It Started with the Floors


When Dad flipped his newspaper to change pages, Mom quickly pulled her housecoat up around her legs but when he stuck his nose behind the paper again, she turned once more to me, pushed the housecoat aside, and swung her right knee out wide, so wide that her pussy lips parted. She smiled sweetly at me. "What are you up to today, Doug?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll just hang around home with you, Mom."

"I'm going shopping all day, sweetie, but I'll be back when Dad gets home."

Christ, she was really playing hardball. She'd got me all worked up and now she was going to leave me. I pushed my chair back, got up and left the kitchen, walking angrily upstairs toward my room. Mom called out just as I reached the top of the stairs. "Doug, honey wait." I stopped to let her catch up to me. "I'm sorry, honey, I was just teaching you a lesson. Don't be mad."

"You're going out all day and I have to stay here," I whined. "You said I could watch you."

"Oh, poor baby. I'll just go out this morning for groceries and then come back for a movie. Ok, sweetie? Would you like that?"

"Yeah, mom, I would." I reached out and yanked the belt undone on her housecoat, pulling it open with both hands. She had a sexy, short nightie on underneath.

"No, baby, none of that. Just a movie," she said.

"You said I could look. I want to look at you. You're really are beautiful, Mom."

"You can look a little but no touching, understand?"

"We'll see."

"No, we won't see. I'll let you look but no touching. Don't try anything like yesterday, kapeesh? Or I won't play anymore."

"Alright, I won't touch you unless you let me," I said.

"I won't let you."

"But I can kiss you, right?"

"Yes, you can kiss me, but nicely, and only if you're a good boy. I don't want to see any of that naughty, badass little Dougie. Promise?"

"Promise, Mom."

She didn't get home from shopping until after 1pm and it was almost 2 before we settled in on the couch for a movie. I had drawn the curtains to dim the light. She complained about it, saying it would look weird to the neighbors, but left them closed. She came downstairs in her housecoat, the tightly cinched belt accenting her narrow waist as she sauntered toward me on the couch. She swung down, sitting beside me. I started the movie right away and pulled back away from her, making room to pull her toward me and swung her legs up on the couch.

"I can't watch the movie if I'm facing this way," she complained.

"Turn your head to the side, you can see it," I said as I reached down to undo the belt on her housecoat.

"What are you doing?"

"You said I could look."

"I'm not going to watch a movie while you sit there and gawk at me."

I realized I was going about this all wrong. I had planned to play it very cool but her late arrival had left me eager and impatient. I was going to blow it. I needed to settle down.

"No mom. I was just trying to make you more comfortable before I get you a glass of wine. I got up and went to the kitchen, filling a large glass of wine and bringing it and the bottle back with me. After handing it to her and setting the bottle on the coffee table, I said, "I think I'll get into something more comfortable too, Mom."

I left and went upstairs. The fear of screwing things up had made my boner subside, and cleared my head. I shucked my jeans and undies and put on a pair of pajama bottoms. I put my timer on for ten minutes and forced myself to stay, until it went off. Then I returned downstairs, looking as relaxed as I could.

She was watching the movie, having twisted herself half into the corner of the couch and putting her elbow up on the arm. She was laying on her side with her legs stretched along the couch. Her robe was still undone and had parted, letting the low cut nightie show through. I could see the bare insides of her tits, and one nipple poking up against the light material. Her glass was almost empty.

As I approached, she said, "You were gone for a long time. Were you sulking?"

I sat down on the edge of the couch in front of her, picked the wine bottle up from the table and filled her glass. "Yeah, but I'm over it now. I'd rather be with you even if you don't let me look. I just like being near you."

"Oh, honey, that's sweet. You can look if you like, I don't mind. I was just teasing you." She tried to twist a little more onto her back but was blocked by me sitting in front and leaning against her tummy. She raised her glass to her lips, took a long drink of wine, then faced me with soft, sultry eyes, "Open my robe for me a little, will you. I can't do it while I'm holding my wine."

"No, mom. You'll have to do it. That would be touching. You'll have to drink your wine first."

"I can't drink it that fast, darling. You won't be able to see anything until the end of the movie."

