tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 02

It's Time Ch. 02


Okay everyone here's chapter 2 and I hope it was worth the wait. I'm working on the chapters for the other stories and I hope it follows this chapter quickly. Anyway thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.

Nathan loved his dad, really he did, but right now he was highly upset with the man. Here sat in front of him the perfect breakfast; hash browns, eggs, ham, sausage, and smiley face pancakes. But what pissed him off was the liquid in his cup. Once again Brian gave him Sugar-Free Apple Juice. He glared at him, but it only resulted in an identical glare from his dad. He began to move his fingers intricately.

You need to watch your sugar intake, he signed.

Nathan ran his fingers through his hair angrily before he pointed to the front door. His father just looked at him before he began to laugh. Nathan couldn't stop the smile that came over his face. He squared his shoulders and tore into the pile of food that lay on his plate. Nathan watched as his dad turned his attention to the door and an evil smile broke out across his face. He took a sip of the apple juice and swallowed. He bulged his eyes and put his hands around his throat, while he ran into the living room. He dropped on the floor in front of his mother's feet and watched as she began to panic.

Jackie began to scream at Brian for help. She watched incredulously as Brian slowly walked into the living room with a bored look on his face. She began to yell at him.

"Brian you idiot your son is choking and your just standing there? COME HELP ME!"

Matt came in behind his mother and rolled his eyes. He took out the bottle of apple juice in his hand and threw it as his younger brother. Nathan stopped his act immediately and walked back to the kitchen like nothing had happened.

Jackie stood there angry and confused. "What the hell was all that about?!"

Matt and Brian shared a look with each other before they looked at Jackie. "Apple Juice."

Jackie walked into the kitchen to find Nathan smiling to himself and she walked over and popped him in the head. She began to sign frantically.

Don't you EVER do that again!

Nathan rubbed the back of his head and hugged his mom. I'm sorry mom, but it's just been too calm around here.

Jackie rolled her eyes before she turned her attention back to her husband. "Brian please tell me you didn't make him smiley face pancakes?"

Brian cringed and looked at Jackie. "I'm sorry, but he said that's what he wanted."

They both turned to look at Nathan and they laughed at the sight. His cheeks were puffed out and he continued to stuff food into his mouth. They glanced to the side plate to see he was saving his pancakes for last like he used to do when he was a child. Jackie turned to glance at Matt and she was thankful for the two miracles. She never was able to have children so along with Brian she decided to adopt. Luckily Matt and Nathan hadn't been separated yet, but they expected it to happen eventually because Nathan was deaf. She didn't let that stop her from taking the two boys in and she never regretted any of it. Matt turned to her with a serious look on his face.

"If I were you I would get rid of him right after he finishes his food. I'm telling you right after he eats, he goes into nap mode."

Jackie slapped Matt's arm playfully. "I'm not going to get rid of either of you. No matter how stressed out you make me."

Nathan began to sign to his mom. What are you guys talking about? I can't hear you.

Jackie rolled her eyes at her son's humor. Nothing that concerns you, now eat your food and be happy.

Nathan shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat. Brian came up behind Jackie and hugged her. "If I would've known he was going to do something like that I would've given him a taste of my left hook."

Brian turned his attention to Nathan. So I heard you met a pretty woman yesterday.

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. That's for me to know and for you to never find out.

Brian glared at Nathan menacingly, but he received nothing except for a blank stare. Brian walked up to his son. So how does she look?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders again. Look dad I'm not telling you how she looks okay? Just know that you don't have to try and prostitute me anymore.

Brian threw back his head and laughed. I've never prostituted you; I just wanted you to find that special person.

Nathan grinned. Yeah by putting me on the corner.

Brian shook his head and ruffled Nathan's hair. Even thought the man was 33 he looked and acted more like a sex-starved 18 year old. Brian grabbed his wife's hand and ushered her out the door. "Well since you boys are taken care of I'm going to take your mother back home to...talk."

Matt shook his head and laughed, while Nathan made a disgusted look. He turned back to his brother. So have you set up the date yet?

Nathan shook his head. No I haven't, but I will. But I have to go over some papers and everything for the business.

