tagInterracial LoveIt Was Just a Job II Ch. 01

It Was Just a Job II Ch. 01


"Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry

You don't know how lovely you are

I had to find you, tell you I need you

Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions

Oh let's go back to the start

Running in circles, coming up tails

Heads on a science apart"


"Nobody said it was easy

It's such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be this hard

Oh, take me back to the start."

Lena Harrison found herself singing along with Chris Martin as she drove across the San Mateo bridge. She wasn't sure what possessed her to add that old song to her playlist for the car but that was neither here nor there. It was Saturday afternoon in the bay area. The sky was clear, with only a few clouds in the sky. Lena was on her way to her hometown to spend some time with her mom. Her thick black curls were in a loose bun and a pair of nondescript sunglasses covered her brown eyes from the glare of the afternoon sun. "I'm so glad the traffic hasn't been too heavy," she thought as she maneuvered her Honda around a large truck. A few minutes later, she was back on land, making her way through the east bay. It took her another hour and forty-five minutes to before she made it to the city limits. Three exits later, Lena was driving down the city streets.

As she passed the mall and the local university, Lena noticed several real estate signs and boarded up homes. The city of Holt had been hit a lot harder by the recession than the rest of California. Lena sighed as she watched a older woman pushing a battered green cart through the intersection. Even in the good times, Holt had struggled with gangs, drugs, and homelessness. Lena made two right turns before entering her neighborhood, passing the park and several rundown apartments, going down three blocks until she reached her mom's house. The white two-story looked the same as it normally did, aged but well-kept. The lawn was neat and the rose bush had become as tall as the house, obscuring one of the windows. "I guess Mom isn't back from work yet." Lena thought as she pulled into the driveway. She hopped out of the car and went to her trunk to pull out her two bags.


Lena turned and saw Theo, her mom's border collie, barking at her from the easement fence. She grinned and walked over to the dog. "Hi boy." Theo wagged his tail and stood up on his hind legs. Lena reached through the chain link and rubbed the dog's head for a few minutes. Returning to her car, she grabbed her bags and went into the house. After turning off the alarm and closing the front door, Lena went upstairs to her old room and threw her bags on the floor. She flung herself onto the bed and drifted off to sleep.


A couple hours later, Lena was in her car again, driving to a music club in downtown Holt. Here the older buildings whispered of the city's former glory, as she drove down the dark street. She pulled into a small parking lot that was slowly filling up with cars. Lena hopped out and quickly walked over to a dingy warehouse. She was meeting her friend, Lisa, for some drinks before a local band showcase at The Black Rock. Lena had changed into pair of dark blue jeans, plain black flats, and nondescript band t-shirt. A few admiring glances were cast her way as she walked through the front door, but Lena barely noticed. She paid the cover charge and began to look around for Lisa. "Fuck, where is she?" Lena thought to herself. She wandered over to the bar area and managed to snag a stool. She signaled to the bartender and quickly ordered a Heineken. As she drank, her beer, Lena looked around the room. The bar area was painted red with white and black accents. White strings of lights hung from the ceiling, giving the room a chill vibe.

"I know you didn't start drinking without me!" said a voice behind Lena. Lena spun around to see her friend, Lisa. She hopped off of her bar stool and hugged Lisa tightly. "Yeah, well who's fault is that?" Lena said with a grin. "Your ass was late." Lisa smiled and shook her head. "Yeah, yeah, rub it in why don't you." The two women chatted and caught each other up on the latest news. Lisa was dressed similarly to Lena, with a black one shoulder top, jeans, and a pair of red chucks. Her thick black hair was pulled into ponytail, revealing a small pair of black hoop earrings. "So how are things going between you and Drew?" said Lena. Lisa smiled. "Everything is going well. I think that Mom and Dad are finally warming up to him. I know that they wanted me to marry a good Chinese man but I think that they finally realized that Drew is good man and isn't going hurt me or treat me bad. Dad even invited Drew to go golfing with him next Saturday." Lena grinned. "That's wonderful. I hope they have a good time." Lisa sighed. "I know that they will. I just hope that they don't get too competitive. Neither of them is a good loser." The women laughed.

Drew, Lisa, and Lena had been friends since they met in community college. Drew was a business major and was constantly chased by the women on campus. But when he met Lisa and Lena in a core English class, Drew only had eyes for Lisa. It had been a rough beginning, with Lisa's traditional parents being upset about their daughter's black boyfriend. But overtime, they had warmed to Drew and had accepted him into their lives. There had been many times Lena had listened to Lisa crying on the phone about her parents and Drew. She was pleased that everything was finally going well for the two of them.

Lisa and Lena moved over to the stage as the first band in the showcase got ready to play. "Never heard of these guys before." said Lena. "Oh, you'll like them, they play rock fusion music."said Lisa. "They go by the name 'Easy Bake." Lena giggled. "Seriously? That's a terrible name." Lisa grinned and shrugged her shoulder. "I know. The drummer is friends with my cousin, Ping and I asked him about that. He doesn't really know why they picked that name. One too many bong hits I guess." The two friends focused their attention on the stage as 'Easy Bake' began to play their first song.

Two hours later, the last band, Ollerick, wrapped up their set. The two women headed back towards the bar. "I'm going to hit the restroom." said Lisa. "Be right back." Lena nodded. "Ok." As she neared the bar, Lena noticed a black haired man standing with his back to her. He wore black jacket and faded jeans. She came to a stop beside him and he turned around. "David?" said Lena. The man focused his green eyes on Lena and smiled. "Hey, Lena. What a surprise, running into you here." Lena smiled shyly. "Yeah, I just came into town to see my mom for a little while. Need a break from the city." David nodded. "That's cool. What do you do now?"

"I work at a department store as a support associate and do freelance writing on the side. Are you still at the store?"

"No, I work at an accounting office downtown now. It's different from what I'm used to but I can't complain."

"Oh, I see."

David stared at Lena, who was staring at the top of her shoes. "I can't believe she's actually here." he thought. His eyes move over her curves, which seemed more toned than when he saw her last. Her full lips were covered with shiny lip-gloss. David felt his dick harden as he remembered what they felt like against his skin. He could almost feel her hot mouth on his lips and shivered. David started to open his mouth, when a thin blond woman appeared at his side. "Miss me, baby?" she said, kissing his lips. "Of course." said David. The woman stared at Lena, her blue eyes narrowing. "Who's this?" David shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "Cindy, this is Lena. Lena, my girlfriend Cindy Matthews." Lena smiled slightly. "Hi." Cindy looked her up and down and then turned to David. "We should get going baby. You have an early day tomorrow."

"Of course. It was nice to see you again, Lena." said David. "You, too." said Lena. She watched the couple walkaway and sighed. Lena leaned against the bar and smiled gratefully at the bartender who handed her another Heineken She took a few sips, but her heart continued to beat rapidly in her chest. "I didn't know it was going to feel like this." Lena thought.


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