tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 03

It's Time Ch. 03


Okay everyone here's chapter 3 and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Curious Virgin N.O.


Alexis watched in fear as the fist was raised over her head. He brought it down and connected it with her jaw. Alexis jerked violently and she felt the pain coarse through her veins. She held her cry in, fearing another blow if she made any noise. The man gave her a sick smile as he pulled her clothes off. He tore her top off and roughly fondled her breasts. Alexis lay stiff afraid to move in case he hit her again. The smell of alcohol and grime filled her nostrils as the man leaned down to her ear. His sour breath entered her mind.

"You dirty bitch, you think you can just walk around here and not do what the fuck I ask?"

Alexis felt tears enter her eyes and the man raised his hand and back-handed her. Alexis felt blood pool into her mouth and she began to sob uncontrollably. He grabbed her hair and turned her face towards his.

"I'll teach you slut. You're going to do what the fuck I ask you to do!"

The man viciously tore off her panties and shoved a finger deep inside her sex. He slowly slid his hand over her rounded belly and braced himself. He roughly shoved his cock deep inside her and began to pump in and out. Drool slid from the side of his mouth and his grunts filled the bedroom. He began to move faster and Alexis felt his body convulsing. He emptied his seed deep inside of her and fell on top of her body. Alexis tried to push him off, but it only resulted in him becoming angry again. He rose up and began to beat her. Alexis tried to roll herself into a ball, but it caused more anger to erupt within him. He began to kick her in her sides and punch her body roughly. He reared his leg back and came at her stomach…

Alexis woke up on a scream. She took a minute to take in her surroundings and found herself in her room. She let the emotions run through her and began to cry uncontrollably. She put her hand to her stomach and cried harder. She wrapped her arms around herself and took in the scent of the sweater she had on. She calmed instantly as Steven's scent invaded her senses. She looked to the clock and saw that it was four o'clock; two hours before she needed to be at work. She took a deep breath as she walked to the bathroom to wash off the pain and hurt she'd suffered for years.


Grace woke up and stretched slowly. She began to smile as she thought about her date with Nathan. The man was funny, sweet, and sexy as hell…he was perfection. Grace jumped out of bed and began to twirl around the room towards her blank canvas. She stood and looked at it trying to find the picture within. She tilted her head to one side and then to the other. She trailed her fingers over the rough cloth and began to trace invisible lines with her fingers. Knocking began to fill the room and Grace looked to the door. She walked to her dresser and slipped on a pair of shorts and walked to the door. She opened it up and began to laugh as she saw the visitor on the other side. Steven stood on the other side looking even sexier than before. His big body was stuffed inside of a pair of blue jeans and black sweater. His black hair fell into soft blue eyes. His face held a pair of deep dimples that never failed to make a woman fall to her knees. He pulled Grace into a bear hug and walked into her house. His southern voice filled her empty house.

"Well, well, well if it ain't Miss Gracie." He winked at her and Grace had to stop the butterflies in her stomach.

She shook her finger at him. "Now Steven don't try and win me over with your good looks and such. You're already taken by someone remember?"

Steven threw his head back and laughed. "Yeah I know that and if you don't mind could you tell a cowboy were his intended may be?"

Grace shook her head. "I don't know were Alexis is Steven and stop using that southern twang on me."

Steven gave her a lopsided grin. "I wish I could Gracie, but it comes with the southern charm. You should try a cowboy sometimes, we ain't that bad. Plus you could save a horse or two." Steven waggled his eyebrows at her.

Grace laughed loudly. "If you look around you'll see that Brooks and Dunn aren't here. And another thing how many times do I have to tell you that "ain't" isn't a word?"

Steven shrugged his thick shoulders. "I told you that you can tell me all you want to, but if the other people in the south are going to use it then I am too. Now do you think that Alexis could be at work?"

Grace tilted her head and looked at the clock. "As a matter of fact that is where she should be. But we can't have you going into her classroom and scaring the children."

Steven began to laugh. "Hey now those little darlin' children love me. Every time I go see her they all come runnin' and jumpin' on me."

