tagErotic CouplingsImpulse Control Ch. 10

Impulse Control Ch. 10


My hands trembled as I tried to stick my key in the lock. Inside. I couldn't collapse until I was inside. Then my knees could give out as much as they wanted.

The trembles made their way from my hands, down my wrists until I was shaking all over. My back slammed into the door as it shut behind me. If Logan was home, I had maybe two seconds before he came out into the hallway to greet me.

Zach had a family. A family. A wife, a kid, probably a dog and a fucking house. All things he wanted from me. With me. Told me he couldn't imagine that life without me.

I'd say he'd done a fine fucking job of imagining it.

I had...

"Logan," I breathed. A distraction. A most welcome distraction, coming out of the kitchen with a bottle of beer in hand. Not caring if broken glass and spilled beer ended up everywhere, I launched myself at him. I fused my mouth to his, groaning as his lips parted and I swept my tongue inside.

The bottle slipped from his fingers, and I barely registered the drops splashing onto my pant legs as his arms tightened around me. Tongues sliding, flicking, curling around each other, I felt the kiss everywhere. And it still wasn't enough. I could still see Zach's surprised face as I turned around in his cubicle.

Fingers lacing through Logan's hair, I redoubled my efforts, needing to blank my mind in the worst way. The heat of his mouth left mine a second later. "Jane. Hold up a minute." He was panting for air, but then, so was I. Desperation dripped off me to puddle at my feet. I needed to forget.

"Jane," he repeated. "You okay?" His hands were gentle as they slid up over my back, working their way around and brushing the hair from my face.

I untangled myself long enough to step back and strip aside my coat. "I had a shitty day at work. Shitty, shitty, shitty. And I want you," I leaned forward and nipped into his lower lip, "to make me forget it even happened. Think you can do that?"

His answer was to crush his mouth to mine. Okay. Good. We were on the same page. His hands streaked down and under my sweater. Really on the same page. Already the anticipation of a hard, fast fucking against the wall had my panties going damp.

He had me out of my clothes in under a minute, his lips landing random kisses on my neck, my shoulders, the slope of my breast. My hips jerked forward as his fingers stroked through the gathering wet, thumb rubbing over my clit. "Harder," I gasped, jerking again as two fingers plunged into my pussy.

Dragging his mouth back up to mine, I wrapped a hand around his cock and squeezed, smiling at his muffled curse. His thumb pressed down, fingers curling inside me, and my smile fell away as the orgasm blew through me, leaving me limp and panting.

He shoved me against the wall and lifted one of my legs, settling it around his hip. The head of his dick pressed forward, trying to make it past the swollen tissue still shuddering. On a grunt, he thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt, the sensation of being so incredibly full making me bang my head against the wall.

"Careful there," he chuckled. He can laugh at a time like this? Seriously? I clenched my muscles around him, turning the chuckle into a hiss. "Fuck." He pulled back, plunged again, over and over and over. The sounds of hips slapping together, flesh hitting flesh, filled the small hallway. I strained up on my toes, trying to get closer. I needed more pressure. Already I was ready to explode again, but I needed something to break me.

His hand stroked up from my hip, pausing to squeeze my tit, rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The pinch was close, but not quite enough. I clenched down on him, adding to the impending explosion.

"Open up," he whispered, voice ragged with lust. I sucked his finger inside, swirling my tongue around the length of it. "Jesus." He pulled it out with a slight pop, then brought his hand back down to my hip, tilting them forward just a little bit more.

Then his hand kept going. Reaching around. Teasing that place it had only been a few times before.

He stopped thrusting, switching to a circular grind, and I held my breath as he wiggled the tip of his finger in, up to the first knuckle. His pelvic bone rolled over my clit as he pushed in up to the second knuckle.

I screamed. I tipped back my head and screamed, the release spreading and spreading and my legs went weak and I was shaking so hard it was a wonder I wasn't a quivering mass on the floor.

"Fuck. Fuck, Logan." I needed to clean up. I needed to get horizontal so we could do that all over again. "I really hope you don't think that's all for the night." I managed to hold my head up long enough to meet his gaze.

"When is it ever?" He dropped a quick kiss on my mouth. "Bathroom?"

"Bathroom," I agreed.