"That's OK, mom. You watch the movie and sip your wine. I'm happy just to be here," and I reached out to touch her hair. She shrugged and turned back to watch the movie. I kept gently touching her hair, stroking the side of her head and under her ears. After a few minutes I could tell she was aware of me watching her while I caressed her. She started to sip her wine more frequently. Soon it was gone. She asked me to put her glass down for her, which I did. As I leaned forward to do so, she paused the movie, twisted onto her back and shifted down so her head was resting against the arm of the couch. When I turned back to her, she reached up and parted her robe, pulling the lapels out until they were on the outside of her breasts. I could see both hard nipples poking up against the satiny material of her nightie, and the inside swell of both breasts were clearly visible.

"I'm going to take a little rest from the movie. The wine has made me a little sleepy. You can watch something else, if you like," and she closed her eyes, a satisfied smile on her face.

I sat for several minutes, taking her in, before grasping her robe at her waist, where it was still closed, and pulling it apart, laying it out to the sides of her legs all the way along. This yielded two tremendous surprises for me, one of which I'm sure mom was unaware. First, her nightie was held together all down the front, a lace threading back and forth through each side from bodice to hem. Second, sliding down on the couch had pulled her nightie up to her hips. I was staring down at her panties with just a strip over the front and two little side straps disappearing around her waist just over her hips. "Wow," I whispered. She smiled.

"Can I look at your tummy, Mom? I just want to look at your tummy, it's like a teenager's." She smiled again. I lightly tugged on her nightie, pulling it even higher to bare her tummy. As I did so, I undid the lace at the top, and pulled it down, leaving the sides of the nightie disconnected along the entire front. I stared at her flat tummy, "Wow," I whispered again, and was rewarded with another pleased smile. My eyes followed her tummy as it pouted up around her navel and then sloped down to her panties, over a field of blondish fuzz, and the pussy underneath. My eyes burned into the line drawn between her pussy lips. I willed her pussy to move, but it didn't budge, or even quiver.

I turned back to face her. Her breathing was regular but shallow, as if taking an afternoon nap, but I was sure she was awake and aware of my appreciative eyes. I was trembling, and I'm sure she could sense that. "Thanks for letting me look at you, Mom. I love you. I absolutely love looking at you," I said as I gently pulled her parted nightie completely to the side, baring her little tits to my rapturous gaze. God, how I wanted to grab them, to squeeze the nipples between my fingers, to suck them into my mouth. I lowered my mouth down, right above her stiff, extended nipple.

"No touching, Doug," she whispered.

"I'm not, Mom. I'm just looking, I'm just getting close to you." I blew on her nipple with my warm breath.


I blew some more.

"Dougie. No touching."

"I'm not touching, Mom. I'm just blowing."

"Oh, you're so incorrigible. You've always got an angle."

I blew again. She let me. Her nipple noticeably hardened. I switched back and forth between her tits, blowing on each nipple in turn. Then raised up and kissed her, on her mouth.


"You said we could kiss." And I kissed her again. I worked her lips but she wouldn't let me slip my tongue in her mouth. I kissed her for a few minutes, then trailed my way down to her tummy, blowing all the way, lingering at each nipple. When I reached her tummy, I blew down the line at the top of each leg, crossing between them directly over her pussy, blowing all the time. I went back and forth, pausing to give an extra hard and warm blow on her panties right over her pussy.

"Doug," she whispered.

I slid up to her face. "What?"

"Be good."

"I will, Mom," I said, and kissed her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we had a very long, intense kiss. When we finished, gasping for air, I said, "Open your legs." She didn't respond. "Open your legs, Mom," I repeated. Not a move. "Please open your legs a little, Mom." Her legs parted. I kissed her again, my tongue fully into her with no resistance, and then blew my way down to her parted legs.

I started blowing on her pussy again. I laid my head against the inside of her left leg, pressing it back against the couch. I used my hand, a clear touching violation, to push her other leg out, opening her crotch and pulling at the strip of panty covering the front of her pussy, baring one side. I began gently blowing on her bare cunt. Soon, it was pulsing at me in response to my adoring wind. I blew harder every so often, more frequently, now, trying to form an air finger to stab into her slit. She was wet. I had her going. She was pulsing quite quickly now. I stuck my tongue out between blows and let it touch her pussy lips, then let it slip into her cunt. She was grunting now. "Unghh, unghh, uunnghhhhh, ugh, ugh, ugh, uuunngghhhhhh!" She came. I quickly slid up and lay on her, raining little kisses on her face, forehead, neck, and mouth. I had my hard cock pressing right on her pussy, the head sticking out on her bare tummy. I held it firmly against her.