Grace smiled at Steven. "That's because you're a walking jungle gym. What little kid wouldn't want to play with you?"

Steven gave her a hurt look. "Hey now I have feelings you know. Anyway I have a serious question for you. How come a good-lookin' guy like me can't attract a beautiful lady like Alexis?"

Grace looked at Steven. "Steven what in the hell are you talking about?"

Steven rolled his eyes. "Well every time I try to see Alexis she doesn't want to be around me at all. She doesn't even want to see me and trust me that just makes me want her more. Doesn't she know that I'm as stubborn and tough as a bull in a rodeo when it comes to relationships?"

Grace looked at Steven confused. "Steven what are you talking about a bull in a…never mind I don't have the time to figure out your little sayings. It's not that she doesn't want to be around you it's just that she's afraid to take a chance."

Steven shook his head. "Well she should be afraid considering I'm willing to do whatever to get her to be with me." Steven looked at Grace with sincerity. "Grace for me do you think you could get her to come out of that damn shell of hers?"

Grace began to bite her lip. It was hard saying no to Steven especially considering his cowboy status. "Steven I'll give it a shot, but I can't promise anything."

Steven leaned down and gave grace a tight hug. "And that's all I can ask from you. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go visit some friends of mine."

Grace rolled her eyes. "Steven don't try and kidnap her from her classroom and don't distract the kids either."

Steven began to smile. "Alright whatever you say Miss Gracie."

Grace rolled her eyes as he exaggerated his southern accent. "Bye Steven."

He laughed as he walked out of the house. She walked back over to her canvas and picked up her drawing pencil. She slowly began to form the lines that were flowing through her mind, but all she could really think about was Nathan the Bangman.


Nathan ran his hands through his hair as frustration bubbled through his veins. He looked down at the black and red squares on the board as he debated his next move. He looked up and saw his opponent Christian staring at him with an innocent expression. Nathan narrowed his eyes slightly and Christian mirrored his expression. Nathan looked down at the row of kings in front of Christian. Nathan looked down to find on one king sitting in front of him. He moved his lonely king forward and Christian moved one of his in the opposite direction. Nathan cursed in his head as he made another move, while Christian moved a different king. Nathan watched in amazement as his last king became trapped by Christian. He sunk his head in defeat as Christian began to jump and down in victory. The other kids came and congratulated Christian and Nathan smiled softly. Christian began to move his hands in front of his face.

Good game Nathan maybe next time you can beat me.

Nathan began to laugh at the kid's cheekiness. Yeah, yeah Christian I let you win that game.

Christian smiled and then ran off with the other kids to play in the playground. An older blond woman came up next to Nathan and began to sign to him.

Nathan thank you for coming to sit with the children. They really appreciate it when you come to see them.

Nathan smiled at the woman. It's no problem Mrs. Jackson. I love coming to play with the kids and trust me next time I will beat Christian at checkers. He thinks he's the checkers king, but not for long.

The woman laughed softly and Nathan waved good-bye to the woman and all the children. He'd been going to visit the deaf children for about two years and every second had been worth it. He loved going to see the children and they loved knowing that someone older than them was facing the same obstacle they were facing. Nathan smiled softly as he saw his brother pull up to the curb. Matt rolled his eyes as Nathan got into the car with a sad face.

You let Christian beat you again?

Nathan tried to fight the smile forming on his lips, but it betrayed him. Matt shook his head and smiled at Nathan. You let him win don't you?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. Well I don't want to show him my true skills or else he'd stay up all night just so he could figure out new ways to beat me.

Matt shook his head. So what are we doing today brother?

Nathan rolled his eyes. Well first off I want to know how business was today and then we can go eat.

Matt looked at his brother with a bored look. Business is good as usual and stop calling it "business" like you're a mob boss or something.

Nathan smiled softly. What makes you think I'm not a mob boss?

Well first off you need to hear when someone is coming after you.

Nathan shook his head. No you don't especially when you're specifically trained in karate, jujitsu, tae-kwon do, and all that other stuff. I feel the vibrations of my opponents when they come to attack me.