We cleaned up, and instead of both of us heading for my room, he peeled off and headed to his own room. He appeared a minute later in a pair of sweats. "Food. You want a marathon, you need fuel. I need fuel. Then I'll keep you up until dawn. Maybe past it." He grinned and swatted at my bare ass as he walked toward the kitchen.

He had a point. And the two orgasms had made me a little calmer.

I pulled on an oversized t-shirt and left it at that. No point in putting on more clothing. Especially underwear. He'd just be taking it off again.

I headed for the kitchen and found him poking through the refrigerator. He came up with several cartons of leftover Thai food. "Carbs. Perfect fucking food."

Instead of laughing, a lump formed in my throat. He was taking this so seriously, setting out to distract me in the most pleasurable of ways. If we went any deeper, I'd break.

I worked up a smile for him. "Perfect, indeed." We rotated the food in and out of the microwave and dished it out before carrying our plates into the living room.

We didn't talk much as we made our way through the food, and when both plates were licked clean Logan lifted an arm and I crawled over the couch and curled up next to him. He flipped on the TV and found a rerun of some lame sitcom from the 80's, and I tried not to fall asleep after indulging in too much Thai food. After all, the point was to fuck ourselves senseless. Not fall asleep at seven o'clock.

I was half-asleep when Logan clicked the TV off again and urged me onto my back. "Don't tell me you're too tired now," he teased. Then he kissed me, slow and deep, taking his time and planting tiny kisses at the corners of my mouth. His hands slid off my waist and crawled under the hem of my shirt, stopping when he came to my hip. He lifted his head. "If I'd known you weren't wearing any underwear, we wouldn't have gotten to eat." He flashed me a wicked grin. "Or I would have gotten to eat."

I groaned at the bad joke, even as my blood heated at the promise in his eyes. He inched the t-shirt up, baring more and more skin, and for the first time in a long time I was uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me. My hang ups over my body hadn't disappeared when we'd started screwing each other six ways to Sunday, but they'd conveniently faded to the background. This was probably because we were always so frantic to fuck he'd never noticed. Or it was dark. I liked the dark.

But it wasn't dark enough now, and I trembled with the effort to lie there instead of springing up from the couch and run over to the light switch. It was just a lamp in the corner. It wasn't so bad. Really. I could handle it.

Especially if he ignored my belly for my tits, like he was doing now.

His mouth closed over a nipple, tongue circling the bud until I wanted to beg him to bite down. I needed it. I needed that jolt. A whimper escaped when his teeth scraped over it, the sound growing louder as he closed his teeth over it and tugged. His tongue dragged over hot skin as he switched his attention to my neglected breast, and my hips jerked as he rolled and pinched the sensitive tip with his fingers.

He kissed his way down my abdomen, tongue tracing the ticklish skin at the crease of my thigh. His hands clamped onto my hips as I tried to squirm away. "Logan. Stop it."

He just chuckled and moved on to my inner thighs.

More kisses, more waiting, the anticipation building and swamping until I was about ready to break when his tongue finally made its first pass over my slit. The teasing had me arching up off the couch despite his hold, trying to get closer. "Shush, Janey."

Oh, I was so glad I'd taken the time to instruct him on how to properly kiss a pussy. His tongue flicked back and forth, the little jolts of pleasure making my hips roll almost constantly. One finger slid in, then two, and my hands when to his head and I didn't care if he couldn't breathe anymore because I was so, so close, close enough to taste it, those delicious flutters growing into throbs and fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I needed that.

Gasping for air, I lay there for a moment while I came down, Logan's head resting on my stomach. Now it was his turn. I gave him a gentle shove and sat up, moving quickly to distract him from the sight of my naked body. I freed his cock from the loose sweatpants riding low on his hips and got down on my knees in front of the couch, pulling the pants the rest of the way down.

I scraped the underside of his shaft with my nails, then repeated the move with my teeth, closing my lips around the head and sucking. At his answering his, my mouth slid down, taking more of him in. "Janey," he murmured, a hint of warning in his tone.

I ignored it, swallowing more of his length, rolling his balls around in the palm of my hand.

"Jane." The warning was stronger, and he pulled me off his dick, hauling me up to his lap while I pouted. I opened my mouth to protest when he shoved his dick inside me in one, brutal stroke.