"Doug, you touched me," she accused me, surprised but not angered.

"No, Mom, I didn't," I lied, "I didn't. I just blew, honest."

"Ok, honey, Ok. Whew, that was different. We can't let your Dad find out about that."

"He won't, Mom, but you have to keep letting me look at you."

"Doug, you're being bad. Are you trying to blackmail me? I'm not afraid to let your Dad know you've been a very naughty boy. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom," I replied, but I wasn't convinced, and neither was she.

"You can only play this game as long as I let you, and by my rules, understand?"

"Yes, Mom," I said submissively, and kissed her. I turned the kiss into a very long tongue twister, the whole time pressing my cock against her. As we got really deep into the kiss, I started rocking my cock against her. When our lips parted for air, she was gasping, and I was grinding against her pussy.

"Dougie stop, Dougie stop, stop ..."

"Stop what?"

"You know, you know, stop it."

But I didn't. I started kissing her again. As soon as my tongue was in her mouth, I really starting rubbing against her pussy. Hard, grinding, pressing my cock deep into her crevice, dry-humping her with abandon. I kept my mouth on her. I felt her legs lift up on either side of me and close over my back. I increased my pace. I ground my whole body into her. I came, so did she, clutching my back strongly to her as I spurted by spunk on her belly, and collapsed against her.

"Doug, you touched me."

"I'm sorry, Mom."

"It told you if you can play by the rules we can't do this again. You broke the rules."

"I'll tell Dad."

"If you do, we'll never be able to do this again."

"OK, I won't. But I want to keep watching movies with you."

"We can watch movies, but you have to learn to behave yourself."

"I will, Mom."

"Gosh, look at the mess you made on my tummy. Jeez, look how much there is."

I looked appropriately admonished as I rose up and looked down at the white spunk splattered all over her flat belly, pooling in her navel. "I got it on me, too," I said, pulling down at my pajamas. As I did, my cock, still quite hard, flopped into view. Surprised, Mom stared at it.

"Well, I can see why you made such a big mess," she said with a smile.

"I can make more, Mom."

"No you don't. Come on, let's go get cleaned up before your Dad gets home." And that was the end of another incredible afternoon. As we walked together up the stairs, she let me slide my hand down from her narrow waist to cup her right ass cheek. I stopped her at her bedroom door, pulled her back as she started for her ensuite and kissed her, tenderly. At the end of the kiss, I slipped my tongue into her. She let me finish the kiss, then, "No, son." Shit, back to square one, I thought. "No more today, sweetie."

"Awww, Mom. Let me kiss you tonight. Come see me so I can kiss you before bed."

"We'll see," she said, and slipped away into her room.


That night, there were no innuendos, no teasing glimpses, no flirting of any kind. Mom treated me like her son, like she always had before. I decided not to torture myself. I went to bed early. At the top of the stairs, I spontaneously turned and yelled down, "Goodnight, Dad."

"Goodnight son," he automatically responded.

"Hey, Mom, you forgot to give me a kiss goodnight," and I quickly retreated to my room. I undressed quickly and got into bed. Mom knocked lightly and came into my room five minutes later.

"That was quick. It took me ages to get you into bed when you were little." Then she laughed at herself, "Not that I'm trying to now. That was a ballsy thing you said. It's a good thing your father lives on another planet most of the time."

"Well, you're here now, Mom, so give me a kiss."

"Alright, but just a kiss."

"Ok, but you have to turn out the light and lay on the bed. I want a real kiss, not a quick peck."

"Alright, but you be good," she said, and turned out the light. A moment later I felt her kneel on the bed and then stretch out to lay beside me. She reached over to me, touching my shoulder and then the side of my face.

"Aren't you wearing your pajama tops?" she asked.

"No, its too hot," I replied and pulled her to me for a kiss. We snoggled for a couple of minutes and then I pulled her on top of me. I centered her pussy over me and slid my hands down over her ass and pulled at her legs, parting them around my hard cock. I pressed upward.

When our kiss broke, she said, "Dougie, you're being very naughty again. Your Dad's right downstairs watching TV."

"I know, Mom. That's why you have to let me play quickly, because we only have a few minutes," I argued lamely.

"OK, you can play for a few minutes," she said, and lowered her head to kiss me. I pulled the hem of her skirt up while we were kissing so only her panties were between us. She must have realized then that I was naked. I had no pajamas or undies on. My bare cock thrust against her panty covered mound. I slid my hands up onto her ass and held her in place while I started little fuck motions against her.