Matt rolled his eyes and handed his brother the folder of documents. Matt played the part of the business owner, while Nathan sat at home and did the real work. Of course Matt didn't mind the infinite amount of meetings he had to go to because of the salary Nathan gave him.

Matt wrinkled his nose at Nathan. Are you going to cut that mop on your head before your date?

Nathan's eyes widened in surprise. Does it look bad?

Matt shrugged his shoulders. Not if you're going for that grunge look.

Nathan rolled his eyes. She liked my hair when she met me.

She didn't notice your hair because she was focused on how ugly and weird you look.

Nathan rolled his eyes and launched his spoon at Matt. Whatever asshole just set up an appointment or something.

Matt chuckled. Aye, aye captain.


Alexis rolled her eyes at Grace. "Okay Gracie I get it the man was drop dead gorgeous."

Grace blushed softly. "But you don't understand he's so gorgeous he makes me feel ugly."

Alexis laughed softly. "Please Gracie you're gorgeous as hell. Please tell me what man wouldn't want a caramel beauty on his arms?

Grace sighed. "Well I have freckles and I'm a little on the thick side, plus-"

"Grace Daniels you are going on a date with this man!"

Grace lowered her head in embarrassment as people at nearby tables looked at them. She had invited Alexis out to lunch, not to be lectured. "Lexis, but what if I do something stupid?"

Alexis growled. "Like what talk about how much you like to paint and how you're infatuated with a man's body?"

Grace bit her lip. "I don't know why okay? I'm sorry I like to draw nude pictures of people."

Alexis smiled. "Maybe if you get to second base you can ask him if he'll strip naked for you."

Grace giggled softly. "You're so bad Alexis. Now enough about me and on to you. Why haven't you found a man yet?"

Alexis flipped her hair. "Because there's no man that can handle me."

Grace smiled. "Yeah, you're right if I were a man I'd probably think twice."

Alexis smiled softly. "It's not easy being single and beautiful."

Grace shook her head. "I wasn't talking about being intimidated by your looks. The men would be too afraid to approach you because of your bodyguard."

Alexis rolled her eyes. "You mean Nigel, my American Eskimo?"

Grace shook her head. "No I mean Steven you're life size barbaric warrior."

Alexis laughed loudly and Grace joined in. "Maybe I should give into the big guy?"

Grace nodded in agreement. "It would help lower the amount of men whose mangled bodies crowd his yard."

Alexis smiled. "Yeah, yeah whatever. How about you finish eating so we can go shopping for your date?"

Grace shook her head. "He's probably forgotten about me."

Grace looked into her purse as her phone erupted into music announcing a text message. She flipped her phone and looked at the message.

Hey gorgeous it's Nathan. You know you're new lover? Anyway how about I have a car pick you up around six tonight for our date? We're going to a fancy restaurant so you can wear a dress or come naked. I prefer naked.

Grace laughed out loud as she read the last line of the message and texted Alexis's address to Nathan. Alexis reached over the table and took the phone out of her hand. After a few moments the two women began laughing again.

Alexis calmed down. "So about that date, what do you plan on wearing?"

Grace smiled seductively. "How about I just go naked?"

Alexis shook her head. "You have a hell of a man on your hands girl. He's a little too perfect if you ask me. He's sexy like you say, funny, and rich. What the hell is wrong with him?"

Grace shrugged her shoulders then thought back to when she first met him. Now that she thought about it he did seem kind of odd by talking with his fingers. Maybe he lost a bet or something?

Alexis watched as her friend got lost in thought. She snapped her fingers in front of Grace's face. "Grace I didn't mean to go and find something wrong with the man."

Grace looked to Alexis. "Alexis I know this is going to be a stupid question, but just hold on for a minute. If you see a person talking with their hands what do you assume about them?"

Alexis thought for a minute. "I would assume that the person is deaf...Oh my gosh he's deaf!"

Grace looked to Alexis. "I know what you're thinking Alexis, but I'm not going to stand the man up just because he's deaf."

Alexis rolled her eyes. "I would be disappointed if you did. I'm just thinking that we're going to get you something real sexy to wear tonight."


