tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 04

It's Time Ch. 04


Damn this one was a hard one to write, but I finally finished it. I'm sorry it took so long for it to come out, but I didn't want my dark side to come into the story, lol. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.


Five months later…

Nathan ran a frustrated hand through his hair. His body was on pins and needles and he was one second away from jumping over the table and attacking the speech therapist. They were both drained physically and emotionally. Matt sat next to Nathan and looked at his brother with pity. He hated that his brother had to go through this. The therapist gave Nathan a weak smile and signaled that the session was over. Nathan threw his chair back and walked out of the room slamming the door. Matt turned to the therapist.

"Mrs. Green is he getting…better?"

Mrs. Green smiled weakly. "Yes he is getting better, but it's not going to be easy. He's improved greatly and I expect that his speech after his surgery will be a success."

Matt smiled. "I don't think he wants to come back to tell you the truth. I think he'd rather forget about the surgery."

Mrs. Green laughed softly. "He just needs more practice and he needs people to work with him on this. He can't do it alone."

Matt nodded his head and rose out of his chair. "I guess we'll see you again next time."

Matt walked out of the therapist's office and towards his car. He wanted to break down and scream for his brother. He couldn't imagine going through all the stress that his brother was going through. He got inside the car and looked at Nathan.

Are you okay?

Nathan turned to him sadly. Yeah I'm fine, but I guess I can say good-bye to Grace. She's doesn't want someone who's struggling like me. She deserves someone better than this.

Matt looked at Nathan angrily. Nathan you are the best she can get. She loves you why can't you see that? You've lasted this long what makes you think she's going to leave you now?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. Matt leaned over and pulled his brother into a hug. Even though his brother couldn't hear him he whispered in his ear anyway.

"We'll get through this Nathan. I promise you."


Alexis looked at Grace. "What are you doing with your hands, girl?"

Grace smiled. "I'm doing sign language. How am I doing?"

Grace began to move her hands intricately. Alexis shrugged her shoulders. "I have no idea how about you ask Nathan how you're doing."

Grace laughed. "I know you don't understand ASL. It's so fun to learn you should try it. Anyway I think I'm a pro at it now."

Alexis shook her head. "Please you won't know if you're a pro unless Nathan can understand you."

"You're just mad because you didn't find Nathan first. I understand you're jealous that you only have a cowboy."

Alexis gave Grace a bored look. "Grace why don't you take your happy fairy tale ass somewhere else."

Grace smiled and walked over to Alexis. "So how are you and Steven doing?"

Alexis bit her lip. "Good I guess it's like we're friends."

Grace gave Alexis a worried look. "What's up Alexis?"

Alexis sighed softly. "I'm scared that he'll leave me if I tell him."

Grace walked over and pulled Alexis into a hug. "Lexy the man is in love with you. If anything he'll probably go to the prison to try and kill Terrence for what he did to you."

Alexis laughed. "Yeah only a cowboy would do something that crazy."

Grace smiled. "No only a man that in love with someone would do something that crazy. Now is my sign language really that bad?"

Alexis glared at Grace. "Grace I don't even know ASL you crazy fool. How do I know if you're doing it right?"

Grace snickered. "Now I have to go visit Nathan, but he might want me to do other things with my hands."

The two women laughed together. The doorbell rang and Grace walked to open the door. She smiled at the sight on the other side.

"Hey Matt how are you doing?"

Matt walked into the house and smiled at Grace. Grace frowned as she noticed the stress lines that marred his beautiful face. She began to panic. "Is Nathan okay?"

Matt nodded his head in reassurance. "Yes Nathan is fine it's just that his therapy is becoming more difficult."

Grace led Matt to a chair and walked to the kitchen to grab him a beer. "I think you might need this."

Matt laughed softly. "I wish he didn't have to go through this. Hell I have my problems, but his are worse."

Grace gave Matt a confused look. "What kind of problems could you have?"

Matt sighed. "Well for the record I have twin boys who are a major handful."

"I bet they're cute just like you."

Matt grinned. "Grace you can't have me you already belong to Nathan. And yes they're too good-looking to take outside the house."

"Your wife is a lucky woman."

Matt shook his head. "She was a lucky woman. She died a couple of years ago in an accident."

