tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 05

It's Time Ch. 05


Finally I have the next chapter out and I hope everyone enjoys it. I hope it's worth the wait and I'll try to get the next chapter out ASAP. I don't mean to keep you guys on the edge…

Curious Virgin N.O.


Steven groaned softly as he was pulled from the best dream in his life. Of course it was about Alexis…on her back…begging him for mercy and then all of a sudden, just when he was getting to the best part, he woke up. He frowned and then smiled softly as he felt the pleasure in his cock. Damn maybe he could go back to the dream after all considering he was still hot and bothered. The ache in his cock became more real and he could feel someone grinding on top of him. He arched his back and ran his hands along soft, silky thighs. He opened one eye and then the other. He laughed at the sight that greeted him. Alexis looked down at him with a pout.

"I don't see anything funny about this cowboy."

Steven gave her a lop-sided grin. "Alexis I didn't know you took cowboys against their will in their sleep."

Alexis blushed softly and grinned. "Only certain ones."

"Well continue on I don't want to stop you from doing your job."

Alexis slapped Steven's arm playfully. "It's time to get up and you owe me breakfast for denying me last night."

Steven rose up on his elbows. "Well considering I'm already up and I don't cook."

Alexis looked at him in shock. "You're a cowboy and you don't know how to cook?!"

"I've never met a cowboy that knows how to cook."

Alexis scoffed. "So what about in those movies when you guys are cooking beans?"

Steven threw his head back and laughed loudly. He grabbed Alexis and rubbed his scratchy face over her neck. Alexis squealed in protest and giggled softly. Steven growled softly at her.

"Woman I should wear your hide out for that."

Alexis rubbed her hand over his beard. "You need to shave that off. Do you need me to go find one of those old-time razors or can you use a Gillette Razor?"

Steven began his assault again ringing out another round of giggles from Alexis. He looked at her with love in his eyes. He smiled softly as he saw the same emotions reflected in her chocolate brown depths.

"You better be lucky I love you woman."

"You better be lucky that I love you cowboy."

Steven shook his head. "Woman you need a good lesson about that mouth of yours."

Alexis bit her lip. "I'd love for you to give me some lessons."

Steven groaned and picked Alexis up. "Come on wench we need to go cool you off and clean that mouth of yours."

Alexis laughed softly and held onto Steven as he carried her to bathroom. "I don't think a man like you is allowed in my bathroom. You're too unpredictable."

Steven grinned down at her. "That's how I like to be known."


Nathan felt a heavy weight on top of his body shift. He frowned as he tried to think what could be lying on top of him. He tried to think it was Edward, but the cat wasn't this heavy. He smiled softly as he remembered last night. He opened his eyes to see Grace rising up off his chest and stretching slowly. She planted her hands on his chest and arched her back as she stretched. She looked down into his eyes and smiled softly.

Hey big guy you look like you had a rough night, She signed.

Nathan smiled softly. Well I did play hide and seek with a little sex kitten.

Grace blushed and laughed softly. Well you weren't a calm creature yourself.

Nathan shrugged and gripped her hips. He massaged her ass and watched as Grace bit her lip and closed her eyes. She began to grind on top of his cock and Nathan had to stop himself from turning her over and taking her again. He rose up off the bed and grabbed her face for a kiss. He nibbled on her lip softly and looked deeply into her eyes. He grabbed her hands and kissed each finger. Grace smiled softly and pushed Nathan onto his back. Nathan watched as she trailed down his body with soft kisses. Nathan's eyes widened in shock and Grace burst out laughing. Nathan began to laugh with her as he tried to imagine what his face must've looked like. He pounced on top of her and began to growl into her neck. Grace laughed and moved from underneath him to grab a pillow. She began to assault him with her weapon and Nathan curled into a ball trying to avoid the soft slaps on the pillow. He tried to grab Grace around the waist, but she quickly jumped off the bed and began to run across the room. Nathan jumped off the bed and tried to block her, but she was too quick for him. All of a sudden she froze in her tracks and used the pillow to block her body. Nathan turned around and saw his brother standing in the doorway trying to hold back his laughter. Nathan glared at his brother, but it only caused his brother to burst into laughter. He turned to see Grace run into the bathroom. Matt fell to the floor as laughter racked his body. Nathan walked over and pulled Matt off the floor. Matt composed himself slowly as he took in Nathan's appearance.

