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Hey everyone this is my first attempt at writing romance. I hope you enjoy it and before you read I want to let everyone know this isn't meant to make fun of anyone because I used to know a person who was deaf. Anyway don't let this stop you from reading because I wanted to push the boundaries a little. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading my other stories. Keep the feedback coming and tell me what you think of the first chapter!!!!!!!


Grace Daniels sat in the park watching the breeze tickle the leaves on the tree. She raised her head and smiled sadly into the morning wind. She didn't understand why the hell it was so hard for her to have a relationship. But it wasn't the men, it was her…she guessed. She was in love with her art and she'd be damned if she give it up. Her last relationship ended in the usual way. She came home to find her boyfriend packed up and ready to go. Of course they always made sure to use the same line on her; "I think it's time we need a change." And every time a couple of weeks later she would see them with another woman. She sighed softly and looked down at the blank canvas that lay in her lap. A tear dropped from her chin to the empty space of the canvas. She couldn't understand why she could make something out of nothing, yet her life was a wreck. Shouldn't an artist be able to make any situation work? Yet here she was the lonely chameleon who couldn't blend in with the real world. She wiped the tears away furiously and cursed softly. She raised her sketching pencil to the canvas and began to draw. The lonely lines and curves gradually came together to create a beautiful picture. She tried to smile at her creation, but she could only sob. When would the lines and curves in her life form together?

Nathan Grey ran a frustrated hand through his disheveled hair. He watched the flurry of fingers that moved in front of his eyes and ground his teeth at the oncoming migraine. He was hungry, aggravated, and horny. He rolled his eyes; it was going to be awhile before he got any kind of sex. He tried to pay attention to the hands in front of his face. These damn therapy sessions were going to kill him. He turned to his brother and received a reassuring smile and then returned his attention to the therapist. He focused on the different forms the fingers made in front of his eyes.

How are you today? The therapist signed.

Nathan shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands. Aside from dealing with my business, I'm good.

The therapist smiled at him. That's good, I'm glad you're well.

He tried not to roll his eyes as the therapist continued with the same song and dance. She began with the small talk and then gradually made her way into the psychological crap. If it weren't for his brother he wouldn't be in this place. He turned to glare at Matt, but only succeeded in receiving an identical glare. He rolled his eyes and ran his finger across his neck in a slicing motion. Matt smiled and shook his head. Nathan couldn't understand what the hell the problem was. He was a successful man who'd made a name for himself. He was a successful businessman and he was at his prime of 33 years. He thought he was good looking, but he was always going to believe he was good looking. But he would admit that he had one problem. He was deaf as the day he was born. He thought women would like a man that would keep his mouth closed. He smiled to himself at his absurd thoughts. His handicap didn't stop him from succeeding, instead it caused him to be stronger and fight harder for what he wanted. He looked at the clock on the wall and cursed…well as close to cursing as he could get. He had another hour in this forsaken place and he was on the verge of running out. But he promised his brother he would come to these damn meeting twice a month in order to make sure he was okay. Or in other words to make sure he didn't crack under the pressure. Matt grabbed his hand and began to sign for him.

We can go now if you want.

Nathan looked at his brother and smiled. Don't play games with me I'm not in the mood.

Matt rolled his eyes. Okay well we'll stay asshole.

Nathan threw his head back and laughed soundlessly. He watched as the therapist continued to sign and pursue the sappy talk. He watched as the clock needle ticked by gradually and he felt as if he'd been inside the stuffy office for days. He watched as the therapist turned to his brother and had a secret conversation with him. He turned to his brother and signed.

What did she say? I couldn't hear her.

Matt tried to glare at him, but he failed when a smile began to peek out of his face. He motioned to the door.

Can we go now, lord and master?

Matt playfully shoved Nathan. Stop calling me that and yes we can go and eat now you pig.

Nathan shook his head. I prefer to be called a bottomless pit of hunger, thank you very much.

Matt rolled his eyes and dragged his brother to the car. Nathan got into the driver's side of the car and started the car and turned the radio up. Matt slapped his hand away.

You know you can't hear so why mess with the radio?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. Because when I get my surgery I want to know what I'm doing. Now shut up and be my ears while I drive.

Matt laughed and shook his head. Now matter what you put in Nathan's way he always seemed to overcome the impossible. Nathan drove towards the coffee house and pulled into a parking spot. Nathan shook off the confused look that Matt sent him. He turned with an exasperated sigh and signed at Matt.