Matt rolled his eyes and laughed at his brother. Nathan I swear you're a weird ass person. Now what do you want to eat?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. I don't care you choose.

Matt smiled at his brother. I'm taking the date last night went well?

Nathan began to blush softly and Matt began to laugh again. I'll take that as a yes. So did you give your virginity up last night?

Nathan looked at his brother incredulously. What is wrong with you and dad? You guys are more concerned with me giving it up than falling in love.

Matt rolled his eyes. We just want to be sure that everything works down there. It will be your first time when it does happen.

Nathan rolled his eyes. She has the softest lips. I didn't know that you could feel something that powerful when you kissed a woman. She's just perfect.

Matt smiled. Nathan that's what happens when you fall in love. You two are perfect for each other.

Nathan smiled as he watched the cars and buildings pass by. She's more than perfect. She's mine.


Alexis stood at the head of the classroom and she looked down at her little kindergarteners. They all looked up at her with big innocent eyes as she read them a story. She turned the page and held up the colorful Dr. Seuss book for all of them to see.

She talked in her best animated voice. "Would you like them here or there?"

She smiled as the kids all piped in. "I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am!"

Alexis smiled at her children and a bell rang in the distance. She put the book away and stood up. "Okay children it's recess time now let's get in a single file line."

The children got up in a group and ran to find a place in the line. Their bodies became restless as the thought of playing and running outside for fifteen minutes took over their minds. She walked them outside to the secluded playground and watched as they ran to the various contraptions. Alexis smiled softly as she yelled out to her children.

"Be careful and keep your hands to yourself!"

They all responded back to her. "Okay Miss Jacobs!"

Alexis smiled and watched as the children played with one another. A sigh escaped her lips as she thought about the child that never got a chance to see the world, to feel the rays of the sun cascade over their face. Her fellow colleague, Melissa, walked up to her.

"Are you okay Alexis?"

Alexis nodded her head. "Yes I'm fine. So how are you and your classes doing?"

Melissa sighed. "Let's just say that all the teachers wished they had your classes."

Alexis laughed softly. "Well we all can't have good luck."

They shared a laugh and Melissa stopped abruptly. "Well, well, well why don't those little surprises come around more often? Too bad I'm married."

Alexis looked to see what Melissa was talking about and she caught her breath. Steven was striding towards the school and he was better looking than last time. His heavy body was graceful as he walked towards the playground. All the children stopped playing and came to attack him. He took it in stride and began to swing the kids that clung to his legs and arms. Alexis laughed softly at the sight of a walking playground. Steven waddled towards her while the kids dangled from his body. He stopped in front of her and smiled at her. She took in his scent and almost fell to the ground. He leaned down and pecked her cheek with his lips.

Melissa broke the silence between them. "Well it looks like you've been attacked Steven."

Steven smiled at Melissa. "They attacked me so fast that I couldn't defend myself. I tried to fight them off, but they're quicker than a jack rabbit running from a cheetah."

The children laughed loudly at Steven. They all jumped off his body and began bouncing up and down. "Steven will you come play on the monkey bars-"

"Please Mr. Steven come slide down the slide with us-"

"No Mr. Steven said he was going to help us play freeze tag-"

Steven threw his head back and laughed as the children fought over him. "I'm sorry children, but this visit is for Miss Alexis."

The kids began to protest and Melissa walked them all back to the playground. Steven gave Alexis a lopsided grin. "You thought you had gotten rid of me, didn't you?"

Alexis smiled shyly. "I wasn't trying to get rid of you, it's just that you deserve better."

Steven took Alexis's chin in his hands. "Now why would you say something like that?"

Alexis shrugged her shoulders and held back the tears that threatened to pour from her eyes. "Because it's true and you deserve so much better than what you're going to get from me."

Steven leaned in and softly rubbed his lips against hers. "You're lucky we're surrounded by witnesses or else I would take you over my knee and wear your hide out. Now I never want to hear you say shit like that again. You understand me?"

Alexis nodded her head and smiled softly. "There's no cussing in school Mr. Williams."