Well Nathan how about you put some clothes on?

Nathan looked down at himself and blushed. We were in the middle of something.

Matt smiled softly. I'm happy for you, but I wanted to ask you for a big favor if you don't mind.

Nathan frowned. What's the favor?

Well I kind of promised the boys I'd take them to the museum today, but something came up.

Nathan smiled. Of course I'll turn my nephews against you. That's the best part of seeing them.

Matt laughed softly. Well go get dressed and I'm going to go apologize to Grace.

That better be all you do.

Matt shook his head as he walked to the bathroom door. He knocked softly and smiled when a quiet "Hello" answered his knocking.

"Grace I'm sorry about walking in and trust me I wasn't laughing at you."

"I know I was just embarrassed."

Matt laughed softly. "Well I just wanted to apologize and tell you that you might have a couple of visitors today."


"My sons, but I have to warn you they won't let you go once they meet you."

He heard Grace laugh. "Well if they're anything like you and Nathan I'm prepared for the worst."

Matt grinned. "I hope you don't mind it's just that something came up today."

"I'd love to meet your boys."

Matt smiled. "Well I'll be back in an hour…oh and one more thing Grace?"


"Next time you attack my brother make sure you dress him afterwards."

Grace laughed softly and Matt turned to find his brother grinning at him. He shook his head and laughed softly. Finally his brother had found his savior.


Jackie stood in her living room looking through the glass doors that led to the backyard. She sighed softly as she thought about Matt. The man was too stubborn for his own good, but it was mostly thanks to his father. Jackie turned around as she saw her husband come up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

"What's the thinking face for?"

Jackie smiled. "Nothing Brian."

Brian nuzzled her neck. "I don't believe that Jack."

Jackie scrunched up her nose. "I hate when you call me that."

"I hate when you don't tell me what's wrong."

Jackie turned around and pulled Brian into her arms. "Do you know how thankful I am for you?"

Brian grabbed Jackie's face and looked into her eyes deeply. "What is it baby? Are you sick?"

Jackie shook her head and tried to hold back the tears, but they started to flow. Brian pulled her over to the couch and pulled her into his lap. He rubbed her back as she sobbed into his neck.

"Jackie you have to tell me what's wrong. I don't know how to help you if you don't tell me what's bothering you."

Jackie shook her head. "It's Matt."

Brian felt his heart drop. "Is he okay?"

"No he's not, but he won't admit it."

"Please tell me he's not sick."

"He's not sick, but I don't know if he has the will to live."

Brian shook his head. "Jackie our son isn't going to do something ridiculous he has two boys that love him to death. He isn't that crazy."

Jackie wiped her tears away. "I know, but after Heather he hasn't been the same and now he's going to lose his brother-"

Brian put his finger to Jackie's lips. "He's not losing a brother, he's gaining a sister. Grace won't allow anything to separate those two."

Jackie nodded in agreement. "I just wish there was something we could do."

Brian smiled. "You worry too much sweetheart. Men like to figure things out by themselves. We don't need help because in the end we won't learn our lesson."

Jackie laughed softly. "Well I've tried that before, but you keep leaving the seat up in the bathroom."

"That's a different lesson."

Jackie giggled. "I'm just worried about him. He seems so sad, but when he sees his sons he can't stand to see them leave."

Brian smiled. "Well you don't have to worry about him being alone for too long with those little rugrats hanging around."

"Why do you say that?"

Brian grinned. "Well they are the best matchmakers this side of town."


Nathan smiled dreamily as Grace danced to her new album. Her body swayed and moved to the vibrations he felt coming from the stereo. He picked up the CD and tilted his head at the artist. He'd never heard of Q-Tip, but he had to have a great album considering the way Grace was moving her body. She began to twist her hips as she moved around the kitchen in his shirt grabbing food from the fridge. He walked in and looked at her quizzically. She turned to him and smiled and sauntered over to him. She grabbed his hands and began to dance with him. Nathan moved stiffly and followed her feet and he smiled as Grace laughed at him. She brought her hands up and began to sign.

You have two left feet don't you?

