tagInterracial LoveIt Was Just a Job Ch. 03

It Was Just a Job Ch. 03


"Do want to come back to my apartment?"

"Sure. I told my mom not to wait up for me tonight."

It wasn't long before they reached David's apartment complex, a rustic-looking building with several trees. They took the elevator up to the third floor, exchanging nervous glances. David led the way to door 310 and ushered Lena in. The living room was small, a TV in the corner with a large tan couch and small glass coffee table facing it. The shaggy carpet was forest green and looked rather clean. On the walls were posters from various concerts. Nearby was the kitchen, which didn't contain much, save a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. David tossed his keys on the counter.

"Make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?"

"Just water is fine."

Lena settled back onto the couch, tucking her feet under her, her shoes on the carpet in front of her. David returned with a glass of water and a bottle of soda. He handed Lena the glass and settled in next to her with a sigh. Lena took a long sip and then set the glass down. She laid her head on David's shoulder. David set down his bottle and pulled her into his arms, wrinkling his brow.

"What's wrong?"

"Suddenly I feel really tired, 's all."

David pressed his lips against her forehead and looked down at her. "You sure?" Lena met his concerned gaze. "Yes." They stared at each other awkwardly for a few minutes. Lena ran her fingers across David's face, tracing the outline of his lips. A small sigh escaped from him. Lena pushed herself up and kissed his bow mouth. Her pink tongue teased his lips, flitting about, taunting him. David pinned her to the couch with a growl, rubbing his hand against her crotch.

"Why don't we take this down the hall."

"Lead the way."

David got up and picked Lena up from the couch. He carried her in his arms to his room, her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. They entered a mediocre bedroom, David closing the door with his foot. He laid Lena down onto the bed and turned on the soft lamp next to his bed. More concert posters covered the walls. The sliding closet door was open, revealing a mishmash of clothes and shoes. Lena smiled as she took in the surroundings. It was a well lived-in place. David laid down next to her, kicking off his shoes. He pulled her closer, kissing her behind her ear and put his hand inside her pants, massaging her clit. Before the well-worn pants landed on the floor, David caused her to orgasm twice. Lena pulled off her shirt, revealing a lacy black bra, which did not match her stripped panties, but who keeps track of that kind of thing anyway. She helped David out of his clothes, leaving only his plaid green boxer, tented by his erection. Lena straddled his waist with a grin.

"Last time, you got to have all the fun. Now it's my turn."

Lena kissed him along his jaw line before returning to his pale lips. As soon as David tried to stick his tongue in her mouth, she moved away, mischief in her warm brown eyes. She gave him butterfly kisses on his chest, flicking her tongue at his nipples. David groaned as Lena flicked her tongue at his navel. With nerve-racking slowness, she moved to his crotch and pulled his boxers down with a flourish. She kissed the inner thigh of his left leg, going all the way up to his cock and stopped. Lena went over the same spot with her tongue, stopping in the same spot. She repeated her maneuvers on David's other leg, causing him to moan her name.

"Oh, Lena...you're torturing me...."

Lena grinned at him and said nothing. She took his large cock in her small brown hands, which was already as hard as steel. She moved her finger up and down the thick shaft, replacing it with her pink tongue. David thrashed about, moaning and groaning with frustration. 'She's dragging this out on purpose....But it feels so good, I don't want her to stop.' he thought to himself. Lena kissed his white shaft allover and kissed his swollen balls, giving them gently licks. She finally took his cock in her mouth, sucking on the head. She got all the way into her mouth and then slowly pulled him back out again, causing David to press his hips forward to move his cock closer to her.

"Suck my cock, Lena....please....suck it for me..."

Lena laughed and brought David's cock back to her lips. She swirled her tongue around the head, sucking hard. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock until her nose was touching his black pubic hair. That was it for David. With a loud moan, he exploded into her mouth, his seed going down her throat. David's softening cock slipped from her mouth. Lena sat up and looked down at David with a wicked grin. David pulled her down with a growl and licked a bit of cum off of her chin.

"You're a naughty girl."

"Only for you, loverman, only for you"

They just held each other for a moment, not saying a word. Then David flipped Lena onto her back. He covered her mouth with his, jamming his tongue into her mouth. While his mouth had Lena occupied, he reached down with his right hand and began massaging her clit. Lena moaned as David moved to nibble at her neck. It wasn't long before Lena had her third orgasm. The two lovers kissed again slowly, trying to savor ever sensation. David moved Lena's legs apart and lined up his cock with her cunt. He paused and looked at her questioningly.

"Do you want me inside you?"

"Yes...I want you, David."

David kissed her again and entered her with a quick thrust. Lena gasped at the sharp pain in her abdomen. The pain began to subside as David moved slowly inside her. They both watched as David pulled all the way out of her and then thrust back in again. Lena playfully squeezed his butt, causing him to groan. He picked up her soft brown legs and put them over his shoulders, fucking her harder. The whole bed shook with the sounds of their lovemaking. Lena meet David thrust for thrust, her moaning turning to screaming.

"AHHH, Harder, Harder, David!"

With a loud growl, David orgasmed, shooting his seed inside of her body. Lena came right after him, her brown eyes almost black. They collapsed against each other in a sweat-soaked heap. Weakly, David clasped Lena in his arms, kissing her forehead. Lena slowly kissed him back on the cheek. Too tired to even speak, they pulled the sheets over themselves and fell asleep in each other's arms.

They made love again the next day in the shower, hot water cascading over their naked bodies. Both of them called in sick to work and walked into the kitchen hand in hand. Lena wore one of David's t-shirt which reached the middle of her thighs. David walked over to the refrigerator, wearing only boxers. "Would you like an omelet?" Lena cocked her head sideways. "I never had an omelet before." David turned and stared at his girl, mouth agape.



David grinned as he pulled eggs, cheese, and some vegetables out of the refrigerator. "Well today is your lucky day. I'm going to make you the best omelet ever!" Lena giggled. "Okay." Lena watched as David began chopping onions, bell pepper, and cilantro. "Can I help?" David smiled at her. "Sure. Will you whip six eggs for me?" Slowly, Lena cracked the eggs and whipped them in a large mixing bowl. David put a large skillet on the burner and added some olive oil. He took the mixing bowl from Lena and poured half of the mix into the skillet. Lena watched in awe as David picked up the skillet and flipped the omelet in the air. After a few minutes, he add the chopped items, flipped the omelet closed and put it on a plate. He quickly made one more and turned the burner off. Handing Lena her plate and some silverware, David walked over to the couch. Lena sat down next to him with a sigh. David watched as Lena tasted her omelet.

"mmmm....This tastes good, David."

"Thanks. I do try."

Lena giggled. The two lovers ate their meal with minimal small talk. After showering yet again and dressing, David and Lena decided to take a walk. They walked until the sun hung low in the blood red sky.


David leaned against the U-Haul truck with a sigh. 'Well that's the last of it.' He thought, running a hand through his black hair. 'Lena will be taking that highway to SF, right out of my life.' A pair of thin brown arms wrapped themselves around David's waist. "What's wrong?" Lena's soft voice tickled his ear. David turned and pulled Lena into his arms, looking into her brown eyes.

"I was just thinking about you...going away to SF. I'm going to miss you so much, Lena."

"I'll miss you too, David."

They kissed slowly, trying to take away the bitterness of their parting. Lena's Uncle Joe cleared his throat and motioned for her that he was ready. Giving David one final kiss, Lena got into the rental truck. David stood on the sidewalk as the truck carrying a piece of his heart moved farther down the street until it was no longer possible to distinguish one whitish dot from another.

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