Steven smiled seductively. "Well maybe you have to give me detention Miss Jacobs."

Alexis laughed. "Stop using that country twang of yours."

Steven rolled his eyes. "How many times do I have to tell you that I can't stop?"

Alexis smiled and looked to the door when a bell rang. Her kids ran up to her and immediately lined up. She turned back to Steven. "I have to go now, but I'll be done around 4 o'clock today."

Steven smiled softly. "I'll come by your house and help you "grade papers"."

Alexis laughed softly. "Bye Steven."

He winked at her. "Bye Alexis." He turned to the children. "Bye kids and I promise next time I come by I'll play with all of you."

The children smiled at him as they said good-bye and Alexis walked the children back into the school. Steven walked back to his truck and he thought about Alexis. She was so beautiful with her hair piled on top of her head in a bun. A few dark curls framed face. Her mocha body had been covered with a modest white dress shirt and a black skirt. But it only caused him to fantasize about all the things he wanted to do to her. Hell why didn't they have teachers like her when he was going to school? He got inside his truck and looked down at the massive erection he was sporting. He needed to get home and take care of his little friend before he returned back to work. He smiled softly, Alexis may not know it yet, but she was already his.


Nathan paced around his house with Edward following closely behind. He looked down at the graceful feline and was greeted by bright green eyes. Edward slowly rubbed up against Nathan's leg. Nathan smiled and bent down to pick up the creature. He felt the vibrations of Edward's purr and Nathan rolled his eyes. The cat was always using his skills to get attention. He carried the animal to the kitchen and filled the food bowl with cat food. He felt his phone vibrate in his jeans. He reached in and pulled out his phone. A smile spread out across his face as he read the message.

Hey Mr. Bangman are you ready to show me your skills?

Nathan smiled broadly and typed a reply. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

He waited a moment as another message appeared. I'll think about it. Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner.

I'm sorry, but I'm kind of busy tonight.

A reply came a short while later. Okay well maybe another time.

Nathan shook his head as he typed. Well considering you're coming over to my house tonight there is no way you can make dinner for us. I'll send a car to pick you up, okay?


Nathan smiled to himself as he thought about tonight. He picked up the phone book and looked up an expensive Italian restaurant. He texted his brother an order and the time it needed to be delivered. Nathan ran upstairs to get ready for tonight. It was time to take a step.


Grace looked over at Alexis. "Lexy Steven loves you. You need to give the man a chance."

Alexis shook her head and looked into the cup of cocoa that sat between her hands. "Gracie you don't know how badly I want to give him a chance. It's just that…it's hard considering everything I went through with Terrence."

Grace turned to Alexis with sad eyes. "I know it's hard, but Alexis you can't let him rule your life. That man is were he deserves to be because of what he did to you and your child."

Alexis felt tears pool in her eyes. "I can't go through something like that again. It's so hard trying to live life after that."

Grace shook her head. "I understand you need to take your time, but it's been three years Alexis. You're 26 now and you're not going to get any younger. Don't let the past rule your future."

Alexis took a shaky breath and looked at Grace. "He is pretty hot, huh?"

Grace smiled softly. "Please girl if I wasn't occupied with Nathan, I'd be gunning for Steven."

They both laughed together and Alexis nodded her head. "You know what you're right. I need to get back out in the world. Maybe tomorrow we can go shopping and I can buy something sexy for Steven."

Grace laughed. "I said you need to take a chance with the man, not give him a reason to go crazy over you."

Alexis laughed softly. "So how are things with you and Nathan?"

Grace smiled dreamily. "I've only known the man for a couple of days and I think I'm already in love with him. Our date last night was incredible. He's so funny and sweet…"

Alexis arched her brow at Grace. "Sweetie you are in love with the man. Anyone can see that. Every time you talk about him you just can't stop smiling and you start glowing."

Grace gave Alexis a confused look. "Glowing?"

Alexis gave Grace a bored look. "Yeah glowing."

Grace rolled her eyes. "Please I could say the same thing about you and Steven. And by the way when are you going to tell him?"

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