Grace covered her mouth. "Matt I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to-"

Matt shook his head. "No it's okay you didn't know. Besides they have a fantastic grandmother and hopefully they'll have the best aunt."

Grace blushed softly. "Matt you're so sweet."

"Yeah I know, but I came to talk to you about Nathan. His surgery is coming up fast and well he's more stressed than usual. He's been going to a speech therapist to help, but considering he can't hear himself pronounce words…it's kind of difficult."

Grace nodded her head. "So you need someone to help along with the therapy?"

"Exactly, but I don't want to make you feel as if you have to."

Grace smiled. "Well I can help him with his speech and he can help me with my ASL."

Matt arched his eyebrows. "You've been learning ASL?"

Grace smiled and began to sign for Matt. I'm in love with Nathan.

Matt's brow creased in confusion and then he smiled in understanding. "Well everyone knows you love Nathan. Can you read it too?"

Grace shrugged her shoulders. "I was a very good student while taking the classes."

Matt began to sign. Can you meet him tonight?

Grace looked at Matt as is he said he was the king of the world. "What?"

"Mmmm just what I expected. You're good at ASL, but it's just like any other language. You can learn it, but it's different from actually knowing it. ASL is a language unto itself, but don't worry you'll get it."

Grace sighed. "I thought I was going to be able to talk to Nathan the way you do."

Matt laughed. "You will be able to, but you'll be confused because of the way you read it. You'll read it as words, but he's actually signing in pictures. I know it sounds weird, but he's not talking to you like we're doing right now. He's describing the sentence to you like a picture."

"Oh I get it. Well at least I have an excuse to see him all the time."

Matt smiled. "So will you be able to meet him tonight?"

"Yes that's fine I'll meet him tonight."

Matt rose off the couch to walk out the door, but Grace stopped him. "Matt you're a wonderful man and I know that one day you'll find that woman to take care of you and your wonderful boys. When do I get to meet them by the way?"

Matt laughed. "Trust me once they see you, you won't be able to leave the house. They never let beautiful women leave the house."

Grace smiled. "Thank you Matt, now go and check on my man."

Matt walked out the house with a smile on his face. Grace watched as he walked to the car and left. Alexis came from the kitchen.

"Who was that?"

Grace looked toward Alexis. "That was Matt, Nathan's brother. Now don't try and detour me away from Steven. You're going to tell him and you're going to let him bury you into the mattress."

Alexis rolled her eyes at Grace. "Is that all you ever think about is sex?"

"No I'm trying to get you and Steven to understand one another."

Alexis stuck her tongue out at Grace. "How about I think about it and come up with a decision tomorrow?"

Grace shrugged her shoulders. "I guess, but I may be spending the night over Nathan's." Grace waggled her eyebrows while Alexis laughed. Alexis walked out the door and Grace sighed softly. One way or another Alexis was going to have to give in to Steven.


Steven walked through the heavily perfumed store trying to keep his minds off the various positions he was imagining Alexis in. This stop was one of many he expected to make before he claimed Alexis as his woman and she would be his. He looked at the different colors of barely there material that decorated the store. A small blond woman walked up to him licking her lips.

"Can I help you sir?"

Steven smiled politely. "No thank you I'm fine."

The woman smiled as she walked away taking in an eye full of his ass. Steven shook his head and walked directly to a mannequin that showed a woman wearing a dark emerald lace thong and an emerald lace bra. Steven smiled and bit his lip as he imagined taking this off of Alexis's chocolate body. He walked over to the wall that held the set and reached up to grab a bra and panty. He looked down at the size and shrugged his shoulders. He knew her size, but he wanted her busting out of the material when he came home. He got a size smaller and walked up to the cash register to check out. After being molested by the eyes of the female workers in the store he walked out of Victoria's Secret and out the mall towards his car. He picked up his list and checked of lingerie. He looked down at the rest of his list. He needed some steaks, wine, heels for Alexis, jewelry, and the most important thing…a vibrator.


