tagNovels and NovellasInfernal Machines Ch. 01

Infernal Machines Ch. 01


This is my first time writing any form of a novel, but with a mix of ideas - both erotic and non - I felt this would be a good start to any form of writing career I may one day hope to have.

This is the first of many chapters I hope to unfold - if you like what you read then please let me know! :3


The marshals caught two more today in the Grand Canyon. It seems they're getting better by the day; to my knowledge, I'd say that there were only a hundred or so of us left.

The light of the dying sun has finally faded, though, and the marshals seldom traverse the town in the dark. It gives me some peace, at the very least. I find myself sat at the same table most nights, but more so tonight, having received a telegram from an old friend of mine.

Maraldi Pan.

A gentleman, certainly; has a way with words and his manner is equally as persuasive. I have to laugh, to even think he - out of all of us - would be caught out yet.

Sarsaparilla. Not my ideal beverage, but I suppose I need to make an impression, after all these years. I take a moment to slip off the long trench coat, adjusting my monocle as I lean in.

I hope he likes Sarsaparilla. If I'm going to suffer, he might as well join me.

I set up the individual pieces of ebony and ivory royalty on the board, before taking a deck of cards from my waistcoat pocket. Silver-rim - limited edition, to those who could afford it. A collectible, if you will.

Deck to the side, I feel the follicles at the nape of my neck commence an upward wave before a sudden shiver falls upon me. I glance up - a few of the locals. No sign of Maraldi, though - I wonder if they found him on the wagon trail.

I laugh to myself. There I go again. I have no faith - that's what he would say.

I lean back in the chair, stretching my arms out either side before bringing them up and straightening my hair back. My eyes close. I can't be tired again already - I've practically become nocturnal.

"Not keeping you up, am I?"

Eyes re-open. I feign what sense of dignity remains by sitting back forward. Like nothing had happened. He just smirks at me.


"Marzipan." I smirk.

He removes his bowler and runs his fingers back through his hair, resting his cane against the table as he sits opposite me. It's a lovely cane - mahogany in length, with a silver horse-head for the handle; I fear I may have been gazing at it for too long. His eyebrows are raised.

"There will have to come a day when you can think of something better than 'Marzipan'."

"I'll come up with something better when you change your ill-ridden name to something I can work with."

A brief pause for effect, but I manage to break first. Our laughter seems to fill the room for a few brief moments. His hand reaches out, and I return the gesture - we shake.

"It's been far too long, Silvanus. How have you kept yourself?"

I sip my drink and replace it. "Well enough, for a nocturnal - better for knowing you managed to make your way here safely." I scan behind him quickly before returning to his gaze. "You did arrive here safely, didn't you?"

I swear I almost hear a chuckle behind that emotionless grin of his.

"I hardly imagined you of all people would have little faith in me." He barely makes the last few words out - his hand retreating into his coat pocket, retrieving a brass inhaler. One inhale - hold...exhale. Another; rinse, repeat. I suppose I couldn't deny it - there was a slight doubt. Not that he needed to know that.

"On the contrary, my comrade - I only believed you would arrive a little sooner. All the good stuff has been drunk."

Maraldi picks up his glass, studies it, smells its contents and gives a faint wince before replacing his glass. He sighs - is he bored? I ask him this, but as he shakes his head I merely nod.

It's Chess, but with the addition of tactics; you move a piece and select a card. 2 to 10 counts as nothing, but Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces will grant you an extra move. I move my first Pawn - I have his attention now, and as he sits forward to study the board I've selected my first card.

7 of Spades - no good to me. His turn. He rests his chin in his hand, caressing the soul patch he's managed to grow religiously over the years I've known him. Moves his first Pawn and draws - Ace of Hearts. He was always much better at this game than I.

"I take it this is your usual spot?" He also has a surprisingly keen eye. I pry, "What makes you think that?"

"The table is spotless." He was right. I hadn't even noticed until now - every speck of dust that coated the seldom walked-upon floorboards, congregating closer to the few surrounding tables whereby no-one would sit - no-one, except for me. I would keep this table clean because I intended to use it. Everything else might as well have been décor.