I said I was hungry, but I didn't tell you what I was hungry for.

Matt rubbed his temples. Are you sure you're 33 and not 10? I can't believe you.

Nathan punched his brother in the arm. Hey don't judge me asshole and to let you know I don't act like I'm 10, I act 13.

Nathan and Matt walked inside the coffee house and Matt couldn't help but roll his eyes. His brother was going to order the coffee house out of all the sweets they had. But the worst part was that he ordered tea instead of coffee. He grabbed Nathan's attention.

Why did you order tea instead of coffee?

Nathan blinked at him. Because I don't want anything heavy on my stomach.

They went and sat down by a window and Matt watched as his brother zoned out into Nathan land. Matt pitied his brother, but he would never show it. He didn't think it was fair that his brother had to go through life lonely just because of a simple handicap. Just because he was deaf didn't mean that he was incapable of love.

Grace finished the last bit of her sketch and she held it up in front of her face. It was one of her simple drawings; the embodiment of a sunset. She turned to the pile of colors that sat next to her on the bench and sighed. Maybe she would just wait until she got to the confines of her home before she began to paint. She decided she'd just go and get some coffee. She gathered her supplies and walked to the coffee shop nearby. She opened the door, but was knocked back on the ground by a moving wall. She watched as her supplies fell to the ground and a man leaned down to help her pick up the stuff. She began to panic.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you."

She watched as the man continued to help her pick up her things. Maybe he hadn't heard her. She repeated herself, but ended up with the same result. The man had his head bent and she watched as his should length red hair fell into his face. She was about to respond to him rudely when another man stepped in.

"I'm sorry he ran into you."

Grace looked to the man and noticed that he had the same shade of red hair as the man helping her pick up her things.

"That's okay I'm just trying to figure out why he didn't respond to me."

The man laughed and helped her up. "Well he kind of has selective hearing."

Grace smiled softly and shook her head in understanding. The man who had ran into her rose up and she lost the smile on her face. He was an easy 6'6'' and his body was bulk with muscle. But the most appeasing factor on him was his face. It was chiseled with features and his cheeks held a pair of deep dimples. But his blue-green eyes made her squirm restlessly. This man has got to be fantastic in bed. She cringed at her thoughts. The man smiled at her and then proceeded to move his hands in front of his face. She looked at him in confusion and then looked to the other man.

The other man shrugged. "Well by the way I'm Matt and this is by clumsy brother Nathan. He says he's glad that you and I met because now we can do what we want."

Grace looked at Matt in confusion. "What does he mean by that?"

Matt smiled at her. "I'm just joking. My brother said he was sorry for running into you, but he'd do it again if he could continue to run into you."

Grace blushed softly and smiled at him. "Well thank you for the compliment, but I'm the one who ran into you."

Grace watched as the man, Matt, began moving his fingers in front of Nathan's face. She giggled softly at what looked to be playful banter between the two men. The one named Nathan looked at her and she was glad she had strong legs. This man could make any woman melt to the ground. He grabbed her hand and kissed the top and started to sign to his brother. The one named Matt turned to her.

"He wants to know if he can have your number."

Grace looked at the man and smiled. "Yeah he can have my number." Grace pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and grabbed her sketching pencil. She wrote the series of numbers on the piece of paper and handed them to Nathan. Matt turned to her once more.

"My brother said he'll be texting you to set up a date with you and that you have to be there because he owes you an apology."

Grace laughed at the man and watched in amazement as Nathan smiled at her. The man was even more gorgeous when he smiled. She watched as they walked off and she ran into the coffee shop. Her day was starting to look better.

Nathan was still mesmerized by the beautiful woman he had ran into. He smiled as he thought about her. Her caramel skin was beautiful. Her body wasn't bad either. She had to be 5'6'' and she was full of lean muscle. Her face held small freckles on her cheeks and her chocolate eyes melted his soul. He felt his cock stirring in his pants and he looked down. He had a noticeable erection and he began to blush. Of course his brother did nothing to help. Matt must have noticed too because he began to laugh uncontrollably. Nathan punched his brother in the arm and glared at him.

Hey you should be happy that I can actually get an erection.

Matt looked to his brother. Yeah I should be happy. I was worried that you'd live to be the 40 yr old virgin.

Nathan shoved his brother and began to smile. He'd found another challenge and he'd enjoy overcoming this one.

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