She broke our kiss. "Oh, you little bugger," she said, breathing in little gasps as my cock lunged between her slit. She was genuinely surprised, "You little bugger!"

I laughed in her ear, holding her against me, rubbing harder and longer against her, pausing to grind my cock into her pussy. "I'm a little bugger, Mommy," I said, sliding my hand down her cheek, between her legs, and pushing with my fingers against the bottom of her pussy through her thin panties next to her damp cunt. I started to shove my cock up and down the channel formed between her pussy lips.

"Oh, oh, oh, ugh, ugh ohhhh, ohhh, ooohhhh, ugh, ungghhhh. Oh, you little shit!" She started pressing back on me, spreading herself open around my cock.

"Come on me, Mom. Come on me. Come." She started to thrust in earnest, in time to my shoves against her cunt. I tongued her ear, and pushed the finger stroking the rear of her panty inside and rubbed it along the line between her ass and her pussy.

"oh, oh, oh, uh uh uh, uhh uhhhhh ungnhhhh, unnnnghghhhhh." She collapsed on me, her pussy twitching and periodically pulsing against my cock.

"You little bastard, you little bastard," she gasped out, trying to catch her breath.

"I can't help it, Mom. I love you. I want to fuck you."

"No! That will never happen."

"But it feels good, doesn't it Mom?", I asked.

"Yes." She pushed her pussy against my cock as her body involuntarily agreed with her. "Yes it does, but I won't let you fuck me. I just can't."

"'Then let's just say goodnight like this, Mom, our own secret ritual."

"You're only supposed to look, remember?"

"But I like rubbing against you. It's only fair if you won't let me have you." I whined in a little kid's voice.

"Oh, don't try to pull that on me. I'll think about it. You can give me a little rub now and then, maybe, if you're a good boy, but that's all."

"OK. Mom?"


"If you wake up and can't sleep you should come and wake me up too. I don't want you to be alone if you wake up at night."

"Oh, my god, your Father. I've got to go. I've got to get downstairs," she cried in a panicky voice, springing up and rushing to the door where she paused, gathered her wits, opened the door, and exited into the hall, talking back to me in a voice loud enough to be heard downstairs, "Goodnight, dear, we'll talk about it in the morning. Sweet dreams."

She didn't come again that night. The next day, things were back to the normal mom/son relationship. Mom was particularly conservative in her dress. I didn't complain, or act miffed in any way. Patience, I was learning, reaped huge rewards. I paid no extra attention to her. When she skipped floor waxing day, I didn't mention it. I just kept treating her like a regular Mom.

One day, Mom came home around noon dressed in a flowered, sleeveless dress hemmed just above her knees. It swirled about her lovely legs as she walked. It was the most liberal thing she had worn for two weeks. It was a summer dress cut a little lower and held together by buttons all down the front. She fussed about in the kitchen for a while, emerging with a tray of sandwiches and two glasses of milk. "Do you have time for a movie break?"

"Yeah, sure, Mom," I casually answered, feigning disinterest. "Something particular you'd like to watch?"

"How about that chick flick we missed most of the other day?"

"Absolutely," I replied, and went to put it in the DVD player, intrigued that she was raising that memory. When I turned around, she'd sat down leaving me just enough room to squeeze between her and the end of the couch. She handed me a toasted tomato sandwich as I sat down. As I took it, a little mayonnaise dripped out onto her legs, just above her knees. She ignored it, so I turned toward her and, with my right hand, used my fingers to scoop it up. I licked my fingers and said, "Ummm, spicy mayonnaise, my favorite."

"Stop," she laughed, then, "Start the movie, and close the drapes a bit, the light's reflecting off the TV."

I did as she asked, then settled in to eat my sandwiches and watch the movie. I didn't do anything else for half an hour, ten full minutes after finishing my last sandwich. Mom was restless. She stretched her legs out on the coffee table, then pulled them back to rest her bare feet on its edge, raising her knees and letting her dress slide a little higher up her beautiful legs. Each time she changed position, she sidled a little closer to me, until her thigh was pressing tightly against me. When her dress restricted her leg movements, she undid a couple of the skirt buttons, and then a third before her foot rested comfortably on the edge of the table. She had bared a lot of leg but I just kept watching the movie.

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