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Interesting Payback


My wife and I had a fight! Well, it really wasn't a fight - more of a disagreement! We have been a very happy couple since we first met some 8 years ago (we have been married for 6) and although there have been a few cross words it hasn't amounted to anything like this. Marie is 27, lovely to look at, wonderful figure and a most engaging smile which always melts my heart!

We have been totally compatible ever since we met and our sex life has just gotten better as the days roll by. We haven't reached the stage which everyone talks about when sex between couples becomes dull and uninteresting - in fact - it is quite the opposite. We are still in the experimental stages and we are both game to try anything with each other. One of our sayings has been that we will try anything once! There have been a couple of things which we haven't liked too much but we agreed not to do that again and that was that!

These things were mainly about sexual positions and places to fuck! Marie doesn't like public sex and, although I am not excited about it, I was willing to give it one go. We fucked in a public park which had quite a few people wandering around. Marie simply pulled her knickers off and after I had exposed my hard cock, she had lifted up her skirt and sat on my cock! She had to do all the work but we managed to have a good fuck! I had just cum in her cunt when a group of boys about 12 or 13 years old came along where we were sitting and talked about us fucking - right to our faces! We were both very embarrassed and that was the end of public fucking!

Anyway back to this disagreement! Marie and I had always vowed to be faithful to each other and we agreed to always tell the other if we are tempted to stray or if something occurs which might just jeopardize our relationship. This seemed to be very reasonable to both of us but I caused quite a stir when my wife found out about an incident which occurred after work on evening recently.

Several of the men which whom I work had decided to go to a bar because one of their friends was having a buck's night because of his marriage the next day. I didn't know the man but just agreed to go with the rest of the men. We had been at the bar drinking for about an hour when we were all moved into a private room at the back of the bar. Waiting there for us was the inevitable stripper - a really pretty girl who certainly looked like the sort of girl we would all like to take home - and as soon as we were seated, she began her routine! She wasn't a bad dancer and she had a lovely figure and seemed like a very homely sort of girl - too good to be a stripper!

Anyway the music started and she arranged Geoff (the bridegroom to be) in the center of the room seated on a chair. She danced very seductively around Geoff slowly removing each item of her clothing. When she was naked, she continued to dance around him but was getting closer and closer to him all the time. Eventually she knelt down in front of him, undid his belt and zipper on his trousers and then asked the rest of us men present to help her remove his clothes! We all jumped up to help her and he was naked too in no time! She then made him sit down again and again positioned herself in front of him, held his cock and began playing with it! When it was really hard, she moved her head down until she was licking his cock! She then opened her mouth and began sucking him. He really loved this but was very embarrassed because he kept telling us he didn't want to do anything his future wife would find out about!

The stripper sucked him for a short while and then stood up, straddled his legs and then whilst guiding his cock with her hand, she slipped him into her cunt and sat down on him! We could tell by the surprised look on his face that he hadn't expected to be fucking her! She continued to move up and down on him and, although he made no move to push her off, he clearly didn't want her to continue. Eventually he proved he was only human by cumming in her cunt. She stood up and we watched as some of his cum ran out of her body! None of us men expected her to fuck him - after all most buck parties only have a stripper who might play with the man's cock and even pull him off but I thought fucking the man was a bit over the top!

Once the girl had removed herself from the bridegroom she moved, still naked, to a man whom we noticed for the first time. He was standing near the door and it was obvious he was her minder (if not her husband or boyfriend)! They spoke quietly together for a few minutes before the man walked into the center of the group, asked for a bit of quiet and then told us his wife?? would be prepared to have sex with any other of the guests for a fee and, if they didn't want to go that far, she would offer blow-jobs for a lesser fee or if that didn't suit, she would jerk them off! She seemed as if she was a hooker although we couldn't believe that judging by her looks and demeanor.

A couple of the 20 odd men present wanted to fuck her and paid the money to her minder. She then quietly laid on the floor and spread he legs and she was fucked without any ceremony. We all watched while this was going on and enjoyed the sight. She then offered the blow-jobs and, because the price was reasonable, most of us wanted to participate. I just know I shouldn't have done that but she looked so lovely and I guess I couldn't help myself. When it came to be my turn, she simply knelt down in front of me, I had my hard cock out ready and she simply licked it a couple of times and then sucked it into her mouth and then began giving me a wonderful blow-job. The sensations she was sending through my body were exquisite and when I came, in her mouth, she just swallowed all of my cum, just the same as she had done for the rest of the blow-jobs! After finishing with me, she just moved on to the next man!

Well, I was embarrassed by the blow-job and although I had enjoyed it immensely I felt very guilty about it and decided not to say anything to Marie about it - after all, I was supposed to resist at all costs because that was the agreement between us. I hadn't counted on the stupidity of one of the other men at the party! He had been stupid enough to go home to his wife and brag about getting a cheap blow-job from this stripper! Of course, these women soon spread the story around and in no time my wife was told I had had a blow-job at the party! Of course I didn't know she knew about it and when she questioned me about the party, I simply told her the stripper had been there but she hadn't even removed all of her clothes and left straight away afterwards! I was soon in the embarrassing position of being caught out - in fact, my wife knew all of the details of who did what with whom at the party. She was even able to describe how I looked whilst I was being blown! Busted. I tried everything I could think of to make up for my stupidity but nothing would appease her and I knew I was in for a torrid time until she got over this mood!

The lectures continued for several days and I decided, because I had been in the wrong, that I would just ride out the storm and let her blow her stack at me until she decided to give up the tirade. I didn't realize she was as upset as she was until about the 4th day. She was really telling me off and I was copping a lot of abuse. Her tongue never stopped wagging at me.