Nathan looked at the TV and watched as Spongebob and Patrick bothered their favorite neighbor Squidward. He sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair. He couldn't understand why it was so hard to learn how to speak; he didn't even want to go through with the surgery. He grabbed the remote and walked to the mirror that sat on the wall. He licked his lips and took a deep breath. His mouth began to form letters and he tried to pronounce his name. He felt the vibrations in his throat, but from what he saw in the mirror it looked more like he had a lisp instead of him talking. He growled and his face became red with frustration and anger. He watched as Edward padded to the door and began to rub against the wood. He walked to the door ready to beat up his brother when he saw his beautiful Grace. She smiled at him and he felt as if he was surrounded by angels. He grabbed her and pulled her into his arms squeezing her tightly.

Grace held onto Nathan's shoulders as he squeezed her and she began to squeeze his neck. He carried her into the house and sat down on the chair with her in his lap. She looked to the TV and smiled. She turned to arch her eyebrow at Nathan and he shrugged his shoulders. He turned to reach for the notepad, but she shook her head. She took a deep breath as she prepared to sign for him.

How are you today?

Nathan blinked a few times before he smiled softly. He grabbed Grace and pulled her head down for a deep kiss. Her soft lips pressed against his and he felt her moan. His cock became instantly erect. Grace looked down and laughed lightly while Nathan blushed softly. She watched as he began to sign. Nathan smiled as Grace narrowed her eyes and focused on his fingers.

I'm doing good and you? By the way when did you learn ASL?

Grace mouthed the words as Nathan signed them and Nathan had to resist bringing her mouth to his once more. Grace looked at Nathan in confusion and Nathan grinned at her. He grabbed the notepad and wrote his question down. Grace began to sign to him again.

I learned it about four months ago. I'm still earning though.

Nathan lost his heart to Grace then and there. He'd never met a woman determined to make a relationship with him work. He grabbed her hands and placed them over his heart. She smiled and leaned down to peck him on the lips. She pulled her hands away to sign to him again.

So your brother told me that you need some help and I need some help too.

Nathan arched his brow. Grace bit her lip. I'll help you with your speech and you help me with sign language.

Nathan put his hand to his chin. He looked at Grace like a villain and began to twirl his invisible handlebar mustache as he thought of an idea. He'd help her alright, but he wasn't going to tell her how. He nodded his head and agreed to help her. He grabbed the notepad.

First you help me with my speech and then I'll help you, but I need some motivation. Maybe every time I get something right you take off some clothing.

Grace rolled her eyes at his typical male behavior. She shook her head and took the notepad from him. No how about I give you a kiss instead?

Nathan sighed heavily and gave her his best puppy look. Grace laughed as Nathan sulked like a child. She shook her finger at him and rose off his lap. She sat next to him and had him face her. She began to write on the notepad.

So how do we do this?

Nathan looked at the notepad and scratched his head. He signed to her. What?

Grace rolled her eyes and began to sign back. So I have to sign to you?

Nathan nodded his head and signed slowly. It will give you practice and it will be easier if you want to get better.

Grace sighed. Fine then now what do we start with?

Well first I want to learn my name.

Grace nodded her head and brought his hand to her throat. She took a deep breath and said his name. "Nay-than."

Nathan took a deep breath as Grace put his hand to his throat. "Na-tan."

Grace smiled as he blushed. He didn't really sound as bad as he thought he did. She shook her head and pronounced his name again. "Nay-than."

Nathan ran his fingers through his hair. "Nay-than."

Grace smiled softly and pecked Nathan on the lips. He smiled at her and watched as she began to sign.

Now my name.

Nathan nodded his head and watched as her mouth formed her name. Grace looked at Nathan. "Grace."


Grace laughed happily and gave Nathan another kiss. Now what do you want to learn?

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. How about I love you?

Grace felt her heart stop as Nathan gazed at her deeply. She smiled. "I love you."

Nathan shook his head. "Grraacce I lo-love you."

Grace bit her lip and smiled at Nathan. His speech may not sound like hers, but he shouldn't be ashamed. It was good enough for her to understand and that's all that mattered. Nathan smiled at her and took her hand.

Can we practice signing later?

Grace looked at him in confusion. Sure, but why?

Nathan looked at her like she was a steak. Oh nothing I just have some things I need help with…in the bedroom.

Grace laughed as he carried her upstairs to the bedroom.


Matt walked into his home and watched as his 8-year old sons tackled him to the ground. Their laughter filled the air as they asked him questions.