I congratulate him with a nod, only he's managed to move his first bishop AND draw a King of Diamonds. He moves his bishop once more before taking a sip of the sweet black substance. He draws and smiles.

"4 of Clubs. Your turn, comrade."

I go to move my next piece, before the cool air stiffens my body. Maraldi watches me and stays, for the most part, perfectly still - slowly, his eyes follow mine and glance around to the bar.

Marshals. Fuck.

I slowly lean into the board, but am very much aware that the Marshals may have finally caught up to us. I give a low whisper to beckon him - Maraldi's hand rises slightly to try and listen. They're surprisingly loud for men whose job role requires them to be silent.

"Barkeep! A round of beers over here. We'd like a word, too."

My glance returns to Maraldi, who has turned back to face me and slowly leans in, staring at his used cards. "They're out late."

"Yes. Very strange"

"Is there a back way out of here?"

"Only an under-route through the cellar, but it's no use."

"Why not?" I reply, "The barkeep and I are on good terms."

He's doing it again - raising his eyebrows. He goes to say something - too late. He hears the footsteps as I see the figures moving closer. He leans back into his chair, keeping his eyes locked to mine. I hope he brought protection.

"Well howdy there, fellas." One of the marshals speaks, the other removing his hat - a long scar down his eye, but covered nicely with the skin-coloured eye patch. "Perhaps you'd like to tell us what you're doing here."

Maraldi speaks first - his Texas impression is quite realistic, if not comical. "Just playing a game or two, Marshal. Perhaps you gentlemen would like to join us?" I had almost prayed that would work. I knew better, however.

"Perhaps I should rephrase, son - what are you doing here?"

Don't insult him, Marshal. I see his eyes flicker quickly away from me before I interject with my own impression, albeit not the best but certainly worth a shot. "I understand you caught out two of those outcasts in the Canyon, Marshal." That caught his attention. "Must have been quite the chase."

This time the other Marshal speaks. "Well well, they even talk just like us don't they?" "It's a disguise, you idiot. Outcasts. Two this morning - two more for a bonus."

He reaches down for Maraldi's shoulder - big mistake.

Without a moment's grace, Maraldi has the Marshal's arm twisted behind his back, struggling grunts of pain as he pushes him into his partner, rising to help but only to fall back into the table and onto the floor.

Now's our chance. I grab my trench coat and lead us out of the tavern - I should have tipped Al before I got out of there, but I suppose my 'guest' wouldn't have appreciated the delay.

We got outside. The breeze hit us hard, the sand it's accomplice - we needed to find shelter. I grab his shoulder and manoeuvre us further West.

Gunshots. I glance back briefly to find the Marshals are already back on their feet, chasing after us and quick-firing their six-shooters. At least we had a little leeway when they needed to reload. I drag us left suddenly, and into one of the town's larger buildings. I gather the Marshals are close on our tail, but I hide myself and Maraldi into the nearby cloakroom and wait.

Muffled banging - still loud. Shouting. I think they're calling for us to come out. Doesn't matter. I hear footsteps down the hall, making their way towards the door. It opens. Silence, briefly.

I press my finger to my lips with a wink - Maraldi just rolls his eyes, frustrated at the situation, but wary of the footsteps returning our way. The curtain opens quickly.

"Now how did I know it would be you hiding in here?"

Madame 'Erotique'.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Any of the other girls might have just handed us in then and there. Thankfully, we were well acquainted - not that the harsh slap across the face I soon received made that completely noticeable.

"Why were the marshals at my doorstep then?"

Hands to hips, she pressed in closer - it was difficult to maintain eye contact with a lady slightly shorter than I (for a 6'3" gentleman, at the very least) without catching sight of that rather extensive chest.

34GG, if I recall, and nicely contained within a silver-bone corset, red and black silk which led down to a long, frilled dress style - not to mention, those glorious thighs.