Nathan ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. He hated going over this damn paper work. He punched some numbers in the calculator and wrote down the sequence of numbers that appeared on the screen. He smiled softly as he looked at the budget. He turned to the copies the accountant had given him and saw that the numbers matched one another. All of a sudden a black paw appeared on the pile of papers in front of him. He smiled and looked into the green feline eyes. Edward was demanding when it came to attention. Nathan sat back in his chair and Edward jumped in his lap. He ran his fingers through the thick fur and chuckled soundlessly. His family had pestered him mercilessly for getting a cat instead of a dog, but he felt like he had a connection to the cat. They both moved quietly and they were both missing something in their lives. He looked down at Edward's lower half. The cat was missing his left hind quarter yet that didn't stop him. He glanced at the red light that was blinking on his desk signaling someone at the door. He rose up out of his chair and Edward followed closely behind.

Nathan walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. His brother was on the other side with another man holding a briefcase. Nathan opened the door and glared at his brother.

Do I really need a haircut?

Matt pushed his brother into the living room and sat him down on the couch. Yes you do now shut up and take it like a man.

Nathan crossed his arms and began to pout. Matt rolled his eyes. Mom's not here asshole so that's not going to work. Now I brought Antonio with me just in case you wanted a new suit.

Nathan looked at the watch on his arm and saw that it was one o'clock. I only have five hours to get ready. Who can make a suit in less than five hours?

Matt shrugged his shoulders. Antonio can now sit down and let the man cut your hair.

Nathan walked to the kitchen and saw that the barber was setting up. He sat down in the chair and then got back up. He ran his hand through his shoulder length hair. He walked over to Matt. I'm not cutting my hair I change my mind.

Matt glared at Nathan. Do I have to tie you down?

Nathan shook his head. No you don't, but I want her to see me before I make a change. I don't want her to think I'm desperate.

Matt slumped his shoulders in defeat. He signaled for the barber to leave and looked to his brother. Nathan had a worried look on his face as he scratched Edward's ear. Nathan don't worry. She'll love you man, really.

Nathan smiled weakly. Yeah, but will she love me because she pities me or because she likes my money?

Matt walked over to his brother. She'll love you because she loves you for who you are, even if you act immature everyday.

Nathan laughed soundlessly and walked into the living room. He had a date to get ready for.


Grace looked in the mirror and smiled softly. Damn she was looking good tonight. She had her hair falling down in waves to her shoulders. The dress had thin straps that fell in curves down her body. She turned around and looked at her exposed back. The black dress made her body glow and the gold shoes she'd bought compliment her outfit perfectly. Alexis rubbed some lip gloss over her lips.

Alexis stepped back to observe her work. "Well, well, well who knew you were a little sex kitten."

Grace smiled shyly. She did look sexy and beautiful. Alexis had powdered her face with a light base. She looked at her glossy lips and smiled. This man was going to be in for a surprise.

Alexis laughed softly. "So Ms. Grace what do you plan on doing tonight?"

Grace put her hands on her hips and posed. "Well I plan on making a man speechless tonight."

Alexis laughed out loud. "Well since he can't talk you won't need any help in that department. Just try not to make him go blind with all that beauty."

Grace laughed softly. The doorbell began to ring and Alexis walked to answer the door. Grace took a deep breath and ran her hands down her body. She walked to the door and saw a man in a uniform. He smiled when he saw her. "You must be the lady of the evening."

Grace nodded dumbly and walked to the door. She turned to Alexis. "Alexis let's make a bet. If this man wants a second date with me, then you have to give Steven a chance."

Alexis gave Grace a shocked look. "I don't know Grace what about-"

Grace cut her off. "No take a chance. I'm taking one and you need to take one too. Now are you in or out?"

Alexis chewed on her lip nervously. "I'm in."

Grace gave Alexis a hug before she walked out to the car with the driver. Alexis closed the door and sank to the floor. Maybe she should give Steven a chance; she went over to the phone and dialed the series of numbers. A man's husky voice answered the line.


Alexis bit her lip. After all these years the man's southern accent still made her weak. "Hey Steve."

Steven's husky laugh filled her senses. "Hey baby I've been thinking about you."