The shit hit the fan when she told me she knew about the innocence of the girl who had been the stripper! When I asked her what she meant, she told me one of the wives knew the stripper and that she owed a deal of money and was made to do what she had done at the party by the minder. It was her first time and he had pocketed the money as repayment for the debts! It is amazing what these wives can gather in the way of information to use against us husbands! She told me I should have stopped her when I saw how inexperienced the girl was and certainly shouldn't have let her blow me under any circumstances!

Marie then dropped her bombshell! She told me she had invited several of the wives who had been at the party to gather at our house that evening! When I asked he why she was doing this she said I would have to wait and see!

What I didn't know until they arrived was that 3 other wives had been invited and also the "innocent" stripper from the party! Also invited were 4 men who weren't at the party and the husbands of the three wives! What a motley lot - 4 angry wives, one innocent young girl and 4 strange men as well as the husbands! When everyone was present, drinks were served and everyone was made to feel welcome. I just couldn't believe how young the stripper girl looked - I later found out she was only 14! She was very shy at our party and mostly she remained seated in a large chair in the corner of our living room.

Marie explained the rules to us! She told us the 4 wives knew who had been blown by our young friend, Katharine, and thought we should all be taught a lesson. With that she told us husbands to stand next to each other against a wall. She then produced sets of handcuffs which she proceeded to use on us husbands. We were soon handcuffed and then tied with rope so that we were all together and couldn't move around the room. The girls had been assisted by these 4 strange men and everyone except us husbands seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Marie then told us, in no uncertain terms, that all of the wives present had been badly compromised by their husbands and now was the time for them to have their revenge! Marie was the first of the wives to begin removing her clothes but the others soon followed her and soon all 4 women were completely naked in the room. This was quite a sight for us men because we were able to look at each other's wives standing naked in front of us. We were very excited by this and wondered what they would do next. We might have guessed we would be the ones who would be embarrassed.

Each of the naked wives moved over in front of a selected stranger and then knelt down in front of them, undid their belts and undid their zippers and pulled down their trousers so that each was standing naked from the waist down in front of us! The wives then lectured us on the evils of playing around with anyone but their wives, and then proceeded to begin to suck the cocks of the 4 strangers. These men all had quite large cocks and they were standing out from the stomachs proudly. Once the women had the cocks in their mouths they began moving their heads back and forth giving the men wonderful blow-jobs! You can probably understand just how we felt watching our own wives blowing complete strangers! It didn't take Marie very long before she had her man literally shaking with excitement and soon he came in her mouth! She made a big things about holding some of him cum in her mouth until she stood up in front of me and, opening her mouth, showed me her mouthful of his cum. Once I had seen the cum in her mouth, she made an issue of swallowing it in front of me!

We husbands were disgusted by this show and we shouted and complained quite loudly but that didn't stop the women - they wanted to show us they could play up too! Marie walked around in front of the other husbands showing them her naked body and was holding up her ample breasts in front of the others telling them they should enjoy what they were seeing because there might be a lack of sex in their homes for a while! The other wives followed Marie and they too swallowed the cum in front of their respective husbands putting on a good show for the others!

Marie and the other wives thanked the 4 strangers and then the men left after thanking our wives for blowing them! It had apparently been all arranged very carefully and some money had changed hands to make sure the men kept quiet. While we were still handcuffed together we were subjected to another lecture by Katharine who told us just what it felt like to be fucked and then to have to suck men whom she didn't know. She was really a very nice kid and I definitely felt sorry for her. The wives still paraded around naked and left us still tied together for the rest of the evening.

Some of us were busting for a pee whilst others were complaining about the discomfort of the handcuffs. The wives sat down and enjoyed some more drinks and supper and enjoyed talking about the evening. It appeared the torture was about to end when the wives came over to us and stood in front of their own husbands. Marie continued giving us all a lecture and we were really sick of it all by now! We were very sorry little chaps!

Marie then said, in a clear voice, "Ladies, one pace to the right!" With that, the wives moved to stand in front of the man who was on her husband's left! Obviously they all knew what they were going to do. They knelt down in front of the man they had selected, undid our belts and undid the zippers and pulled down our trousers. Soon we resembled the four strangers who had stood in front of our wives before.

Next, on Marie's command, they each took our cocks in their mouths and began blowing us! It was a real punishment having to watch our wives suck the cocks of the four strangers but it was worse punishment watching our wives sucking the cocks of our friends! Here was I, watching my wife sucking the big cock of my good mate Charles whilst his wife was sucking our friend Dennis and so forth! This was real punishment. The silly thing about it all was that although we were being sucked off by a woman other than our wife, we couldn't seem to enjoy it as much as we would have expected because we were more concerned about whom our own wife was sucking!

After we had all cum in their mouths and they had shown their husbands their loads, they swallowed the cum and then began releasing us from our imprisonment!

I can tell you that if you love your wife and you don't want her to either fuck or suck another man (I understand many men want to swap or swing) one of the ways you can prevent this is not to play around yourself! Marie had me on night starvation rations for 6 months! I was only allowed to fuck her once each month for the whole 6 months although I managed to jerk myself off a number of times during that period. Wanking isn't as good as being able to fuck my wife especially as in most cases she was lying naked alongside me in bed each night but was in no man's land as far as I was concerned.

Maybe in the future we will relax our ideas and perhaps even swing or swap but until we change the rules with the full knowledge of both of us, we won't be playing around in the near future. Maybe after we have been married for 10 or 15 years, perhaps!

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