"I'm sure they were mistaken. That's all. But, just in case, perhaps we could make an enquiry on your vacancies?"

I could only imagine Maraldi's face as I said that, given his reply. "How classy of you, Silvanus - hide out in a whorehouse, why don't we?"

I was thankful that the lady before us - the owner of this 'whorehouse' - knew me; otherwise I couldn't have guaranteed his safety without finding another establishment to hide out. She looks to us and signals her head towards the opposite door, leading on as we followed closely.

Through brass doors lay a small empire of rich men and other established ladies and gentlemen, sat at separate tables; their tables were either greeted by an exotic, alcoholic beverage or an exotic male or female - ahem - 'attendant'. I glanced back to Maraldi - he almost seemed embarrassed to be here. I never thought of him to be the shy type.

The Madame led us up a set of stairs - she was always remarkably careful to keep every inch of her establishment clean. Always keeping up appearances. Admirable.

Down a long corridor situated several doors; She continued on, flicking a lock of her long, stunningly red hair from her glance as she moved to the first door. Reaching between her bosom, she retrieved a small set of keys, opening the door and stepping aside. "Your friend is welcome to sleep here tonight."

I have a feeling Maraldi would have preferred to talk longer with me, but I feel he may have learnt from his previous mistake and simply went along with what she said. He stepped into a rather luxurious room, an oak double bed by a small window. He rested his coat onto the bed.

"There's a bathroom down the corridor. The girls make their rounds every 30 minutes...should you be interested."

He turned to me with an eyebrow raised. A talent we both shared - smirking without moving our lips. She closed the door and glanced up to me before proceeding down the rest of the hall. I couldn't deny that my own glances focused on her sensual hip movement with every step she took.

We reached another door and she repeated the process, this time leading the way in. I followed behind and made my way to the bed - she didn't feel like she deserved any more than her boys and girls, and so lived simply. It was beautiful.

I took my coat off as my hostess stood before me, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. "Can you trust him?"

"With my life." Admittedly, I paused before I gave that answer; I'm sure I would, though, thinking about it. She slid my shirt off slowly and caressed her hand along my right arm. Slowly, her soft fingertips stroked down to my wrist; stopping briefly, she began to stroke a series of patterns.

"You could have been caught, Attica." Her voice showed concern, her amber eyes showing a soft sadness of what may have been. She kept stroking.

"I can't imagine they'd get much unless they did what you do."

She smiled softly, leaning in and planting a soft peck to my lips before tapping the inside of my wrist once.

She was a wonder. She moves away and begins to unfasten her corset. She faced away from me - there was something about the dematerialising of my skin that put her off, and yet, the metallic, clock-work operated arm that took my normal arm's place gave her some form of satisfaction.

"Promise me you'll be careful, Attica, my darling." She turns to me as her corset slowly falls to the floor - she was practically naked except for her lower garments - fishnet stockings, black lace underwear. She moved in close, but my gaze was elsewhere - namely, a clog of sand that had made its way into one of my cogs.

I took a small match from the nightstand and studied the cog in question - carefully, I ground the tip against the particles and slowly got them out.

"I swear, one day I'll find a town with a little less sand to trouble me like this."

"Promise me."

I glanced up, but found she had already moved herself onto her knees in front of me. Her gentle hands rested upon each other above my lap, and with as sincere a smile I could provoke I gently rested my human hand on top. "I promise, Geri."

She smiled as she slowly kissed my hand. Upon moving it away, she slowly began to remove my belt, unzipping my black trousers. She looks so cute. So innocent - the face of a girl, barely a woman.

I put that thought immediately out of my mind. I went back to studying my arm on the whole, glancing at each spike of each cog, studying them. "At least the..." I closed my eyes briefly as she began before clearing my throat slightly. "...the Illusifer works...Mmm.."

She had my attention now. I placed an arm either side so that I could gently lean my head behind me whilst stretching my back. As I wet my lips a tad, I couldn't help but release a soft moan from my lips.