Talking was overrated anyway.

His cock buried to the hilt, he dropped his head onto my shoulder, and my arms crept around him, holding him so tight you couldn't even slip a sheet of paper between us. His hips rocked, and I rocked back, shuddering when the head of his dick bumped my cervix.

I sank into it, our lovemaking, thoughts fleeing until there was nothing more than his lips on my throat, my nails digging into his back. The subtle motion of our bodies coming together, undulating and straining. Rub. Rub. Rub. The spring coiled in my gut, winding tighter, tighter, my pussy soaking and dripping and clenching. Sweat sliding down my spine. Shaking so hard my head fell back as I came, unable to draw in the air to scream.

Weak, damp, pussy throbbing, I melted until I was positively boneless and unable to hold myself up. My head rested at the crook of Logan's neck, and I became conscious of his still rock-hard dick inside me. "Babe?"

He laced his fingers through my hair and lifted my head. His gaze was solemn and heavy as he looked at me. "Can we?" He freed a hand and let it drift down over my ass, sliding a finger between the cheeks.

Could we? We'd been building up to it for a while now. He'd been sweet and gentle and careful, always make sure I was comfortable. It no longer seemed as disgusting and crude as I'd originally thought.

And he'd made me happier in these last few weeks than I'd been in a long, long time. I could do this for him.

I nodded, and he stood up, palming my ass as he carried me out of the living room and into his bedroom. Laying me out on the bed, he stretched out next to me and stroked a hand over my body, pulling me against him as our mouths came together.

He kept his hands away from my ass at first, our tongues curling and dancing, fires flaming back to life. After a few minutes, his fingers brushed over my ribs, down to my hip, and he nudged me even closer to him, parting my legs with his knee while my leg wrapped around him.

The tip of his finger feathering over my anus was always a shock, and I gasped into his mouth. The nerves there screamed to life as he continued to play, and then he rolled away and fumbled in his bedside table for the lube.

I couldn't stop the shiver as the cold liquid dripped down onto my skin, and I shivered again as he started to spread it around, rubbing it in, groaning when he twisted three fingers inside me.

He pressed a kiss to my shoulder. "Roll over."

I didn't want to. I wanted to do this face to face, because the intensity of the evening demanded it. But we'd figured the easiest and least painful way, for me, at least, would be if he took me from behind.

The top on the bottle clicked open once more, and I imagined he was squeezing more of it onto his dick. The blunt head slid probed, seeking entrance, and began to push. I shifted my weight as carefully as I could onto one arm and dropped a hand to my aching clit.

I started with slow, light touches as he pushed the head in, pressing down hard when it popped through. His strangled moan made up for the ripple of pain radiating from my ass. I gritted my teeth. "Keep going."

So he did, inch by excruciating inch, until my ass was burning and his hips were pressed against my butt. Trailing kisses along my shoulders, he pulled out, pushed back in, always slow, his hand coming down to cover mine.

His fingers sank into my pussy as he pushed his cock back in, and I arched into him. "Christ. So fucking tight." His thrusts sped up as his fingers plunged faster and faster, the squishy, sloppy noises mixing with his grunts and my strangled moans.

I was enjoying it. I wanted him in my ass. And I'd been wrong about this. He was right

there with me, plastered against my back, his mouth placing kisses along my spine, racing back up and closing his teeth over my nape.

He stiffened, and I pinched my clit, the sensation of him pulsing inside my ass too much.

We collapsed in a heap, limbs tangled. His dick softened and he slid it out slowly, and I winced. "God," he breathed.

God was right.

"That was intense. You okay?" I twisted my head toward him where he was peering over my shoulder, and I gave a little nod. That last orgasm had scorched my vocal chords. I wouldn't be talking any time soon.

We crawled off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom, and he held me up while we showered off the sweat. Clean, mostly dry, and a little weak limbed still, we headed back to bed, where he pressed me to him, kissing me deeply. His dick hardened and poked me in the belly. One more time tonight.

I rolled onto my back and took him with me, and he slid into my pussy with ease. The satisfied sigh escaping my lips brought a smile to his, and we fucked each other slowly, muscles tired but needing this connection, one last time.

Curled into his side, my last thought before I fell asleep was everything had turned out exactly how it should. I had Logan. That was plenty for me.

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