tagInterracial LoveIt Was Just a Job Ch. 01

It Was Just a Job Ch. 01


Thanks for all the feedback. I really appreciated it. Hope you enjoy this new story-phoenix ray

Lena Harrison nervously walked into Spin Shop, the local record store. Just barely 5'3, the petite black twenty-year old could feel her whole body shaking. Three weeks ago, she had applied for a summer job as a clerk. She need to make some money to save for her big move to San Francisco State in the fall. Lena had been shocked when the store's manager, one David Roberts, had called and asked her to come in for an interview. She had never thought that anyone would call her back. Lena had only held down two jobs in her short life, a saleswoman for a direct sales company and a voter registration activist. Both jobs had been short-lived. The sales job had not been her strong suit. She just wasn't comfortable selling things to people. The other job had been fine but the organization that was running the operation decided to close almost all the offices because the costs were outrunning the benefits. Only one office had been left open and unfortunately it wasn't the one Lena was at. She, along with all the others were let go. Lena hadn't really been bothered too much about the loss. She was more interested in reading and listening to music anyway. She tugged at the sleeve of her crisp white dress shirt, as she neared the sturdy brown door marked 'manager.' Lena tentatively knocked.

"Come in." replied a pleasant male voice. Lena opened the door slowly. Sitting at the small black desk was the most handsome man Lena had ever seen. He had to be, at the oldest, twenty-five, but it was hard to tell. He was drop-dead gorgeous. As he smiled and rose to greet her, she discreetly surveyed the man who could well become her boss. 'He's a good head taller than I am,' she thought. 'Maybe about 5'7 or so.' Lena took in his sparking green eyes, wavy black hair, and cute bow mouth and thought she was going to start stuttering.

"David Roberts, you must be Lena."

"Yes. Nice to meet you."

David took in the new potential employee seated across from him and nearly dropped to his knees in gratitude. He definitely believed in miracles now. She was absolutely beautiful. Her eyes were the darkest brown, framed by her curly shoulder-length black hair. Her full lips, covered lightly with lipgloss, were begging to be kissed and her shapely breasts were on the large side. 'But she's so shy, she doesn't even realize how hot she is!' David smiled at the young woman, who shyly smiled back. Right then and there, he knew he had to have her. He didn't even care about her job record, which was rather short, he was just going to give her the job anyway, just be near her. "So I looked at your resume and I talked to your former managers and they all said good things about you. Each of them said they would hire you again. What I want to know is, why exactly do wish to work here?"

"Well, I feel that this job would be perfect for me because I have a true passion for music," Lena replied. There is not a day that goes by that I don't listen to my favorite bluesman, Robert Johnson, or my all-time favorite musician and singer-songwriter, Jeff Buckley. I also write my own songs. This might sound cliché but I really do live and breathe music."

David listened as she passionately described her love of music, green eyes raking over her luscious body. He was deeply impressed by this girl. "So what kind of instruments do you play?" he asked, raising his gaze to her gentle eyes.

"I play the piano and the acoustic guitar," grinned Lena. "I hope to get an electric one day."

"Well then, you'll have to play for me one day."

"Maybe I will."

Lena suppressed a laugh. She could tell that David had been checking her out. She could feel his eyes raking over her body, paying particular attention to her breasts. It usually bothered her when guys looked at her like a piece of meat, but when David did it, she felt sexy and desired. It really turned her on. If he made a pass at her, she wouldn't have carried a bit. 'I kind of wish he would.' she thought as she watched him skim her resume again. Then he fixed his green eyes on her again and Lena thought she would have a heart attack.

"Well Lena, I think that you a great girl. I've spoken to many people today but none of them had the same amount of passion as you do. I think that you'll fit in well at Spin Shop. How soon can you start?"

"Next week."

The two of them rose and shook hands. "Thank you so much, Mr. Roberts." said Lena. David smiled at her. "Call me David. I'll get in contact with you about what hours you'll be working soon. It was so great to meet you."

"You too."

David watched as Lena exited the door, his eyes drawn to her round butt. 'This summer is going to be great!'


Lena was kneeling next to the large brown box of cds. UPS had just delivered them this morning. She had worked her way down the aisles and was down to the last two, country and rap. "Hey, ma." said a voice off to her left. Lena turned and groaned inwardly. A young black guy stood before her. He wore a Knicks jersey over a white t-shirt, baggy jeans that were probably from J-Teez, a store that catered to the hip-hop crowd, and custom Air Force1's. His baseball cap was sitting at a jaunty angle and he was grinning at her like a thousand watt bulb. He was the type of guy that almost always hit on her and she disliked him immediately. She just did not like rap or hip-hop culture. Lena stood and put on her best professional smile. "Is there something I can help you with?" The hip-hop dude grinned even wider. "Yeah, ma. Why don't you give me yo number so I can hit you up tonight n' we can go out n' party at this real tight spot over on the east side." Lena sighed. 'Lord, what I am going to do! Please make him go away!' She gave him a plastic smile. "I'm kind of on the clock right now. I just got this job a few weeks ago and I don't want to lose it. If there is something that you are interested in purchasing I'd be, er, happy to help you."

The black guy nodded. "I understand sweet thang. I'm a business man myself. But I'd still like yo number just the same." Before Lena could think of a quick reply, David appeared at her side.

"Hi. Finding everything okay sir?"

"Yeah, I was just taking to your lovely clerk. She been so nice to me."

"That's good to know. Have you seen the latest hyphy cds? We just got a shipment today."

"No, I haven't."

David and the hip-hop guy walked towards the rap section, discussing E-40 and the bay area rap scene. Lena sighed with relief. 'Thank you, David.' she said silently to his retreating back. An hour later, Lena had finished stocking the shelves. She took the box out back to the recycle bin. 'David's been so kind to me,' she thought as she flattened the large box before tossing it into the bin. 'He's more than my boss. He's more like a friend, a very handsome one at that.' Lena walked back inside. She looked over at the counter to see David just finishing a sale to the hip-hop dude. He grinned at her when he noticed her watching him. Lena walked over to the counter, swinging her hips as she went.

"Thanks for saving me earlier."

"It was the least I could do."

"I don't understand why I attract all these guys who I have nothing in common with. It's so frustrating!"

"It's because your so cute. Who wouldn't be attracted to you."

Lena looked away shyly. Then she looked at David, only to find him gazing at her intensely. She felt her mouth go dry and her pulse began to race. Lena looked into his eyes, feeling hot all over. "Really?" she said. David gave her a sincere smile. "Of course," he replied. "You're a beautiful girl. You're smart, kind, polite, and have a great taste in music. That's a total package right there."

"Thanks David."

"No problem."

David watched Lena strut away to do a walk-around of the story. Sometimes her naiveté utterly surprised him. 'But that's what I love about her,' he though as he watch her help an old man with a gnarled cane in the classical section. 'She's so different from most of the girls I go out with who only seem to be after one thing. That's why I have to have her and make her my queen."

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