A shining mess of long red hair, slowly moving up and down - her gaze was down, which made for a change in her usual method of locking eyes with mine. Her soft, plump lips, expertly working my growing erection within her mouth. Of all the people in this building - she was the best. The master.

I felt the pace of my heart quicken slightly; her hands took a gentle hold of the inside of my legs as she sucked slowly, her tongue slithering in a coil around my length. I think I may have been her favourite - it didn't take her long before I felt her mouth moving faster, coating my cock with hot saliva, making a point that she wanted me.

I bit my lip. She was fantastic at this, and our past experiences made each time more of a challenge for her to better herself.

Unff! She stopped, with every inch of my length deep in her mouth. Slowly, she pulled back with soft suction, slithering her tongue slowly up the final half and quickly around the tip. She gives me a playful wink before she sits up a little more, taking her exquisite breasts in her hands and moving in to press them over my cock.

Those big, soft breasts - she gave me the eyes I wanted to stare into, moving her hands up and down as she began to tug on my cock. "Mmmm, that's it Geri..Ohh.." I moved my body back to lie on the bed. My eyes closed - I embraced the sensation of her big breasts as they suffocated my hard cock. I don't believe it took too long before I felt my hips starting to buck.

She beckoned me with harder tugs. "That's it, my love. Cover them - cum for me." I did as she commanded - a hot surge of white gold pooling over her large breasts. She gave a contented sigh as she slowed her pace before eventually stopping, simply and lovingly staring at the mess I'd made, glancing between it and my chest as I finished a long, soft groan. Perfect.

I feel her release my member, and I watch her rise and move over to the mirror, taking a spare handkerchief from the drawer beneath and cleaning herself. I wipe a bead of sweat from my forehead prematurely, for I know she is nowhere near finished with me.

Once I find the strength, I move myself up further onto the bed, remaining laid out on my back. I feel the bed move and squeak softly as her body soon crawls its way slowly up mine - she kisses the tip of my cock, slowly up my stomach and chest, soon reaching me, face to face - I feel her hand stroke me slowly as I wince slightly with the still sensitivity.

She continues until I am stood to attention once more, and carefully positions herself as she brings her face closer to mine. Our lips lock - my cock penetrates her, soon filling her. She keeps her lips locked with mine to sustain a moan - tease.

She parts her lips from mine and sits up. Gently taking hold of her breasts, she played with her nipples, gently rubbing and tugging them until they became erect. "Do you...promise me, Attica? Please...please promise me."

I promise her, breathlessly. I promise her a little louder, and she nods her head eyes closed and mouth gently agape. She believes me.

I feel her hips slowly begin to rock back and forth, and she bites her lip. My clockwork hand grips the duvet beneath us as I let out a slightly harder moan. She alternates between riding me and bouncing her pussy up and down on top of my rehardened length.

"Mmm..Geri...Mmmm, please...Go faster...Please." I'm practically begging by candlelight, but she does so as if she had already planned it. Her hips moved violently, back and forth her pussy massaged the thick length within her, milking me of my precum as she let out debaucherous moans. She was setting herself the challenge - she knew the favourites.

"God, you're so big! Mmmm you're filling me up!"

"Mmmm do you like that baby? Do you like it when I pleasure you this way?"

"Ohhhh baby! Please, cum with me - fill me with your hot cum!"

This session felt like it lasted an hour, and it was only the beginning of the evening she had in store for us. I held on for as long as I could, and did my best to keep myself from collapsing as I made sure she orgasmed more than once - eventually, the pleasure drove her wild. Her actions became faster, harder, rougher - she milked me for all I was worth, and got what she wanted. All of my pent-up frustration released deep inside her as I let out a long growl of pleasure.

I looked up to the ceiling as I held her close during our first interval. I felt awkward - my persona as a gentleman, I felt, seemed tarnished by my desire for lust in my later years.

Geri comforted me with a stroke of her hand, caressing over my chest as I kept her close for a while. I kissed her forehead and rested my eyes for a while.


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Great Start.

It's a great start. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.

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