I crave right now. I need a hard cock pounding into my pussy.

Biting my lip I make my decision. I drop the controller onto the couch and stand up. My thighs quivering and my knees weak from want. I slide up behind you and slip my arms around you. I feel you smile as your hand drifts up to caress my arms before returning to key strokes. I place a small kiss just below your ear lobe and whisper that I want you. Chuckling, you tell me you still have work to do, that it won't take long. Frustrated, a pout replaces my sexy smile. I don't like being told I can't have what I want. My mind immediately starts thinking of ways to get what I want. A devilish smile replaces my pout.

It only takes a few pulls to have my clothes off my burning body. If you notice the sounds of clothes being removed, I can't tell. I bend down and kiss your cheek before sliding up on the table gloriously naked. My ass planted firmly on the cold table...my knees touching the edge of the table. I glance over at you and watch as you glance up to see what I am doing then glance back down. It takes only a second before your eyes, now dark with desire, jerk back up to me. That sexy smile claims my face again as I start caressing my body.

First my fingers sliding around my nipples, hardening them to stiff peaks. Down the soft skin of my ribs. Across the flatness of my stomach. Only to stop right at my pussy. I look at you and see you watching my hand, your work stopped in it's tracks. "I thought you had work to do?" I say it casually as if me completely naked playing with myself on our dining room table happens every day. Your gaze slowly rakes my body, over each sexy plane, sending a shiver through my body. The moment your eyes connect with mine I slide my finger over my clit bringing the sweetest moan out of my mouth. Your eyes darken even more as you get up from your chair.

I close my eyes, enjoying the feel of friction. I prop my foot up on the table and slide a hand behind me, supporting my weight. I listen to the sound of fabric being removed as I slide a finger into my aching pussy. I gasp at the first feel of being invaded. The clank and hiss of a belt makes my smile wider as I continue to play with my pussy. I open my eyes when I hear the plop of pants on the floor.

My eyes fasten on your hard cock. I swallow the pool of liquid that formed in my mouth. "Oh Sarah!" I glance up in time to watch as your hands close around the back of my knees. You pull me across the small space of table and onto your waiting cock, impaling me roughly. I moan deeply and lean back against the table. Fast and roughly you slide me back and forth on your cock, forcing me to fuck you. My pussy clenches with every thrust. I close my eyes to the pleasure. It is exactly what I need. Your cock slamming into my pussy over and over. A strange mix of pleasure and pain that makes me want to beg for more and at the same time makes me want to beg you to stop. It takes a few more thrusts before I explode on your cock, taking you with me. I smile sweetly up at you and thank you for giving me what I want and what I need.

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