tagInterracial LoveIt Was Just a Job Ch. 02

It Was Just a Job Ch. 02


Here is part two. Thank you again for all your encouragement!-phoenix


The sky had already darkened and all the customers had left. Lena was doing a final check of the store before she and David left that Friday night. It had been nearly seven or eight weeks since she started at Spin Shop. Lena loved it here. The staff was like family and most of the customers were excellent. And then there was David. 'He is so wonder.' she sighed, heading back to his office. 'I'm surprised some girl hasn't captured him and put him in a barn somewhere.' She opened his door to find him at his desk on his laptop going over the books. He smiled at her slightly as he worked, typing furiously. Lena sat in the old chair across from him, waiting quietly. Five minutes went by. David finally closed the silver laptop and stretched his arms over his head with a loud groan. Lena unsuccessfully suppressed a giggle.

"So did everything even out?"

"Yeah. We did really well this week, better than our average, partly in thanks to you."

"Oh...Well thanks."

"Seriously. You worked very hard this week. I appreciate that."Lena could only stare back at her boss, her heart pounding in her ears. David's green eyes held her brown ones searchingly. He reached his pale hands across the desk and gently cupped her face, his thumb rubbing against her upper lip. His lips covered hers, nibbling hungrily on her lower lip. Lena felt as though she was in the center of a flame, being consumed by David's passion. She felt his tongue touch the seam of her lips and opened her mouth. David's tongue played with her own, coaxing it out of her jaw. Their tongues twisted and danced against one another, each trying to get the upper hand. With a groan, David slowly pulled away from Lena, who sank back into her chair, shocked.


She looked up at David who was staring at her apprehensively. "I...had no idea...David..." Lena looked down at her small brown hands. David walked around the desk to her chair and gently pulled her to her feet. "I wanted you from the very moment you stepped into my office. You had such a presence about you, so different from the skanky girls I usually end up with. I knew had to make you mine." Lena gave David a cheeky smile.

"And what made you think that I would let you have me?"

"We have been flirting back and forth for weeks now. You haven't told me to stop yet."

"Cause I don't want you to." Lena ran her hands over his chest, feeling the taut muscles underneath. "The thing is...you're my boss. If the other clerks found out...Plus the fact I'll be transferring to the state school in San Francisco in August." David pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around her.

"Don't worry about the other clerks. I have a feeling they already saw this coming. We just have to be discreet and behave the way we always have."

"But what about school?"

"We still have time. August isn't going to come for awhile. When we get to that point we'll worry about it then."

Lena sighed and leaned into David. She inhaled the cool, crisp scent of his cologne, letting it envelope her senses. When they kissed this time it was different. Their hands moved around each other's bodies; touching, exploring. David reached under the old Jimi Hendrix t-shirt she was wearing and fondling her dark supple breasts. Lena moaned as he pinched and tugged her large nipples, which were darker than the rest of her skin. David hurriedly pushed papers off his desk and gingerly moved his laptop out of harm's way. He laid Lena on top of his desk. He tugged off her shirt and unhooked her black bra so that she was stripped to the waist. David alternated between kissing and fondling her breasts, causing Lena to cry out, "Oh God, David." David grinned devilishly, pleased that he had reduced her to putty. He licked circles around her left breast, fondling her right one. Lena gasped as he began to suck on her breasts. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. She felt her cunt becoming wet. After David was finished assaulting her breasts with his mouth, he began to move down across her soft stomach to the top her dark-blue jeans. He undid the metal button and pulled the zipper down. Her panties were black with yellow stars. David could see that Lena was wet, causing his cock to become hard instantly. He began to rub his hand against her cunt in a rhythmic motion.

"Do you like it when I do that to you Lena?"

"Oh yes...ahh..ahh...please,... don't stop."

That was music to David's ears. Pushing the flimsy fabric aside, he rubbed his thumb against her clit, causing her hips to buck and jerk. A grin spread across his face as he inserted a finger inside her cunt, moving in and out. Lena moved her body to the same rhythm. David added two more fingers, moving them faster. Lena moaned louder and louder, her own voice sounding foreign to her ears, her head thrashing wildly on the desk top. Then her orgasm started. She felt her body tense up. A tidal wave ripped through her insides. Her eyes rolled upward and she felt as though she would exploded. David moved his mouth to her cunt and drank up the liquid rushing out of her until it was gone. He rose and looked down at her curvy brown body, naked on his desk. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. David laid down on top of her, gently kissing her lips. Lena looked at him and smiled.