Nathan grinned. Well you weren't complaining about my rhythm last night.

Grace giggled and walked back over to Nathan. She grabbed for his hands again and led him around the kitchen to the urban beats from the stereo. She loved how Q-Tip's beats and rhymes sent her back to the 90's. She turned around and pulled Nathan's arms around her waist. They danced around the kitchen and she turned around to see Nathan doing disco moves. She smiled softly and joined him. Nathan began doing the robot and then began to do the running man. Grace laughed loudly as Nathan bit his lip in concentration as he began doing the outrageous dances from the past. She joined him and began to do the cabbage patch. They were so engrossed in dancing that they didn't notice the audience staring at them.

Matt had a hard time holding back the laughter as he watched his brother and Grace dancing crazy. He looked down and exchanged confused glances with his boys. Matt shrugged his shoulders and began to join Grace and Nathan. Greg and Tyler jumped into the mix as well. Grace turned around and laughed at the sight of Matt doing his own rendition of the butterfly. His sons began doing the Macarena and Grace turned back to Nathan. Everyone danced to the music, their moves different yet related in one way or another. The song began to fade away and they all turned to each other and began to laugh. Grace was the first one to sober up.

"Matt I didn't know you could move like that."

Matt grinned. "I do have some moves don't I?"

Grace laughed softly and turned to the boys. She was shocked to see twins and she smiled. The boys were beautiful with blond hair, freckles, and the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen. She gasped as she saw that their eyes were the same, they each had one green eye and one brown eye. She looked at Matt.

Matt shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea how their eyes ended up like that."

Nathan came up from behind her and walked up to the boys. She watched in amazement as the boys immediately began to sign to Nathan. She smiled as she saw the way they interacted as if Nathan could hear them loud and clear. She looked to Matt.

"They're beautiful Matt, truly beautiful."

Matt smiled. "I told you they were too good-looking to take out of the house. Let me introduce you to your future kidnappers."

Grace laughed as the boys turned their attention to her. She smiled at them shyly and she watched as one walked up to her. He held his hand out to her.

"I'm Gregory and that's my brother Tyler. You're pretty by the way."

Grace blushed softly. "Thank you and it's nice to meet both of you."

The other twin walked up to her. "Do you like dinosaurs?"

Grace smiled softly. "Yeah, but I mainly like the aquatic dinosaurs."

Tyler's eyes brightened up. "Really what's your favorite dinosaur?"

Grace laughed softly. "My favorite aquatic dinosaur is Megalodon."

Tyler's face broke out in a wide smile. "Could you imagine what it would be like if they still existed?"

Grace laughed softly as the boys dragged her to the living room and began to bombard her with questions.

Matt turned to his brother and grinned. I know you're not going to give something that good up.

Nathan smiled. So you can come in and corrupt her? No way by being in a relationship with me she's safe from men like you.

Matt looked at Nathan quizzically. Men like me?

Boring men who are ugly. I feel so sorry for you, but we both couldn't be good-looking.

Matt laughed loudly and shook his head. You make sure you take care of my boys properly. I don't want to have to come and whoop your ass.

Nathan rolled his eyes. Don't worry they'll be safe with me.

Matt smiled and pulled his brother into a deep hug. Matt clapped Nathan on the back and smiled. He walked into the living room and watched with satisfaction as his sons took Grace in. They treated her as if she'd been part of the family the entire time. He stood by the door and sighed loudly.

"I guess I'll leave now without getting hugs from my boys."

Tyler and Greg turned to him and rolled their eyes, but they laughed and tackled him. Matt pulled his sons to him and held them tightly trying to keep them safe from the world. He reluctantly let go when Greg began to squirm. Greg looked up at him and grinned.

"Dad you said you would stop doing stuff like that."

Matt shrugged. "I can't stop my arms from going all over the place."

Greg ran back over to Grace and Tyler looked at Matt with eyes that seemed too old for his face. "Dad we love you so be careful, okay?"

Matt nodded his head and ruffled his son's hair. "You just make sure Greg is good."

Tyler sighed heavily. "I'll try."


Alexis watched as Steven padded across her bedroom naked. His tight ass contracted with every step he took. She laughed softly and threw a pillow at him.

