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Improve Your Literotica Experience


There are several ways that readers can improve the Literotica experience for themselves and others. Here are some friendly suggestions to help you get the most pleasure from this website.

Write a Story

If you have an idea for something you would like to read, but can't find a story that fits the bill, write one! If you don't feel comfortable with your writing skills, suggest the idea to the Literotica authors on the "Story Ideas" board.

If you would like to write your story but are a little insecure about your writing skills, there are a number of volunteer editors that offer to edit the mechanics of the story and make suggestions. Write your story to the best of your ability. Then, feel free to submit your story to a volunteer editor for review. You can find volunteer editors by posting your need on the Editor's Forum of the Literotica bulletin board. Simply go to the Editor's Forum and start a new thread. In your post, mention the category of your story. Some editors only edit stories in certain categories. It will save time if you mention the category in your initial post.

Share the Literotica Experience with Your Significant Other

Did you ever lie down with your lover and read a Literotica story together? Take turns choosing the category. You might want to use the story spinner in the category you selected. Sometimes randomness can increase the excitement. Relax. Play. Have fun!

Enter a Theme Contest

It's fun to get involved. Try it! The next theme contest is the Literotica Nude Day Contest. Stories can be submitted to the contest beginning June 20th. The last day that you can submit a story to be entered in the contest is July 11th. This gives you plenty of time to think of an original idea featuring naked splendor and write your entry. The earlier you enter, the better chance you have of getting enough votes to qualify. Don't get discouraged by negative votes or comments. There is a thread in the Author's Hangout to support writers during the contest period. (Thanks, Og!)

If you don't have a desire to enter the contest, take some time to read the entries and vote on them. Follow the contest and see if your favorite story wins.

Only Read Stories in Categories that You Find Acceptable

If you don't like incest or interracial relationships, you have the choice not to read those stories. It really doesn't make sense to read an incest story and then comment that incest is disgusting. No one made you read a story in that category. Use your ability to choose.

Expand Your Horizons

Don't be afraid to read some stories in a category that is outside your usual realm. Free up your fantasy life! Though your real sex life may fall into one or two categories on Literotica, there's no harm in using the stories in other categories to enrich your fantasies with new possibilities.

Don't forget about the poetry. There are some real gems in the erotic, non-erotic, and illustrated poetry categories. Visit the New Poems Review thread in the Poetry Feedback & Discussion torum for suggestions.

Comments that Encourage

Even if you did not enjoy the story, use your comment to encourage the writer to do better next time. Let them know what you enjoyed and what you didn't. By expressing your opinion in a constructive way, you are increasing the chance that the writer will respond with a story that will meet your expectations.

A purely negative comment doesn't change anything. Well, negative comments do seem to change the reader's name to "Anonymous," but they are otherwise ineffective. Leaving a comment ranting about the immorality of a category is not going to change anyone's opinion of that category. Immature name-calling or rudeness does nothing to improve the Literotica experience.

If you truly hated a story, then by all means express your opinion with a comment explaining what you did not like. I can't speak for all authors, but I welcome constructive criticism. It gives me suggestions for improvement. It is even better if the reader offers a specific example of what they found offensive or poorly written. Constructive criticism should give the author a goal for improvement. Personally, I think there should be a Literotica contest for the best comments.

Even though there aren't any contests for the best comments, it can be beneficial for you to leave comments. If you enjoyed the story or poem you read, leaving a positive comment may encourage the writer to produce more that you would enjoy. So, take some time now and practice writing a comment. Go ahead. It's okay. I don't expect your comment to be perfect on the first try. Let's just see what you can do. Then, please, make it a practice to take a moment after reading a story or poem to leave a comment. It's the least you can do for the enjoyment of reading free erotica and poetry.

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