Indian Daughter-in-law's Dilema


Without another word, my father-in-law slammed his organ into my womb again. He again locked his mouth into mine and began riding me. He began cruelly thrusting his magnificent organ in and out of my womb. Gradually his speed increased. I put my hands on his shoulders and hugged him tightly. I grunted as his penis repeatedly ravaged my womb. I thrust my vagina upwards onto his penis, to meet his brutal thrusts into me. He began to impale his penis all the more violently into my womb. I wanted to feel his hot semen in my womb. He was sweating and gasping. I began squeezing my vagina as tight as possible, to give him more friction, as I thrust against him. I could guess that he was about to ejaculate his virile seeds directly onto my eggs. I could feel the head of his penis swell, all the more. I moaned deeply as it spread me even wider apart. And then at last, my father-in-law's mammoth organ began shaking with incredible force, and he murmured from his throat,

" Suganya, I am going to ejaculate into your womb now - aaaaaah - aaaaaah "

The first gush of his boiling hot semen tore right through into my womb. I felt his semen directly shoot into my eggs, deep in my womb. The sensitive linings of my womb were bathed in a shower hot sperms. My father-in-law must have blasted at least a quarter litre of hot sperms into my womb. I could feel their heat right through my vagina. He was breathless. After emptying himself into my womb, he collapsed on top of me. I hugged the amazing man to my breasts. My Father-in-law lay on me breathlessly for a long time. He then got up and stood.

I too got up and stood in the darkness. My father-in-law used his dhoti to wipe all the sweat from my body. Now that he has used me so thoroughly, I was proud to stand naked before my father-in-law displaying my body. I stood shamelessly before him, with my thighs apart, as his semen was still oozing in huge globs, out from my vagina over my thighs. He pushed his dhoti into my vagina to sponge out the leaking semen and cleaned my thighs. I used my saree to wipe all the sweat from his manly body. I then caught hold of his penis lovingly. I cuddled and caressed the magnificent organ like a pet. My father-in-law groaned in pleasure at my caressing. I knelt before him and lovingly licked and sucked off all the semen from his penis. I then licked his testicles and his pubic hair, to make him clean. My father-in-law helped me to wear my bra and lovingly hooked it up for me. He then helped me wear my petticoat and saree. He then ran his fingers through my hair to smoothen them out. I tied my hair in a bun. My father-in-law wore his dhoti and kurta.

He looked at me admiringly in the darkness, for a long time. I bashfully stood before him. Both of us were feeling shy at what had happened between us. I understood that he was feeling guilty now on what he had done to me. Afterall I was his daughter-in-law! His own son's wife. I wanted him to be happy. Not to feel guilty. We stood in silence looking at each other, not knowing what to do, or say. Though he was ready to leave, he was very reluctant to do so. I too did not want him to leave. I wanted to remain with this incredible hunk of a man. He was like a magnet to me. Though he had completely satisfied me, yet, I wanted more of him. There was a kind of electric current passing between us. I felt like hugging him and kissing him. I felt like once again taking his mind-boggling organ and kissing it all over again. As he was so hesitant, I went and stood close to him. He still did not move. So, I encircled his neck with my arms and hugged him tightly. I pressed my face against his barrel chest. He lifted my face and tenderly kissed me. We stood in the pitch darkness, hugging and kissing each other silently.

I shyly whispered, " Appa, I shall not latch the door from inside - just in case you feel lonely at night and wish to see me "

He stared at me and quietly said, " You want me to come and visit you in the night, Suganya? "

I replied, " Yes Appa, after what has happened tonight, I shall be waiting for you each night, that your son and I are here "

He smiled at me and walked back to his room. I lay down on the mattress, fully contented, thinking of what happened between us. I was happy that my father-in-law was going to come back to me the next night. I thought about what he would do to me with anticipation.

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by Anonymous

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by silkman194706/19/14

nice story

I love to fuck my daughter-in-law she have nice boobs hot gand I hope hot pussy
I am trying to fuck her pussy

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by Anonymous03/01/14


great read

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by 1lobo112/20/13

If It Feels Right... Just Do It

hey if it feels good to you then go for it ! Just be sure and let us hear about it. An illustrated story with pics would really be great !

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by madurak12/13/13

One nice short story thanks...

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by Anonymous10/25/13

What a joke...

11 inch for an indian?.,seriously

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