"Dad can we go play-"

"No dad you said you would help me research dinosaurs-"

"Dinosaurs suck-"

"Football sucks-"

"No it doesn't nobody wants to look at dinosaurs-"

"I want to look at dinosaurs and football makes no sense-"

"You make no sense-"

Matt rolled his eyes. "Okay you two cut it out. Now were you good for grandma?" His sons nodded their heads and Matt watched as his mother came from the kitchen smiling at him.

"Well, well, well if it isn't my son. I thought you were going to go somewhere tonight instead of coming back home to the terrible twosome."

Matt shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't leave his boys alone no matter what they did. Yeah they were a pain in the ass all the time, but they were all he had left of their mother and he'd be damned if he leave them alone. They were as close as he could get to Heather. He smiled as he thought about her blond hair and hazel eyes, the same appearance their boys had. Matt's mother walked up to him and pulled him into a hug.

"You have to let her go honey. She's trying to tell you to let go, its okay."

Matt bit his lip and held back the flood of tears that threatened to escape from his body. He nodded his head and grabbed his boys into a tight hug. They began to protest loudly.

"Dad put us down you said you would stop doing this. Dad okay we don't need to play football."

Matt laughed as his sons protested. He set them down on the floor and watched as Tyler and Gregory ran to their rooms. Gregory's stubborn voice was heard at the head of the stairs.

"C'mon Tyler I'd rather look at dinosaurs instead of get smothered by dad."

Matt's mother shook her head. "Those boys remind me so much of you and Nathan except that you were the bookworm while Nathan was the stubborn one."

Matt smiled. "So were they good?"

Jackie nodded her head. "Yes and Gregory even allowed me to have a little nap. Of course you know that Tyler was good."

Matt nodded. "Well I guess I'll let you go mother. I'm going to go play football with my boys and then I'm going to teach them about dinosaurs it looks like."

Jackie walked up to her son and kissed him on the cheek. "Sweetheart you really need to find you someone. Those boys need a woman in their lives, but you need one more than they do."

Matt smiled down at his mother. "I know, but I'm too afraid that Greg will scare her off. I love you mama."

Jackie squeezed her son as tightly as she could and he laughed heartily. She looked at him. "Don't think that just because you're big and muscular means that you can just do whatever."

Matt grinned. "Yes ma'am now don't you think that Brian is calling for you?"

Jackie grinned slyly. "Of course he's calling me. He said that he needed help checking the back seat of the car for lint."

Matt rolled his eyes. "You two are too old to be doing that, especially in the backseat of a car."

Jackie grinned at her son. "Hey what you don't know doesn't hurt you."

Matt scrunched his face up. "Ewww I don't even want to know."

Jackie smiled. "Goodnight Matt I love you."

Matt grinned. "Yeah I know and tell my balding father that I love him as well."

Jackie shook her head as she walked out of the house. Matt walked upstairs to his sons' room and watched as they sat on the floor playing with the Hot Wheels car set he'd bought for them last week. They looked up and their faces lit up with excitement. He held his hand up to silence them before they spoke.

"Okay here's the deal. I play football with both of you and then we go research dinosaurs together."

The boys frowned softly. Gregory looked at his father. "But dad we know you're tired."

Matt smiled. "I'm not that tired."

Tyler looked at his father. "I can wait to do the dinosaur stuff tomorrow, but you have to take me to the museum."

Greg looked at Tyler. "They have a museum of dinosaurs?!"

Tyler rolled his eyes. "Yes Greg they do it's just bones of the dinosaurs but-"

Greg turned to his father. "Can we go to the dinosaur museum tomorrow?"

Matt laughed softly at his boys. Leave it to them to compromise with each other. "Yes we can go there tomorrow, but what do we do tonight?"

Tyler spoke up surprising his father with his suggestion. "Let's play some football and after that let's watch some football."

Matt laughed as they grabbed the ball and ran downstairs yelling out random numbers. He shivered as he felt a presence behind him. He turned around to find an empty space, but he knew who it was. Maybe he needed to take a chance and find someone to replace the void in his heart.


Alexis frowned as she saw the beautifully wrapped package sitting on her doorstep. She looked at the card on top and rolled her eyes. Steven was ridiculous. She picked up the gift and carried it inside. She opened the card and began to read the note.

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