"That was awesome."

David smiled and said nothing. Lena then became aware of David's hard cock pressing against her stomach.

"Do want some help with that hard cock you've got?"

"I was hoping that you'd ask that."

"It's only fair."

David moved off of Lena, helping her up and off his desk. She gave him a quick kiss before turning her attention to his erection. She made short work of his jeans and boxers, having them at his ankles in less than a minute. Lena knelt down before him and reached for his pale cock, the blue veins clearly visible on the shaft. It wasn't that much larger than the pictures she had seen in her textbooks from school, mostly likely two inches bigger, but still, she felt nervous.

"I've never done this before."

David only smiled at her encouragingly. Lena brought the pink head of his cock to her lips and licked, eliciting a groan from David. She moved her tongue up and back across his shaft. Then she sucked on the head, tightening her grip on his cock. When she placed his cock into her warm mouth, David thought he would shoot his seed right then. He watched as she bobbed her head back and forth, taking him almost completely into her mouth. Lena flicked her gaze up at him and smiled as she watched his face contort with ecstasy. And was all because of her.

"Lena...oh, God...ah..."

"I'm going to cum!"

David gripped the back of Lena's head, his hand twisting into her dark hair, emptying his seed into her mouth. His cock slipped from her mouth as it softened. Lena turned towards the garbage can nearby and spit into it. When she was sure all of David's seed was gone, she rose to her feet. David only smiled at her weakly, totally spent. He held her close to him and they slowly kissed. She was finally his, his beautiful queen.


David smiled as he turned off the light in his office and locked the door. It was Friday again. It had only been seven days since he and Lena had oral sex in his office. Sometimes, when David closed his eyes, he could smell Lena's scent in the dark wood of his desk. It helped to make the day go by faster. So far, they had managed carry on like before, although the other staff members could tell something had gone down. Lena stood patiently at the entrance, waiting for David. They were going to go out on a date to a music house that catered to the over twenty-one crowd. Lena had never had the chance to even go there, having just turned twenty-one in June. David finally appeared by her side and they embraced warmly, kissing like they hadn't seen each other all day.

"You ready?"

"Yup. Let's go."

They hurried out the door, making sure the door was securely locked before driving off in David's car, a black compact Toyota. Lena had left her car, a silver Honda Civic, at home. It made no sense to drive two cars. A half-hour passed before they reached their destination. The building itself looked like a hole-in-the-wall, but several people dressed in hip t-shirts, jackets, and jeans were standing outside, so they knew they had the right place. They entered the hazy atmosphere and found a spot off to one side with a good view of the stage. David order a pitcher of beer from the redheaded waitress and looked over at Lena.

"So...what do you think?"

"It has a dive-bar look to it but the people here are cool."

David laughed. "That's actually what this old place used to be. The guy who owns the place, John Kern, did some renovations and reopened it as a music house a few years ago. After that it really took off."

The waitress returned with the pitcher and two mugs. As soon as she left, the lights dimmed and the opening band, called Cave of Plato came on stage. The singer, a skinny blonde guy, sounded eerily like Kurt Cobain. The music had a fast-driving psychedelic sound. Cave of Plato did a four song set before departing to thunderous applause from the audience. The next band, Nefarious, had more of a Descendants-Dead Kennedys-Sex Pistols sound. The singer was a petite blue-haired girl who packed a serious punch. The guitars sounded like buzzsaws, slicing and dicing the audience. They played a fast five song set before exiting to even louder applause than the first group. But the third and final group was the best. They were called Vera. David wasn't even sure what kind of rock they were. They seemed to take elements from classic rock, punk, new wave, grunge, and even jazz guitar and twisted them into something totally unrecognizable. The vocals were spilt between the two guitarists, who David and Lena later found out were married. Their lyrics seemed to come from strange dreams and books. After their set was over, the audience was on their feet clapping and cheering fanatically. The clapping continued until Vera took the stage again and played two encore songs. The house lights came back on soon after. David and Lena looked at each other, the nearly empty pitcher between them.

"That was a great concert," said Lena, reaching for her mug. "Vera totally brought it."

"They did. We should find out where their playing next." David and Lena got up and went to where the merch tables were set up. CDs, t-shirts, and the like were on sale along with schedules of upcoming tours and gigs. Lena ended up purchasing two cds by Vera and Nefarious and a t-shirt for her best friend Alice. They walked slowly back to the car, their fingers laced together. Neither spoke while David started the engine, waiting for it to warm up.

"Do want to come back to my apartment?"


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