"No offense, but I figured since cowboys worked out in the sun they wouldn't be pasty white all over."

Steven looked at her in mock offense. "Woman don't make me come over to that bed."

Alexis grinned and walked up to him. She pulled his face down for a kiss. "Are you almost ready to go? I have to get ready to teach my class."

Steven licked his lips. "Mmmm Alexis you taste good. You need to give me detention more often. Anyway let's go teach your class."

"You want to help me today?"

Steven nodded. "Yeah what are we doing today?"

Alexis grinned. "We're going to make some cookies in class. It's one of the children's birthdays."

Steven didn't think it was possible to become more in love with this woman, but it was. He pulled her into a deep hug and kissed the top of her head. "Do you know how much of an angel you are?"

Alexis shrugged. "Obviously I wasn't too much of an angel considering-"

"Don't think about that man. He had problems and he couldn't stand the thought of you being happy while he was in misery. I don't want you to think about that sick fuck."

Alexis gulped audibly. "Steven you're using bad language again."

Steven growled and looked into Alexis's eyes deeply. "I'm not playing Alexis. I want you to erase that man from your mind okay? If I have to bend you over every time you think about him I will."

Alexis bit her lip. "You promise?"

Steven groaned and kissed her deeply. "Do I have to put you in time-out?"

Alexis growled softly. "You're the one doing the teasing."

Steven slapped her ass. "Okay I see how it is. I just want to let you know when you're finished with the kids today…you're all mine."


Grace smiled as Tyler and Greg walked through the museum with excitement. She looked behind her and had to suppress her laughter. Nathan was dragging his feet and had a pout on his face. He glared at Tyler and began to sign. Tyler answered him with a delightful laugh as they started walking through the different exhibits. Grace gave Nathan a hug and smiled at him.

After this we can go get ice cream.

Nathan's face lit up like a child. Yes ma'am just tell me what I need to do.

Grace laughed and shook her head. You're too easy to bribe with food.

Nathan waggled his eyebrows. You didn't complain about me being easy last-

Stop that. There are children around.

Nathan smiled and grabbed Grace's hand. He dragged her towards the exhibit of the Argentinosaurus Hinculensis. Their eyes widened as they gazed at the massive fossilized structure. She turned to read the information about the dinosaur. Greg's excited voice brought a smile to her face.

"LOOK AT HOW BIG THAT THING IS!!! I didn't know they were that big."

Tyler rolled his eyes and looked at his brother. "What do you expect they're dinosaurs?"

Greg growled. "All I want to see is T-Rex."

Grace pushed herself between the boys. "Now, now let's not argue."

The two boys looked at her and smiled. Nathan came up behind her and began pushing them through the exhibits. Grace looked back at his in confusion.

We need to hurry…ice cream.


Matt stepped out of his car and loosened his tie. He walked through the damp grass careful not to step on the cemented reminders of the people that lay before him. He looked down the bouquet of pink tulips and white lilies that were in his hand. He smiled softly as he thought about the first time he'd seen Heather…

Matt walked through the flower shop in a panic. He grimaced as his mother yelled at him over the phone for forgetting the bouquet for the renewal of her vows.

"I know mom…I know and I'm sorry…You never yell at Nathan like this…Just because he can't hear you doesn't mean he can't understand that you're yelling at him…"

Matt rolled his eyes and looked through the different types of flowers that lay in front of him. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair as he looked for some orchids and carnations. He walked through the infinite number of flower stands and groaned when he couldn't find the flowers. He didn't even know what they looked like. He looked down at his watch and saw the time. Fuck they were going to renew their vows in about one hour. He turned as a honey voice interrupted his thoughts.

"May I help you with something?"

Matt turned around and was stunned. The woman in front of him was beautiful with long blond hair that curled around her face. Her beautiful hazel eyes were bright with happiness and her bright smile nearly threw him off his feet. She laughed softly and repeated her question.

"May I help you with something?"

Matt shook his head and thought about the way he must've been looking. He probably looked like a fish gasping for air. He smiled at the woman. "Actually I'm looking for some flowers."

She giggled softly. "Well we have plenty of those. Is there a certain kind?"

Matt laughed nervously. "Yeah I'm looking for some orchids and carnations."

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