Alexis imagined the sight. He was probably in bed, naked, on his back. She licked her lips as she imagined all that glorious tan skin. "Oh I've been thinking about you too."

Steven sighed over the phone. "So how's my little chocolate bunny doing?"

Alexis felt tears sting her eyes. "I'm not doing so well right now."

She heard rustling on the other line and Steven's voice turned serious. "Do you need me baby? Fuck it I'll be over there in a minute."

Alexis calmed herself. "No really I'm okay my allergies are just acting up."

Steven growled over the phone. "Bullshit Alexis. We're going to have to stop playing this game. Give us a damn chance."

Alexis sighed softly, if only it were that easy.


Grace sat in the plush seat of the car and smiled. She looked into her purse and pulled out the notepad and pen she'd brought with her. The man didn't even know her name yet here she was going out to dinner with him. She looked at the list of basic questions that are usually asked on a date. They pulled up in front of the restaurant and Grace began to get nervous. She'd never been to any place this fancy before. She looked at the people walking into the restaurant and saw the way they led themselves with their noses. They walked around like they owned the world. She walked inside up to the Maitre'De. She panicked as she thought about it. She didn't know Nathan's last name. The Maitre'De looked at her haughtily.

His nasally voice brought everyone's attention. "May I help you ma'am."

Grace cleared her throat. "Yes...ummm...I'm looking for a man named Nathan?"

The Maitre'De looked at her with a bored look before he looked down at the list of names. "Ma'am we have many men named Nathan eating here tonight. Do you mind giving me a last name?"

Grace began to panic and she looked around her. The other people began to whisper and snicker. Before she could answer the man she felt a hand rest in the small of her back. Everyone seemed to hush and she turned to look at the owner of the hand. She sighed in relief as ocean eyes met her brown ones. Nathan grinned down at her and then turned to the Maitre'De. The man started apologizing to Nathan.

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't know that she was with you." The man turned to her. "I'm sorry ma'am I didn't know."

Grace smiled softly. "It's okay I understand. You were just doing your job."

The man smiled at her and led them to their table. The soft golden glow of the establishment made her smile. It was so romantic. The Maitre'De led to a table sitting outside on a balcony. In the middle of the table sat candles and on the side of the table stood a man.

The Maitre'De looked at her. "John will be your waiter for the evening. And once again I'm sorry for the delay in getting you seated. Please your appetizers are on the house."

Grace smiled at the man and walked to the table. Nathan was in front of her in an instant pulling the chair out for her. She smiled at him before she sat down. He went to the other side and sat. Grace sighed softly as she glanced at him. He was stuffed in a black suit with a crisp white shirt underneath. His long red hair fell around his face and into is gorgeous eyes.

Nathan glanced at Grace and smiled. She was even more beautiful from when he'd first met...or rather ran into her. He looked at the table and then looked to the double doors that cut them off from everyone else. He was about thirty seconds away from grabbing her, laying her out on the table, and then having his way with her. Grace smiled shyly and then slid a notepad over to his side of the table. He looked down at her writing. Even her writing was beautiful, with the curves and lines elegantly bleeding into one another.

You forgot to ask me my name.

He looked up at her and she was smiling at him shyly. He took out his pen. Well I was kind of preoccupied with your beauty so I didn't get the chance. So what is your name and how did you know my little secret?

Grace smiled softly at his compliment. The name is Grace Daniels and well I kind of assumed it when I thought about how you were using your hands. And by the way what did you expect to do for the entire date instead of talk?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. I was planning on nodding my head at everything you said. It seemed to work all those other times.

Grace threw her head back and laughed at Nathan. Nathan smiled dreamily and watched Grace. He wished he could here her laugh, her voice.

The waiter came over to them and turned to talk to Grace.

"What would you like to drink, ma'am?"

Grace looked to Nathan. "I'll have whatever he's having."

The waiter smiled and nodded his head in approval. "Very good ma'am. It's a white wine, the best in the restaurant."

Grace smiled at waiter. "Just how many times does he come here?"

The waiter looked to Nathan. Nathan made a so-so motion with his hand. He must've read her lips; she blushed as the thought crossed her mind.

The waiter chuckled softly. "He'll tell you every so often, but really he comes here almost three times a week."

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